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Best Hockey Bags 2024

Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Bag

Grit HTFX Hockey Tower 36"...
  • BladePortTM (holds player sticks on side of bag)
  • Torsion TechnologyTM folding frame system
  • Equipment shelf, foot carpet, mesh door accessory pockets and removeable wet/dry mesh bag

Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Bag is a ventilated two-wheel hockey bag, in the form of a mesh panel and a mesh shelf that will help keep the contents of your bag dry even while in the bag. There are also removable mesh bags that allow you to store small wet items. It is light hockey bag with wheels. With the carrying strap, you can easily pull it and switch to carry it without any problem. It is the best of both worlds. The soft foldable mat keeps your feet away from the floor of the locker room, which is really great.

The most significant advantage of this bag is that it has a stick strap that can hold two sticks directly in the bag. With wheeled activities, you can really free your hands. This is an excellent bag for professional hockey players, but there is no extra amount of equipment. The tower function keeps your stuff in an upright position but does not extend it in case of extra magnification. The Grit HTFX bag is one of the best gifts for hockey players. Artificial ventilation helps competitive players who can probably throw their equipment in the bag after a game. The bag has a chance to dry it.

Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Bag is the Best Hockey Bags 2022

Pacific Rink Player Bag

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“Pacific Rink Player Bag is a favorite of hockey players everywhere. The hockey bag has multiple sections for storing everything from your face watchers, hockey tapes, and even pre-game music to your headphones! One of our favorite features of this hockey bag is the padded skatebogie, which prevents you from losing your advantage of hitting when loose in your tool bag. Overall, we think the Pacific Rink Hockey Bag is truly the number one choice for price and durability, and you really can’t go wrong with this investment.

One of the most efficient features of the reflective material lining is a reflective element inside the hockey bag that gives better light so that you never lose track of your small items in the bag. A set of training equipment with a completely separate bogie made on top of the bag or a pocket of top-loaded dry clothes to hold warm clothes. A removable wet mesh bag for your towel, sandals, or any other damp item you may want to keep separate from your own gear, this is literally a bag inside your hockey bag. A padded bogie to protect your gear from your skateboard blades and make sure your blades are sharp without cutting

Pacific Rink Player Bag is one of the Best Hockey Bag 2022

Bauer 950 Wheeled Hockey Bag

Bauer 950 Wheeled Hockey Bag is the top of the line hockey bag. It is made with a stiff Dura Hex 840D ripstop polyester, these bags are designed to be able to withstand designs and hold securely. It’s tough on the outside, but comfort on the inside is always well-considered, including a skate pocket and a sheepskin helmet bogie, keeping your skate and helmet away from the rest of your gear. This is an excellent bag for players who will carry lots of equipment. It is designed to hold a buggy for almost everything and is an ideal size for all the hockey equipment you may need. Designed to run throughout the season, it’s an excellent option for growing up in sports. The central compartment is U-shaped and internal organizer panels and mesh pockets to help you organize your equipment without any problems. With a portable strap, this bag can easily switch from wheel to transport without any questions.

Bauer 950 Wheeled Hockey Bag is one of the Best Bag for Hockey Equipment 2022

CCM 380 Deluxe Player Wheel Bag

CCM Hockey 370 Wheeled Bag,...
  • Sizes Available
  • 33" L x 17" H x 15.5" W
  • 37" L x 19" H x 16.5" W

CCM 380 Deluxe Player Wheel Bag is the best budget hockey bag. It has enough space for all your equipment.Two skate pockets in the main carriage, as well as a large zipped laundry pocket and an interior accessory pocket. This helps you to better separate items and find them more easily when you need them. The bag is made with a strong bottom of ripstop polyester honeycomb, ensuring it lasts a long time. The ingredients make it light as well, so it shouldn’t be a problem to look around. For all the area-wheels of the bag and because it is light and easy to navigate, this bag is a great choice for players who are more competitive and looking for a bag that lasts longer.

Under Armour Hockey Deluxe Cargo Duffel Bag

Under Armour Deluxe Cargo...
  • Coated mesh vents on all four sides for superior air flow
  • Side skate pockets with slash proof reinforcement
  • 12" front accessory pocket for cell phones, wallet, keys, mouth guards, etc

The bag is both light and robust. The outside is made of tough ballistic material and is designed to retain your equipment in one piece even in the most ludicrous and damaging scenarios. The bag’s bottom liner is comprised of a tough shell piece that retains the structural integrity of the entire bag exceptionally robust and sturdy. It’s basically armor beneath your hockey bag’s base!

The backpack is elevated even further by the addition of two well-ventilated sections on each sides of the backpack expressly for skate storage. There’s also plenty of extra storage in the front for smaller goods like smartphones, wallets, keys, and anything else you don’t want to bring out on the ice. To top it all off, this hockey bag is really well-designed and ventilates efficiently, drying off your equipment quickly after a session of rigorous use. This keeps your gear smelling (kind of) fresh while also reducing the possibility of microbial growth.

CCM 290 Wheeled Hockey Backpack

Consider the CCM290 wheeled backpack bag for a more versatile hockey bag. This bag not only has wheels to make it easier to transport, but it also doubles as a backpack, so you can wear it on your back whenever you need or want.

The CCM 290’s wheels are fantastic all-terrain wheels, so you won’t have any trouble pulling it when you change the sort of ground you’re on. If pulling it doesn’t seem to be working, you may just wear it because it converts to a backpack.

This bag is composed of 600D rip-stop polyester, so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear, and it should last a long time. There’s also mesh-covered diamond ventilation, which allows air to circulate freely throughout the bag, keeping your belongings dry.

This backpack is ideal for players who dislike carrying their baggage in their hands or who must carry their bags over lengthy distances on foot. Carrying hockey equipment by hand might be inconvenient, but this is a convenient solution to eliminate the need to do so.

VIC Hockey Bag Wheeled Equipment Backpack

VIC Hockey Bag | 34” Wheeled...
  • GET IN THE GAME: Our hockey bag is designed specifically for everything you need and nothing you don’t....
  • PERFECT FOR YOUTH PLAYERS: Our VIC hockey bag is perfect for junior or youth hockey players, built from...
  • AMPLE STORAGE: With a large main compartment, two side compartments and a smaller front compartment, this...

This is a fantastic youth/junior-sized wheeled hockey bag that can also be used as a backpack, giving it a dual-purpose design and making it one of the most adaptable alternatives for younger hockey players seeking for a decent gear bag.On the inside, there is one enormous area for the bulkiest items of gear, such as pants and shoulderpads. There are also a couple slots on the front of the bag for extra stuff like hockey pucks, band-aids, important medications, and anything else. There are also two areas on the bag’s side that are specially built for storing bladed hockey skates, keeping them internally secure while also preventing them from becoming a potential hazard in the process. So, to cut a long tale short, with four separate compartment sections in all, there’s enough of storage in this superb hybrid hockey bag.

But how does the VIC fare in terms of mobility? The great thing about this hockey bag is that it allows you to transport your stuff in a variety of ways. The first feature is a built-in telescopic handle that extends, allowing the built-in wheels to accomplish the majority of the heavy lifting for you. If the terrain isn’t suited for wheeled transport, you can utilize the shoulder straps incorporated into the framework of the bag to quickly transform it into a backpack.

Gothamite Rolling Duffle Bag for Hockey

Gothamite 42-inch Rolling...
  • LARGE CAPACITY UNIVERSAL USE: Measuring at 42 x 18 x18 inches, this Gothamite heavy duty luggage bag can...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY DUFFLE BAG: Made from 1200D polyester fabric, our Gothamite traveling duffle bag is...
  • MODERNISTIC DESIGN: Offers a better user experience! Our travel duffle bag is featured with 5 back...

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on numerous bags for different purposes when you can have a high-functioning hockey bag that can also be used for other things? The Gothamite Rolling Duffle Bag is your ideal companion. This multi-purpose bag performs admirably as a hockey bag, but it can also be used as a work bag, a standard sports bag, and even a travel bag. The options are limitless. Furthermore, the bag has a very huge capacity and measures 42 by 18 by 18 inches, making it large enough to fit all of your equipment and so much more. Even better, it is built of a 200D polyester material that is particularly durable, can withstand the pressure caused by the weight of all your equipment, is wear and tear proof, and is weatherproof, which means it can withstand harsh circumstances ranging from rain to snow to intense heat.

It’s also made to be tough. This wheeled duffel has 200D polyester exteriors that keep the bag from tearing on external annoyances like sharp edges. You also don’t have to worry about rain, snow, sleet, or hail because this bag is completely weatherproof, keeping your valuable gear safe and sound.The Gothamite wheeled bag’s biggest feature, in our opinion, is its great frame construction, which allows it to be taken down and collapsed all the way to the bag’s base. This enables it to be stowed practically anyplace, including car trunks, closets, and even small attics.

Another intriguing design characteristic of the Gothamite bag is its tri-wheeled shape. This results in a smoother rolling experience as well as a more even basis of support for the bag when it rolls over various uneven terrain. Overall, despite its size, this Gothamite bag is remarkably compact and space-saving. It has a collapsible frame that allows it to be collapsed down to the level of its base and easily stowed in a closet, under the bed, or under the desk. It is extremely durable and ideal for long-distance travel, sporting events, and even business excursions. It has three rollers that make carrying simpler and add stability to the bag, as well as lockable zippers for safety and security.

CCM 310 Player Core Carry Large Hockey Bag (EBP310-38)

CCM 310 Player Core Carry...
  • Ccm 310 Player Core Carry Large Hockey Bag ( EBP310-38 )

When I think of a basic hockey bag, I think of the CCM 310 hockey bag. There really isn’t much to it. It’s nothing more than a large open bag made of 6000 Polyester. It does have a few good zippers, but that’s about it. Extra compartments, sleeves, or storage places are not available. That’s all there is to it. You get the bag and that’s it. But, guess what? This is the way to go if that’s all you’re searching for!

The 6000 polyester material is more than capable of withstanding some wear and tear. It’s not perfect for use five days a week, 40 weeks a year, but if you’re in a beer league, it could be just what you need. All you need is an equipment bag to transport your equipment from your home to the rink and back. You won’t have well-ventilated and dry gear by the time you arrive home, but that’s what you’re paying for.

Overall, the CCM 310 is a good value for money hockey bag. Simple, clear, and to the point. Without the showy bells and whistles, it gets the job done.

Types of Hockey bags

There are three common types of hockey bags.



Roller bags make it easy to place your hockey bag in one place. If you have to climb a lot of stairs, they can lose their appeal very quickly. Wheeled bags are heavier, larger, and more difficult to fit in compact spaces. If, for some reason, you have to pick it up to transport it, it will be more difficult for you to do it without a wheeled bag. However, the wheels make it easy to move your bag, which can be especially effective if your equipment is heavy.


Duffel bags are the most common type of sports bag and the most commonly used type of hockey bag. They usually have two handles and a zipper on top to carry them.


Hockey backpacks are among the best ways to carry your hockey equipment. The weight of your equipment is distributed evenly over your shoulders, which makes it easy to transport and facilitates passing through doors.

Things you should know when buying the best hockey equipment bag


No doubt, the price can be an important factor in any hockey bag you are looking to buy. A good hockey bag can cost you more than 100 depending on your quality and size. You need to be careful not to be too stingy when shopping and to get a large amount as per your need to save a little bit of money. So it’s definitely the kind of purchase you don’t want to compromise. If you take your time while shopping, you can find great hockey bags at affordable prices, it’s not a bad thing to buy out of you when prices are dropping significantly.


Here is another feature of hockey bags that you should pay close attention to. You don’t want a hockey bag where you have to store all your gear; This makes it very difficult to get your tools out and put them back in place. Your staff can’t go everywhere when you carry your belongings. So how do you know which bag size is right for you? You need to find a happy medium, and it is a bag where your tools fit easily, but when you zip the bag, the tools are a bit stiff against each other.


There are different types of hockey bags as it relates to how you transport the equipment. Here is a brief description:

Just as wheeled luggage makes it easier to walk around airports, wheeled hockey bags also make it easier to transport rink equipment. Nowadays, hockey equipment can become a bit heavier, and you actually have to lose weight by turning it around.

Strapped / handle
Nowadays, it is considered an old school way of tearing a hockey bag, but they are still on the market. With these, you simply carry your bag with a strap on your shoulder, or you carry it and transport it using the two handles on top of it. When your bag is transported this way, you physically carry each piece of each weight into the bag. Your best bet is expected to be near the entrance to the courtyard where you are parking.

These have recently become even more popular. This is where your hockey bag is made more like a backpack, and when you have two balance straps on your shoulder, you continue to move it to distribute the weight better.

It is rapidly becoming the style of the popular hockey bag because you have gained the most in both worlds. It combines two or more styles of hockey bags. For example; You can’t roll your hockey bag very well from the bottom of the bus, so you can unload your bag from the bus using a handle with two arrangements and carry it to the locker room using wheels.

Material and durability

Hockey bags must work in some harsh environments such as the luggage bogie under the bus, the trunk of the car, and the back of a pickup truck. This means you want your bag to be made of strong and resistant material. Cheap bags made with things like heavy vinyl tear dry quickly and crack over time. Look for bags that contain a space-age component that is both light and durable. These bags last a long time and prevent moisture absorption.


You don’t just want to keep a large empty space inside your bag. It is best if you have a buggy to separate the equipment. Most kits will have a separate padded bogie to protect your skates. Other useful buggies store hockey tapes, you can put your own towels and soaps in it, and you can also use it to include your hockey underwear. We talked about the importance of organizing the gear in front of you, and hockey bags with buggies will help you a lot in this.


If you have been a hockey player for a long time, you will realize that it is challenging to keep your equipment dry during the game and then more difficult to prevent from feeling more mold, mold, and sweat are inevitably expressed in the contents of your hockey bag. This is why you should consider the convenience of cleaning hockey bags. Your hockey bag is made of any material that you can wash or wipe is great. Add-ons like wheels can really come that way if they are too big and exposed. So be sure to consider this when buying a hockey bag or you can carry a bag of very smelly equipment.


Just because your hockey bag is made of durable material doesn’t mean it won’t be a problem. The zippers may fail, the materials may be faulty, and the seams may collapse because it was not done in the first place. These kinds of things should all be covered by warranty, so the more extended the warranty of the hockey bag, the more peace of mind you will have when buying that bag. Be smart and familiarize yourself with the guarantees of the hockey bags you plan to buy.