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Best Cartridge Razor for Men 2024

Best Cartridge Razors for Men 2022

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power Men’s Razor

Gillette ProGlide Power Razor...
  • UPGRADED PROGLIDE BLADES LASTING 3X LONGER: 5 ultra-sharp razor blades for ultimate closeness (Vs...
  • ENHANDED LUBRICATION STRIP FOR GLIDE: The lubrication strip provides lubrication after the blades and...
  • 1 BLADE REFILL = 20 SHAVES. Get up to 20 shaves per blade refill

This device is designed with many features, all added to ensure top quality shave. As for the price, it is almost impossible to wear. It has the perfect combination of quality and price. The most notable feature of this unit is the flexball technology. This technology helps the blade to automatically adjust to the outline of the face. It achieves a clean, smooth shave without cutting. Featuring five anti-friction blades with more lubricant than the Fusion 5 and a patented lubricated strip, this cartridge razor is looking for a very intimate shave for men with sensitive skin. The cartridge that comes with the Fusion 5 Proglide is also versatile, meaning it fits all Fusion 5 razor handles so there’s no need to buy a new razor handle if you want to try it. Cartridge on your old Fusion 5 handle.

This shaver has the option to use the battery. When battery-powered, the microchip installed on the device enables you to provide a consistent shave with every pass on your face. Which option you choose depends entirely on your preferences. We’ll give you that choice (whether you use a battery-powered shaver or not). The use of batteries causes the shaver to vibrate. These vibrations are used to provide an intimate and smooth shave by reducing the level of friction and increasing the razor glide on the skin. After 8 minutes of use, the device switches automatically. This function is effective to ensure that the unit is not accidentally turned on and that the battery is powered up until it dries. When it comes to batteries, new or old, you get the same level of vibration and energy. When the device is in use and the battery is exhausted, the vibrational power does not decrease.

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide is the most popular cartridge razors for men. This is because of its excellent performance. It features the following; flexible neck, 5 anti-friction on blades, battery-operated vibrations, and a precision trimmer.
The flexible neck makes it ideal for all types of shaving. It is a top-notch blade, and it delivers the best performance. Fusion glide comes with thin blades with tiny gaps. Both these features make it an excellent option for all kinds of facial hairs and skin types. The anti-friction blades make gliding easy coupled with the lubricating stripes to deliver greater comfort during and after shaving.
The Fusion ProGlide is powered by a microchip that regulates the battery’s voltage and ensures smooth performance while shaving.

All Gillette fusion blades are compatible with all fusion razors. So there is no need to worry about consistency. To keep just a smile on your smooth, glamorous face, Gillette is throwing a one razor blade refill with this purchase. If you prefer cartridge razors, you will find the Gillette Fusion 5 Proglide Men’s Cartridge Razor as the best. Not only is it innovative, it also has the latest razor technology designed to give you the best experience


Regulated battery power
Anti-friction blades that deliver consistent performance
Flexible neck for all use



Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide is the Best Cartridge Razor for Men in 2022.

Schick Hydro 5 Sense Hydrate Razor

Schick Hydro 5 Sense Energize...
  • Shock Absorb Technology – Our unique razor auto-adjusts based on how you shave, backing off if you’re...
  • Our Energize gel formula, with Menthol, wakes up and energizes tired-looking skin while our 5 ultra-glide...
  • The 7 Gel Pools* are designed to provide instant lubricating protection, featuring a lubricant surface...

Schick gives you a unique razor for men with flap trimmer and 2 razor blade refills. The blades are ready to battle with any type of razor on the market for skin care. With Schick Hydro 5 you can say goodbye to irritated skin and good for annoying chafing. It is a complete evolution of skin protection by lubrication. This razor features upgraded gel reservoirs that provide excellent lubrication for a more comfortable, cleaner shave. This razor as the name implies has 5 blades. These blades are included to ensure intensive shaving. For those who work with very sensitive skin, this hydro blade has become one of the best. Thanks to 5 blades, the shaving process will be faster – less strokes will be required. At the top of each blade is a skin protector. These are designed to help reduce friction. The gel reservoir of the unit now further lubricates the shaver. The gel tank is more efficient than the lubrication bands of other units. Shik has claimed a reduction of about 40% deficit.

The razor has a guard bar. This bar is intended to stretch the skin before cutting facial hair. The result is a super smooth shave. The Hydro 5 has a fold-down trimmer to help you reach hard-to-cut areas. With a simple push, you switch to cutting mode. Last but not least, the unit has an ergonomic handle. It proved to be easy to realize. The premium shiny metal and perfectly designed ergonomic shape allow you to keep a stiff grip on the handle. And the shiny look is just a bonus that comes with this amazing little product. The razor even has a flap trimmer so you can easily trim those hard-to-reach areas. The blades remain sharp for up to two weeks of use. Your mileage may vary but depends on how often and how often you shave. What sets this razor apart, however, is its unique moisturizing gel pools that provide endless lubrication with each shave. This technology increases the lubrication surface by 80% and hydrates the skin for about an hour after shaving.

This is one of the biggest competitors of Gillete in the market today. It is regarded as the best cartridge razor for people with sensitive skin. It features the following; 7 get pools, 5 ultra-glide blades, and shock absorb tech. The 5 in the Hydro 5 sense signifies the number of blades on this cartridge razor. It delivers an excellent close shave every for every use. The ultra-glide blades help to reduce friction between the skin, blade, and facial hair while shaving. The upper blades are sharp enough to will easily remove your facial hair and thus reduce pulling or tugging sensation, which may cause irritation.

The shock-absorbing technology of this razor makes it unique amongst others. It comes in three varieties of lubrication stripes.
Hydrate – coconut oil (normal skin)
Sensitive – herbal extract (sensitive skin)
Energize – menthol (normal skin)


Perfect for sensitive skin
Sharp blade glide when cutting
Evenly pressured shaving


Cartridge head has limited motion

Schick Hydro 5 Sense Hydrate Razor is the Best Men’s Cartridge Razor in 2022.

Micro Touch Triple-Blade Razor

Micro Touch Triple-Blade Razor...
  • A Clean, Close Comfortable Shave at a Price that Can't Be Beat!
  • German Precision-Engineered Blade System - Blades Last up to 4X Longer than Ordinary Blades
  • Micro-Thin, Non-Stick Coating on Stainless Steel Helps Protect the Life of the Blade

If you are looking for the best balance of affordability and comfort then this may be the razor for you. The Micro Touch prioritizes comfort above all else. Micro touch technology works in three stages. Lift, cut and pull finished three blades. There is absolutely no chance of missing anything. And the strip of micro fine non-stick surface provides ample lubrication and a much smoother shaving experience. The main advantage of a razor is the quality of the blade used. Micro Tech provides you with high quality German stainless steel blades that give you an advanced slide. Also, it has no chance of irritating sensitive skin This small product gives you a micro tough trimmer and 12 extra cartridges.

The razor’s ergonomic handle can be easily gripped. It can be easily managed. It sweeps over the bushes like the wind in your mouth sweep I didn’t face Nick and injuries while using this stuff. Honestly, you need this razor for a good shave. Micro Touch brings to you a package that seems to be true which gives almost enough thought to the needs of men.

This is the best budget price cartridge razor that you will find in the market today. It comes with 3 micro-thin stainless-steel blades, comes with an extra 12 refill razor, shaves comfortably.he razor blade is both thin and even spaced to prevent the buildup of gunk, and this is a requirement for a comfortable shaving experience. The blades are coated with non-stick properties to increase the lifespan.
The pivoting head will do an excellent job on a flat surface, such as your cheeks. An excellent razor for men with sensitive skin because it has only three blades, which means less blade contact with the skin. The 12-razor refill means it can last you up to a year because each razor can last one month.


Nice handle
Good shave for a great price
Comes with 12 refills


Not very comfortable

Micro Touch Triple-Blade Razor is the Best Budget Cartridge Razor for Men in 2022.

Dorco Pace 6 Pro

Dorco Pace 6 Pro - Six Blade...
  • CLOSE, SMOOTH SHAVING: With a patented six-blade shaving platform, Dorco Pace 6 Pro glides gently across...
  • DOUBLE LUBRICATING STRIPS: A soothing blend of aloe vera, argan oil, and avocado oil helps the blades...
  • OPEN BLADE DESIGN: Allows for easy rinsing of the blades, which can help to keep them sharp and clean for...

The Dorco Pace 6 Plus comes with a common docking system, angulated blade platform, a lavender lubricating strip, vitamin e, AND Aloe Vera. The razor comes with 6 blades, and the head is designed to shave close to the skin comfortably. The micro-thin blades are set to minimize clogging and also cut through the facial hair. The lubricating stipes contains lavender, vitamin E, and Aloe that provides excellent comfort. Dorco is not one of the popular brands available. However, this is different from its competition. It is a South Korean company and is not yet well-known internationally.

The razor lubricating strip is loaded with vitamin extracts and all the herbal benefits you need to keep your skin healthy and youthful. Yes, I’m talking about aloe, lavender, oil and vitamin E. The open flow cartridge keeps your slides extremely clean. Hair follicles and shaving cream soaps have no chance. This means longer life of the blade, as the risk of corrosion is completely eliminated. On top of that, it should be noted that Dorco Pace 6 Plus is affordable. Looking for a great shaving experience but for people working on a budget – its prices are perfect – who work with high-end tools to test the water. The Dorco Pace 6 Plus disposable razor is an impressive razor. It has 6 blades – it’s the first of its kind. Overall, this is a high quality razor designed to get the job done in the shortest amount of time.

Dorco has patented the angular blade platform, allowing you to achieve an intimate shave with minimal irritation. The lubricating strip contains a mixture of lovely herbs with Vitamin E, Aloe and Lavender to work together with the blade system to reduce irritation. If you are bothered by razor manufacturers who have changed the fit of the razor blade when introducing a new line, you will prefer Dorco’s general docking system. All their razors reduce waste using the same accessories. The price is also attractive. It’s less expensive than the Hydro 5 Sense or Gillette Fusion 5, but it’s more expensive than the Match 3.


Six blades
Lubricating stripe good for sensitive skin
Blade setting is unique, and it provides excellent comfort


Bulky head

Dorco Pace 6 Pro is the Best disposable Cartridge Razor for Men in 2022.

Amazon Solimo 5-Blade MotionSphere Razor for Men with Dual Lubrication and Precision Trimmer

Amazon Basics 5-Blade...
  • 5-blade MotionSphere razor handle and 16 refill cartridges
  • Hypoallergenic lubricating strips with Vitamin E to help reduce skin irritation
  • Anti-clog design for quick rinse

If you haven’t heard, Amazon has its own line of skincare and beauty products (among others). It’s called Salimo, and Amazon recently launched a line of Salimo razors, which aims to have all the functionality of a more expensive five-blade razor without the hefty price tag. The Salimo Motion Sphere 5-blade razor comes in a standard pack that includes a handle and sixteen 5-blade razor cartridges. Due to its motion sphere properties, it has a multi-axis pivot designed to follow facial features. It also has a beard trimmer for shaving goats, paws and under the nose.

Lubricating strips with vitamin E reduce skin irritation. Since it has 5 blades, you can easily get a compact shave and it has an anti-clog design that lets you wash it easily. This razor is known as a great alternative to more expensive razors. We also wrote a comprehensive guide to the best single blade razors to look very comfortable.

The MotionSpire Salimo 5-Blade Razor is a great value pack that offers several benefits for just a small amount of money. The pack includes a handle and 16 five-blade razor cartridges. This series is called “MotionSpire” because the razor has a multi-axis design that allows it to rotate according to the shape of your face. This is another great beard trimmer that is great for shaving your goats, sideburns and under the nose – great for anyone looking for more kisses!

The shaver head has a hypoallergenic lubricating strip with the benefit of Vitamin E which helps to keep your skin hydrated and soft without any irritation. The multi-blade system also boasts anti-clog design so you can quickly wash shaved hair and get back to your hair styling. You can cut virtually any facial hair with this razor. With oily strips rich in vitamin E, you don’t have to worry about your skin becoming irritated every time you use it. This package comes with 16 razor refills that you can use for a long time and save your money.


Close Shave
Less Irritation
Multi-Axis Pivot


Cartridge will not fit other brands

Solimo 5-Blade MotionSphere Razor is the Best Cartridge Razor for Sensitive Skin in 2022.

Factors to consider before buying the best cartridge razor for men

We have identified some essential things for you to look out for before buying a cartridge razor. These will help you avoid making a hasty decision and ending up with the wrong razor that will cause severe irritation to your face. These factors are:

Number of blades

Some cartridge razors offer as much as six blades. However, there have been several debates from dermatologists and other shavers if having six blades on a single cartridge razor is essential or just another marketing strategy. Besides, many have argued that having several blades on a razor will drastically increase the occurrence of irritation due to the exposure of the skin to more blades. Several blades will lead to hysteresis effect. This means the facial hair is firstly pulled by the first blades, and then the subsequent blades cut through each strand of hair lower and lower until the last blade. The last blade should cut the smallest strand just below your skin to leave you with a smooth face.

Asides the number of blades placed on a single cartridge razor, the space between the blades is another factor to watch out for. We discovered that razors with smaller gaps would give you a more pleasant shave because there is a decrease in friction.
However, some dermatologists will recommend a two-blade disposable razor for men whit extreme skin irritation who have tried between 4 and 5 blades verities. Don’t get too strict on the number of blades. The quality of your shave can change significantly based on several factors like the blade gap, facial hair thickness, shaving cream, and more.

Lubricating strips

You can gain a great deal of comfort from lubricating stripes while shaving. You will appreciate it when you are using a budget shave cream that doesn’t have so many lubricating properties. However, just like the performance of most razor cartridge razors, your lubrication stripes performance is tied to how regular you are changing your razor blade. A noticeable new feature in recent times is the introduction of Gillete ProShield. This special cartridge razor provides lubrication stripes before and after the razor blade cuts hair across your face. They claim that the lubricating stripes protect your skin from irritation as you shave.

Brands like the Schick Hydro 5 Sense line use a lubricating shield with menthol, coconut oil, and herbal extracts to reduce after shave irritation by increasing comfort and moisture to your skin.
Perhaps, you are experiencing some discomfort with your existing cartridge razor, and then you should change to one whose lubricating stripes perform better. It may be of great help to you.

Refill price

It is a known fact that cartridge razors can be a little be expensive in terms of cost for long term ownership. Shave clubs and safety razors have gained more popularity because they are not as expensive to own.
However, the big cartridge razor brands are beginning to change their prices to gain more popularity in the market.
Owning a refillable cartridge razor is becoming more and more affordable by the day through various means. Some brands provide a vast multi-count offering that is available through prominent online retail stores. Others offer a subscription shave club.
Take your time to consider the price on an annual basis, and compare all the available options before you settle for a particular brand.

Shaving area

The area that you are shaving is vital, whether it is your beard, head, chest, or pubic areas. So it should be considered while you are picking a cartridge razor to buy. Moreover, some companies are making cartridge razors with increased flex and pivot. This mechanism provides excellent performance in any area of your body without being affected by the contours you may have on your body.
A straight cartridge razor with no head movement is all you need to shave your beard.


Before making a purchase for a cartridge razor, you need first to pick it up to determine if it is not too bulky for your hand. Always go for a light and balanced razor with a sturdy handle.


Don’t be deceived; the biggest brand might not be the best brand. There are several options available in the market. The safest thing to do is to consider the main functions. This will help you make a better decision.

How to shave using a cartridge razor for men

Shaving might seem like a simple task that even boys with no beards can perform by just watching their dads do it. This is not the case for cartridge razors. There are actually things to consider before you take a razor to your skin and beards. From prepping to the techniques to follow, we will take you through all the steps that you need to follow as you learn to shave with a cartridge razor.

1. The best way to prep your skin is to take a warm shower

Soften facial hair by taking a warm shower. The comfort of your shave will increase when you soak your hair and skin in arm water. The chances of having blades skip causing abrasion across your face or skin tear will reduce a lot if you hydrate your skin thoroughly. Your facial hair will soften and swell, making it relatively easy for the razor to perform a clean cut. An alternative to taking a shower is to place a hot and wet towel across your face. It provides a similar result.

2. Check your facial hair

Before applying shave cream or pre-shave oil, take a moment to evaluate the grows in your facial hair. All men are different.
The way you will shave your hair is essential. It doesn’t matter how you learned to shave, either from your father or on YouTube. This will help you achieve the best result. So, take time to check the nature of the facial hair on your jawline, cheek, and neck all grow in.

3. Apply a pre-shave oil

Pre-shave oil application does not replace a shaving cream or hot shower. Pre-shave oil is a step that stands in between your warm bath and use of shaving cream. The purpose of pre-shave oil to reduce friction. It lets the cartridge razor glide across your face smoothly while also protecting your skin. This is an excellent option for men with sensitive skin. Oils that are beneficial to the skin include; sunflower oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, grapeseed oil, and castor oil. Oils to avoid include; ginger oil, lemon balm, cinnamon, pine, thyme, peppermint, and tolu balsam.

4. Apply shave cream thoroughly

Shave cream is equally as important as the blade itself. Good shaving cream will enhance your shaving, and it will not leave your face dried out after. Irrespective of the razor that you use, you will want to invest in a quality shaving cream if your face looks dry after shaving. A shave cream contains the vital emollients, and it further helps reduce friction between your skin and the blade. It also adds a moisturizing effect. Alcohol-based or synthetic ingredients cause discomfort or dry it out. Good shaving cream is composed of several natural ingredients that will benefit your skin. Try as much as possible to avoid canned shaving creams.

5. Shave the grain

In step 2, we mentioned the way your hair grows. When you are using a cartridge razor, the right way to shave is with the grain.
Doing otherwise and going against the grain will result in severe irritation. It will also make you prone to painful ingrown hair, and cartridge razors make this even more pronounced. Most men that say cartridge razor is bad did not follow this step while shaving.

6. Apply aftershave balm

An aftershave balm will provide you post-shave comfort. The balm contains natural ingredients that will provide nourishment and moisture to your skin. They will subdue any post-shave pain.