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Best Hair Clippers for Home 2024

Best Hair Clippers for Home 2022

Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper

Andis 01557 Professional...
  • USED BY PROFESSIONALS: Andis Trimmers are used by professionals in the salon and barber professions. They...
  • HIGH-TORQUE: A powerful rotary motor delivers 14,000 cutting spm with excellent machine drive components...
  • ADJUSTABLE BLADES: From fine to coarse size 000 – 1 with upper blade features fast feed action and are...

If you are looking for a perfect all-rounder clipper, then this is the one you should choose. It is the most famous clipper among the barber community. The reason people love Andis Master 15-Watt Clipper is that it is heavy-duty and durable.
The body is made of aluminum that makes it sturdy and long-lasting. The motor is very reliable and powerful. It generates 14,000 cutting strokes per minute. It is best for professional and home use. The blades are made of steel and coated with carbon to give them extra strength and durability.
The blade is adjustable, and the coarse size range is .000 size to size 1. The switch can easily be controlled using your thumb. It has a smooth one hand on/off operation. The blades are strong and very sharp. They require maintenance after every use.
The kit comes with oil for the blades. Make sure your oil the blades before and after every use. This hair clipper requires some practice to master it, and it won’t disappoint you in the long run.


Aluminum body
Sharp and adjustable blades
The body has an elegant and sleek design
Easy to use at home
Best pick for barbers


It is expensive
A little bit heavy
It requires some practice

Wahl Clipper Self-Cut Personal Haircutting Kit

Wahl USA Self Cut Compact...
  • Extremely Powerful - This haircutting clipper kit features ultra-quiet hair clippers with...
  • Ideal for Self-Cuts – This hair clipping kit is best for self-haircuts including detailing and...
  • 25% Smaller Design – Our new compact size provides increased comfort and cutting control. Our self-cut...

You should buy the hair clipper that is handy, sturdy, and durable, and Wahl Clipper gives you all that. The Wahl Clipper Self-Cut is compact, portable, and durable. It is very feasible to cut the hair of every length.

It has a potent motor and a sleek design. It doesn’t disappoint you in any way, and every use is smooth. The blades are sharp and give you a clean and precise cut every time. The clipper is high-end, powerful, and very quiet.
It is a complete self-grooming kit with all necessary attachments. The kit is extremely easy to use at home. It gives you a clean haircut, including neat touch-ups along with sideburns, ears, neckline, and head. The adjustable taper lever helps you with the short and precise cut.
It is compact and easy to handle. You can easily reach your back of the head with it. The kit has a total of 22 attachments. It is easy to store as it comes with a storage case. The clipper features a self-sharpening blade mechanism that sharpens the blades in every use.


Durable and compact
Strong and sharp blades
It comes with a storage case
It has a self-sharpening blade mechanism
The kit includes 22 attachments for self-grooming
It can cut thick and long hair easily
The kit comes with an instruction manual
The machines don’t make noise


The blades are sharp you must deal it carefully

Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit

Remington Vacuum Haircut Kit,...
  • Vacuum System: The powerful vacuum on these hair clippers for men collects up to 90% of trimmed hairs...
  • Precision Ground Blades: The precision ground blades on these clippers stay sharp through every use,...
  • 18-Piece Kit: Everything you need for a sharp, mess-free haircut. You get length-adjusting combs, barber...

If you are looking for a sturdy clipper that can give you a clean and precise haircut, then this is the one you should buy. The Remington Vacuum Haircut Kit has a vacuum that prevents the after-haircut mess. The market is full of clippers that have a vacuum function in them; this Remington model stands out because it has a spacious chamber.

The powerful motor makes the cut clean and precise. The chamber can store all the mess from one-time use easily. The fan in the clippers is high speed; it catches most of the hair and disposes of them in the chamber.

The power comes through the lengthy cord that gives the clipper enough power to operate the clipper and vacuum motors at the same time. It runs on 110/12o Volt AC power. The kit has 18 attachments and a user guide with complete instructions.
To ensure its long-lasting run, you should oil the blades before and after every use. The blade section can be removed and helps in the thorough cleaning of the machine.


Sturdy and durable
Sharp and stainless-steel blades
Dual motor system
Comes with a spacious vacuum chamber
Easy to clean and maintain
Come with a large storage pouch


Must handle the cord with the care as it is flimsy

OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

Oster Professional Hair...
  • Designed with a powerful, single speed universal motor for heavy-duty use, making them the ideal...
  • Comes with detachable blade size #000 and #1 that easily cuts through wet or dry hair
  • Ultra-durable, top-quality housing with ergonomic design perfect for all-day cutting

Oster Classic is one of the most popular hair clippers in the market. The powerful motor and detachable blades make it very versatile. The design is unique and vintage style. The blades come in a size range from .000 to 1.
It has a powerful motor, elegant design, and excellent cutting action. The detachable blades allow you to cut different lengths of hair. The kit also has a blade guard that will enable you to cut safely. The blades are sharp enough to cut thick hair and give a clean and neat finish.
The body housing is very heavy-duty and sturdy, and texture on the body provides a firm grip. The 9-foot long cord is made of durable material. The clipper can cut wet hair effortlessly. The clipper should be cleaned after every use and make sure you oil the blades before and after every use.
Old barbers and professional stylists use these clippers as they give a new retro look to their style.


Durable and sturdy
Sharp detachable blades
Easy to clean
Comes with a blade guard
Powerful motor
Elegant vintage design



Wahl Lithium-Ion Cordless Clipper Kit

Wahl USA Clipper Lithium-Ion...
  • Cordless Convenience: The power of corded clippers with the convenience of cordless. Exceptional...
  • Quick Recharging: Equipped with 15-minute quick charge for instant power & fast 3-5 hour charge time....
  • A Smooth Cut Every Time: Self-sharpening precision ground whisper quiet blades cut through all hair types...

The best cordless hair clipper clipper that is reliable, sturdy, and high-performing is Wahl Lithium-Ion Clipper. It is convenient to carry around because the cord is not in your way. The battery time is entirely sufficient for one-time use.
The clipper gives you a clean and precise cut. The battery features a 15-minute quick charge and can be used for 3-5 hours easily. The machine has a self-sharpening ground whisper quiet. The blades are sharp and durable. They cut thick and wet hair quickly.
The self-sharpening mechanism is amazing as the blades give an impeccable and clean cut every time. The Lithium-Ion battery is long-lasting and lives up to a year. The clipper cut through all hair types and lengths. It is one of the best cordless and heavy-duty clipper models.
The kit comes with 10 attachments and a straightforward instruction manual. The Wahl Lithium-Ion Clipper is a complete haircutting kit for home and professional use. The sharp blades make it easy to style sideburns and necklines.
The cordless feature makes it easy to reach the back of the head. It comes with a storage case and is very easy to store all the attachments.


Durable and sturdy
Easy to use
Self-sharpening blade mechanism
15-minute quick battery charge time
Battery run time is 3-5 hours
The kit has 10 attachments
Comes with a storage case


The blades are not removable

Buying Guide

There are different models available in the market, and not all of them are the same. There are various features that make one hair clipper stand out from the others. Before investing, you must know what features to look for in a high-quality clipper.
Let’s get started!

Types of Clippers


The cordless hair clippers are convenient to use. You don’t have to worry about the cable as they don’t come in your way. These clippers offer more freedom of movement and easy reach. They use batteries as a power source. The only drawback is that they are less potent as compared to corded hair clippers.


The major advantage with these clippers is that you don’t have to worry about the power source. The downside of these clippers is that the cord gets in your way, and you don’t have much freedom of movement. Most of the clippers nowadays come with long cords.

Types of motors


If your budget is tight, you pretty much end up getting clippers with magnetic motors. These are not bad, but they are built for light use. These motors have a spring and an electromagnet to move the blades.


These are the most powerful motors a clipper could have. These are made for heavy use. These are expensive and maintain a balance between the motor and blade movement.


The pivot motor works almost similarly to the magnetic motor, but it doesn’t have a spring. It uses two electromagnets. This motor offers slow cutting speed but high power. That is the reason most professional stylists use them.


The clippers nowadays come with stainless-steel blades. Moreover, people also demand stainless-steel blades because they are durable and corrosion-resistant. Some clippers have ceramic blades because these blades don’t heat up. The titanium blades are soft; that is why they don’t give a sharp and clean cut.


Any product that makes a loud noise is going to be annoying. There are clippers available in the market that make less noise. Moreover, the high-quality clippers have very minimal sound and cheap clippers on the other side create more noise. Buy the clipper that makes minimal noise and is gentle.


The clipper kits come with a wide variety of additional accessories. Blade guards, oil and spray, brush, and storage pouch/case. Invest in the hair clipper kit that has a wide range of attachments. Some clippers have an additional set of trimmers and a set of combs.
However, these accessories might add up to the overall cost of the product. So, don’t pay extra money for the things you are not even going to use.


The clippers are very hard to store as they come with additional blade attachments, oil and spray, and brush to clean the blades. A storage pouch or case makes sure that accessories are in a safe place. So make sure that your hair clipper comes with a storage bag to keep the accessories safe.


Light-weight clippers work best for a professional stylist. The reason is that an expert tends to use it for hours. A heavier body can lead to hand and wrist tiredness. Lighter clippers are helpful for beginners and someone who cuts hair at home.


Men use clippers regularly. To make your clippers last longer, you need to keep them clean. The blades are a significant part of the clipper that need extra care. You must sanitize and clean the blades before and after every use.

Cleaning and oiling the blades after every use will prevent the dirt from getting inside the machinery. The hair clipper kits come with a blade guard. They can be switched according to the length of hair you desire to cut.

The blade guards must be washed in warm water to kill any germs and excessive oils off them. The kit comes with clipper spray and oil. Oil the blades after use to protect them from rusting. The clippers tend to get hot; sometimes, it is very beneficial to use clipper spray that helps in keeping them cool.


The price range is very vast as there are professional clippers and home-use clippers available. If you tend to use the hair clipper for personal grooming at home, then go for the clippers that don’t cost too much. Heavy features come at a heavy price. Barbers and professional hairstylists buy the clippers that are more expensive and high-end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are hair clippers?
Hair Clippers are battery-powered or electric devices that cut or trim hair. They can be used to cut all lengths of hair, minor touch-ups of sideburns, beard or mustache.

Q: What kind of hair clippers do professionals use?
The professional hairstylists or barbers use high-end and heavy-duty clippers. These clippers have powerful motors, better accessories, and good quality blades.

Q: Which brand and style of the hair clipper are best to buy?
All the brands nowadays are making durable and sturdy hair clippers. The above-reviewed hair clippers are from top manufacturers. The style of the clipper depends on your needs. If you are not a professional stylist or barber, buy a cordless clipper as they offer easy movement.

Q: Is it better to use clippers on wet or dry hair?
If you have long and thick hair make sure to use a oil for hair clipper when your hair is slightly wet. On the other side, short and thin hair can be cut when they are dry.