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Top 5 Best Electric Shavers for Black Men in 2018

Best Electric Shavers for Black Men
It can be difficult to make a buying decision when it comes to products. With so many options to choose from, one can get confused about which one to buy. For your ease, we have listed down some of the top 5 electric shavers for men. After going through this buying guide, you will be able to decide on which one you need.
The focus is specifically on electric shavers for black men. Black men come across a range of problems while shaving because of their facial hair. It is, therefore, important to choose an electric shaver that can meet their needs perfectly.
Before making a buying decision, it is important to address the issues that may arise. Not all razors provide the same performance. Some perform better than others but come with an attached cost.
The problem of budget constraints exists, but there are so many shavers available at a reasonable rate. In this buying guide, we will start by listing down problems faced by African-American men when shaving.
Common Shaving Problems Black Men Come Across
Though men have to face multiple problems when it comes to shaving, black men face problems to a higher degree. This is because their facial features are much different from the rest, and they usually have curly and ingrown hair. This can lead to razor bumps and irritation on the skin. Razor bumps occur when hair is cut close to the skin, which results in curly hair growing again. Using a typical shaver will only make matters worse, making it easier for the hair to grow back in the skin.
In extreme cases, the bumps can appear all over the face, causing scarring. In such a situation, it is better to see a dermatologist.
Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Shaver for Black Men
Type of Shaver
There are two types of electric shavers available: rotary and foil. Most people normally opt for the foil shaver because of the closeness and smoothness it provides.
The rotary shavers are found to provide a comfortable shaving experience that includes the head. They are more comfortable in comparison to the foil shavers, but where they fall is in their inability to provide a close shave.
Foil shavers, on the other hand, have a lot to offer. They have blades that are sharp and come with advanced technology.
LED Indicator
Electric shavers that come with an LED indicator make it easier for you to understand where the current battery level is at. This helps you know when to charge the shaver.
Cordless Shaving
There are a few electric shavers that allow you to shave without plugging in. This is something to consider when making a buying decision.
Cleaning and Usage
The electric shavers mentioned above are easy to use and clean. Cleaning and usage are important factors to consider. You don’t want skin infections to develop, which is why it is important to clean the razor. Most electric shavers are facilitated by a cleaning dock and come with a button that helps clean the shaver.
Easy Grip
Having a strong grip on the shaver is important. A strong and firm grip is crucial for an electrical shaver. Electric shavers come in different shapes and sizes. There are even models for left-handed people.
For people who are frequent travelers, choosing a shaver with a short cable is recommended. These are easier to carry.
Pop-Up Trimmer
Another interesting feature is the pop-up trimmer that allows you to trim sideburns and mustaches.
Wet and Dry Technology
There are many shavers that don’t require you to wet the face when trying to shave. However, it is better to use a gel foam with the shaver if you have sensitive skin to avoid irritation.
Does your electric shaver come with accessories? If you love travelling, you might want to choose a product that has a protective cover or a case for protection. Look for a cleaning brush with the razor that will help keep it clean.
Replacement of Blades
You will need to replace blades in shavers after a year or so. No electric shaving brand has yet come up with a solution to prevent blade replacement.
What to Look For When Buying an Electric Shaver for Black Men
Remove Curly Hair
When making a buying decision, it is important to make sure that the shaver can lift the hair and cut it straight. It should also be able to capture long hair and cut it effectively.
Go Easy on the Skin
You don’t want the shaver to leave you with cuts, which is why you need to choose the one that is suitable for sensitive skin. Choosing a quality shaver can provide you with a smooth shave. The blades should be sharp, and the motor should be fast.
Best Electric Shavers for Black Men
Braun Electric Shaver 790cc
This product by a famous German company makes its way to being one of the best. This model is known to be quite popular and has been in demand ever since its launch.
Using this shaver will provide you with smooth skin. What set this shaver apart from others are the features it consists of. It has three trimmers, with two called the OptiFoil and the remaining called ActiveLift.
The trimmers, especially the OptiFoil, help remove facial hair with fewer strokes. The ActiveLift also helps get rid of short hair. This shaver has the Sonic technology, so it can produce around 10,000 micro vibrations in a minute. This helps catch more hair in each stroke.
This shaver comes with a head that is flexible and that you can easily move around your face. An alcoholic cleaning dock is also provided that helps get rid of germs. The shaver comes with 3 modes that include normal, intensive and extra sensitive. You can choose the mode depending on your skin type. A pop-up trimmer is also included for the trimming the beard, mustache and sideburns.
Personalization modes
Flexible pivoting head
Automatic cleaning dock
High quality
Short lifespan of the battery
Doesn’t completely prevent razor bumps
No presence of wet and dry technology
This product has amazing quality and comes with so many features. There aren’t many shavers that have 3 trimmers, personalization modes, and pivoting head. Another plus point of this shaver is that it isn’t costly.
Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LV95
Panasonic is a well-recognized brand that is known for providing high-quality shavers. They may be pricey but are worth the investment. They provide amazing performance and good value.
This electric shaver from the company is perfect for those wanting a clean shave. It provides the same results as wet shaving, leaving behind natural and smooth skin. Not only this, but with this product, you can also save on time and shave fast.
It comes with a cleaning station that helps remove the shaved hair. A button is present that can help clean the blades after use. Furthermore, for the protection of the shaver, a cover and leather pouch are also provided.
The only drawback with this shaver is the loud noise it can make. It can be very loud at times. Furthermore, people with sensitive skin might have issues using it. It may be a bit harsh for them, but this will change after using it a few times.
Makes shaving simple and fast
Excellent display that provides information
Comes with a cleaning station
May be harsh for sensitive skin
Loud noise
Overall, this electric shaver is a good choice that offers so much. It doesn’t come with any major flaws which makes it a must-have.
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s
Braun is known to provide quality shavers that not only work well but are also affordable. This electric shaver by Braun will provide you with a comfortable experience. You can remove the excess hair from your face without spending a lot of money by getting this electric shaver.
What people search for when buying electric shavers is ease of use. Consumers are looking for a product that they can easily use without any complications. However, at times, electric shavers come equipped with features that most consumers may not require. This is not the case with this one.
This electric shaver has a built-in display that shows the battery life. Though this may not be accurate, it still provides an indication that the shaver has to be put on charge.
It can be used without wetting the face. This is convenient for those who want to save time. The overall experience of using this shaver is good as it offers an impressive performance.
However, the drawback of this shaver is that it can leave behind stubbles. Moreover, it takes time to be properly charged, which is another disadvantage. It is better to leave it charging overnight.
Comfortable shaving experience
Easy to use
No need to wet the face
Takes time to charge
Leaves behind stubbles
Overall, this Braun series is a good investment and a shaver that is pocket-friendly. It might not be the best, but it is much better than the ones available in the market.
Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4
A budget-friendly option is the Panasonic Arc 4. It will get your shaving job done while being easy on your pocket. The product comes with a 4-blade cutting system and as a 14000 CPM motor. The shaver has a thin foil that helps with the vibration and lifts the hair. Shaving is easier than ever with this electrical shaver by Panasonic.
Though this electric shaver won’t provide the same level of performance as the Arc 5, it will give you a satisfying shaving experience. It covers all the aspects that you will be looking for in a good shaver. This shaver doesn’t come with a cleaning station, but it’s easier to clean manually. It works great if combined with a quality shaving cream and provides the comfort needed. It provides a good close shave, which makes it a product to consider.
Powerful dual motor
Multi-flex pivoting head
Built-in pop-up trimmer
No cleaning station
Overall, this electric shaver is a must-have because of its ability to provide a smooth shaving experience.
Philips Norelco SensoTouch
Philips has outdone itself with this rotary shaver. There’s no other brand that can compete with Philips in this technology. Grabbing the 3rd position on our list, this rotary shaver is good for hair removal on the face as well as the head.
This is one of the most comfortable rotary shavers that you will come across. It helps remove facial hair easily and provides a smooth skin. This shaver comes with 3 independent foils that are present at the top. These foils contour the face and can spin. This spinning feature makes it a useful tool that can be used to shave the head.
Some of the features of this shaver are similar to those found in the Braun electric shaver. The “Lift and Cut” feature is the same as the “ActiveLift” feature and helps get rid of hair on the neck and jawline. Ingrown hair, flat hair and stubbles can also be removed with this feature.
Comes with 3 independent foils
3 dimension moving feature
Comfortable shaving
Presence of wet and dry technology
Made of plastic and rubber
Replacement parts are expensive
Battery can’t be replaced
Can be charged only through a dock
Overall, this shaver consists of all the latest features you might be looking for. It is powerful and fast and provides a comfortable shave. Despite having some downsides, it is a great product.
Choosing the best electric shaver depends on your own needs and wants. Take into consideration the above factors and reviews and then make a buying decision.
Being quick to judge an electric shaver is not a wise move. In most cases, the skin requires time to adjust to the shaver. To get comfortable with using the shaver, you also have to learn how to use it. You will have to figure out which usage style helps you and benefits you to become a pro. Black men especially have to be careful when choosing an electric shaver due to presence of thick hair.

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Top 5 Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Acne Prone Skin for Men & Women


Facial acne can be annoying, and it can make you feel bad all day. The bad thing about acne is their timing
of appear. Most of the people have this issue that they found acne when they have to go anywhere. Due to
this particular reason, you should focus on the selection of good products to eradicate it. But, what about
acne on the scalp? These can appear in due to various reasons, and the major reason are clogging of oil,
dead skin cells and the bacteria in pores of the scalp. It is called acne prone skin, and if you want to get rid
of it, the use of best shampoo can help in it.
Even the use of the best quality shampoo can help to treat out the breakout at the sources, and it is the
highly reliable method to opt for. You don't have to worry about the later treatment that's why it is
always better to choose the right shampoo. However, choosing the best shampoo can be typical
sometimes. With the selection of a good shampoo, you can eradicate all the issues with ease. Let’s check
out all the major factors that you should consider during the purchase of best shampoo and conditioner
for acne prone skin.
Things to consider
You may know that shampoos contain the vast number of chemicals and such harsh ingredients which
can make your scalp pores clog up. To avoid getting into such issues, the selection of right shampoo and
conditioner for acne prone skin can help, and it is the highly reliable method. Most of the customers are
unbeknownst to the fact that what ingredients are used. Even the preservatives used can damage hairs
and cause acne in the skin.
With the selection of an acne prone skin shampoo, you can reduce the dandruff issues and avoid the clog
up issues effectively. Even it can help to make your locks brittle as well as dry. It is important that you
prefer the shampoo that contains active ingredients that are not going to damage your hairs or scalp. It is
true that not every product is going to come handy and fulfill your need. But, if you prefer the best one,
then you can avoid most of the issues and find the right one with ease.
The below given are top ten shampoo and conditioners that can fulfill your need and you can rely on
these without a single doubt.
1. Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo, Scalp Build-Up Control 4.5 oz
To get powerful and effective results, the selection of Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo, Scalp
Build-Up Control 4.5 oz can come handy and fulfill your need with ease. The credit goes to active
ingredient formula which will reduce dandruff and other substances which are clogging up the pores.
You may know that the salicylic acid is helpful in the eradication of acne because it is hydroxy acid. Even
it can help with the treatment of Psoriasis and many other skin conditions effectively. Due to the active
ingredient formula, it can provide amazing results in the small amount of time period, and it is a highly
reliable option as per customers reviews.

Apart from all, there are many pros and cons which can help you decide whether to buy it or not. Let’s
check them out –
Pros –
 Effective results in few days
 Easy to use guidance
 Affordable prices
 Treat acne and psoriasis
 Free of fragrances
 One bottle can last for a couple month
Cons –
 Availability is limited to a few countries
Overall Thought – It is better for people who want to treat dandruff, dermatitis, and psoriasis effectively
at affordable prices.
2. ANTI-b Antibacterial Shampoo (12oz) Antimicrobial/Antifungal Formula that Reduces Bacteria
– Sulfate-Free Formula
As mentioned before, bacteria can be the biggest problem for acne prone skin. If you want to avoid getting
into such issues and get it treated effectively, then the selection of ANTI-b Antibacterial Shampoo (12oz)
Antimicrobial/Antifungal Formula that Reduces Bacteria – Sulfate-Free Formula is not going to make you
feel bad at all.
The manufacturer claims that it can fight effectively against bacteria due to the presence of anti-bacterial
and anti-microbial inflammatory properties. Even it can help because of the powerful formula that
doesn't contain sulfate. You may know that sulfate can clog pores and these are not good for scallop skin.
Due to the presence of Aloe Vera and such other natural ingredient, it is safe.
Pros –
 Contain lemon essential oil that helps nourishing scalp
 Does not wash away the natural oil present on the scalp
 Reduce the acnes slowly but permanently in one to three weeks
Cons –
 The price factor for a small bottle seems higher
 Does not work on everyone
Overall Thought – If you want something herbal, safe and don’t worry about the price factor then
consider the purchase of this product and eradicate all the issues easily.

3. Tea Tree Peppermint Moisturizing Shampoo with Organic Mint and Jojoba Oil (8 oz)
Are you looking for a product that can eradicate acne and doesn't let them grow anymore then you can't
be wrong with the selection of Tea Tree Peppermint Moisturizing Shampoo with Organic Mint and Jojoba
Oil (8 oz)? It is one of the premium tea tree shampoo with peppermint essential to enhance the growth of
It can provide a great refreshing experience after a complete bath, and it can be used on the daily basis
whereas other shampoos can't be used on a daily basis. The credit goes to its dilute formula which doesn't
make your dry and break out. It also treats dry scalp and the use of essential oil in manufacturing help
enhancing the shower experience effectively.
Apart from this, it has some pros and cons which are worth checking to know more about the best
product with ease.
Pros –
 Make hair smooth and shiny
 Enhance the hairs’ health due to herbal ingredients
 Reasonable and affordable prices
 Eradicate the dry skin issues in a few days
Cons –
 Some people have a negative review that their hairs become dry
Overall Thought – For people who want effective results and want to get something for scalp and hair
both, it is the pretty much reliable choice at reasonable prices.
4. Hemp & Omega 3 Botanical Shampoo
Due to the presence of Hemp oil and the Omega 3, you can get the faster result and reduce the acne on the
scalp. If you have acne prone scalp, the Hemp & Omega 3 Botanical Shampoo can be your favorite
product, but it is not available in all the countries.
Apart from such factors, the good thing about this product is the number of natural and healthy
ingredients, the ability to treat sensitive skin and leaving your hairs healthy. Due to such reasons, you can
focus on the purchase of Hemp & Omega 3 Botanical Shampoo and eradicate all the issues with ease. The
plant-based omega-3 is the major ingredient to treat your scalp.
This product also helps by treating poor hair health and making it look good. Just by choosing a good
shampoo, you can eradicate most of the issues effectively and this product not less than a miracle.
Pros –

 Treat itchy scalp, thinning, oily nature, color, shiny hair
 SLS free
 Healthy for scalp
 Reduce dandruff
 Maintain essential oil
Cons –
 Fewer negative reviews due to not working
 Side effect as hair thinning found in reviews
Overall Thought – It is surely a good botanical shampoo with hemp and Omega 3 to get effective results
and treating clogging in the scalp. It is better for often uses.
5. Tree to Tub Organic Soapberry Shampoo
The last product in this list is Tree to Tub Organic Soapberry Shampoo due to the presence of ingredients
and effective working. People with extensive dandruff issue can prefer this shampoo and treat all kind of
issues with ease. It is available at the reasonable price point.
This product can make your hair soft, and the use of peppermint leather makes your hair shine. Due to
the presence of all the active and pure ingredient, it becomes the safest product. However, you can expect
faster outcomes also. The reason to keep this product on last is the number of negative reviews and fewer
drawbacks of it.
Let’s check out all the good and bad of this product to make sure whether to buy it or not.
Pros –
 Safe to use and highly reliable
 Contain purely natural ingredient
 Effective against dandruff and dry scalp
 Reduce acne on scalp
Cons –
 Not for everyone
 Price is higher than it should be.
 Many Negative reviews
Overall Thought – The ingredient in this product is directly from the forest and purely natural to provide
the quality results. Effective but not for everyone that's why be selective during the selection.

All the above-mentioned products are helpful to treat hair effectively. You can buy any of the above-given
product and eradicate all the issues with ease. Make sure that you stay selective in approach to avoid
getting into any issue in future. Hope, this guide will be enough to help you with the purchase of shampoo

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Best Japanese Kitchen Knives 2018

So you are fond of cooking and have watched various cooking shows and chef related contests, and now it’s time to select a good kitchen knife. Japanese Kitchen Knives are considered as the best in the world and if you are looking for a kitchen knife that could slice things smoothly and is durable, you must consider them. Japanese kitchen knives are made with premium quality materials so that they last for long and stay sharp forever. There are many different kinds of Japanese knives available on the market, and it is a daunting task to choose one. After reading this post you’ll be able to choose one of the best Japanese kitchen knives 2018.

How to choose the best Japanese kitchen knives

There is a wide variety of Japanese kitchen knives and not all may be suitable for you. It is necessary to determine your requirements and nature of use and then decide accordingly. Japanese knives are produced very beautifully and they have a rich history of manufacturing. No matter whether you are a normal cook at home or a professional one, you’ll need to choose the best knife to enhance your cooking.
Following are some important factors that should be taken into account before choosing the best Japanese knife for you:

On an average, Japanese knives cost around $150. There are Japanese knives that cost lesser or more than this amount depending on your budget. However, if you have a budget of $150, you’ll get a good quality and durable Japanese knife for this price. At this price you’ll easily get a top-notch knife that will stay sharp till long. You can also buy Japanese knives under $100 and there are knives that have prices as high as $300 too.

Blade Material:
The main difference between the Japanese knives and other knives is that they are made up of different materials. The choice of material makes them different and unique from other western knives. Japanese knives are made up of hard steel and soft iron which are forge-welded together and then hardened. If you have already purchased a Japanese knife, you must have known its quality and material but if you’re a first time purchaser, you should learn to distinguish between a Japanese knife and a normal one.
A stainless steel Japanese knife is better than a carbon knife because they are easier to use. This is because carbon knives need more cleaning and maintenance as they can rust easily if left wet or dirty for long. Carbon steel knives are, however, the ones that stay sharp for long. Carbon steel and stainless steel knives are better than ceramic knives in terms of sharpness.

Size of the blade:
The profile of a knife tells us how a knife looks like from its side. For performing daily routine tasks in a kitchen, a standard knife of around 8 to 8.5 inches is mostly preferred. To choose the best size you must take the knife in your hands and do some cutting to check whether the size is suitable for you or not. If your hands are small, a small Japanese knife is all that you need. However, if you’re a beginner it is recommended to start with a standard 8 inch knife. This measurement refers only to the blade size and not the handle. There are 10 inch models of Japanese knives for professional people and the ones with larger hands.

Bevel style:
Bevel means edge of a knife, and this feature plays an important role in the performance of a knife. Most of the Japanese knives are single-beveled which means that the edge of these knives is bent inwards at an angle of 15 degrees. However, the other side of the knife goes straight down and improves precision.
Apart from the cutting edge, the area behind the edge of a knife also plays an important role in precision. A Japanese knife that is thinner behind the edge too is more suitable for cutting hard vegetables such as carrots. If the area behind the edge of the knife is thin, it will offer a smooth cutting experience till the end. These days Japanese knives are also manufactured with dual edges so it all depends on your needs.

Size of your hand:
The size of your hand is also an important factor to consider as it determines the level of comfort for the user. Most of the Japanese knives’ handles are made up of wood which improves the grip and doesn’t get slippery when wet. To find out which size of hand suits you best, you must take it in your hand and feel it. Depending on the size of your hand, you can choose a good quality knife according to its length. There are various sizes of hands available for Japanese knives, and the best way to choose is by holding them in your cutting hand.

Types of Japanese knives:
Japanese knives are of many kinds and they can be differentiated by their features. You must choose the type that is more suitable for you and is according to the nature of cutting you do on a regular basis. Following are the main types of Japanese knives:

Santoku is an all-purpose knife with a flat belly and taller blade profile as compared to other knives. It can be used for up and down chopping in a comfortable and fast manner. It can be used to chop meat, fish, and vegetables comfortably.

Gyutou resembles the European knives in profile but it has a thinner blade. This is also an all-purpose knife that can be used for a variety of tasks. This knife has a double grind edge and is made up of hard steel.

Petty is a delicate Japanese knife and it is used for carving and peeling the fruits and veggies. This knife is a must have for bartenders who need it for making salads or fresh fruit garnishes.

Sujhiki knives are almost similar to the Western knives except that they are made of hard steel and have a thinner blade. The bevel of this knife has a steep angle which allows precision cutting. These knives are used for filleting and carving.

Kiritsuke are Japanese chef knives with an angled tip. These are also all-purpose knives but they are used by professional or executive chefs only. At Japanese restaurants, these knives are used by the executive chef only and other chefs are not allowed to use it.

The Nakiri knives have a double edge and they are perfect for Julienne, allumette, and brunoise for vegetables. They are perfect for hard skin fruits and veggies.

Best Japanese Kitchen Knives 2018:

Shun DM0706 Classic 8’’ Chef’s Knife:

• It is an all-purpose knife.
• It can be used for cutting fruits and vegetables.
• It is made up of VG-10 super steel with a 16-layer Damascus cladding.
• It has a 16 degrees angle of sharpness.
• The handle is made up of Ebony black D-shaped PakkaWood.
• It has a curved belly and the blades are thinner.
• It has a half bolster design with an end cap.

• It has an ergonomic handle and full tang.
• It has a sharp cutting edge.
• The blade can be used for a variety of kitchen tasks.
• It comes with a lifetime warranty.
• The sharp edge is very durable.

• It can be used by right handed people only.
• It is not dish washer safe.

The Shun Classic chef knife is very well designed and feels great in hands. It is very sharp and well-balanced and is perfect for right handed users for performing multiple kitchen tasks.

Yoshihiro Stainless Steel Wa Gyoto Knife:

• It has a longer blade and is beautifully made.
• It has an octagonal handle with Ebony bolster.
• It is made up of Hongasumi high carbon steel.
• The blade is stain resistant.
• It is good for precision mincing such as veggies and light proteins.
• It is made in Japan.
• It is a Gyotou chef knife.
• It has an elevated edge retention.

• It is lightweight and durable.
• It is versatile.
• It offers quick chopping.
• It is stain resistant.
• It offers a balanced fit for comfort.

• Not suitable for cutting hard things.

The Yoshirhiro is an all-purpose knife with amazing precision-cutting capabilities. It is not suitable for cutting denser materials though.

Zelite Infinity 8’’ Japanese Chef Knife:

• It has distinctive and beautiful patterns of banding.
• It is made up of premium Japanese steel, VG-10 steel and high carbon stainless steel.
• It has a triple riveted full tang that keeps the handle secure.
• The blade is thicker and heavier.
• It glides smoothly while cutting fruits and veggies.
• The handle is solid but ergonomic.
• It weighs 8 lbs.

• It is well-balanced.
• It is very durable due to full tang.
• It has a unique and beautiful design.
• The handle offers secure grip due to riveted design.
• It has long lasting sharpness.

• It is heavy.
• It needs to be sharpened before use.

The Zelite Infinity Chef’s knife is comfortable and offers a good grip. Though it is a bit heavy but the comfortable and secure grip doesn’t let you feel difficulty while using.

Victorinox 8’’ Fibrox Pro Chef Knife:

• It has a sharp blade with superior edge retention.
• The blade is made up of high carbon stainless steel.
• It is laser tested and is equipped with excellent cutting power.
• It has a conical blade lengthwise and ground crosswise.
• It is suitable for casual cooking.
• It is comfortable to hold and grip.
• It has an 8 inch long blade that is 2 inches wide.
• It has a rosewood blade handle.

• The blade is stamped so you don’t need to sharp it.
• It is very lightweight and functional.
• It has a very sharp blade.
• It is very affordable.

• It offers some resistance while slicing.

The Victorinox is the best budget knife and is the bestseller on Amazon. If you need a premium quality knife in affordable price, this knife is the ideal one.

Wusthof Classic Cook’s Knife:

• It is designed for professional chefs.
• The blade is useful for chopping, slicing, and dicing.
• It offers long lasting sharpness.
• The blade is made up of high-carbon forged stainless steel.
• It can be used for forth atop and rock back because of the slight contour.
• The handle is made up of polymer which offers good grip.

• It is dishwasher safe.
• It comes with a lifetime warranty.
• It is quite maneuverable and responsive.
• It has a seamless style which gives it a hygienic look.
• It has a finger guard for safety.

• It is a bit heavy.

The Wusthof Japanese knife is designed particularly for professional chefs. It has an ergonomic design and is perfect for cutting meat and other larger works.

The recommendations of the best Japanese kitchen knives in this post are all from reliable and well-known brands. Getting a dull knife can be really harmful and uncomfortable for the user as it can also lead to injuries and other awful experiences. Japanese knives are thinner, sharper, and lighter than the Western knives and they are known for their precision cutting and long lasting sharpness.
While it’s easy to get inspired by the looks of the Japanese knives, it’s equally important to pay attention to their performance. You should go for those Japanese knives that are suitable to you and your requirements. Buying a good quality Japanese knife depends on whether you’re a casual cook or a professional one, and what type of cooking you normally do.

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Buying Guide for the 10 Best Kitchen Faucets in 2018

Kitchen faucets are among the widely used items in a kitchen. Whether it be washing dishes, drinking water, or using water for cooking, you rely on the kitchen faucet to do it all. This is why one wrong decision can turn into a huge hassle. It is surprising that only a few people truly think about which kitchen faucet to buy.
There are quite a few options and types of faucets in the market. Each differs in terms of functionality, design, and price. To make sure you are able to derive most value out of the faucet, you must pick one wisely and take measures to equip yourself with the best kitchen faucets 2018 has.
Types of Kitchen Faucets
What a lot of people don’t know is that there are different types of kitchen faucets. Some of the most common and acclaimed ones include the following.
Pull Out Faucets
This is the ideal type of faucet for those who have a small sink. When you are short on space, the last thing you need is your faucet taking up space when opened. This is why pull out faucets that turn on in the opposite direction of the sink might be perfect if you wish to use them to fill large pots with water.
Pull Down Faucets
These are the most well-known among the masses. They have been in use for generations and continue to be the most preferred type of faucet. This is mainly because of the theme they set for kitchens. Such a faucet features a high arch and looks much more royal than other types of kitchen faucets.
The amount of swiveling it can undergo depends on the specific model you invest in. Some may not swivel at all, while others can be turned 180 or 360 degrees. One issue with this type of faucet is that the water pressure is considerably less.
Fusion Faucets
This type of faucet is used in restaurant kitchens. When it comes to delivering high pressure, these faucets know no bounds. The pullout spray feature along with the high arch design allows such faucets to deliver the pros of both pull down and pull out faucets. Recently, manufacturers are also making home-friendly versions of these faucets.
Motion Detection Faucets
We live in a technologically advanced world, and a motion detection faucet reminds you of this fact time and again. These faucets are operated via battery and are activated automatically every time a cup/pot is under them or when you move your hands beneath them. Hence, you won’t have to touch the faucet for it to work. Since it is a highly convenient and sophisticated technology, it is quite pricey.
Two-Handle Faucets
This type of faucet has been on the market since forever. Now, it only exists because of its legacy rather than its functionality. Those who love the old times may continue to use it even though there are better options out there. The good thing about these faucets is that they remain functional even when one of the handles break. Most old houses already have this faucet preinstalled, leading to its popular use.
How to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucets 2018
Selecting the best kitchen faucets 2018 has is not an easy task. There is no universal answer to the question, which is the best faucet? Instead, the perfect faucet for you depends on various factors. Here is how you should go about selecting a quality kitchen faucet.
Look at Your Sink
Before you go to the store and look at different options, you must check out your sink. Not every faucet is compatible with every sink. It all depends on the number of mounting holes available. Thus, when you go faucet hunting, check how many mounting holes it needs so that you don’t buy incompatible items.
Compatibility with Water Lines
Seeing if your faucet is compatible with your sink is not the only compatibility factor you should be concerned about. It needs to be compatible with your water lines as well. For this, you will be required to look at the water line size as well the size of the shutoff valves. If you can afford it, you are better off with replacing your old shutoff valves when opting for a new kitchen faucet.
Select the Type of Kitchen Faucet and Finish
Since there are quite a variety of faucet designs in the market, making up your mind about which type of design to go for will make the task easy for you. Moreover, visualize how a given faucet will look with the rest of the kitchen once it has been installed. Do this especially if you care about aesthetics.
Set a Budget
Some kitchen faucets have a higher price than others. They have either better quality or better style. To ensure that you don’t overspend, you must set a budget before you go to the store. Analyze how much you can invest in a kitchen faucet and filter your choices accordingly.
Don’t opt for overly cheap or pricey products. It is best that you try to find a balance between the two. Look for extended warranties to make the purchase cost-effective for the long run.
Construction and Material
Faucets are made of different materials as well. The most popular and premium are brass and stainless steel. This is because not only do they look great, but they are also highly durable. However, if you are low on budget, you can always go for composite materials.
You must also make sure that the construction is high quality. It should be lead-free and have a satisfactory flow rate. Look for these features in the product description. The valve quality should also be assessed. This is important to avoid regular instances of drips and leakages.
5 Best Kitchen Faucets 2018
Are you unsure about which kitchen faucet to opt for? Here are five of the best products available in the market. After considering the factors mentioned above, go ahead and make your pick.
Delta 9113-AR-DST Essa Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
Delta has succeeded in delivering a quality pull-down kitchen faucet in the shape of the 9113-AR-DST Essa faucet.
Main Features
This product is equipped with a lifetime warranty, which makes it a durable and cost-effective solution. After all, why would a company back up a product if it knows it won’t last long? Even if it does break, you won’t have to bear the whole cost.
When it comes to flow rate, this faucet does not disappoint. It features a satisfactory flow rate of 1.8 gpm when the pressure is 60 psi. The installation process is also quite flexible since it can be done via one as well as three holes.
• Different color options.
• Leaks prevented via Diamond Sealed Technology.
• Can swivel 360 degrees.
• It doesn’t have a high arch.
Those of you who are looking for durability will find the Delta 9113-AR-DST to be an excellent option.
Kohler K-560-VS Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
Stylish, functional and durable – the Kohler K-560 ticks all the right boxes and has been lauded by the masses.
Main Features
The first thing you will notice about the product is its high arch design. This is bound to give your kitchen a stylish and royal look. Moreover, its spout swivels 360 degrees, which is a source of convenience for those who have two sinks.
With a flow rate of 60 psi, it can easily pour 1.8 gallons of water per minute. Furthermore, the pull-down faucet can serve three functions. With the help of the included touch control, you can alter the function of a stream, sweep spray and pause.
• Comfortable to use thanks to the included ProMotion technology.
• Up to four installation holes included.
• Aesthetically pleasing.
• The design doesn’t fall under either the traditional style or contemporary.
For those of you who wish to go for a safe option that is compatible with all sinks, this faucet is your best bet.
Moen Arbor Motionsense Two-Sensor Touchless One-Handle Faucet
Tired of the same old types of faucets? Moen Arbor is here with a touchless one-handle sensor for you.
Main Features
The faucet is equipped with two motion sensors, each of which is responsible for delivering a touchless experience to the user. A mere hand movement will activate and turn off the faucet.
It also manages to deliver a better spray power than other products in the market. This has been achieved by the Power Clean spray technology included. If the manufacturers are to be believed, the spray power of this faucet is 50% better than other options. Smooth functionality is further ensured by the use of a retractable faucet system.
• Usable with all types of kitchen decors.
• The high arch design is both highly functional and stylish.
• Easy to install.
• Premium price.
For individuals who are not limited by a budget and wish for a high-tech faucet for their kitchen, this faucet is perfect.
American Standard 4175.300.075 Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
Do you require a high flow rate from your faucet? If so, American Standard is here with the best faucet for you.
Main Features
This faucet takes easy installation to a whole new level. Rather than relying on escutcheon for installation, this faucet can be installed without one. If you do have escutcheon, this faucet can be mounted on that as well. Such convenience is seldom delivered.
The use of brass adds to the durability of the faucet. It won’t feature rust or block a value any time soon. The handle is also durable, which is made from metal. The flow rate is approximately 2.2 gallons per minute, which is unprecedented in our top five faucets.
• An excellent contemporary design.
• High flow rate.
• Scratch- and corrosion-resistant.
• Not a lot of finish options.
Is high flow rate your biggest priority? If so, the American Standard Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is the product for you.
Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Commercial Style
Kraus is known for its creativity, and this kitchen faucet has been successful in upholding this legacy.
Main Features
This faucet seems to be made for commercial use, but it isn’t. It has a unique yet appealing design, and the heavy-duty construction is more durable than in most other faucets on the market. To make sure that users are provided with a smooth flow, the faucet is accompanied by a two-way diverter. Therefore, at no point will you experience a low flow rate.
The construction material used is brass, which is resistant to corrosion and scratches. Moreover, chrome is used for the final finish, which makes the external parts resistant to rust as well. Between the two, the robustness of the faucet is guaranteed
• Less water wastage due to Neoperl aerator.
• Controlling water flow is easy.
• Pull-down sprayer is highly flexible.
• Can only work with one-hole sinks.
If you have a sink that requires a one-hole faucet and wish for a unique design, the Kraus KPF-1602 will be a good fit for you.
You might not have spent a lot of time thinking about how to choose your kitchen faucet in the past. Now, we hope you understand the importance of considering various factors and making the right decision. When you go faucet hunting, you will come across all sorts of products. Rather than buying the first thing you find, assess each potential option carefully.
Out of these five products, there is no one clear winner. All of these products are the best kitchen faucets 2018 has to offer. Each one is great for a different purpose. It all boils down to what your needs are.
Select your kitchen faucet wisely and watch as the aura of your kitchen changes completely with one right decision. Find the balance between price, quality, style, and comfort. It may seem impossible, but it can be done.

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Best Microphones for Podcasting 2018: Buying Guide and Reviews

For podcasters, the importance of having quality audio is crucial. After all, there is no video in a podcast. The podcaster solely relies on the listening experience to leave their mark. With such immense importance of the act of listening, it is a given that your microphone quality matters.
There are various podcasting microphones available in the market, but to make sure that you pick the best one, you must be aware of various things.

Types of Microphones for Podcasting

Podcasting microphones can be mainly divided into two types, namely a dynamic microphone and a USB-condenser. There is a third type as well, called a ribbon microphone. However, it can be dubbed as a subcategory of dynamic microphones as the mechanism of the two are similar.

Dynamic Microphone

These microphones are compact, sturdy and quite unique. With the use of a wire coil and a magnetic element, this microphone is able to perform the reverse function of a mini speaker. While the technicality behind it is quite simple, this simplicity is very beneficial. It ensures that the microphone is able to bear more wear and tear and be more durable than others.

USB-Condenser Microphone

The audio signals of a condenser microphone are strong. This is why it is more responsive to minimal sounds as well. These microphones feature dual capacitor plates that are required to be powered by an eternal source. This source is pivotal while drawing phantom power that charges the microphone and makes it capable of performing its function.

What’s the Difference?

There are various differences between the two. A dynamic microphone does not need an external power source to be functional. It also has great ability to pick up subtle sound from a limited supply (i.e., your voice).
Compared to this, a USB-condenser microphone must be connected to an external source. However, the quality of the audio system is much better. The better enrichment in tone allows for an enhanced audio experience, which is sought for podcasting.

Factors to Consider

There are various factors you must consider when selecting the best podcasting microphone. Here are the major ones:

Ability to Pick Sound
The first thing that should govern your decision to buy a certain microphone is its directional ability. A directional ability or the ability of a microphone to pick up sound makes or breaks the podcasting experience. It also describes how the given product will pick up sound from different directions.
You can divide the directional capability into two types, omni-directional and bi-directional.
If a microphone is omni-directional, it is capable of picking up sound from all possible directions. While this means that all sounds will be picked up, this may not necessarily be a good thing. Picking up sound from all directions means that unwanted noise will be picked up as well. For personal podcasting, this is a major no-no. However, if you are broadcasting or wish for a microphone for reporting, these types of microphones are perfect for you.
These microphones are only capable of picking up sound from opposite sides. This function itself makes it popular among podcasters. This is because podcasters either run the show alone or get a guest to talk about an issue. In both cases, a bi-directional microphone is perfect. However, when it comes to price, these microphones are significantly pricier than omni-directional ones. Hence, if you are on a tight budget, a bi-directional microphone might not be the best option.
Microphone Receptiveness
Microphone receptiveness is also called impedance. The better the receptiveness of the microphone, the higher the chance it will pick up subtle or low sounds as well.
Look for the impedance in the product description. This is measured in ohms. Any rating of 600 ohms or lower will be successful in delivering quality audio and retaining better audio. Try to avoid very high impedance rating. The higher the rating, the lower the quality of the audio.
Range of Frequencies
Frequency response is the range of frequencies that the podcasting microphone is able to deliver. Merely knowing the range is not important; it is integral to also know whether the microphone will respond to specific frequencies.
After all, your voice and instruments like a guitar have different frequencies altogether. If you wish to incorporate both in your podcast, you must know the frequency response of the given product. While for vocals, a microphone with a high frequency response is ideal, for bass, the opposite is true. Some microphones might even deliver you a range which is ideal for both. However, these will be a bit pricey.
The price of the product you choose will depend on various things. Different types of microphone have different prices. Even within the same type, one with lower impedance is likely to be expensive. Same is the case with an omni-directional microphone.
This is why it is important to set a budget as well as a priority list. What are the features that you can compromise on for the sake of a budget-friendly solution? Remember, microphones are not cheap. Don’t try to opt for one either. This is because the quality of your podcast depends on it.
Moreover, it is better if you go to the store after setting a budget. This filters options that are too expensive for you. Hence, you won’t end up overspending and later regretting your decision.
Another way to achieve cost-effectiveness is via choosing a durable microphone. The longer the product lasts, the more value you will be able to derive from it. Durable items also make up for a high initial cost because in the long run, they tend to much more cost-effective.
As a rule of thumb, dynamic microphones are much more sturdy and durable than USB-condenser microphones. Try to go for microphones that feature heavy-duty construction if you are used to dropping your tools often.
Top 5 Microphones for Podcasting
Are you still confused about which microphone to choose? Here are a few options you might want to consider.
1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone
Blue Yeti is one of the most popular brands for a podcasting microphone. This USB microphone succeeds in delivering value.
Main Features
You can choose the type of directional capability you want this product to exhibit. Different pattern selections include bi-directional, stereo, omni-directional and cardioid. This means that this microphone delivers virtually all types of directional capabilities and lets you decide which one to opt for.
The impedance of the microphone is quite low as well. At 16 ohms, it is capable of being highly receptive. This enhances the audio quality offered by the product. Whether it be musical instruments, interviews or podcasting, the microphone can be used for all types of frequencies. It is also compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP. Therefore, you can easily transfer the audio to your computer.
• Very easy to set up
• The metal body makes it resistant to impact
• Audio quality and clarity are exemplary
• Mute button does not work properly
If you are looking for a multi-purpose microphone that you can use for both field interviews and recording music, you might be satisfied with this product.
2. Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic
Audio Technica succeeds in providing it all, from quality and durability to style.
Main Features
There are two types of output delivered by this microphone. One is USB, and the other is XLR. The former is ideal for digital recording, while the latter allows the product to be used for live performances. This is achieved by connecting it to a sound system. These two functions together deliver quite a lot of value to customers.
To make sure that no unwanted sounds are recorded by the microphone, it is accompanied by a cardioid pattern. No side or rear sounds will be picked up by the microphone. Hence, whether it is podcasting or live performing, you can do it all and be as clear as possible.
• Built-in headphone jack allows you to monitor the microphone effectively
• Excellent for situations where controlling sounds is not a possibility
• The blue light that signals whether the mic is on or not burns out quickly
For the low price charged, this microphone manages to deliver quite a lot of benefits.
3. Shure SM58-LC Vocal Microphone
This microphone has been tailor-made for podcasting, vocals, and live performing. For these purposes, it manages to offer a satisfactory performance.
Main Features
This product features an extensive range of frequency response. To be specific, the range offered is 50 to 15,000 Hz. This is one of the reasons why it can be used to record vocals and perform live with different instruments.
Some microphones may pick up handling noise, which greatly affects the experience for the audience. However, the Shure SM58-LC includes a mounting system that comes with pneumatic shock, which allows it to handle all sorts of unwanted background noise and keep it at bay.
This is further ensured by the use of cardioid pickup directional capability. Your main sound will be isolated from other sounds to maximize clarity.
• It is very durable owing to its premium quality construction
• Comfortable to hold on to
• Has a reasonable price
• You won’t get a high sibilance
It is hard to find a microphone that offers an array of features at a reasonable price. Shure succeeds in doing so and is worth the money.
4. Audio-Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone
Yet another Audio Technica microphone makes it to this list due to its ability to deliver all that matters.
Main Features
This microphone can be used by enthusiasts and professionals alike. It uses cardioid directional capability. This means that the level of noise recorded by the microphone is minimal. Moreover, it is capable of handling high sound pressures with immense ease. This makes it usable for intense live performance without the fear of it failing.
The design of the product plays an integral role in delivering quality output. For instance, the diaphragm of the microphone is made to be larger than usual so that your natural voice is recorded without any breaks or interruptions. It is also equipped with a 10-foot cable, which means that the chance of the mic not reaching the interface is highly unlikely.
• Quality audio is delivered
• It can be used for voiceovers and podcasting alike
• The size is effective
• Not highly durable
Unless you are looking for a microphone that can serve you for decades, this one will do the trick.
5. Blue Microphones ENCORE 100i Microphone
Are you looking for a mic that looks great while delivering its function? If so, you might want to try the Blue Microphone’s Encore 100i.
Main Features
Not only does this microphone deliver quality, but it is also equipped with an array of value-added accessories. For instance, it comes with a soft-grip clip and a storage pouch. The latter allows for effective storage as well as ease of portability from one place to another.
It is equipped with the custom-tuned circuit as well. This aids the microphone in catering to high frequency responses as well. The design of the product is also stylish, and the slim construction allows you to comfortably hold on to it.
• An excellent grip
• Sound quality is better than other microphones available at the same price
• Doesn’t handle noise well
Unless you are recording in a place with minimal noise, this product might not be able to satisfy you. However, it is excellent for podcasting.
Among the five products, Audio-Technica AT2035 is surely the best. Its durability and audio quality are unprecedented.
You can choose any microphone from this list that best suits your need without any doubts. If you are a podcaster, make sure you give the purchase decision as much thought as possible.

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Top 5 Best Men’s Shampoos in 2018

Why do you need the best men’s shampoo in 2018?

Achieving great hair starts with a great shampoo that is right for you. Using the best shampoo and the majority of your hair care is done. The best men’s shampoo with feed your hair with the proper nutrients. This will keep your hair healthy while making it look great. Everyone has a different kind of hair. Some men have oily hair, while some have dry hair. You may have dandruff problems or you may be having hair loss. You would need different types of shampoo for both those issues.

The best shampoo is defined by their ingredients and brand. Great shampoos use truly the best ingredients. They deliver the results they promise. They are highly recommended by professional hairdressers and industry specialists. The best shampoo for men is generally higher priced than ordinary shampoo. For good reason, as they work way better than your generic shampoos. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the best men’s shampoo. The best men’s shampoo depends on your needs. However, we have listed few of the best men’s shampoos for you to choose from in 2018.

Shampoo Ingredients To Avoid

There are so many ingredients used in shampoos. It can be absolutely impossible to go through them all. It is even more difficult finding out which ingredients are bad for your hair.
Here are some ingredients that should generally be avoided in the pursuit of great hair.


Parabens are very harmful chemicals. Parabens cause skin irritation and problems. They can also affect hormonal balance.


Alcohol causes your hair to dry out faster.


Petroleum is known to prevent the scalp’s oil production. This is very hazardous for your hair.

Diethanolamine (DEA) & Triethanolamine (TEA)

Diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA) cause scalp irritation and may cause allergic reactions.

Shampoo Ingredients To Look For

Not all ingredients in shampoos are bad. There are good ingredients as well. It can be very hard to know which ingredients are good for you hair. Good ingredients keep your scalp and hair healthy. Here are some ingredients that should are generally good for your hair.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has always been considered one of the finest ingredients for healthy hair. Coconut oil contains Vitamin E and is a great moisturizer to heal damaged skin.

Argan oil

Argan oil is one of the best ingredients found in the best men’s shampoos. Argan oil is a great hair conditioner. It helps make hair softer, silkier and shinier.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the finest ingredients found in the best shampoos. It helps with repairing the scalp’s dead skin.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is helpful in reproducing hair cells at a fast pace

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil helps unclog your hair follicles. This helps nourish roots to enhance hair growth

Olive oil

Olive oil is another great ingredient for great hair. Olive oil removes flakes and makes your hair softer.

What are the best men’s shampoo in 2018?

Jack Black True Volume Thickening Shampoo

Jack Black True Volume Thickening Shampoo helps your hair look thicker and keeps it dandruff free. Jack Black makes some of the best men’s grooming products. These include the best body lotions for men and the best shampoo for men. Jack Black True Volume Thickening Shampoo is made using a wide range of unique ingredients. These ingredients include tea tree oil, wheat protein and white lupine. Not only do these ingredients help prevent dandruff, but also encourages new hair growth. This shampoo includes Pro-Vitamin B5 which adds volume and shine to your hair. The biotin present in this shampoo helps strengthen and repair your hair. Jack Black products are very well made. Not only are they dermatologist-tested, alcohol free, cruelty free, paraben free, etc. Jack Black True Volume Thickening Shampoo is one of the best shampoo for men in 2017 and one you must try out!


Monat for Men 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner

Monat for Men 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner is a complete system that will cleanse and condition your hair. Monet makes some of the best high end shampoos for men and women. Monat for Men 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner is primarily a hair regrowth shampoo. The package has a very stylish design. The shampoo helps hair growth through its its DHT blocking abilities. Monat claims that 46% of users experienced increased hair growth after using this men’s shampoo. This shampoo for men also improves follicle strength in your hair to reduce hair thinning. Using this men’s shampoo daily, your hair should feel thicker and look better. Monat for Men 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner is naturally based and free from parabens, sulfates, DEA/MEA, phthalates, PEG, harsh salt systems, silicones, or harmful colors and fragrances. Simply put, Monat for Men 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner is one of the best men’s shampoo for hair growth and thinning hair.


Ultrax Labs Hair Loss Protection

Ultrax Hair Loss Protection shampoo is one of the best men’s shampoo for hair regrowth. Made with the primary ingredient of caffeinated compounds, which reduces hair loss and stimulates hair growth. It is also known to block the effects of testosterone within the skin. The caffeinated compounds integrated with essential oils and ketoconazole, which give remarkable results. Ultrax claim all their ingredients are supported by years of studies. Ultrax Hair Loss Protection shampoo works very fast and the results can generally be seen in a few weeks. This shampoo has nutrients that nourish your hair follicles. This helps promote natural hair growth, even among thinning hair. UUltrax Hair Loss Protection shampoo is considered by main one of the best men’s shampoo for thing hair. In fact, this shampoo is also considered one of the best hair regrowth shampoo for women as well! If you need to increase hair regrowth, look no further than Ultrax Hair Loss Protection!


Nexxus VitaTress Biotin

Nexxus VitaTress Biotin is on of the top men’s shampoo for fragile hair. 100% made form natural ingredients, it is great for fragile and thinning hair. Nexxus VitaTress Biotin contains biotin, cysteine, inositol, choline and methionine. These ingredients add strength to your hair.  This shampoo also includes DHT inhibitors, amino Acids, and circulation boosters. Those three ingredients help in hair growth. Jojoba is also an ingredient and it helps clear out the excess sebum in your scalp. For best results, use this shampoo a few times a week. You should see results in 10 to 15 days, according to Nexxus. Nexxus VitaTress Biotin is a product you should look into if you want thicker hair.



Pura D’or Anti-Hair Loss Premium Organic Argan Oil Shampoo

Pura D’or Anti-Hair Loss Premium Organic Argan Oil Shampoo is an all natural daily shampoo for men. In addition to that, it also is one of the best hair loss shampoos for men. Consisting of a blend of 15 DHT blockers, it helps reduce hair loss. Not only that, this shampoo will regenerate and revitalize your damaged hair. Pura D’or consists of about 17 ingredients in total. Notable among them are tea tree oil, biotin, aloe vera and even seaweed. Tea tree oil is great at getting rid of dandruff. Aloe vera strengthens your hair. Biotin helps at hair regrowth. Pura D’or will increase the volume and thickness of your hair. As far as the best men’s shampoo go, there aren’t many better than Pura D’or. And when it comes to being a daily shampoo that helps with hair loss and makes your hair look amazing, nothing beats Pura D’or Anti-Hair Loss Premium Organic Argan Oil Shampoo.



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Top 5 Best Rabbit Hutches & Cages 2018

Having a good comfortable rabbit hutch is very important for a healthy and happy rabbit.

Rabbits need clean, comfortable, and spacious living conditions. Here’s the top 5 best rabbit hutches & cages in 2018.

What are the top 5 best Rabbit Hutches & Cages in 2018?


Merax Rabbit Wood Hutch

Merax Rabbit Wood Hutch is a great outdoor rabbit hutch. Made mostly out of durable fir wood and a waterproof roof. The roof of this hutch is asphalt shingled. This makes it more durable and provides extra security for you rabbits. So you do not have to worry about your rabbit getting wet! Merax Rabbit Wood Hutch comes in a wide variety of sizes depending on you needs. This model was 48”L X 19.7”W X 41”H(including the size of the roof). Merax Rabbit Wood Hutch comes with two separate rooms with their own trays. This rabbit hutch is amazingly easy to clean with it’s pull out plastic tray. Each floor comes with 2 doors, so 4 doors in total. This rabbit cage is very secure with all doors having locks. Merax Rabbit Wood Hutch is a great choice if you want your rabbits to enjoy the outdoors. This is one of the best rabbit hutches and they don’t get much better than this!


Prevue Pet Rabbit Hutch

Prevue Pet Rabbit Hutch is a fantastic and versatile hutch. Prevue Hendryx is one of the best known rabbit hutch & cage manufactures. Their quality is well reflected in this hutch. Made out of wood, it is water resistant and is coated with a non toxic stain. Prevue Pet Rabbit Hutch comes in small and large sizes. The small is best for one rabbit. This is a very secure rabbit hutch and comes with double locks on the cage door and a lid latch.  You can place this hutch inside or outdoors. This is great as you can bring it inside during winter but keep it outside in the summer sun. Prevue Pet Rabbit Hutch has a pull-out tray that allows for easy cleaning. The bottom grille is also removable. Your rabbits will get lots of space and privacy in here. Prevue Pet Rabbit Hutch is one of the best rabbit hutches you can buy.


Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch is a top outdoor rabbit hutch. It will give your rabbits a great place to live while protecting them from the elements and predators. Made with Advantek’s GoneGreen lightweight insect-resistant and rot-resistant fir lumber.  The rabbit hutch is colored auburn & white which looks absolutely gorgeous. The roof is coated with non-toxic and waterproof asphalt that makes it completely leakproof. This two floored hutch is very spacious and gives rabbits plenty of room to play. There is 8 inch ramp that connects the hutch to the outdoor yard. Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch dimensions are -25L x 48W x 36H making it perfect for multiple rabbits. Cleaning this rabbit cage is very easy with the pull out tray. Your rabbits and bunnies will absolutely be overjoyed in this rabbit hutch. Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch is one of the top outdoor rabbit hutches you can get.


Living World Deluxe Habitat

Living World Deluxe Habitat is the ultimate cage for your small pet. Whether rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, or ferrets, this cage will suit them all very well. This cage comes in three different sizes: Standard, large & X-Large.  Standard is 30.7-inch long, 18.9-inch wide, and 19.7-inch high. Large is 37.8-inch long, 22.5-inch wide and 22-inch high. X-Large is 46.9-inch long, 22.8-inch wide, 24-inch high. Do make sure to check the proper dimensions depending on your pet’s size.  there is plenty of space inside for your pet to hide inside. Living World Deluxe Habitat comes with a drip-proof water bottle, food dish, balcony access with ramp and a hay guard. The cage’s base is made of plastic while the frame is metal wire. Living World Deluxe Habitat is a very portable cage that you can keep in the balcony when it is warm. This cage is very easy to clean. Living World Deluxe Habitat is one of the top portable rabbit cages available.


Prevue Pet Small Animal Home on Stand

Prevue Pet Small Animal Home on Stand is a cozy cage that small animals will love. This cage will be great for rabbits, rats and guinea pigs. Prevue Hendryx is a world famous rabbit hutch & cage maker. This is an indoor cage that has wheels. You can however move this cage outside during sunny days in summer. The top is made of metal mesh. Prevue Pet Small is average sized and measures 33-1/2-inch long, 20-1/2-inch wide, 33-inch high with 15/16-inch wire spacing. This is a very sturdy cage due to being its steel frame. There are two large doors, one on the top and one on the side. This allows easy access to your pet. The deep plastic pan inside the cage collects the mess. This helps you keep the cage clean easily. Prevue Pet Small Animal Home on Stand is spacious and one of the best mobile rabbit cages.




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Top 5 Best Gaming Desks 2018

Whatever your platform & style of gaming, you need a great gaming desk to properly enjoy gaming.

Not only that, a good desk is great for your health as it prevents carpal tunnel syndrome and other joint pains and aches. Heres some of the top 5 best gaming desks in 2018.


DXRacer Gaming Desk

DXRacer is well known in the eSports scene, making some of the best gaming chairs. The DXRacer Gaming Desk continues that trend and is one of the best new gaming desks. The gaming desk is sloped at an angle of 10 degrees. This makes it easier to rest your wrists, helping to prevent pains and reduce the chances of carpal tunnel. This also makes sure none of your items fall of from the desk. DXRacer Gaming Desk is very stylish and comes in multiple colors (green, red, black and white). The desk comes with great cable management options. It has 2 slots and 2 cable grommets situated at the rear of the desk for your cables. DXRacer Gaming Desk is durable and one of the top gaming desks that you can buy in 2018.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro absolutely lives up to its name as being the best gaming desk. You can fit your entire gaming rig on this table. This gaming desk was built specifically for gamers and packs a lot of functionality.  Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro comes with great features. It includes 2 speaker trays, drawer, headphone stand, cable management, accessory tray and even a drink holder. Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is made of steel and carbon fiber, making it very durable and solid. The cable management is great.  There is enough space to use both your laptop and an external monitor together. Gaming on this desk is very comfortable and everything is conveniently placed an arm’s length away.  Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is well designed and one of the top gaming desks.



Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is fantastic and one of the top gaming desks in the world. Designed in Sweden, this desk was made with gamers in mind. Namely, the comfort and ease of gaming.  Being very spacious, you can fit your entire gaming rig and then some on this desk. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is very sturdy and made of metal.  The top of the desk can be used as a mouse pad and is resistant to liquid. It is also very easy to clean. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk comes with a wide variety of color options (red, blue, green, white and black).  The cable management in this desk is properly positioned and allows clamp mounts. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is priced very well and will be loved by gamers everywhere.


ApexDesk Elite Series Standing Desk

ApexDesk Elite Series Standing Desk truly is the best standing gaming desk. Made in America, this desk has everything you want in a standing desk and then some. The desktop is made of high quality MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). MDF is scratch-resistant and used in high end furniture.The height is adjustable from 29″ to 48″.  This gives allows you to choose the height best for you. You can adjust the heights throughout the day, which is great for your back and overall health. ApexDesk Standing Desk has plenty of space and allows you to have two monitors on it side by side.  This desk is very sturdy with solid legs. Being crossbar free, it allows for more leg room. ApexDesk Elite Series Standing Desk is a premium standing gaming desk made of the best material. If you like to game while standing up, this is what you need.


Best Choice L-Shape Desk

Best Choice L-Shape Desk is the best L shaped budget gaming desk available right now. Made from wood, this gaming desk is of the best quality. Best Choice L-Shape Desk fits well as a gaming desk or even as an office desk. This desk looks very professional and comes with a keyboard drawer and tower stand.  You have ample space to store all your gaming and work accessories on the top of this desk. The desk is very sturdy and balanced, being made out of wood.  Best Choice L-Shape Desk comes in white and black colors.  Best Choice L-Shape Desk is a classy and professional desk. If you are looking for a budget gaming desk, this is it. If you are looking for a desk that you can game on and work on, there is no better option.





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Top 5 Best Military & Tactical Watches for Men 2018

Whatever activity you do, having the proper watch is important. A good military watch does more than tell time. It can be the difference between life and death. Here the best tactical & military watches for men in 2018.

How to choose the best tactical & military watch in 2018?

Durability of your tactical & military watch?

Durability is an important factor when buying a military watch. You will be facing the elements. Your watch must be made with toughest materials.
This will allow it to face the harshest of conditions. Titanium is the most durable material you can get. Nylon and leather are also very durable and long-lasting.

Battery Life of your tactical & military watch?

Battery life is one of the most important things to look at. Features like GPS require a lot of battery power. So a powerful battery is a must.You need a battery that lasts long.. Solar powered watches are the best at this. As they never run out of power.

Water Resistance of your tactical & military watch?

You will use your military watch in all kinds of outdoor activities. Being water resistant is very vital.

What are the top 5 best military & tactical watches for men in 2018?

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster

One of the most legendary watches ever made, Casio’s G-Shock series is one of the best men’s military and tactical watches. The pedigree of Casio is undoubted. Made in Japan by Casio, Gshock Mudmaster is a high quality men’s watch. Designed to battle the elements, this watch work’s in land, water and air. Casio Gshock Mudmaster is Shock-resistant, 200-meter water resistance and even resistant to low-temperature resistance (-10°C / 14°F). Even though it comes with so many features, it is very easy to setup and use. Casio Gshock Mudmaster comes with a very solid and sturdy matte black carbon fiber strap. Using a solar powered battery, this watch will always make sure you are fully charged. Casio Gshock Mudmaster uses a sapphire crystal which is clear and very durable. The luminescence on this military watch is unbelievable! If you are a fan of Casio Gshocks or well made tactical watches, this is for you. This is one of the best men’s military watches in 2018 and beyond.



Suunto Traverse Alpha

Suunto Traverse Alpha is a tactical watch that is great for military or everyday use. Made in Finland, these watches are very durable and offers a wide range of tactical and military feature. Suunto Traverse Alpha comes with GPS, GLONASS support and even MGRS (Military Grid Reference System). Making this watch give highly accurate position data. Being a military watch, it even has automatic shot detection technology that tracks(via GPS) when and where you shoot. The strap is very durable and comfortable, made of composite materials and a stainless steel bezel. The sapphire crystal makes the watch scratch resistant and has better clarity. Even though Suunto Traverse Alpha comes with so many features, it has long lasting battery life. Suunto Movescount App (available for iOS and Android) gives you even more options and in-depth data of your activities. Suunto Traverse Alpha has additional features including moon phase calendar, compass, altimeter, barometer and many more. Suunto Traverse Alpha is one of the best military watches and has been tested against military standards (mil Std 810G).


Garmin Tactix Bravo

Garmin Tactix Bravo is a sophisticated tactical watch which is perfect for everyday and outdoor use. Made by world renowned Garmin, this watch is of great quality. This tactical watch has a very durable case with a stainless steel bezel. The sapphire crystal lens is scratch resistant and gives great viewing clarity. Garmin Tactix Bravo features GPS/GLONASS positioning with MGRS format support. Water rated up to 10ATM (100 meters), you can wear this watch while swimming. Everything in the Garmin Tactix Bravo is there for a purpose. For example, the watch is colored black and is non reflective as per requirements of field used tactical gear.  You can sync this watch with the Garmin Connect app and view in-depth information about your activities. Garmin Tactix Bravo is one of the best tactical watches, having features such as compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, etc. Garmin Tactix Bravo offers great features and functionality.


Casio PRW-6000Y-1ACR

Casio PRW-6000Y is a top military watch for men and comes in with a very sporty design. Made in Japan, Casio needs no introduction. Casio PRW-6000Y features a display that has digital and analogue features, offering the best of both worlds.  This military watch comes with a resin band with buckle closure, making it very durable. Synchronized by receiving radio signals up to 6 times per day, making sure that you always get the accurate time. Being water resistant to 100 meters, you can go swimming and snorkeling with this. Casio PRW-6000Y also comes with features like bearing, altitude, temperature and many more great features. A unique feature called storm alarm alerts you about storms by detecting sudden pressure changes. Solar powered, this watch has a long lasting battery life that will keep your watch working for up to 6 months without any access to sunlight. Casio PRW6000Y is one of the best military watches money can buy.



ISOBrite Super Bright Watch

ISOBrite Super Bright Watch is quite simply put one of the best tactical watches for men that money can buy. Living up to its name, ISOBrite Super Bright Watch is bright enough for every and any situation. The watches are 4 times brighter than any Luminox or Traser. The illumination lasts up to 50 years(double of a T25 tritium watch). ISOBrite Super Bright Watch is made with an ultra lightweight carbon-fiber reinforced case. The face glass is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The battery life is about 10 years, meaning you will pretty much never have battery problems. ISOBrite Super Bright Watch is water resistant with a rating of 200M. If you are looking for the brightest men’s tactical watch in 2018, this is it.




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Top 10 Best Body Lotions for Men 2018

Your skin is the largest organ in your entire body. And the most ignored.

Everyday your skin is battered by the elements, pollution, dirt and so many other things. Yet why is it that Men have a hard time accepting that skin care should be a priority?

Skin that is not taken care off can cause illness, get wrinkly and look aged.

We’ve taken a look at the best body lotions for men in 2018 so you have great skin.


Molton Brown Coco & Sandalwood Nourishing Body Lotion

Molton Brown Coco & Sandalwood Nourishing Body Lotion is one of the top body lotions for men and especially great for oily skin. Made by Molton Brown of London, this body lotion is very masculine and rugged. The combination of sandalwood and brown coco gives your skin the right moisturizing with a great smelling scent. This is in part aided by exotic ingredients that contain coconut, cinnamon, honeyed jasmine, cedarwood and copahu. The result? Molton Brown Coco & Sandalwood Nourishing Body Lotion is a great body lotion for men with a long lasting masculine scent.




Clinique Skin Supplies For Men M Lotion

Clinique Skin Supplies For Men M Lotion will leave your skin looking fresh and radiant. Clinique Skin Supplies For Men M Lotion is lightweight and leaves no residue. This lotion is also great for preventing and slowing down wrinkles and loosened skin.There is nothing attractive about having bad skin that you could have prevented. Clinique Skin Supplies For Men M Lotion moisturizes your skin well, slowing down the signs of aging. This is a premium lotion for men. If you want one of the best men’s lotions, look no further.



Inis Revitalizing Body Lotion

Inis Revitalizing Body Lotion is one of the best body lotions for men in 2018. Like all other Inis body lotions, this product is of great quality and consists of seaweed and Shea butter among other ingredients. Inis Revitalizing Body Lotion greatest feature is it has a very unique and distinctive cologne. The type of scent that makes you receive compliments and turns heads. You really have to smell it to believe it. This men’s body lotion feels smooth on your skin and moisturizes it. The best way to apply Inis Revitalizing Body Lotion is right after showering. Inis is rich in moisturizers, making it keep your skin well hydrated. Inis also is not tested on animals and is an example all companies should follow. This lotion keep your skin fresh and energized all day!




Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb Body Moisturizer

Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb Body Moisturizer might just be the most stylish body lotions for men! Everything from the packaging to the product is fashionable and premium. Made with jojoba esters and peppermint oils, Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb Body Moisturizer will refresh and moisturizer your skin. This men’s lotion will not leave behind any residue after being applied. Sake Bomb also contains coconut oil and monoi de tahiti, which both help with hydration. Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb Body Moisturizer is a great lotion for men that will leave you feeling fresh.



Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion

Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion is quickly becoming one of the top men’s lotion in the world. It comes as no surprise as jack black is a well-established brand in the field of men’s luxury grooming. A unique thing about Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion is that it contains soy protein. Soy protein is a great skin moisturize which doesn’t make your skin oily. This keeps your skin healthy and makes it look smooth and wrinkle-free. Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion is also vegan-friendly, gluten-free, alcohol-free, colorant free and isn’t tested on animals! Easily showing great Jack Black men’s lotion are! Do you need any more reason to go pick this up?!


MenScience Advanced Body Lotion Ultralight

MenScience Advanced Body Lotion Ultralight is a quick absorbing lotion for men that leaves no residue behind. The body lotion is great as it does not take time to settle in and can be applied quickly. MenScinece specially formulated this lotion out of ingredients that work well with your natural skin oils. These ingredients are hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Ultralight will keep your skin fresh and finely moisturized. MenScience Advanced Body Lotion Ultralight gives your skin a healthy protection against the everyday elements.



Gold Bond Everyday Essentials Lotion

Gold Bond Everyday Essentials Lotion is one of the best selling body lotions for men. The Gold Bond company has a reputation for making the best skin care product and the Everyday Essential lotion for men is no exception. This body lotion is great for greasy skin as it is fast absorbing. It comes with a very light scent and lasts for almost a day once applied. Gold Bond Everyday Essentials Lotion is a 3 in 1 solution that provides great value for your money while moisturizing your skin. Hands, body or feet, you can use this men’s lotion anywhere!




Inis the Energy of the Sea Body Lotion

Inis the Energy of the Sea Body Lotion is one of the best moisturizing body lotions for men in 2018. Made by Inis, an Irish brand that makes some of the best seaweed enriched lotions for men and women. Inis the Energy of the Sea Body Lotion has a beautiful, fresh and clean scent that is just refreshing. It feels amazing on your skin leaving it smooth and silky with no residue left behind. Inis the Energy of the Sea Body Lotion is great for both damp and dry skin. This body lotion for men contains Shea butter which is great for your skin. You must try this lotion out!


Everyone 3-in-1 Cedar and Citrus Lotion for Every Man

Everyone 3-in-1 Cedar and Citrus Lotion for Every Man has an affordable price and is of the highest quality, making this one of the best men’s body lotion. Cedar and Citrus Lotion is made of natural ingredients such as aloe, glycerin, chamomile, calendula, sesame seed oil and white tea extracts. Being plant-based, this lotion for every man is great for inflamed skin. You can also use this as an aftershave. This multipurpose lotion will moisturize your skin and keep it refreshed. Cedar and Citrus Lotion for Every Man comes with a revitalizing scent that is sure to turn heads! This men’s lotion is one of the best and works well across your hands, face, and body. Everyone 3-in-1 Cedar and Citrus Lotion for Every Man is free from GMO, parabens and polysorbets. This one of the best cheap and budget body lotions for men in 2018.




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