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10 Best Chinchilla Cages 2024

If you own a chinchilla or are considering adopting one as a permanent member of your family, you may be wondering what the best chinchilla cages are. The right chinchilla cage will be your pet’s home, and it is one of the most important items you will purchase. It’s critical to remember that choosing a good cage might be the difference between a sick and anxious chinchilla and a healthy and happy one.

There are, however, a variety of chinchilla cages on the market. So, how can you choose the one that best suits your preferences and requirements? The good news is that we’ve thought of everything! We’ve put up a list of the top recommendations to assist you in finding the greatest home for your pet chinchillas.

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Cage

Prevue Pet Products 485 Feisty...
  • Quality and performance driven products for your pet
  • Tested for safety and health
  • Provide a better quality of living for your pet with Prevue Pet

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage can be an excellent pick as a chinchilla cage, particularly if you are looking for a large chinchilla cage or cages for multiple chinchillas together as a chinchilla owner. The dimensions of the cage are 31 inches in length, 20 inches in width and 54 inches in height. This large chinchilla cage offers four levels off platforms and provides constant ventilation and ample space for your playful chinchillas. The cage is Large and spacious like a mansion. They list: two compartments with a separation, two plastic platforms, three plastic ramp, 1 hammock. It has a Debris tray which can be pulled out easily, cleaned and put back. Space-saving Storage shelves are present inside the cage for stocking all the essentials of the pet. Powder coated Hammertone finish. One grille. Stand with casters, provide easy portability. Two large escape proof doors.

The Preview Hendrix Black Fist Ferret Cage is also a great choice for chinchillas, especially if you plan on taking in a bunch of these adorable animals! This four-tiered pera iron cage provides constant air flow and plenty of space for at least a dozen chinchillas to stay. Remember, these animals love to climb stairs – an affection that returns them to their mountain trends. Assure that plastic ramps are durable and wide enough for your small animals to pass through.

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage is the best chinchilla Cage in 2023.

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe...
  • Critter Nation Double Unit habitat/cage (162) includes two pans, two adjustable shelves, three plastic...
  • Full-width double doors on Critter Nation small animal cage and removeable shelf provide maximum...
  • Critter Nation's wide expanse shelves & full width leak-proof pans provide maximized play area & prevent...

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation is one of the best chinchilla cages. You can buy it as a single storey or as a double unit, though if you have the room, it is suggested that you go with the double. This cage has full-width double doors, allowing for easy cleaning and improved overall accessibility.

There’s also a built-in stand with a shelf for keeping food dish, chinchilla dust, extra toys, and other items in this cage for your chinchilla. There are four levels for your chinchillas to hang out on with the double unit. A floor pan is included on the lowest level, which helps trap trash and makes cleaning a chinchilla owners breeze. The Critter Nation is a metal chinchilla cage that is also chew proof against your chinchilla’s keen teeth. The height of the additional shelves that make up the second and fourth levels vertical space is customizable. The ramps come with covers, however your chinchillas may chew them, so you may decide whether or not to incorporate them in the final habitat. Additionally, the habitat has four locking wheel casters that make moving it simple when needed.

The wires are 1/2” apart, allowing your animals a vertical space to climb and play while still preventing them from escaping. The Critter Nation can also be used with a wide range of other toys and accessories. Hammocks, hideouts, and kabob toys can all be attached to the structure. A stand is included in both the single and double storey cages. A storage shelf is included with the cage features the stand. This vertical space is an excellent area to keep your chinchillas’ food, toys, hay, and other items. One of the best chinchilla cages in 2023.

Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Mansion

Chinchilla Mansion Chinchilla...
  • ULTRA HEAVY DUTY AND BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME - All metal/wood construction, No plastic to chew on,...
  • BUILT FOR CHINCHILLAS - Our cages are built specifically for the safety and needs of the animal they are...
  • GREAT VALUE & PEACE OF MIND - We build it right from the start, so you don't have to spend time making...

If you’ve had a chinchilla for a while, you’re probably aware that Quality Cage Crafters is known for the high quality of their products. The Mansion is unlike any other chinchilla cage because it was designed with all of their needs in mind. This is the only chinchilla cage we’ve seen that is completely free of plastic, putting them a notch above the competition in terms of quality. The most basic version includes four interchangeable, movable solid pine shelves that are completely safe for chinchillas as a feeding area and well-liked by them. This will be the beginning of a high-quality lifestyle for your chinchillas.

However, we recommend paying a little extra for the beginning kit, which includes a cage features a nest box, coop cup, pet bowl, Lixit glass water bottle, hay rack, and, of course, the cage features the Chin Spin training wheel. The starting kit also includes a 2-inch pedestal with wheels, allowing you to move the entire cage around. You’ll need these accessories anyhow, so acquire them all at once from a reputable manufacturer.

Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage

Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage is one of the best cages for chinchillas. The cage’s base has wheels, which is a nice feature. This makes moving and transporting the chinchilla enclosure a breeze. The cage’s wheels are also lockable to prevent undesired sliding and movement. The wires are spaced 4/5″ apart. A non-toxic lead-free powder coat protects the materials from corrosion and rust. This extends the product’s life.

The floor of the cage is made of plastic, however there is a wire insert to keep the animals away from their excrement. The floor and removable plastic tray part of the cage is covered in plastic, but the chinchillas have only limited access to it. Even if your chinchillas are able to obtain the plastic component, they are unlikely to chew on it. The bottom waste bin of small cage is also a removable tray, making cleaning a breeze.

Midwest Homes for Pets

MidWest Homes for Pets 182...
  • Ferret Nation Double Unit habitat/cage with stand. Ferret Nation (182) includes two pans, two shelves and...
  • Full-width double doors on Ferret Nation cage and removeable shelves provide maximum accessibility for...
  • Ferret Nation's wide expanse shelf & full width leak-proof pan provides maximized play area & prevents...

Midwest Homes for Pets is just what you need if you want to keep your chinchilla safe and happy. It’s made of a square tube metal frame wrapped in metal wire and painted gray quartz hammertone. The wires are spaced half an inch apart horizontally, allowing small animals to climb as they would in the environment. The front twin doors span the whole width of the cage, allowing for easy and total access.

There are two leak-proof pans for catching waste and two movable shelves to make the indoor environment more exciting in critter country cages. The shelves are accessed through durable, plastic ramps with grip coverings, and the cage design prevents dangerous falls. Cleaning and feeding are made possible by the huge twin doors that span the entire width of the critter country cage. Hammocks and toys can be attached to wooden cages in a variety of places. The robust, lockable casters allow you to move the critter proof cage around your home.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

Living World - Deluxe Hybrid...
  • Versatile Habitat: Living World Deluxe Habitat provides everything you need for safely housing pet...
  • Hybrid Design: The hybrid cage consists of an upper wire frame and plastic bottom base. Wire frame is...
  • Safe Environment: Living World Deluxe Habitat includes a balcony with an access ramp, a tip-proof food...

Living World Deluxe Habitat is the perfect cage for your little ones because it provides plenty of space for two or more business-loving chinchillas. This cage is actually much larger than the one shown in the photo than it weighs about 19 pounds. Measuring 46.9 “x 22.8” x 24 “there’s no way your animals will feel crowded in a generous place, leave out its unique two-tiered design L Living World Deluxe Habitat includes your grown porch where your chinchilla sits Can visit, or treat to the anti-tip food bowl on the veranda floor.Your little pet can also enjoy peace and quiet because it has its own buggy under the veranda ly Of course, this chinchilla condo has everything your pet needs Additionally Additionally, this spacious cage also comes with a free bottle of water and a straw guard, which you can attach to make the most of the space outside the cage.

It’s such a relief that this cage has a deep plastic bottom and so, you won’t be greeted by scattering and falling all over your floor. Most importantly, the hard surface of the rubbish can prevent your pet’s tiny feet from becoming sore, which is usually caused by metal grates. The plastic is also quite tough. Assure that after a few years of use you will not find any distorted background. To empty the litter, simply slide out tray and separate into plastic containers. For accessibility, you can look for the top two and the lid opening. This amazing feature makes it easy to clean because you can reach any part of the cage. Also, you can communicate better with your pet. Living World Deluxe Habitat is a easy to assemble. The high quality wiring that ensures that your nasty little nimble will not be able to chew their way.

Living World Deluxe Habitat is the best chinchilla Cage for travel.

Midwest Homes Deluxe Critter Nation

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe...
  • Critter Nation Double Unit habitat/cage (162) includes two pans, two adjustable shelves, three plastic...
  • Full-width double doors on Critter Nation small animal cage and removeable shelf provide maximum...
  • Critter Nation's wide expanse shelves & full width leak-proof pans provide maximized play area & prevent...

MidWest Homes offers the critter nation double unit cage. It is a quality cage for chinchillas. Midwest the critter nation cage is available in both single unit and double unit. However, the double unit cage is advisable, because many playing items can be made available to your perky pet. All the critter nation double story cages contain an array of accessories and toys. The size of the cage is 36 inches in length, 25 inches in width and 63 inches in height. This cage comes with three ramps and ramp covers. It also has two resting shelf inside the cage. Two base pans which can be easily removed and fixed back, facilitating easy cleaning. The double doors of full width make the pets highly approachable for feeding and cleaning. A full-width plastic pan floor and the wide shelf provide a large amount of area for the pets to play. A dual locking door which is easy to operate ensures the security of the chinchillas. This cage also comes with easily removable locking casters.

Critter Nation cage is the Cadillac of the animal cage. The cage comes with three ramps and three ramp covers so that your little one can climb and jump anywhere. And when your dear woolen friend is very tired and needs to rest, there are two resting shelves for them. This cage comes with not one, but two removable base bins, which makes cleaning an extremely easy process! Also, double full width doors give you maximum access to the inside of the cage. No more pushing the door to clean the cage or to feed your chinchilla! The Critter Nation Double Unit also has double-locked door locks that are sure to protect the most camouflaged animals from escaping! You no longer have to worry about going back to the empty cage. This cage may be a little more expensive but you will find it worthwhile once you notice how happy Chinchilla is in their new home!

Midwest Homes Deluxe Critter Nation this is the best chinchilla cages.

Homey Pet 3 Tiers Chinchilla Cage

Homey Pet 3 Tiers Chinchilla...
  • Durable Construction: Made from sturdy metal with 2 doors for easy access and escape prevention.
  • Multi-Level Design: Features 3 tiers with removable trays for organizing and cleaning.
  • Comfortable Sleeping Area: Includes a pull-out platform for your pet to rest and sleep.

Homey Pet 3-Tier Chinchilla Crate is one of the most simple chinchilla cages to put up. In fact, you don’t have to whomp a rubber mallet or become bogged down by a complicated manual. This cage is also available in three different colors: chocolate brown, baby blue, and pastel pink. This container measures 26″ x 17″ x 38″ and so is modest in comparison to its contemporaries. It can, however, still hold two chinchillas if toys are chosen strategically to optimize room.

Moving on, the nicest feature of this cage is the urine guard. It effectively collects your pet’s waste, preventing them from being exposed to certain infections. Unfortunately, the majority of the cage’s components, such as the base, are constructed of plastic. The wires, on the other hand, are made of metal and have a non-toxic powder coating to maintain their quality. The cage has two doors on the front, and the wires are spaced 4/5” apart. The cage is also coated with a non-toxic powder coating. This avoids rust and corrosion while also keeping your animals safe in the enclosure.

Prevue Hendryx Earthtone Dusted Rose Cage

Prevue Pet Products Rat,...
  • Ideal cage for rats, chinchillas and/or baby ferrets
  • Solid metal ramps and platforms are designed to withstand years of use
  • Wind-bell lock provides extra protection against escaping pets

Prevue Hendryx’s Earthtone Dusted Rose Cage is a great cage and of the best deluxe Chinchilla cages. It is smaller in size when compared to the Feisty Ferret Cage. However, the design is almost the same. This rat and chinchilla cage measures about 40 inch high, 20.5 inches wide and 31 inches long. It has a wire spacing of 3/8 inch.

The cage comes with solid metal ramps and platforms. It has two doors: a large front door and a smaller rooftop door. Makes it highly approachable to pets. One bottom grille and a removable tray, are available for easy cleaning. The cage also has bottom space saving storing shelf, to store food and products for the pets. There is a wind-bell lock fitted, which makes the cage escape proof. The stand also has casters for easy transport. The bar spacing is 0.25 inches so that the pets do not escape out and also suitable for baby chinchillas.

Prevue Hendryx Earthtone Dusted Rose Cage is the best budget Chinchilla cage.

Mcage 3 Levels Chinchilla Cage

Large 3-Levels Foldable Ferret...
  • 【Large Size: 30"L x 18"W x 24"H】 【All Metal, Chew Free】3-Levels, Wire Cage With Tight 3/8-Inch...
  • 【Tight 3/8-Inch Wire Spacing】Prevent Escape and Stuck, For Baby To Adult Size Small Animal Critters,...
  • 【Two Front Doors】, With Tight 3/8-Inch Removable Wire Raised Grate Floor; Paw Safe! With Easy Carry...

Mcage large 3-level cage goes low on one’s pocket. This is most suitable for beginners and is one of the best chinchilla cages in terms of budget price point. The cage measures around 24 inches in length, 16 inches in width, 24 inches in height. It provides a good amount of space with comfortable surroundings. Along with three levels of platforms for the little chinchillas to explore and play. Two front doors. Carrying handles. Removable wire grated floor. One easy pullout debris trays at the bottom. Epoxy coated, which is animal-friendly. Foldable and easy to travel with. Chew-proof wire construction. 0.5 inches of bar space, which makes the cage escape proof and suitable for baby chinchillas.

The easy-fold design and integrated handles make this product suitable for travel. You can keep your favorite pet with you when you travel thanks to this highly portable cage. Some cages are difficult to clean well. If you want to be as efficient as possible, you can remove the floor from this cage and clean it separately. This cage has very resistant mesh. However, he manages to stay light nonetheless. In fact, durability comes from the design of the crossbar rather than the weight of the object. Smart design all around! If you keep it in this cage, your chinchilla may feel a little restless. There just isn’t enough space to get around or there are a few levels or floors where it can climb. Although good for cleaning, removable floor makes this cage a bit dangerous for your chinchillas.

Mcage 3 Levels Chinchilla Cage is a great budget cage with several features that are usually found in the more expensive parts of it. In fact, it includes a 0.5-inch bar to make sure your pet can’t escape. Excluding it is resistant to cage chewing. Measuring 24 inches by 16 inches by 24 inches, this cage is wide enough to accommodate two chicks. Also, it includes three levels to search for your adorable pets. To make it a pleasant glow, it is finished with an epoxy that accepts the animal. In addition, it has a sliding lower plate and a removable metal grid bottom which comes in handy for cleaning. It should be noted that this cage is foldable, which makes it ideal for travel. Also, the handles are easy to carry and light. Although it does not come with a stand, you can easily place it on a flat surface like a table or desk.

Mcage 3 Levels Chinchilla Cage is the best Chinchilla cage for beginners.

Midwest Cat Playpen

MidWest Homes for Pets Cat...
  • FUN & SECURE | Cat Playpen provides a large hangout area for your cat | Cat cage measures 36L x 23.5W x...
  • Cat Playpen includes a FREE cat bed, an easy to remove leak-proof plastic pan, 3 adjustable cat resting...
  • EASY ACCESS & CLEANING | Two large cabinet style front doors (top & bottom) w/ secure door latches...

The Cat Playpen is certainly ideal for houses or apartments with limited space, especially as it can be quickly folded down for storage. Do you enjoy traveling? Better yet! Simply fold it up and chuck it in the trunk before leaving. Nobody enjoys having to spend a significant amount of time cleaning up dust bath containers. For quick and easy cleanup, the Playpen was built with a slide-out, leak-proof plastic floor pan. The cat cage also has wide front doors that swing open, making it quite easy to reach in there and scrub it. The front doors include tight door latches, so you don’t have to worry about your little Houdini escaping. Your chinchilla might spend all day jumping from level to level with three different platforms to pick from. Because the levels are adjustable, you can set them at a height that is comfortable for you to guarantee that your chinchilla does not injure themselves if they fall down.

Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Critter Cage

Prevue Pet Products Deluxe...
  • Designed to home a wide variety of small animals
  • Heavy duty, metal construction
  • 5 shelves, 3 ramps and 1 hammock included

A list of the top chinchilla cages would be incomplete without mentioning the Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Critter Cage! One of the great features of this cage is that the manufacturers intended it to house multiple small animals. As a result, if you’re looking for a home for your baby ferrets and rats, in addition to chinchillas, this is the favorite chinchilla cage for you! Furthermore, this cage is made of metal and is heavy-duty. As a result, the product is quite sturdy, and you can anticipate it to survive for a very long time before you need to replace the cage!

Furthermore, the Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Critter Cage comes with 3 ramps, 5 shelves, and 1 hammock, eliminating the need to purchase these extras separately. The cage also contains firm rubber and metal casters that allow you to simply transport the device from one location to another. Furthermore, the cage boasts this model has two huge entry ports for convenient access within the cage.

Mcage Large Double Wrought Iron Cage With 3 Levels

64" Extra Large Double Flight...
  • 【EXTRA LARGE and Durable Double Flight Breeding Bird Cage With Center Divider】 Durable Wrought Iron...
  • 【Two Large Swivel Out Front Doors】 with Safety Lock. 【Two Side Breeding Nest Doors Included】
  • 【Tight 1/2" bar spacing】 For Small to Medium Size Birds Flights

Mcage Large Double Wrought Iron Cage With 3 Levels is excellent double cage for multiple pet chinchillas. It has a divider which can be slide-out; thereby creating two compartments. Each compartment measures 30 3/8 inches in length, 18 5/8 inches in width and 36 ¾ inches in height. It has a door on each side of the compartment. The cage has a finishing of powder coating which is not toxic to the chinchillas. There are removable ladders and platforms. Removable debris tray at the bottom, makes cleaning easy. The cage has a large storage area beneath. Casters are available, making it easy to move from place to place. The storage area is removable. The stand can be kept on any even surface.

Mcage 3 Levels Chinchilla Cage is the best cage for multiple chinchillas.

Factors to consider for Chinchilla cage Buying Guide


Adequate space should be provided for two pets to come and go in the chinchilla cage. The cage should have a space of at least 12 feet cubic feet, provided you have two chisels. However, the larger the cage, the more toys can be placed. Having enough space for toys allows your pet to get a dose of their daily fun exercises that are an effective way to prevent obesity and other health problems. Note that acrobatic animals should always have enough wiggle room to simply shake, stretch their stiff pump legs and communicate with each other. In addition, the cage should be as high as possible, because these critics come from the mountains and they like to jump and move. A multi-level cage with perch, platform and ramp is ideal for chinchillas.

A Good Place For The Cage

Before buying a cage for your chinchillas, it is essential to find the right place to keep it as chinchilla owners. Chinchillas being nocturnal remain active at dusk or dawn time and rest during the day, so the cage should be placed away from direct sunlight to avoid heat. Chinchillas can tolerate cold temperatures but cannot survive in hotter temperatures. Also, do not keep the Chinchilla cage in a complete dark and isolated place because chinchillas are quite social pets. Once the correct position for the enclosure is fixed, the next important thing to consider is the minimum chinchilla cage size.

Suitable Sized Cage

The cage should be spacious because chinchillas are fond of jumping and playing. Your chinchillas should be comfortable, so buy them a cozy cage. If there is not enough space, buy a medium sized one so you can be climbing around. However, remember the cage should not be too small for your chinchillas.

Secure Cage

Chinchillas usually dig tunnels and live. These rodents are therefore experts in escaping. Make sure
that the cage you buy has a proper, safe lock system. Also, the bars of the cage should not harm these little rodents. Moreover, the cage should not have any galvanized covering, which can be toxic toyour pet. The cage bar spacing should be appropriate.

Metal Cage

Chinchillas have teeth that grow throughout their lifespan. They are excellent at biting wooden,
plastic items. So the cage you buy for your lovely chinchillas has to be a solid metal cage. Also, you
can buy a stainless steel cage.

Fun Cage

Your chinchilla should love its new house. Do not buy a boring ordinary cage for your frisky little friend. They are perky and are fond of jumping and playing. So buy one which has enough platforms for them to play. A big cage which can accommodate, toys and wheels will be best for your lovely little chinchillas.

Easy To Clean Cage

The cage should have big doors. This feature facilitates easy cleaning. If you cannot clean the cage
daily, choose an appropriate deep pan to fix under the cage.

Approachable Cage

The chinchillas should be easily visible and approachable. The opening of the cage should wide in order to have better interactions with the pets like accessories chinchillas

Toys And Wheels

Providing toys for your chinchillas is essential. Make sure the toys are not made from plastic. Moreover, wheels, wheels offer great exercise for your pet. 15-inch wheel, with solid running surface and an open side will be suitable for adult chinchillas.


Chinchillas are completely covered with very dense fur. Hence, it is in your best interests if you do not let your pet’s chubby body fool you!

Bear in mind that if the space between the cage bars is large enough to let your chinchilla wriggle its heads out, it can escape as well.

Hence, as stated earlier and to ensure that your cage is totally escape-proof, you should definitely consider buying a chinchilla cage that does not have more than 0.5-inch bar spacings.


The more vertical space and levels you can give your chinchilla in its cage, the better. That is because your pet will then have ample room to jump to these levels, play around and exercise. Although chinchillas enjoy jumping to each of these levels, it is a great idea to have a ramp as well that they can use to climb instead. Make sure that the ramps are made using a flat material to prevent your pets’ small feet from getting caught when they are jumping or climbing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Chinchilla cage?

Buying a perfect cage for your pet chinchilla can be a little tough. However, make sure you consider all the important features of the cage before you make a purchase. Just keep in mind that, you are buying a home for your pet. Buy a cage which is well built and airy, such that your little chinchilla feels homely. Also, the cage should suit your budget and should last for years with the best cage for chinchilla.

Do Chinchillas Make Good Pets?

Chinchillas are adorable, little rodents which are often kept as pets. They are native to the cool Andes Mountains of South America. Chinchillas are known for their gorgeous soft fur. Chinchilla’s fur became popular in the 1700s, and these little rodents were hunted to near-extinction. Around 1900 the hunting of wild chinchillas was banned. Chinchillas are related to Porcupines and Guinea pigs. They have short forelimbs and long hind limbs and have short, round ears. They have beautiful large black eyes and bushy tails. These lovable pets attract everyone by their energetic and lively nature. They also tend to develop a close bonding with their owners. Chinchillas can be shy pets, so taming them requires earning their trust.

The domestic chinchillas are the descendants of chinchilla lanigera species, with long tails. If you are an animal lover and looking to have a cute, playful pet, then chinchillas are the best. They are super furry and soft to touch. They require abundant love and considerable care. They are active, fun-loving pets. Moreover, they need a good amount of space because they are fond of playing and jumping around. Before adopting one, you need to think about all their needs like accommodation, diet, space for physical activities. If you do not have any predators around your chinchilla, then you can allow them to roam freely in the house. However, remember that these rodents will chew your home. Therefore, it is better to find a suitable cage for them with hiding space.

What Kind of Cage Does a Chinchilla Need?

Like many other rats, chinchillas have ample space to run, prefer to climb slowly and over other obstacles, and have an angle where they can hide. (Although they have not been threatened by predators in your home. It’s their instinct – it’s hard to remove.) Since chinchillas have thick fur, one of the most important things to consider is to give them enough space to move and not overheat during the process. So the cage should be large, but not just wide and long. It must be large enough. In fact, it would probably be best if you could get a cage with several shelves, so that your chinchillas could get these into his small, quick-beating naughty heart!

How to clean a Chinchilla Cage?

Three levels of cleaning are required for your chinchilla cage. Daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, and deep cleaning are all options. If you have more than one chinchilla in the cage, you will need to clean it more frequently.

You should empty all of the food plates and water bottles on a daily basis. Sweep up droppings and hay from within the cage. Using a cloth and water, remove urine from the area surrounding the cage and inside the cage.You should wash the chinchilla food and water bowls once a week with a pet-friendly detergent. If you’re using a litter tray, clean it well with the same detergent. Clean any clearly filthy shelves or toys.

Every few months, a thorough cleaning is required, and you should use this time to inspect the chinchilla cage for signs of wear and tear that could endanger your pet. Remove everything from the cage then soak and scrub it with a suitable detergent. Thoroughly rinse everything with clean water. Wipe out all of the bars and internal surfaces with the same detergent, but rinse them afterwards. Replace any broken toys or fittings.

During the deep cleaning, your chinchilla will need to be in a play pen or another area of your home with an adult overseeing them. It’s better not to put them back in the cage until everything is completely dry.

What accessories should a Chinchilla Cage have?

Your chinchilla cage should have platforms and ramps so they can climb and play. Chinchilla’s teeth grow incessantly, so they need to grind and file their teeth. You should provide them with safe chewing toys, such as untreated wooden blocks or pumice stones. Make sure the toys you provide are specifically designed for small animals and that you check them regularly for risks. If you have trouble finding toys specifically for your chinchillas, try searching the bird and rabbit sections at your local pet store for wooden chibo toys. Your little shitty plastic toys should not be made for other small animals because they will chew them and stick to the plastic.

How do you go about Cleaning the Chinchilla Cage?

Chinchillas are usually cleaner than other pets, but you should remove their waste and excrement every day. Cleaning the entire cage with water and liquid dish soap or diluted white vinegar once a week is recommended. Furthermore, you should clean any accessories and toys once a week and inspect them for any potential risks. When cleaning the cage, avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach. Before you reline the cage and put your chinchillas back inside, make sure it’s completely dry.

How to Maintain a Chinchilla Cage Properly?

Regularly change the bedding

The chinchilla cage’s bedding needs to be routinely changed. This enables your pet to urinate and sleep in a sanitary environment. When forced to spend extended periods of time in soiled bedding, your chinchillas often become depressed. Additionally, changing their bedding frequently—at least once or twice a week—helps keep your home smelling fresh.

Wash thoroughly

However, changing the bedding in the chinchilla cage is not sufficient to eliminate the bad odor. Wash your cage periodically, paying special attention to the wiring top, to make sure it is completely clean. Your chinchilla can urinate on the cage wires even if you can’t see it, and it could very likely be the main cause of the foul stench coming from the cage. This should be washed once a week at the absolute least.

Empty the food dishes and feeders.

After your chinchilla has eaten, remove the food bowl and routinely clean it. By getting rid of any leftover food residue, you can stop bacterial growth. Your chinchilla stays healthy as a result.

What to Put in a Chinchilla Cage?

Essential Cage Items
To sleep comfortably, your chinchilla needs bedding. Pet bedding made from natural aspen wood is excellent. But make sure to do so frequently.
Food bowl: You need a small ceramic food bowl, specifically made for small animals, to use for feeding your chinchillas. In order to prevent the bowl from falling and hitting one of your chinchillas, it is crucial that you place it away from the cage’s shelf edges.
Water bottle: Your chinchilla needs clean water to drink, just like all other animals do. To keep track of the water level inside the cage, place a transparent plastic water bottle inside. Such a bottle is readily available at most pet stores.
Accessory Supplies
Chinchillas enjoy chewing, therefore toys are perfect for them! To that purpose, provide your pet with some chew sticks within the cage to keep them occupied. Avoid playing with toys that have tiny pieces, like beads. If your pet ingests these components, it could suffocate.
Ramps: Ramps enable your pet chinchilla to exercise frequently, preventing the need for it to rest in one place. Do you want your pet to become sluggish?