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Best Cocktail Smokers 2024

Brevile Polyscience Smoking Gun Food Smoker

Polyscience Smoking Gun Food...
  • Removable anodized aluminum burn chamber
  • Variable speed control
  • Integrated stand

As good as any old fashioned cocktail smoker ever made, the Breville Smoker Gun has a sleek anodized aluminum smoking chamber that produces smoked cocktails that works great for any food or drink at your home bar. Capable of smoking everything from fine wood chips to teas, it creates countless options for flavoring foods that can penetrate particularly well with a powerful fan. Plus, a stand means you can give your hands a break while you cook. Try filling a shaker with smoke before mixing for a distinct flavor worthy of the best cocktail bar.

The Breville Smoker lets you impart a rich smoky flavor to foods like various meats in just 5 minutes. But its cold smoke system is delicate enough for smoking ice cream, salad, cheese, and even cocktails. Imagine all the dining and drinking possibilities you could avail for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breville’s Smoldering Gun gives home chefs and bartending mixologists the power to add smoky flavors and aromas to food and cocktails. The smaller and cheaper household alternative to traditional and expensive restaurant smokers only needs a few minutes to give your food the smoky character that improves all food. There is no food preparation or pre-soaking of wood chips before smoking. It really is as easy as adding woodchips and smoking in minutes.

The PolyScience 4933 Breville Gun Pro Smoke Infuser allows you to produce short bursts of smoke to add flavor and aroma to foods and drinks. This model comes with a nozzle extension hose, batteries, replacement smoke screens, and even wood chip samples. It features an easy-to-turn dial that lets you control the airflow and intensity of the smoke. It is designed with a built-in stand for stability. The extension pipe allows you to place the smoke exactly where you want it. The battery allows you to use it wherever you need it. You won’t have to worry about a cord or the lack of a plug. Plus, the firebox and smoking barrel are both detachable and dishwasher safe. But the best thing about this cold smoke generator is that it allows you to use a variety of fuels. These include wood chips, tea leaves, herbs, and even spices. Just think of all the unique and delicious flavors you can produce to enhance your food and drink!

Overall, the smoker is a great addition to sous vide cooking. It’s a quick and easy way to get extra smoke flavor that would otherwise be impossible in a vacuum. This obviously does not compare to a real traditional smoker. the flavor of the smoking gun is much more subtle due to the fact that it is such a late addition to the cooking process. For this reason, I actually recommend using the Breville Smoker for dishes like smoked cheese, smoked butters / sauces, and even desserts (Breville has posted some good smoky recipes to use with the product). This might be a better fit considering that a subtle smoky flavor is all you need with these dishes. When it comes to adding a little smoke to the meat, the traditional smoking process is really the only option.

MITBAK Portable Handheld Cold Smoking Gun with Dome Lid and Woodchips

Mitbak Cocktail Smoker With...
  • ♨ Cocktail Smoker kit – Add a smokey taste to your cocktail in saconds, with 3 speetd of smoke.
  • ♨ COMPLETE SMOKING GUN SET - everything you need to have the best smoked drinks and food - The Kit...
  • ♨ drink smoker – The smoker comes with a long-lasting, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery installed....

Want to try smoking intense barbecue flavor without turning on the fire? Let the MITBAK works well in seconds. Complete with a clear dome that allows smoke to penetrate deeper, it also comes with wood chips and three different speed settings. Featuring a cordless design, it runs on a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that charges quickly so you can take this tool to your kitchen without having to plug it in over and over again. Simply light the material in the hopper to bake.

Unlike cold smoke makers which flavor your food for hours on end, this cold smoke gun adds that smoky flavor as a finishing touch to your favorite foods and drinks. Why spend hours when you can get the same depth of flavor in minutes, right? Plus, it makes a nice presentation to the guests. This indoor smoke generator can be used to flavor beef, fish, chicken, butter, cheese, cocktails and even desserts. It is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery which makes it portable and unencumbered by a cord and plug. The design of this smoking gun includes a wide handle for a comfortable grip, a wide base for stability and three speed settings. The smoke gun is very easy to use and only requires a small amount of wood chips. Speaking of which, MITBAK includes a bag of premium wood chips with their smoking gun, so you can start cold smoking right out of the box.

Ever wanted to add a delicious smoky flavor to your dishes for your guests at a party? You should consider investing in this handheld gun as it will add smoke to your food and drink in seconds. The best thing about this product is that it is portable which implies that the product can be used in indoor and outdoor events.

In addition, this product is easy to use and convenient and therefore it is the ideal product that you should use to add delicious flavor to world famous cocktails, cheese, grilled empty meat or sub, fruit. seafood, popcorn, desserts and vegetables, among other foods. In addition, the packaging of this product comes with a complete smoking set to ensure you save more money.

Crafthouse by Fortessa Professional Metal

Crafthouse by Fortessa...
  • Smoking box reinvigorates your familiar cocktails with a complexity and depth using actual wood smoke
  • Double-sided "pass through" doors make for a dramatic, interactive cocktail experience; experiment with...
  • Glass and stainless steel frame with a rich black walnut interior base and drainage channel makes for a...

Crafthouse created by Fortessa and designed by Charles Jolly has the classic look, simplistic and ergonomic Art Deco design with vintage flair and durability and solid construction, to let you create authentic craft cocktails at home, especially if you are a budding mixologist or cocktail lover. Charles Jolly is a world champion bartender and a winner of the prestigious James Bear Award has his signature on the Crafthouse professional metal bar tools and this glass smoking box that we are reviewing on this page for smoking and brewing food, drinks, cocktails, cheese and more. In the box you will also get a smoking gun with an internal fan as well as two small jars of trial size woodchips with savory apple and walnut flavors. Glass cups and AA batteries are not included.

Smoking your cocktails not only adds delicious flavor, it’s also a sure-fire way to impress the guests you serve. This sleek and sleek smoking box makes it easy to add depth and complexity to your favorite cocktails by using authentic wood smoke. Simply place a drink in the stainless steel and glass can and use the portable smoking gun to infuse the flavors. Great for parties – guests will love watching the smoke swirling and savoring the amazing results. With the expertise and contribution of world champion bartender and award-winning mixologist Charles Joly, Crafthouse by Fortessa offers a full range of barware for the home mixologist. These professional-grade tools are inspired by classic Prohibition-era barware and updated with contemporary ergonomic principles, resulting in timeless tools that look as good as they work.

Using wood smoke, this elegant Crafthouse glass smoking box will bring new strength, energy and sophistication to your cocktails – allow you to make professional-level cocktails at home, whatever your skill level or mixology experience. . The included battery operated smoker gun is the regular food and drink smoker that you may have seen for food smoking. You just have to fill its chamber with charcoal and wood chips of your choice, put the ingredients of your cocktail in it and stir it, put it in the smoking box, close the door, turn on the switch and let it smoke in the box. The smoke will fill the can and infuse your drink with a nice smoky flavor and the longer it is smoked the more flavor it will have, but you might want to start with a little smoke at first to get that little bit of smoke and then increase to your liking. You will definitely want to experiment with different spices, herbs, and wood chips on different types of foods and drinks.

The product shipping weight is 10.2 pounds, the smoking box measures 9.5 x 9.5 x 10.75 inches. It has a solid construction, is made of glass and a stainless steel frame, has a walnut base inside and a drainage channel and polished metal top with a convenient pull handle. It can be opened from both sides with the easy to use door latch (double sided passage) which makes the experience a bit more interactive. One of the advantages of double-sided passage is that you can put two cocktails at once without any spillage. It is not suitable to be put in the dishwasher but is easy to clean – just hand wash it with soap and rinse it thoroughly. Fortessa’s Crafthouse has a sturdy construction and ergonomic design is a very nice unit that works quite well, generating excellent results or wonderful tastes, aromas and flavors. We love both the functionality and versatility it offers with a variety of foods and drinks that you can smoke and brew, and that it’s easy to clean up when you need it.