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Best Drum Microphones 2024

Sennheiser E604 Dynamic Cardioid for Snare and Toms

Sennheiser Pro Audio E604...
  • Three microphones included in this package.
  • High sound level handling
  • Transparent and dynamic signal response

The Sennheiser E604 is a dynamic microphone designed primarily for recording snares, toms, or certain wind instruments. It comes with strapping pliers that will allow you to position it as close to your drum as possible, for optimal positioning. You’ll enjoy extremely precise touches, with a frequency response between 40 Hz and 18 kHz, and without having to fear any distortion, this mic can handle impressive sound pressure levels!

The E604 is reliable equipment that will negate any high feedback rejection. It’s easy to use and set up and will capture even the smallest sounds you make to provide you with crisp, crisp sound from your later drumming session. This is a very portable device and there is no advantage in this compact drum mic not snagging. It’s a lightweight rig that will give you great sound no matter where you put it. Some people find the E604 so reliable that they end up buying two or three more to hook onto other tires so they can capture all the sounds its drums have to offer.

These microphones are lightweight and portable and come with mounting clips. The clips fit virtually any size drum rim and even some other instruments, such as percussion. The sound handling of these microphones is very loud, so they are designed to pick up close sounds on loud drums. You can perfectly use the e 604 on a snare or toms, although unlike other tom pickups in this price range, they can have durability issues if you’re working with a sloppy drummer. For example, they are not as robust as the Tom Audix D2 series of microphones, which we will return to later.

These microphones are designed almost to perfection, being practically bulletproof and leaving a very small footprint on the battery with their miniature size. Sennheiser is absolutely confident in the quality of these microphones with a 10-year warranty. The mic is seamlessly connected to the toms and snare rim with an easy to use mic clip and the mic is never in the way due to its convenient size. The sound obtained from these microphones is clear. They capture a smooth, detailed response that has just the right amount of high-end attack and warmth that hits the right spot. The Sennheiser e604 dynamic microphone kit delivers brilliant results, combining excellent tonal response and a rock-solid construction. The e604 is a hard mic to beat and a great investment in the future of your drum recording.

Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM57 Dynamic Instrument...
  • EXEPTIONAL VOCAL PERFORMANCE - The SM57-LC delivers high-quality vocal reproduction, thanks to its...
  • INDUSTRY STANDARD - The first choice for performers around the globe, the SM57 Dynamic Vocal Microphone...
  • CLARITY & CARE - The uniform cardioid polar pattern reproduces every note as it was intended, delivering...

The Shure SM57 is without a doubt the best price for any microphone available, and it is without a doubt one of the best selling microphones in the world. First released in 1965, it quickly became a go-to mic for guitars, vocals, drums, trumpets, and more.

Shure has some of the best quality microphones available in the industry today and that’s because they make packages that are available to everyone. You can buy just the drum mic or you can buy packages that include the drum mic, adapters, cables, mounts, windshield; there is a package for every possibility. Pricing will vary based on what accessory you end up adding, if applicable, but it’s still an extremely affordable product if you’ve just spent thousands of dollars to buy or upgrade your other gear.

It’s also a heavy-duty mic that’s sure to last for a few years and be a worthy companion on your drumming adventures. It gives you professional sound reproduction and even works to capture high-quality sounds from nearby amps and instruments. If you’re looking for something to use with your amps, this is surely a useful feature. High volume sounds will not disturb this drum mic and it will handle any high pressure sounds you throw out with the utmost dignity. This microphone has not only been used as a drum microphone but also for speeches for decades and with great success; This is the best affordable plan, regardless of the options you choose!

If there is one kit in this entire list that is more important than all the others, it is the DMK57. No other kit comes close to the versatility, flexibility, and longevity of these microphones. He will literally wear them for the rest of his career. It is almost a requirement to have at least three SM57s in my book! So yeah, you only get four microphones and you’ll have to buy a separate pair of drum headphones, but those four microphones sound amazing and no one can deny the value of an SM57. It’s great for snares, toms, guitar cabinets, and even hi-hat.

Shure has made a wide range of microphones available to the general public and we congratulate them on this. The SM57 will prove to be the best investment for anyone looking for an affordable accessory set to start their new recording adventures. Each of Shure’s available packages will have all the hardware you need to start recording your drum sounds from scratch.

Audix DP7 7-Piece Drum Mic Package

Audix DP7 Drum Mic Package for...
  • KICK DRUM MICROPHONE: The D6 is an excellent choice for kick drums, featuring a frequency response of...
  • SNARE MICROPHONE: Ideal for snares, the i5 has a cardioid polar pattern, a uniform frequency response of...
  • TOM MICROPHONE: For dynamic sound from drum toms and congas, the D2 can accurately reproduce the warmth...

The Audix DP7 is based on the legendary Audix D6 Kick drum microphone. That doesn’t mean they skimped on the rest of the mics though, as the other pieces in this kit include some of Audix’s most popular mics, including the i5 Snare mic. The other pickups are also not left out with 2 ADX51 rooftop pickups and a set of D2 and D4 Tom pickups, all packed in a robust aluminum casing.

Included in this pack are 7 professional microphones used to record a full drum kit, all mounting clips, and a sturdy aluminum carrying case. Audix has developed this award-winning package of microphones to work together to capture all the drums in the most natural and efficient way possible. All of the microphones in this set are industry standard microphones used by drummers and sound engineers in studios and stages around the world. The package includes a D6 for the kick drum, an i5 for the snare, 2 X D2 for the rack toms, a D4 for the floor tom and 2 ADX51 condenser mics for the overheads.

These drum mics deliver clear, powerful sound and can handle high sound pressure levels without distortion. The microphone units are ultra-low-mass while being very strong and durable. This is the best drum mic kit available on the market. The DP7 is a solid first investment for those new to the trade, as it eliminates the headache of trying to improve bad-sounding raw tracks. Pair it with a great audio interface and you’ve got a decent head start on your recording efforts.

Avantone Pro CDMK-8 Drum Microphone Kit

Avantone Pro CDMK-8 Drum...
  • 2 Overhead Mics; 4 Drum Rim Mic Mounts
  • 8-mic Drum Mic Bundle with Kick
  • 8 Metal Shockmounts

The red and black color combination of these Avantone Pro microphones makes them instantly recognized. They have such a commanding presence that you presume they have commanding performance. They aren’t as well-known as some of the other brands on this list, but they should be.

Avantone has put up an 8-mic bundle of their second-generation drum mics that combines incredible quality and value. The mics in the Avantone CDMK-8 set have undergone extensive research and development, resulting in tried-and-true designs that deliver a loud, punchy portrayal of any drum kit, onstage or in the studio.

A pair of machined insets on the microphone body are unique to the SDMK series drum mics, allowing the supplied SSM shockmounts to hold the mics into place without slipping or sliding. The sound of these mics has drummers enthralled. Their polished nickel-trimmed Cabernet-red finishes appear exceedingly sleek and sophisticated. The Avantone CDMK-8 kit is a smart and practical method to handle your drum miking requirements.

One of the few microphone kits on the market with an extra condenser for your hi-hats. Three condensers and five dynamic mics for the snare, toms, and bass drum are included in the set. The overhead mics are cardioid condensers, while the hi-hat mic is a hyper-cardioid condenser, giving you that sharp hi-hat chick.

These microphones are incredibly long-lasting. They’re quite sturdy, as all of the parts, including the mounts, are constructed of metal. As a result, they are unlikely to be damaged in the near future. Along with the heavy-duty quality, they are protected by a very robust and solid case.

When it comes to sound, these mics truly bring out the drums, regardless of the style you’re going for. They’re excellent mics for your drum equipment. Because they’re primarily metal, they’re a little heavier than typical, which could be inconvenient when traveling.

AKG Drum Set Session 1 Microphone Set

AKG Drum Set Session 1...
  • 7-pc Session Drum Microphone Kit with P2 Bass Drum Mic
  • 4 P4 Snare/Tom Mics
  • 2 P17 Overhead Mics

AKG virtually pioneered the genre with its D12 and AKG D112 bass drum mics, thus you can’t talk about drum mics without discussing them. The Drum Set Premium includes AKG’s most recent D12, the D12 VR, as well as four D40 dynamic mics for snare/toms, two C214 large diaphragm condensers, and a C451 B condenser for a specialized hi-hat mic.

The D12 VR is dynamic, but its voice-switching circuit uses active circuitry, necessitating the usage of phantom power. The mic will default to its default setting if you don’t have it. The C214s are a simpler version of the C414, which has collected hundreds of overhead drum sounds, and they don’t have the numerous polar patterns of its bigger brother.

Although AKG offers more economical drum mic kits, the Drum Set Premium offers so many industry standards in one package that it’s a no-brainer for live and studio use.

Shure BETA 52A Supercardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Michrophone

Shure BETA 52A Kick Drum...
  • Frequency response shaped specifically for kick drums and bass instruments
  • Built-in dynamic locking stand adapter with integral XLR connector simplifies setup, especially inside a...
  • Studio quality performance, even a high sound pressure levels

How low are you willing to go? It’s pretty dang low with the Beta 52A. This microphone was created with various types of bass in mind, from kick drums to bass guitars. Instead of getting lost in a low-end swamp, the Beta 52A will make your bass BOOM. The mic’s frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 10kHz, and it’s designed to resist the daily assault of road work. It can take up to 174dB SPL and has a supercardioid waveform that promotes isolation. The Beta 52A is ideal for creating huge bass sounds on stage or in the studio.

The supercardioid pickup pattern decreases feedback and minimizes interference from other on-stage sound sources. With a frequency response of 20Hz to 10kHz and a presence increase at 4kHz, the frequency response is well tuned for bass sounds, allowing electric basses and kick drums to cut through the mix.

The supercardioid pickup pattern decreases feedback and minimizes interference from other on-stage sound sources. With a frequency response of 20Hz to 10kHz and a presence increase at 4kHz, the frequency response is well tuned for bass sounds, allowing electric basses and kick drums to cut through the mix. The Beta 52A, like other Shure mics, is built to last, so you can take it from gig to gig without worrying about it breaking down. Shure microphones are known for their sturdiness, and the Beta 52 is no exception.