Best Dry Cutting Shears 2020

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Equinox International Professional Razor Edge Series

Equinox International Professional Razor Edge Series - Barber Hair Cutting Scissors/Shears - 6.5"...
  • [PATENTED DESIGN] Our raving reviews speak for themselves. Customers LOVE our haircutting shears. PREMIUM - This specialized high quality Japanese stainless steel Hair Cutting scissor is tempered with precise blades and hand-sharpened cutting edges to evenly trim hair with ease.
  • ERGONOMIC - Our Equinox Professional Razor Edge Hair Cutting Scissor is great for salon workers, barbers, and personal usage as well. Cutting hair without razor edged scissors leads to split ends and fraying.
  • VERSATILE - With a length of 6.5 inches, the Professional Razor Edge Hair Cutting Scissor is safe and easy to use on men, women, the elderly, children, and babies. Its distinctive easy grip handle design allows the scissor to cradle fingers, delivering a confident haircut every time! With a sleek stainless steel texture, our scissor reduces messy hair clutters as no hair gets caught in between its blades, unlike other hair cutting scissors on the market.
  • CONVENIENCE - At a weight of only 4.8 ounces anybody can handle this pair of shears with ease. Equipped with an adjustment screw, you can effortlessly fine-tune this scissor to your desire of tension.
  • NOTE - All Razor Edge Series Professional Shears come vacuum-packed in plastic casing and are coated with lubricating oil. Before first use, wash with gentle soap and lukewarm water then dry with soft cloth.

Very few manufacturers can compete with Equinox International in terms of reputation. The reason for models like this. This product is made of Japanese stainless steel and able to withstand several drops and impacts against the shelves.

Its sharp blades with sharp blades allow you to cut for a few hours without straining your wrist. Its easy-grape handle and curved finger rest allow this chisel to rock your fingers. This is why you can offer a confident haircut whenever you ask a question.

The adjustment screw you see on these scissors gives you the possibility to adjust its tension according to your choice. The plastic case in which this product is supplied is vacuum-sealed. You can rely on it to keep out moisture, dirt, dust, and other environmentally irritating bays.

Utopia Care Professional Barber Dry Cutting Shears

Professional Barber/Salon Razor Edge Hair Cutting Scissors/Shears (6½ Inch) - Ice Tempered...
  • 100% stainless steel is used for high quality and durability
  • Hand-crafted blades provide optimum control and balance
  • Non-slip handles ensure a comfortable grip
  • Features super-sharp blades that can easily trim the hair
  • Quality construction for a clean-cut, every time

Dry Cutting Shears with the great build quality and ergonomic design. It is made of 100% stainless steel and has a coating that keeps scratches and abrasions at bay. The screw in the area where the handle meets the blades allows you to easily adjust its tension.

Since it is equipped with a non-slip handle, this shear will continue to provide a comfortable grip for several hours. Its ultra-sharp blades will not take too much force to allow your customers to cut their desired hair. Their ability to stay afloat in the bay helps give the blades a clean cut every time.

You have already noticed that the length of this model (6.5 inches) is long. This is a useful feature if you want to use it for a variety of customers. You also benefit from a lifetime warranty against assembly defects on this product.

Got Glamour Cobalt Molybdenum Right-Handed Hair Cutting Scissors

Got Glamour Cobalt Molybdenum Right-Handed Hair Cutting Scissors, 5.25" Length (2.25" Blade Length)
  • 5.25" total length, excluding finger rest, 2.25" blade length, for right-handed people only.
  • Made in the USA of high quality, cobalt molybdenum that lasts 5x longer than stainless steel.
  • For superior quality, these shears are finely honed by hand and only weigh about 1.4 ounces.
  • For ultimate comfort, there is an adjustable tension screw and removable finger inserts.
  • These hair cutting scissors are professional grade and will surely make the cut.

There is no such thing as the feeling of doing the right thing. But you need the right tools to do something good. If you are interested in cutting hair, whether you are a student, hairdresser or stylist, Got Glamor Cutting Scissors is the tool for you. The problem that most people, even professionals, face when looking for a new pair of hairdressing scissors is that most manufacturers nowadays use a lot of Japanese steel. You don’t know which one is better than the other, or why. You cannot tell which is more durable and which will prolong its benefits.

Okay, these are past problems when you choose these scissors. Unlike other models, these foxes are made from cobalt molybdenum and have very sharp edges. In fact, their cutting edge can last up to 5 times longer than stainless steel blades.

Another great thing about these scissors is that you can use them for a few hours, and you will not feel any fatigue on your wrists, arms, and shoulders. A removable rubber ink of the custom offset handle and a finger rest help to relieve the accumulated stress during a working day.

Why do you need dry cutting shears?

Has your haircut been bad in the recent past? Then you can say that high-quality barber scissors for great haircuts. Together with Barbet’s experience and skill, scissors play an important role in the quality (or not) of trim maintenance.

In fact, as long as they are not sharp, scissors will not allow you to cut your hair with precision. You can end up with split ends, or your hair doesn’t look the way you like. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture of a barber.

In addition to having sharp blades, most high-quality scissors share one more quality. Everyone feels comfortable in the hands of a barber. It is important that a barber uses his scissors for an average of a few hours each day. If the scissors are hard to run, they will not be able to do justice to your hair.

Therefore, you should never underestimate the importance of high-quality barber scissors for great haircuts. If it’s not them, the barber sometimes can’t give your haircut a look that will persuade you to come back to their salon.

What is the difference between Shears and Scissors?

There are three main differences between shears and scissors.


The scissors are designed in such a way that their two holes are of equal size and symmetrical. The scissors have two holes of unequal size in which one is designed to fit with the little finger, and the other is designed to fit with the big finger.

Blade length

The blade length of a common shear (more than 6 inches) is usually longer than a pair of scissors (less than 6 inches).


Scissors, light hair, and can not be used in cutting, eyebrow cutting, and other beautification applications until they are fixed. The scissors do this without the need to make any changes.

What is the size of the dry cutting shears?

The first thing to look for in shears is their size. Too small glasses for your hands have crippled your adaptability. Those that are too big can damage the cutting speed of your fingers.

If your hands are the standard size, you can choose the 5.5-inch stock. It is the size preferred by most hairdressers and beauticians. You can try a 6.6-inch shear for those whose hands are larger than the general population.

What kind of dry cutting shears do you need?


There are two types of straightening glasses available in the market: short straighteners and long straighteners. The short straightener gives you more control and allows you to cut hair from the back of your ears and behind your neck.

Long straight ears, on the other hand, prefer the speed of control. They allow you to cut a large amount of hair in less time. This is why plays use them to cut wet or thick hair.


Also known as the reduced shear, it is an essential gadget for most hairdressers and beauticians. You can rely on them to help bring out the most common men’s hairstyles.

One type of haircut has fewer scissor teeth (up to 28) and an extra thick strand finish and effective cutting for cutting. Those who have more teeth work very well to reduce, blend, and add vixen to the surface.

Dry Cutting Shears Handles

Another important thing you can’t ignore when buying scissors is how to hold them:

Offset Handle

This design is for those of you who naturally have more hands when styling. This is a common problem with some other types of grips, with a slightly shorter side and preventing excessive expansion of the thumb.

Straight handle:

Do you use your middle finger and thumb to cut your hair? If you do, you need a straight line. It may not be the most ergonomic. However, since it has been on the market for decades, most hair professionals prefer it.

Crane handle:

The crane handle is remarkably similar in design to the outward handle. The only difference between the two is that its offset is very extreme, which allows you to position your elbows to reduce the pressure on your shoulders and wrists.

Which type of blade would be most suitable for me?

You will probably encounter three types of blades:

Convex Edge:

Convex edged blades have very sharp edges that require little force to style and cut hair. This is why most professionals rely on them to give smooth and precise cuts. Their extreme sharpness means you must handle them with care.

Beveled Edge:

Although the convex-edged blades are sharp, they tend to be thicker with bevel edges. It is their thickness that makes these blades more durable, although they are not the best choice for advanced haircut styles.

Best dry cutting shears features

Stainless steel construction:

Whether you use them nationally or professionally, steel scissors last the longest.

Tension system:

The shears (screws, leaf springs, ball bearing, etc.) provided with a kind of tension system allow you to adjust the firmness between their handles and blades. Otherwise, if there is no tensioning system, the handle will be too tight, and you will have to apply more force to open/close the blades, or it will be too loose, and you will not be able to cut effectively.

Safe to use:

While haircut scissors may never be as safe to use as the best nose clipper, this does not mean that you should ignore this point. You can choose a relatively safe model considering your experience (newbie or specialist) and choosing a complementary blade (convex or beveled).


Whether you’re looking for high-heeled haircut scissors or you’re looking for our trimmer purchase guide, our message regarding product warranty is consistent. You should always choose the model with the maximum warranty.


Q: How do you know if your dry cutting shears are dull?
Answer: Here are the signs that your scissors should be sharpened: When your hair is cut, they grow back hair
They pull and grab the hair when you cut.
You must apply a lot of energy to cut the hair.
The process of cutting hair suddenly becomes much more laborious.

Q: How to sharpen dry cutting shears?
A: Aluminum foil is one of the best tools for sharpening hair. Take a piece of aluminum foil and fold it horizontally. Use scissors cut across the sheet. You can evaluate whether your scissors have regained their sharpness by cutting a piece of cloth.

Q: How often should you sharpen your dry cutting shears?
A: Some manufacturers recommend sharpening their scissors every three months. But others suggest that you do it twice a year or on an annual basis. We recommend that you sharpen your scissors every six months or every 500 haircuts.