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Best Dress Shoes for Flat Feet 2024 (Men & Women)

Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Flat Feet 2023

ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford

ECCO Men's Helsinki Oxford
  • Bike toe oxford with blind eyelet lacing and double stitched seams
  • Moisture wicking lining
  • Direct injected one component PU outsole with shock point

Norwegian-based ECCO has been leading the way in comfortable but elegant shoes since the mid-1960s. But don’t think the company passed its 50th birthday a few years ago that the shoes they produce today are quite modern. Still, ECO Men’s Helsinki is a classic example of interest and interest in designing and making exquisite footwear. EC Men’s Helsinki Oxford has an excellent profile that gives it a smooth look. It is a good thing when they take care of these shoes; they can last for ten years or more.

The upper half is made of a grainy leather that is matte. The only one is the direct injection synthetic connection that provides excellent support to the arch, and there is also a shock-absorbing outsole.But as a stylish, long-wearing, and comfortable work shoe, it is a great choice to mix with your style and impress others.

ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford is the Best Dress Shoes for Flat Feet 2023.

Clarks Men’s Escalade Step

Clarks Men's Escalade Step...
  • Easy care leather
  • Flexible sole
  • Non-marking outsole

Escalade is a dress shoe for flat feet. This is the best versatile choice for shoes that will look great with a business pair or a tuxedo just as the fresh pair looks with stylish jeans.

Escalade features a grainy leather upper that wears very well, and those who love these shoes get stuck on the ‘soft cushion,’ even for flat feet who have to walk or stand a lot at the standing desk without any unique soles. It is also very popular with those with lower back pain (yes, the two are often linked). Clarks Men’s Escalade Step is the Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Flat Feet.

Dunham Men’s Burlington Oxford

Dunham Men's Burlington...
  • Nylon stability shank embedded into midsole supports the arch and helps create a smoother gait

Dunham has been making shoes and footwear in Vermont since 1885. It’s a tremendous formal shoe for those looking for a simple-looking versatile style that looks good without being too fashionable. This company has created footwear for men who have worked for comfort for more than 100 years.

These shoes pay a lot of attention to providing an excellent fit for those with orthodontic problems as they are a certified diabetes shoe with Medicare (but not ugly in any way). Can wear up without pain – and can walk!

ECCO Men’s Windsor Tie Oxford

ECCO Men's Windsor Tie Oxford
  • Shock point in the heel
  • Insole absorbs moisture and helps eliminate foot odor
  • With an apron toe overlay adding detail, this polished oxford also packs quite the comfort package.

ECCO Windsor Thai Oxford men’s shoes use a single-component direct injection polyurethane outsole. They are lined with TPU, but the sole is covered with leather, which is somewhat unusual, although this does not seem to affect the comfort of any footwear. Many businessmen refer to these shoes as “perfect airport shoes.” This is because when the feet are prone to swelling and sweating, they find it comfortable enough to travel by plane, but elegant enough so that they can attend the meeting directly and still appreciate their style.

Bostonian Men’s Mendon Dress Slip-On

Bostonian Men's Mendon Dress...
  • Traditional slip-on with squared apron toe
  • flexible twin goring inserts
  • Padded collar

The real advantage of these dress shoes for those with flat feet is that these shoes are made for comfort. The feeling that Square Toe can create dress shoes helps avoid “bad toes,” and the padded interior and insole provide excellent arch support.

Soft leather does better (over time, it develops a patina that makes the shoes probably more attractive than the new ones), and the insoles are made of shock absorbers, which allows longer steps to make it more challenging to wear tighter.

Best Women’s Dress Shoes for Flat Feet 2023

Rockport Cobb Hill Adele

Rockport Cobb Hill Women's...
  • Leather upper
  • Padded EVA footbed
  • Steel shank

Rockport has long been known for making shoes that are ultimately “walkable.” Adele has a style profile that is somewhat similar to a flat slipper. It has 1.5 inch heels, which are not too high or too low with a skirt, dress, or pants depending on the special outfits of your day. It can add an excellent dress touch to jeans (for casual office Fridays). It’s not actually an outing shoe, but it’s great for every day.

In terms of comfort and support for flat feet and other similar issues, Rockportport Cob Heel Adele certainly has a reputation in the company for making portable and comfortable shoes. It has a padded heel collar and a durable TPU interior for better support of the arch. The built-in shock absorption helps reduce foot impact while walking, and the leather upper aged rivet accents involved make it a very distinctive avant-garde shoe that is suitable for all types of formal occasions.

Rockport Cobb Hill Adele is the Best Women’s Dress Shoes for Flat Feet 2023.

Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat

Women's Alegria, Paloma Mary...
  • Leather upper with contrast stitching accents
  • Roomy toe box provides ample room to move your toes
  • Leather-covered latex and memory foam footbed

If your style is a bit bohemian and offbeat, you will love the look of the Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat. Like any sneaker worn in profile, these Mary Jane-inspired walking shoes would be an excellent choice for office wear or less formal evening meetings.

Although it is presented as a dish, it has a 1.5-inch heel that only offers the right amount of height. The top is made from soft patent leather with an embossed pattern that provides just the right amount of sparkle, and the strap is accented with geometric silver bark, which adds a nice touch of extra style

Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat is the Best Women’s Dress Shoes for Flat Feet.

Drew Shoe Women’s Rose Mary Jane

Drew Rose Women's Cushioned...
  • Comfort-minded mary-jane with breathable construction and light padding
  • Two removable insoles
  • Accommodates orthotics

Drew has been producing therapeutic shoes for over 135 years. Their shoes, specially designed for flat foot and other foot problems, offer the best in terms of support, comfort, and stability. The only problem for many women? They’re not exactly that interesting. Many women’s shoes in the Drew shoe line offer great benefits in terms of pain relief and symptom relief, but it doesn’t matter if the shoe is considered too ugly to wear.

In terms of comfort, this option offers all the therapeutic benefits of Draw’s shoes, making it an excellent choice for everyday use. Thanks to the look of their skin, they are smart enough to transition to a relaxing evening or a quiet date. But these are not suitable for anything more formal.

Dansko Women’s Lulu Mary Jane Flat

Dansko Women's Lulu Mary Jane...
  • Round-toe shoe with leather upper featuring wide ankle strap with hook-and-loop closure
  • Removable polyurethane footbed

Dansco was founded in 1990 in Denmark. Initially, the founding couple was known for creating the most comfortable therapeutic blogs available anywhere in the world. Most recently, they launched comfortable boots and super stylish dress shoes.

What sets Lulu apart from other Mary Jane style shoes is that it gives the dressy side wide and brittle ankle straps, but very stable and 1.75 inch heel. The leather upper comes in several colors. But our preference is the classic black. It is perfect for evening wear with the hook-and-eye closure on the ankle strap enables the shoe to be quickly sorted and unzipped.

Lulu offers plenty of arch support, as well as a soft-touch insole and paddle heel bed. These are excellent choices for dancing your favorite formal attire at night.

Clarks Women’s Heavenly Heart Dress Pump

Clarks Women's Heavenly Heart...
  • Ortholite molded footbed
  • Heel height of 2.5"
  • Harmony heels

There are more than two dozen different Clark’s dress pumps out there. Heavenly Heart is the most versatile. It has a classic tennis shoe profile and a 2.5-inch heel, as well as an almond-shaped ankle that helps reduce the feeling of unpleasant toe pinches, especially women with flat feet.

The premium leather top is matte but elegant, and the insole is specially coated to provide extra traction while walking (or dancing) The specially designed earthlight molded insole provides ample arch support (divine shoe comfort)

How to choose the best dress shoes for flat feet?

When you have flat feet, you may find that you are more likely to have pain in your feet or heels after a long day. When looking to buy the best dress shoes, look for comfort, support, and stability.

These include the materials used to make shoes, shoe styles, sole and midsole making. Also, pay attention to the features of your shoes that provide the best arch support.

ECCO produces the best flat feet dress shoes, followed by Clarks, Rockport, Dansco, Trotters, etc. The makers of these shoes all know that people with flat feet need extra support and comfort than others.

Stability and support

This is one of the main aspects to look for when choosing flat foot shoes for men and women. These shoes are intended for flat feet for women, and men will not bend in the middle. The midfoot area requires additional support.

You should ideally choose shoes that are authentic alone as it provides support to the arches. Not to mention, shoes with more sturdy stability provide support for overcoming accents.


These shoes give optimal comfort. One of the best dress shoes for men and women with flat feet has a removable leather insole. For this reason, it can be easily replaced by an orthosis if necessary.

The insole of these shoes is padded and covered with leather for optimal comfort. These shoes also have a textured inner lining to absorb moisture. This great feature of these shoes ensures that your feet stay dry and fresh throughout the day.


The shoe top leather flat feet offers breathability in the list of best dress shoes for men and women. This ingredient allows good air circulation and keeps your feet cool and dry.


Most shoes have a full-grain leather upper, which makes it extremely durable.


We know that when it comes to buying new shoes, there are plenty of styles to choose from. The truth is now you know what is with the change of regular trends and which may not be difficult, but some models have maintained their popularity in recent seasons. You can choose between slip-on shoes, moccasins, etc.


When it comes to materials, some provide benefits and features. Some of the best fabrics used are Gore-Texas, Vibram, Cordura, and Leather.

Proper Arch Support

Flat foot problems are often the result of extra stress, which means your feet are moving inwards when standing or walking. In contrast to the standard foot that defines the arch, the flat foot has little or no arc. You must give utmost importance to the arch. A good arch provides adequate support by distributing your weight evenly over your feet and heels so that they maintain comfort even after long walks or standing.

Avoid Heels if you can

Heels aren’t your best friend when the soles of the feet are flat. You need the right support in the right place, and high heels don’t give you that. Don’t give up style for comfort. Trendy and stylish shoes like classic moccasins and moccasins or ballerinas, laces, and sandals with all the support feature designed explicitly for flat-footed fashionistas.

Material Quality Matters

Comfort when choosing the best flat feet shoes starts with good quality material. Don’t fall prey to the trend of shoes made with cheap and low-quality materials. Consider choosing truly leather-lined shoes, even if they are a bit expensive. Leather is strong and very resistant to everyday wear, so it invests well in terms of quality, comfort, and durability.

Good pairs are usually expensive

Quality and comfort come at a price. So spend some more money on the best dress shoes for your flat feet. If you come across cheap shoes, it is likely made of low-quality material that cannot meet the unique needs of people with flat feet. It is a good idea to look for deals and discounts, but the price does not determine your final choice. Remember that your sensitive flat feet support the full weight of your body.

Try out different kinds

We recommend that you visit a few stores that sell quality clothing shoes and try a few pairs. By trying different pairs, you can determine which one offers the most comfort, support, or goes well with your style. Explore all the available options to pick a pair best suited for you.

Shoes need break-in

After a successful purchase, be sure to take a break-in your new shoes before wearing them for a long time. The structure of your feet is unique, so you need to break-in every new pair that you buy. Walk around your house in your new shoes, so they get adjusted to the shape of your feet. Breaking-in shoes ensure it will be much more comfortable when you need to wear them for more extended periods at a stretch.


Prices vary from one pair to another. The real value of any shoe comes from the quality of materials and crafts used in its manufacture. Items made from premium synthetics or high-quality leather will cost more, but in the will last much longer than a cheap shoe brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can People with Flat Feet Wear Heels?

Many individuals wonder if it’s possible for people with flat feet to wear heels. The answer to this question depends on the flexibility and severity of the flat feet condition. If you have flexible fallen arches, meaning your arches appear when your foot is lifted, you may be able to wear heels with caution. However, it’s important to choose heels that are not too high or aggressive to avoid discomfort and potential foot issues. On the other hand, individuals with rigid flat feet should avoid wearing high heels altogether, as they can exacerbate foot problems.

Are Memory Foam Shoes Good for Flat Feet?

Memory foam shoes are popular for their comfort and cushioning properties. However, when it comes to flat feet, it’s important to consider the level of support and stability offered by these shoes. While memory foam may provide initial comfort, excessive cushioning can be detrimental to individuals with flat feet. If you opt for memory foam insoles or shoes, it’s advisable to choose ones with appropriate support and not overly soft options. Strike a balance between comfort and stability to ensure optimal foot health.

How to Clean Dress Shoes?

Proper maintenance and cleaning are essential for preserving the lifespan of dress shoes. Here are some basic tips on how to clean dress shoes effectively:

Clean them while dry: Before starting the cleaning process, ensure that the shoes are completely dry. Cleaning wet shoes can lead to damage and potential mold growth.

Use a dedicated shoe cleaner: Invest in a high-quality shoe cleaner specifically designed for the material of your dress shoes. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive substances that can harm the shoes’ surface.

Follow the cleaning instructions: Different materials require specific cleaning techniques. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or a comprehensive shoe maintenance guide for detailed cleaning procedures based on the shoe material.

Polish and protect: After cleaning, consider applying a shoe polish or protectant to restore shine and protect the shoes from future damage. Choose a polish color that matches your shoes and apply it in gentle circular motions.

By following these cleaning tips, you can keep your dress shoes in good condition and prolong their lifespan.