Best Aftershave for Men 2020 [Lotion/Balm/Cream]

Best Smelling Aftershave Lotions For Men 2020

Shaveology Men Aftershave Anti Aging Moisturizing Solution

Aftershave for Men - Advanced After Shave 2-in-1 Anti-Aging Skin Care Aftershave Balm for Men...
  • ✅ THE FIRST OF ITS KIND - Achieve the best shave of your life with our Advanced 2-in-1 Anti-Aging AfterShave Balm lotion Infused with Golden Seaweed. Developed from a blend of natural extracts and infused with Golden Seaweed (which is known for its anti-aging benefits) to help protect and hydrate the skin, while forming a barrier of protection. Your skin will thank you
  • ✅ SENSITIVE SKIN? NO PROBLEM. Our Advanced 2-in-1 Anti-Aging Aftershave for men lotion Infused with Golden Seaweed is made with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients specifically designed to replenish and repair your skin after your shave. Helping to eliminate harsh razor burn and ingrown hairs.
  • ✅ LEAVES SKIN FEELING GREAT ALL DAY LONG - With Our Shaveology aftershave lotion for Men Simply Massage aftershave on to face to lock in moisture and protect skin. Helps Eliminate Razor Burn and leaves your face and skin feeling Nourished and Hydrated all day long the best aftershave for men sensitive skin
  • ✅ A PERFECT COMPANION TO SHAVEOLOGY SAFETY RAZOR - Shaveology's luxury handcrafted Double Edged Safety Razors Are engineered to provide a close and consistent shave every time. Our Pre-Shave Oil, Shave Lather and Anti-Aging Aftershave for men are ideal to experiencing a perfect shave.

Get a perfect calming post-shave experience with this brilliant scented item. The main ingredient of this balm is the natural extract of golden seaweed. Protecting your skin from the anti-ageing symptoms is the vital function of this shaving balm. Your skin can get proper refreshing hydration experience, as well as no burns or skin irritation from shaves is guaranteed by the brand. It is suitable for all skin including sensitive skin and irritated skin. Elimination of ingrown hairs from your face is also possible with the proper usage of this product. To get a beautiful saving experience, you can switch to apply this Preshave oil and anti-aging aftershave formula. The products don’t get much better than this. Add this option for relief from shaving routine, whether or not you get nicks and cuts.


· Moisturizing
· Fresh fragrances smells bottle which stay all-day
· Mild in nature
Razor burn elimation
· Anti-aging lines and wrinkles can be prevented
Offers removal of ingrown hairs
· Ideal for all skin types like sensitive, oily, irritated etc.


· Few consumers have observed there was the presence of little ingrown hair while using the product
· Some users felt the aroma is strong.


Shaveology Men Aftershave Anti Aging Moisturizing Solution is the best aftershave lotion for men in 2020.

Best Aftershave Serum For Men

Era Organics Serum Aftershave Skin Care Treatment

Era Organics Aftershave Serum for Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs - Soothing & Moisturizing Shaving Skin...
  • Get Smoother Post Shave Skin, Prevent Razor Bumps & Treat Ingrown Hairs! Extra nourishing plant based men’s aftershave moisturizer gel for face and neck to get healthier, happier looking skin without harsh chemicals and toxins found in most men's shaving products!
  • Robust Formula For All Skin Types- Unique botanical-rich formula including Ginger, Burdock Root, Black Walnut and White Oak Bark Extract. Aftershave for men, but great for women whether on your bikini line, armpits or legs.
  • All In One Formula - Exfoliate to help prevent ingrown hairs. Gentle astringent to help fight blemishes and acne. Soothe inflammation and hair bumps. Deep hydration for dry skin. Extra nourishing razor bump treatment for stronger, healthier skin.
  • Safe & Effective. Razor bump and ingrown hair treatments can be loaded with cheap chemicals and useless fillers. Not this one! Proudly made in the USA, cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free and non-toxic.
  • Buy With Confidence! Whether you use straight blade razors, electric shavers or those crazy 8 blade razors, ingrown hairs on your face and neck can still happen. As a family owned company with products made in the USA, we take customer satisfaction quite seriously.

Now you can get a smoother and softer skin after your shaving with the help of this incredible product. It is competent enough to treat your skin burns, rashes, etc. The thick moisturizing solution is ideal for all skin types. Formulated from quality plant-based ingredients in this composition like ginger, black walnut, extracts from white oak, etc.

Not only men but women can also use this safe moisturizer on their bikini lines, legs, or armpits. Ingrown hair prevention is exfoliated beautifully with the usage of this item. In fact, for acne treatment, this lotion does wonders. There are no cheap and harsh chemicals present in this composition. It has no paraben and sulfate content. This product is appropriate to get a hydrated, soft skin without clogging any pores

Key Feature

· No razor burns or razor bumps
· Delicate skin result
· Fights with acne
· Plant blend content
Soothe Nicks and Cuts
· Chemical-free range
· Non-toxic


· It helps to reduce the redness of the skin from shaving
· Fighting against bacteria, fungi are also done.
· When used on bikini lines, no pimples or burning sensation experienced.


· Comes with a strong fragrance and is not unscented.


Era Organics Serum Aftershave Skin Care Treatment is the Best Aftershave Serum for men in 2020.

Best Aftershave Cream For Men

Pacific Shaving Company Safe No Red Caffeinated Natural Aftershave

Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Aftershave - Helps Reduce Appearance of Redness, With Safe,...
  • SOOTHES: Naturally-derived caffeine helps reduces the appearance of redness and post-shave razor rash
  • NATURAL: Caffeine is a potent antioxidant that will help your skin repair itself and maintain your skin's health. Put caffeine on your mug, not in it!
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Our 3.4 oz size is perfect for travel - road warriors rejoice!
  • NO ANIMAL TESTING: Safe ingredients, effective products and we never, ever, test on animals.
  • Made in the USA

Pacific Shaving Company Safe No Red Caffeinated Natural Aftershave is a post shave balm with a soft cushion feel, brilliant gliding capability, and moisturizing effects. Often it happens that after using the sharp razors, there are large pimples or redness which appears. So if you start this plant-based cream, there will be no such effects. This comes in a small handy pack which ensures complete travel-friendly and portability. If you are traveling on flights, it is still convenient for carrying this. Any and every skin type can use it without any doubts. The US-based post shave balm is entirely tested and free of cruelty.

· Hydrates
· Glides well
· No redness
· Organic
· Cruelty-free
· Portability
· Ideal for all skin types
· The thick consistency of this cream stays on your face for an extended period
· Minty smells


· Due to the thick consistency, few consumers have reported this as sticky in an appearance on their skin.


Pacific Shaving Company Safe No Red Caffeinated Natural Aftershave is the Best Aftershave Balm for men in 2020.

Best Smelling Aftershave Splash For Men

Chamuel Natural Anti Aging SPF Facial Aftershave Solution

Anti Aging Daily Aftershave for Men - All Natural Mens Face Cream and Moisturizer with SPF, Argan,...
  • IMMEDIATELY SOOTHES IRRITATED SKIN: Irritation from razor burn following shaving is now a thing of the past. Our mens face moisturizer contains argan oil, shea butter & aloe, this simple face lotion and post shave balm calms, reduces redness & helps soothe shaving nicks.
  • POWERFULLY REPLENISHES MOISTURE: Washing and shaving can strip the skin of the oils it needs to maintain a healthy balance, but simple face moisturizer with SPF quickly restores hydration so you don't have to worry about dryness, flakiness or rough textures.
  • GENTLE ENOUGH FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Unlike other men's skin care brands, Chamuel Men's Skincare is a brand that caters to every man. Whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin or combination skin, this post shave anti aging face cream will attend to your facial needs.
  • ALL NATURAL SPF 15 SUN PROTECTION: Besides improving the suppleness of your skin with healthy hydration, calming acne & combating wrinkles, CM after shave lotion is an excellent addition so any men’s grooming kit providing SPF protection.
  • 100% VEGAN-FRIENDLY, CRUELTY-FREE: As with all other Chamuel Men luxury skincare essentials, this post shave cream includes absolutely NO preservatives, additives, parabens, artificial fragrances or toxic dyes. Makes a great gift for that special man; husband, boyfriend, father or dad!

Chamuel Natural Anti Aging SPF Facial Aftershave Solution is great for treating the razor burns from razor bumps. This shave lotion is a thick hydrating gel which can reach deep in the skin pores and stays long. The necessary ingredients are Shea butter, Argan oil, and aloe, which have healing properties. When your face goes through irritated skin or redness, bumps, apply this and get great results.

Dry and rough skin texture can be treated well by using this fantastic product. It is one of the gentle shaving cream ideals for all skin. This mix contains SPF 10. So your skin cells will be protected strongly from the harmful UVA/UVB rays. This solution contains no harsh chemicals; it is free of parabens, toxic dyes, and preservatives.

Key Feature

· Natural hydration
· Safe for all skin types
· No harmful chemicals
· SPF 10 induced
· Shea butter
Argan oil
· Skin texture improves
· Paraben-free


· Pleasant products for sensitive skin without any adverse effects
· SPF content allows you to go for sun exposure without thinking twice
· It is light in weight but stays for a long duration
· Pleasant aroma


· Expensive


Chamuel Natural Anti Aging SPF Facial Aftershave Solution is one of the best aftershave lotion.

Best Aftershave Balm For Men

Proraso Sensitive Skin Shaving Balm After Shave Formula

Proraso After Shave Balm, Sensitive Skin, 3.4 Fl Oz
  • For every kind of beard and normal skin
  • Oatmeal extract helps in moisturizing and soothing effect, it will not disturb the skin's pH
  • Green tea is a natural antioxidant rich in polyphenols and minerals
  • No parabens; No silicons; No mineral oils; No artificial colors

It is designed to generate immediate soothing effect to your skin. There is no presence of alcohol in this composition. So in case you have sensitive, you won’t have to worry much about skin irritation or rashes when applying it. The lightweight texture stays for an extended period on your skin. All the natural ingredients like oatmeal and green tea are added in the mixture. This formula does rapid healing to your burns and inflamed skin parts. A refreshing aroma of lime and apple is added, which can keep you refreshed the whole day. There is a presence of no cruelty, silicones, phthalates, artificial colors, or parabens in it.

Key Feature

· Calms skin
· Not alcohol-based
· NO paraben, artificial colors, etc
· Ideal for all skin
· Lightweight
· Natural
· Oatmeal and green tea mixed content
· Lime and apple aroma


· After using it, you will feel no pores are clogged
· Skin irritation reduction at a greater extent
· Beautiful fragrance
· Beard growth improvement


· It is slightly expensive than other similar items
· Very few users experienced itchiness and dryness

Our Verdict:

Best Aftershave Balms for Men in 2020.

Using this soft moisturizing cream while shaving can also enhance the beard volume and skin texture. We advise this product for those who are looking for smooth and straight instead of rough curls. Start using it and feel the difference.

Buying Guide For Aftershave

For the perfect shave, an ideal aftershaves cream is essential. A considerable product will protect your skin from getting burnt or any other kind of skin irritations. The best aftershaves for men stay longer on your skin, soothe your face and kill the germs after dragging the razor across your face. There are various skin, and according to, selecting a product at times becomes quite confusing. Here we have simplified a few key points which you can go through to get the appropriate product according to your skin requirement.

Types Of Aftershaves (Splash vs. Lotion vs. Balm)

Mainly aftershaves arrive in three kinds; balms (cream-based), lotions and gels. The primary function of any aftershaves is to balance skin hydration. In addition to that, there are healing antiseptic properties which are found in the composition. Aftershaves are necessary after a shave, regardless of type.

Balms /Creams

These are marketed as after shaving treatment products but excel in skincare as well. They contain less or no alcohol or alcohol-based. Natural ingredients are found in their composition. No dehydration of the skin is resulted after using these cream-based aftershave splash. Though few creams have oil content, they don’t result in clogging pores or messy residue after its application.

Lotions Or Tonics

Amongst all the other products, aftershave lotions have more amount of alcohol (65-70 %). In earlier days, barbers used to apply tonics after shaving. Reasons being the alcohol content has immense antiseptic value. However, it is less recommended as it causes dry skin flakes and itchiness. Synthetic fragrances and dyes are often used in the mixture. If you are looking for skin tightening products, then shaving lotion formulas can be a good option. After cutting, the skin pores can be sealed by using the lotions.


Like the balms, gels have zero alcohol in them. They have a calming effect on the skin, which can keep you refreshed all day. As oil content is low in gels, so hydration properties are less found.

Factors To Consider While shopping for an Aftershave

According To Normal Skin

For this kind of skin, it is advised to opt for balms and creams. If you are staying in humid climatic areas, the balms are much favorable for your skin.

According To Oily Skin

Specifically for oily skin users, acne pimple is a common issue due to excess oil secretion inside their skin.

Alcohol Content

You can switch to alcohol or alcohol-based after shaving creams which helps to dry out the excess from your skin. Toning aftershave splash can relieve you from that glossy effect.


Any herbal products glycerin based can help your damaged skin cell’s nourishment.

According To Dry Skin

Avoid Astringent

Try to ignore any aftershave product which has astringent or alcohol-based content.

Natural Oil Benefits

You can use any gel-based formula post-shaving or any cream based on natural oils. Almond, hazelnuts, etc. are very beneficial for dry, flaky skin of retaining water in your skin pores. Even natural oils are much soothing and stay longer on the more desiccated skin cells.

According To Sensitive Skin

Itchiness after shaving is the common symptom noticed. Stinging sensations and rashes are like add on for such skin.


An unaromatic aftershave cream or maybe having less fragrance of herbal content is beneficial for sensitive skin users.

Natural Oil Heals Faster

Rose, lavender, etc. based natural essential oils have less smell and more healing properties that you can go for. You may face skin disorders due to Aloe Vera, so as not to indulge the skin issues more you can avoid that in your shaving products.

Say No To Paraben

Parabens are the next ingredient which you should avoid in your creams or gels. It is synthesized additives which may prevent your skin from bacteria but can cause severe issues for your skin.

Best Ingredients To Look For In Aftershaves

While investing in an aftershave, make sure it has rapid healing and hydrating properties. There are a few key ingredients that you should look for:

· Witch Hazel. Witch hazel can reduce redness and enhance skin smoothness. So check for witch hazel.

· Eucalyptus has antiseptic benefits and heals scars faster.

· Menthol generates a cooling effect and cures skin burns

· Sandalwood has a large number of antioxidants and anti-aging characteristics. It can fight against free radicals too. Sandalwood scent is a great smell.

· Glycerin help in controlling oil secretion. It calms down dry, itchy skin and balances skin elasticity effectively.

· Bay Oil help to fight against pimple and acne. It also cures the red marks or stops bleeding after razor cuts.

· Tea Tree Oil can heal razor bumps faster

· Vitamin E help in keeping the hydration level of the skin pores at the maximum level

· Licorice Extract has tremendous anti-inflammatory benefits

· Lanolin help in skin softening and fights against dry skin flakes.

· Chamomile help to reduce scars caused due to acne or pimples. Even after razor cuts if you apply it, then breakouts will be prevented.

· Borage Oil calms down the redness of the skin, especially for dry skin.

· Citronellol has a beautiful fragrance of its own and produces extreme skin healing.

· Lemon Peel can firmly revitalize the health of your skin after your shaving is done.

· Coenzyme Q10 is light in weight, absorbs faster, and softens your skin.

· Caffeine always help to maintain skin health effectively. The redness after a sharp razor cut is reduced.

Shea butter is a great ingredient. Shea butter helps your skin be healthy and smooth.

Shaving is an activity which involves many tools and techniques to get a smooth clean face like from a quality barbershop. Every man has different needs and styles when it comes to their beard products. It is always advised to go through various customer reviews before making any investments on your after shaving kit. This guide will surely help customers to shop for the best aftershave for men according to skin type and other requirements.

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