Best 280mm AIO Cooler 2020

NZXT Kraken X62 280mm AIO Cooler

NZXT Kraken X62 280mm - RL-KRX62-02 - AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler - CAM-Powered - Infinity Mirror...
  • Advanced Lighting Modes: With an infinity mirror Design, add amazing color and lighting to your CPU cooler for a fully dynamic lighting experience
  • Engineered For Performance: Engineered to achieve superior cooling while keeping noise levels to a minimum
  • Master Your Control: Using CAM, manage the performance with precision and make changes quickly, using the desktop or mobile app. You can even monitor pump speed and liquid temperature.
  • All-New Radiator Fans: The Aer P radiator fans included are Designed for liquid-cooling perfection; Providing silent operation, durability, and powerful cooling performance. Fan Noise Level - 21-38dBA
  • Warranty: 6 years

NZXT Kraken X62 is the best 280mm cooler for gaming. This comes with RGB lighting mode and great performance. It comes with an infinite mirror design that catches the eye with incredible color and light. Designed with subtle cooling technology to keep the sound to a minimum. The cooler is suitable for quick change using desktop and mobile applications. It is relatively easy to make the appropriate changes with the user-friendly design. It is good in terms of durability, cooling, and strong results on each end. All in all, it is a good economical choice with 6 years of warranty support.

NZXT Kraken X62 has RGB in the form of a ring in the CPU block. RGB and aesthetics are subtle, which attracts a lot of people. RGB is customizable by the software provided. You can easily cool processors such as ninth-generation data and the latest AMD processors. This cooler may get louder than the other coolers on this list. Make sure your system is properly ventilated to lower your CPU temperature. The software is easy to use. The software is unique because it monitors the use of most of your computer’s hardware, such as processors and RAM. You can also change the RGB settings in this software.


It brings a strong tube.
6 year warranty.
You can control the speed of the pump.
Liquid temperature is also observed.
Noise levels are reduced with this design.
Quite easy to install.
Decent RGB, it’s not too much.
Cooling performance.
Slick design.


LED patterns are not personalized, which is disappointing.
CPU will be stronger

NZXT Kraken X62 280mm AIO Cooler is the Best 280mm AIO Cooler for Gaming in 2020

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO Liquid CPU Cooler,280mm,Dual ML140 PRO RGB PWM Fans,Intel...
  • Two 140 millimeter ML PRO Series RGB magnetic levitation PWM fans deliver a blast of color and improved airflow for extreme CPU cooling performance; The fan airflow is 97 CFM and the noise level is 37 dBA
  • 16 Individually controlled RGB LEDs light up the pump head to produce stunning, customizable lighting effects to match your build; Fan Speed is 2000 RPM
  • Corsair iCUE software allows you to control your cooler’s RGB lighting, monitor CPU and coolant temperatures, and adjust fan and pump speeds, all from a single intuitive interface
  • Thermally optimized cold plate and low noise pump design for high performance, quiet cooling; Radiator Material:Aluminum
  • Compatible Sockets: Intel LGA 115x, 1366, 2011, 2011 3, 2066 and AMD FM1, FM2, AM2, AM3, AM4, TR4

The Corsair H115i RGB is the best gaming AIO cooler. With two PWM fans with magnetic levitation, the overall system provides a colorful crack for the best experience. Also, it comes with many advanced airflow mechanisms that help keep the processor temperature fairly low. There are a total of 16 RGB LED lights, which allow the pump head to light properly for a gorgeous showcase. The speed of the fan is around 2000 rpm, and it will enable you to control and monitor the temperature of the processor and cool it fairly. This heavy RGB is a great addition to all heavy RGB construction. Fan and RGB CPU blocks can be changed in the software. The software comes with presets that you can already use.

However, the main purpose of these processor coolers is to provide insanely cool service. It effectively cools the latest Intel and AMD processors. This insane cooling performance comes from magnetically hoisted fans and thermally optimized CPU blocks. AIO coolers are more powerful than air coolers. It has more moving parts than air coolers with AIO. It uses fans and pumps, which together make more noise. Unless your PC is effectively exhausting the air, your cooler will not run as tightly. This cooler is easy to install. As a beginner, you should have no problem installing this cooler.


Decent cool performance.
Attractive design.
Easy and simple installation.
It comes with 16 RGB lights.
The airflow is very pleasant
It comes with a sound level of 27 dBA
Processor and cooling temperature controllable.
Unique intuitive interface that works.


The pump can make noise when the CPU is hot
The price is a bit high.

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO Liquid CPU Cooler is one of the Best 280mm AIO Coolers in 2020

EVGA CLC 280mm All-in-One RGB LED CPU Liquid Cooler

EVGA CLC 280mm All-In-One RGB LED CPU Liquid Cooler, 2x FX13 140mm PWM Fans, Intel, AMD, 5 YR...
  • Compatible with Intel LGA2066/2011/2011-v3/1200/1150/1151/1155/1156/1366 and AMD AM2/AM3/AM4/FM1/FM2/TR4 and upcoming variants
  • 280mm Dual Fan radiator. Radiator size: 312mm x 139mm x 27mm (LxWxH) fan Size: 140 x 140 x 25mm (x2)
  • Rgb LED's, can be synced to other EVGA RGB components
  • Unique EVGA fan design for reducing noise without sacrificing performance
  • Includes the software suite for monitoring and managing EVGA AIO's, EVGA flow Control. Pump noise level: 20db(a) (Max)

EVGA CLC 280 is a powerful 280mm liquid cooler, which is a solid block cooler. EVGA CLC 280 focuses on increasing efficiency and coolant flow. Besides, it is equipped with a copper base that efficiently transfers heat. Noise levels are quiet, with a low voice level at the top of 20 dBA.

The EVGA CLC 280mm comes with a great design that fits perfectly with the needs of regular cooling, providing excellent airflow and other scores. This model is compatible with Intel chipsets and AMD chipsets. The airflow is about 113.5 cfm, which is an excellent score for optimal cooling facilities. The noise level of 29.5 decibels means it is hushed.

The speed of the fans depends on the temperature of the CPU. When the CPU is cold the fan will be reduced or turned off completely to reduce the noise. If you are looking for a versatile and robust water cooler, this is the right choice for you. It runs silently, has RGB, precise construction, great performance and sleeve tube


100% copper base.
Very durable.
Incredible cool performance.
It comes with 5 year warranty support.
Fine synchronization with RGM components.
Compatible with many Intel and AMD devices.
The airflow ratio is quite good.
The fan heater is of good quality.
Thanks to the Teflon Nano Bearings, the silent peak at 20 dBA.
Easy to install.


Some noise.

EVGA CLC 280mm All-in-One RGB LED CPU Liquid Cooler is one of the Best 280mm AIO Coolers for Gaming in 2020

Things to consider when buying the Best 280mm AIO Cooler

Of course, you need to think about a few reasons why anyone who needs a good 280mm AIO cooling solution should take it seriously. Let’s talk about the most important below.


You will not find any AIO cooler compatible with any PC. So, you need to pay attention to the size before buying one. Choose a radiator size that fits well inside without compromising the installation. Otherwise, there is a risk of burning the necessary components inside your system.


You can usually enjoy vertical or horizontal mounting with AIO coolers. If you need an air inlet in front of the PC case, opt for vertical mounting. Although in this case, the need to limit the top will help you buy a horizontal mounting option.


There are many models available with AIO coolers that have a great appearance. You can choose a model with beautiful LED lighting that can add an extra decorative touch to your system while keeping it cool.


Of course, you need to choose something that falls within your budget. However, keep in mind that you will get what you pay for. So when you buy AIO coolers, make sure you are not depriving the quality by choosing relatively inexpensive models with build features and other features.

Good warranty option

It’s always great to get some kind of protection when purchasing PC components. AIO coolers are usually quite expensive, so you need to make sure there is a warranty to cover your device.

So that later, if you have problems with the operation, you can ask for repairs or replacements. Usually, brands offer 1 to 6 year warranty depending on the price and specifications.

280mm vs. 360mm AIO Cooler: Different points?

The surface will be slightly smaller. However, the 280mm will give you a better chance of fan selection. Of course, the 360mm has even better advantages in terms of cooling potential. However, this is only necessary if you use two GPUs. 280mm may seem a bit expensive, but again, the visual statement of these brands is really out of the competition. In short, there is not much difference between the two, but usually, 280mm is preferred in terms of performance and overall quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What budget should you keep in mind?

There are cheaper and more expensive models for AIO coolers. Prices will vary from 60 60 to 200 200, depending on the quality, features, durability, and progress of the offer. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Depending on which brand you like, RGM Lite, and other information, you can think about the buffet in it.

How do I determine if the cooler is suitable for my system?

The ideal way to determine if a cooling system will meet your needs is to look at a number of factors before buying. These are usually PU socket, height, radiator size, etc. Also, you need to decide whether the model you choose to buy supports AMD, Intel, or your preferred processor. By these factors, you will be able to decide on the mounting hardware and other things.

What is the difference between air and water CPU coolers?

If you are looking for a cooler that comes with easy installation and low price tags, you should choose air coolers. However, the quality and performance will not be comparable to AIO liquid coolers. Even with high price tags, liquid coolers are generally good at providing optimal performance as a cooling solution.

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