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5 Best Keyboard Wrist Rests 2023

Best Keyboard Wrist Rests for Gaming 2023

ROCCAT Rest Max Ergonomic Gel Wrist Pad

ROCCAT Rest Max Ergonomic Gel...
  • The ROCCAT Rest is infused with ultra-comfortable gel, designed to be both pliably soft with just the...
  • Only the highest quality outer materials were used in supporting the gel core of the ROCCAT Rest. Gamer...
  • The grippy rubberized backing of the ROCCAT Rest ensures that there will be no slippage while actively...

ROCCAT is a very much trusted brand for such products. This wrist rest is made of ultra-comfortable gel. This is equally soft and appropriately dense to cope up with the constant pressure of constant gaming. So it is a perfect keyboard which is being primarily used for the gaming purpose. This is a gaming wrist rest for the keyboard that genuinely serves the purpose. The material is excellent. There is no compromise regarding quality. It is designed in a way that it provides the needed protection against the wrist injuries. Though the size is a bit different, it has a perfect size for one wrist. But the size seems to be a bit smaller for both of the wrists.


It is an ergonomic wrist pad.
It is incredibly soft.
It can carry on constant pressure.
The outer materials are of the highest quality.
It has rubber backing for ensuring a firm grip.
It prevents wrist injury.


Size is not so convenient while working with both hands.

Possibly the best keyboard wrist rest in 2023.

Bailey by Castle Leather Keyboard Wrist Rest

Bailey Tenkeyless by Castle -...
  • Extra FIRM Wrist Rest - Genuine leather, gets better with age - Material will relax, lay flat, and soften...
  • 14.0 x 4.00 x 0.75 inches, about the length of a shorter tenkeyless keyboard
  • Best for folks who enjoy RIGID support - Dense wrist rest at medium height (0.75 inch thick) promotes...

Bailey by Castle Leather Keyboard Wrist Rest is another most positively reviewed wrist rest. It comes from a renowned brand and as well. So you can easily trust them without confusion.

The material is leather. It is a very sleek leather wrist rest from the brand Castle. Genuine leather is being used here. The outer materials even get better with time also very resistant irrespective of the outer environment.

It is a very well-made wrist rest for the carpel-tunnel as well. It is wide enough than most.

There are so many colors available.


It is the perfect choice for carpal tunnel.
It made of very high-quality leather.
It supports the wrist in a perfect hight.
There are different color variations available.
Packaging if it made of recycled materials.
Manufacturers provide very active customer service.


Some may need a bit higher wrist rest for themselves for comfort.

One of the best keyboard wrist rests in 2023.

CushionCare Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad

Wrist Rests for Keyboard and...
  • Ergonomic Cushioning For Your Wrist And Forearm - Our ergo mouse and keyboard pad with wrist support...
  • Unrivaled, Long-Lasting Quality - Comprised of high-tech memory foam cushion padding (superior to gel),...
  • Fight Typing Fatigue - Engineered to take weight off the shoulders and arms and reduce muscle strain and...

This one is another keyboard wrist rest from a very well-known brand CushionCare. It also comes with a full ergonomic mouse pad. It provides comprehensive ergonomic wrist support for computer users for a very long time.

This wrist rest pad comes with a memory foam padding, so it feels smooth and ensures comfort. The rubber backing makes sure that the wrist pad stays firm with the surface.

The best tkl wrist rest provides full support while working with the keyboard for a long time. All the materials are of premium quality. There is any possibility of injury while using it, and it comes with very thoughtful design.

This one would be an excellent pick for both office workers and gamers.


It comes with an ergonomic design that prevents carpal tunnel.
It comes with an elegant design.
The rubber backing ensures firmness of it.
It prevents all possible injuries.
It comes with three years warranty.
It provides exceptional control.


The fabric quality is not up to the mark to some users.

Among the best keyboard wrist rests.

HyperX Wrist Rest

HyperX Wrist Rest - Cooling...
  • Cool gel memory foam
  • Stable, anti-slip grip
  • Durable construction with anti-fray stitching

HyperX produces the best quality product and sort of market leader for such a product. They ensure the customers get the most benefit out of their products.

It doesn’t come with a curved design; instead, it is designed as a rectangle. This has allowed the users of it to adjust the posture according to their wishes. It is made of cool gel memory foam. So it is very soft, so it will definitely make it so much comfortable for you.

The users can customize it accordingly. This customization feature is what makes it unique from the rest. It is also very much durable.


It is made of cool gel memory foam. So very comfortable to use.
It comes with a slip grip.
It has an ergonomic design.
It comes with tremendous durability.
It lets a user adjust posture.


Customer service is not up to the mark for some users.

One of the best keyboard wrist rests.

Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest

Glorious PC Gaming Race...
  • Improve your ergonomics with this great addition to your 60%+ keyboard wrist rest, whilst also raising...
  • With a smooth cloth surface, a foam interior and an anti-slip rubber base, this wrist mount measuring at...
  • The sleek black design means that this is a great addition aesthetically to any build set up. No...

If you are a game addict and you spend a lot of time on your keyboard to play games, then this one is for you. It is specially designed for gamers. Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad is a suitable option for you as a gamer.

It comes in different sizes. You pick your suitable size accordingly.

It has a non-skid rubber base that ensures a solid grip. You can hand wash it easily without causing any harm. Moreover, it comes with a one year warranty. That means having any problem within one year; you can replace it.


It is easily hand-washable.
It has a very smooth cloth surface.
It comes in different sizes.
It has a very slim profile design.
It comes with a very firm grip.


Some users may find difficulties while choosing a suitable size and then suffer after the purchase.

Buying Guide for the Best Keyboard Wrist Rest

For every nine to five workers, having a wrist rest is a must. Working for a more extended period can be a genuine concern regarding health.
During the office hours, an employee has no other option regarding that. As an employee, you have to work for hours with your keyboard or the mouse. Within this time, you might need to type a lot. It is needless to say; it could have a severe adverse effect on our body.

It is conventional thinking that typing takes less amount of stress than handwriting. But it can harm significantly if we ignore the impact we are having in our muscles for a long time for it. It will cause significant discomfort and injuries like carpal tunnel.
To avoid all such physical issues having the best keyboard wrist rest is essential.

Keyboard wrist rest is a tool that protects your hand from any discomfort during typing situations. Luckily keyboard wrist rests are not very costly; anyone can afford it pretty quickly. One doesn’t have to give it much thought because of that.
However, there are a few aspects one must consider before making the final buying decision. It will be able to ensure that you are buying the best keyboard wrist available in the market.


Comfort is the primary purpose of having a keyboard wrist rest, isn’t it?

A keyboard wrist rest instantly ensures the comfort of your hand while typing. You don’t have to wait for long to see the ultimate effect after using it. It will lessen the discomfort that you might face while doing the work.

So before buying it, see the reviews from the customers. They are the ones who have already used the products and based on that, they give those reviews. Choose the one with the most positive reviews regarding comfort.

Ergonomic design

This is the recent trend in the office or any workstation to use ergonomic computer products for its health benefits. Now, this is gaining the ultimate momentum these days, and people are also very aware of the benefits of it.

There are even some regions in the world where it is almost mandatory for a company HR to ensure the use of such tools for work. It is essential to keep the staff healthy and happy.

So, while making the buying decision of a keyboard wrist rest, it is crucial to choose the ergonomic one. Considering the recent trend in the online world, it is highly unlikely that the online works are going down anytime soon. Hence, keeping a healthy work station is a must nowadays.


The comfort from a keyboard wrist rest depends a lot on the material that is being used. So be very careful regarding the choice of the material of the keyboard wrist rest.

The material must have a very soft and smooth surface to ensure the comfort of your hands. Mostly the materials which are being used are leathers, rubber, etc. All these are thoughtfully picked to ensure the comfort of yours.


Most of the best keyboard wrist rest has the rubber base that ensures the firmness of it.

For such a keyboard wrist rest will not slip away during working. It is essential, especially when you are working. Try not to have any disturbance while producing good works.

A suitable keyboard wrist rest can ensure such firmness of your hand. Typing will be much easier this way than ever before.


Though this is a cheap product comparatively, it is better to consider the durability of it at the time of buying.

The durability of the keyboard wrist rest will depend mostly on the materials of the product. So choose the product that lasts longer than the rest.

Also, the durability will depend a lot on the ways you use the keyboard wrist rest. A product review of the former buyer can be of great help here as well. So you can get enough ideas about it too.


To ensure the longevity of keyboard wrist rest, make sure it is stain or water-resistant. Such a feature makes it even more long-lasting.

Your keyboard wrist rest will not be harmed in a different environment if the material can survive through this. So this is an essential thing to consider.


The size of the keyboard wrist rest must match with the keyboard size. If the size doesn’t match or close enough, it will make the typing work even more difficult.

The perfect set up with matched components is crucial here to ensure a convenient working environment.

Prevents health-injuries

All health injuries that occur while typing can be lessened by using it. So make sure the keyboard wrist rest serves that purpose well.

So these are some of the prominent criteria that you can consider while picking the best keyword wrist rest.

Frequently Asked Questions about Keyboard Wrist Rest (FAQ)

Are keyboard wrist rests are good?

Yes, it has so many health benefits. By using this, one can avoid different health injuries while typing for a long time.

Why do you need a keyboard wrist rest?

It is better to have a keyboard wrist rest in your computer setup. Definitely, we all need this.
It is necessary, as it makes sure your wrists are in a natural and relaxed position. A keyboard wrist rest is capable of making sure such a state of your hand when you are working.
A keyboard wrist rest inclusion in a computer setup has immense health benefits that one simply can not ignore.

How a keyboard wrist rest can stay firm in a particular place?

It is another vital characteristic to look for in the right keyboard wrist rest. If this is dysfunctional, then the work might hamper.
So most of the keyboard wrist rest has a rubber base. It gives a firm grip to the keyboard wrist rest. That is why the wrist rest remains in the same place. Even while working, it doesn’t get displaced.
It makes the work easier without causing any disturbance. When this rubber base is not available, it makes the keyboard wrist rest almost impossible to stay firm in that definite place.

How to use a keyboard wrist rest?

Some ways make sure the wrist rest is serving well with the keyboard. While using a keyboard wrist, you should be able to move your hand without any complications.
When you are not writing instead resting, then the pad of the wrist rest should contact the palm, not the wrist. This is a perfect way that your hand gets enough comfort and rest.

How to avoid injuries while using a keyboard?

You should consider certain things while working with the keyboard. You should feel relaxed while doing it.
Try to get rest for your hand, fingers, and wrist when you are not typing anything on the keyboard. Because when you are not typing, hovering your hand over the keyboard will pressurize your hand and wrist without unnecessarily.
Always be very mindful of it. Take a break after a specified duration and do some easy hand exercise.