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Best Keyboard Wrist Rests 2024

If there’s an unsung hero on every computer desk it would be the keyboard wrist rest. Whether you’re a gamer or a remote worker, having a good keyboard rest can make all the difference between maximum comfort or a bout with carpal tunnel syndrome.

There is no one size fits all for wrist rests. One user’s ideal wrist rest might not be ideal for another. Perhaps you prefer one made of firm memory foam to one with softer gel. Instead of a higher, cushier structure, perhaps a compact, low-profile design makes you feel better.

Kensington Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest

Kensington Duo Gel Wrist Rest...
  • Gel pillow matches natural curve of wrist and hand for comfortable typing
  • Ventilation channel helps keep hands cool and dry
  • Duo-tone color combination

The Kensington Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest stands out from the crowd of plain, unobtrusive keyboard wrist rests. It is made of two sleek, curving parts, one of which is black and the other of which comes in your choice of blue, red, or gray. It stands out even more thanks to the gel material’s internal sheen.

Practically speaking, the split design generates a ventilation channel through the centre of the device, keeping your hands cool and dry while you type. The gel pillow substance supports your wrists and maintains its shape better than memory foam substitutes, which may flatten over time, making it the best material for a wrist rest. Compared to fabric covers, you can wipe off a plastic surface more easily, and it is also simpler to clean.

You definitely need a wide keyboard, even larger than our 17-inch model, to receive the full benefit; otherwise, your wrists rest on the lower, center channel, which is excessively hard and feels rather like resting against a rubber tire. Although its width prevented us from using it with our laptop because we couldn’t reach the keyboard when we rested on the ends, the bulbous ends were really comfy and kept our wrists straight. This is the Best Keyboard Wrist Rests in 2023.

Gimars Memory Foam Set Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad

Gimars Upgrade Enlarge Silky...
  • MORE COMFORTABLE & SUPPORTIVE; We have newly upgraded the softness of the memory foam in the keyboard...
  • ULTRA THICK & LARGE MEMORY FOAM; 17*3.5*1.2 inches keyboard wrist rest and 6.3*3.3*1.2 inches mouse wrist...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN; The groove design on the mouse wrist rest fits your hand better. No deformation of the...

It’s not a big surprise that the ergonomic keyboard wrist rest from Gimars is a popular option because it offers a strong combination of quality and value. It is tall enough to keep your hands at a natural, comfortable elevation level and long enough to pair well with any full-sized keyboard or laptop. When you lift your hands away, the memory foam material gradually returns to its former shape, offering your wrists plenty of comfort and support. The wrist rest is kept from moving around on your desk by a rough anti-slip gel layer on the bottom. Additional security is provided by small circular stickers that are included. The matching mouse wrist rest raises the product’s value. It’s another useful accessory for using a mouse with your computer and is made of the same supple, breathable cloth.

The curved mouse wrest measures 6′′ by 2.5′′ and has a small profile that measures 16.5′′ by 3.25′′. Each of their bases has a textured anti-slip bottom and is made entirely of rubber, making it flexible and lightweight. The Gimars keyboard wrist rest was the correct length for our 17-inch keyboard, but it was just a little bit too long for our 14-inch laptop.

The top of the rests are constructed of memory foam and covered in lycra that is both breathable and simple to clean. When squeezed, the 3/4″ thick memory foam instantly returns to its original shape. The foam is quite plush and comfortable but hard enough to maintain our wrists’ straightness and our posture. Gimars wrist rests are offered in eleven keyless models and nine different colors and designs. The brand’s earlier model, which had less memory foam, was replaced by the updated model that we reviewed. This is the Best Keyboard Wrist Rest in 2023.

HyperX Wrist Rest

HyperX Wrist Rest - Full Sized...
  • Cool gel memory foam
  • Stable, anti-slip grip
  • Durable construction with anti-fray stitching

PC gaming must meet standards, and comfort and ergonomics while using the keyboard to play games might be just as important as when typing. The gaming-specific keyboard wrist rest is available from the HyperX brand, which is well-known for its accessories.

The HyperX – HX-WR satisfied all of our criteria for a keyboard wrist rest. We discovered that it fits a 14-inch laptop and a 17-inch keyboard extremely well at its dimension of 17.5 inches long and 3.25 inches wide, and that its slender profile makes it perfect for a modest desk or workstation. It hung over our laptop by about 1.5 inches on either end, but it had no effect on typing. A 14.3-inch, tenkeyless variant that fits laptops more precisely is available from HyperX.

The HyperX’s cool gel memory foam construction offers solid support with a little give, making it pleasant to type on a keyboard for extended periods of time. Even on a hot summer day, our wrists didn’t perspire since the cool gel accomplishes its job of keeping the memory foam cool. Additionally, we discovered that its height prevented strain by keeping our wrists and lower part of our hands flat.

One of the best-built wrist rests we tested was the HyperX. Natural rubber, non-slip padding covers the whole length and width of its robust 1/4″ thick base, which is stitched together with industrial quality thread that won’t fray. If you spend all day at your computer, the HyperX is an excellent purchase because it is fairly priced. This is the Best Wrist Rest for Gaming in 2023.

ASUS ROG Gaming Wrist Rest

ASUS ROG Gaming Wrist Rest -...
  • CRAFTED FOR GAMERS - ROG Gaming Wrist Rest sports a matte black minimalist look with a soft foam cushion...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – This wrist pad is built with an elevated angle that keep your hands at a comfortable...
  • DURABLE - This computer wrist rest's leatherette surface offers a soft, smooth feel with splash...

There can occasionally be an emphasis on aesthetics in the world of items made for gamers, sometimes to the expense of a product’s performance. Most of this is incorrect in regards to the ASUS ROG Gaming Wrist Rest.

Due to its high level of endurance, this wrist rest is ideal for those all-too-rare rage-quit situations. It makes use of a raised design that offers comfort out of the box. It can take a little while for you to get the most comfort out of this wrist rest. But this is not a drawback. This implies that over time, the foam cushioning will adapt to the user’s wrist shape.

The leatherette material that covers the padding is one of this wrist rest’s outstanding characteristics. That substance not only makes the rest feel slick, but it also repels liquids. This implies that you could quickly clean it up if you were to drop a drink on it.

You may consider this wrist rest to be a proprietary wrist rest because it is created to match the ROG range of gaming keyboards from ASUS. This is unfortunate because it means that many consumers won’t profit fully from utilizing it. It is not difficult to use it with other keyboards, though. In actuality, this pad works with a wide variety of various brands and models of mechanical keyboards. Instead, it merely indicates that it was created with a particular line of goods in mind.

i-rocks IRC41 Computer Keyboard Wrist Rest

i-Rocks Memory Foam Keyboard...
  • REDUCE WRIST PAIN: Do you spend much time working on your computer or gaming? Then you need this wrist...
  • ALL-DAY SUPPORT: Our durable wrist support for keyboard can assist you for many hours while the soft &...
  • STAYS IN PLACE: Worried about having to keep adjusting your keyboard pad with wrist support? Not anymore;...

Its length (17′′) is suitable for a laptop or a standalone keyboard, but its thickness (2.5′′) is insufficient to provide lower-hand support. The issue appears to be that because the memory foam is bent, you only get 1.5′′ to rest your wrists, which was insufficient to keep our hands straight. Although the wrists were elevated, we still had to reach down to the keyboard, which strains our shoulders and posture and is uncomfortable for extended periods of typing.

Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest for...
  • Plush Leatherette Cushion The memory foam cushion is wrapped in a special leatherette material to reduce...
  • Ergonomic Design An inclined design ensures both long-lasting comfort and an optimized hand resting...
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Feet Non-slip rubber feet ensure the Ergonomic Wrist Rest stays fixed in one place even...

For their premium gaming wrist rests, Razer is very well recognized in the gaming community. However, this shoddy effort falls short of Razer’s reputation. Its dimensions are 14 by 3.5 inches, making it a suitable fit for our laptop but too small for our 17-inch keyboard. For a full-size keyboard, a larger one measuring 17.5 inches wide is available.

This model’s base is made of a thick, hard plastic and has six little rubber feet, but these didn’t stop the rest from rolling back and forth. When we tried to rest our wrists on its thin (1/8′′) memory foam, the foam flattened out and we only felt the hard base. It would be an understatement to say that this was uncomfortable. Razer falsely refers to the wrist rest’s coating as “plush leatherette,” as it is as plush as a pancake. This Razer product is overpriced and poorly constructed for what it is.

JEDIA Keyboard Wrist Rest

JEDIA Keyboard Wrist Rest,...
  • 【Ergonomic Design with Massage Holes】 The keyboard wrist rest is with numerous massage holes and two...
  • 【Comfortable Memory Foam】 Made of premium memory foam and superfine chinlon material, the wrist rest...
  • 【Anti-slip Rubber Base】 Different from other wrist pad with resin bases, ours is with silicone...

The understated but functional keyboard wrist rest by JEDIA is perfect for the majority of workplaces. It is constructed of premium memory foam and coated in a slick chinlon (a type of nylon) fabric. It offers comfort and support that tends toward firmness. This wrist rest is suitable for tiny workspaces with limited space because it is also slimmer and roughly half the height of the standard product on the market.

Additional features include rows of “massage holes” around the top and an anti-slip silicone base that reduces slippage. This design allows air to flow underneath your wrists and hands, which enhances ventilation. When used with full-length keyboards, the JEDIA wrist rests are enormous. Additionally, a reduced length is available that works well with devices without a dedicated number pad. A tiny wrist rest for a mouse is included with both models.

Glorious Gaming Wooden Wrist Rest

Glorious Gaming Wooden Wrist...
  • Dimension: 12x4in | 19mm thick - Fits COMPACT mechanical keyboards
  • Color: Golden Oak (Red / Orange Brown)
  • Made with USA-Grade White Ash hard wood and anti-slip rubber base.

A membrane keyboard, which offers less tactile feedback, is an option for those who prefer to type with more responsive, “clicky” physical keys. The wooden wrist rest from Glorious Gaming can shine because mechanical keyboards require a specific wrist rest to go with them.

Not everyone will like the white ash wood material because it isn’t as soft as foam or gel. Even so, especially for mechanical keyboards, it still offers the ergonomic placement and comfort that wrist rests offer. Rubber pads beneath keep the surface from slipping, and a protective covering maintains the top smooth and sweat-resistant.

The wooden Glorious Gaming rests are available in a range of lengths and are made to suit full-size keyboards, smaller tenkeyless ones (without a number pad), and even more compact sizes. Even a size designed for mouse use is available.

Buying Guide for the Best Keyboard Wrist Rest


Depending on your preferences, the material affects how a rest feels, how much support it offers, and how your wrists are positioned. Soft memory foam padding coated with fabric is seen in many goods. Others utilize a smooth surface, like plastic, with a colder, squishier gel composition inside. Wrist rests made of hardwood or with leather surfaces are more uncommon. The key is frequently to give a product a try and see how it works for you.


It may be difficult to predict how long a wrist rest will last you or how durable it will be, but in general, higher-quality construction and materials cost more. Gel pillows can pierce foam, and foam can flatten or deform. In addition to having coverings with reinforced stitching, some outside surfaces are easier to keep and clean than others. Although comfortable, wooden wrist rests are as robust as they come.


A wrist rest’s size and design are crucial from a functional standpoint since they should direct your body into a specific position. Your hands might be just the proper height for your keyboard if the wrist rest is flatter, but you might need a taller one to keep your wrists raised. If you use a small keyboard or a tenkeyless one without a full number pad, you might choose a wrist rest that is shorter and more closely resembles that size. The majority of wrist rests for keyboards can also be used on laptops, but others are made expressly as a pair of square pads that can be placed right on your computer’s surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are keyboard wrist rests are good?

Yes, it has so many health benefits. By using this, one can avoid different health injuries while typing for a long time.

Why do you need a keyboard wrist rest?

It is better to have a keyboard wrist rest in your computer setup. Definitely, we all need this.
It is necessary, as it makes sure your wrists are in a natural and relaxed position. A keyboard wrist rest is capable of making sure such a state of your hand when you are working.
A keyboard wrist rest inclusion in a computer setup has immense health benefits that one simply can not ignore.

How a keyboard wrist rest can stay firm in a particular place?

It is another vital characteristic to look for in the right keyboard wrist rest. If this is dysfunctional, then the work might hamper.
So most of the keyboard wrist rest has a rubber base. It gives a firm grip to the keyboard wrist rest. That is why the wrist rest remains in the same place. Even while working, it doesn’t get displaced.
It makes the work easier without causing any disturbance. When this rubber base is not available, it makes the keyboard wrist rest almost impossible to stay firm in that definite place.

How to use a keyboard wrist rest?

Some ways make sure the wrist rest is serving well with the keyboard. While using a keyboard wrist, you should be able to move your hand without any complications.
When you are not writing instead resting, then the pad of the wrist rest should contact the palm, not the wrist. This is a perfect way that your hand gets enough comfort and rest.

How to avoid injuries while using a keyboard?

You should consider certain things while working with the keyboard. You should feel relaxed while doing it.
Try to get rest for your hand, fingers, and wrist when you are not typing anything on the keyboard. Because when you are not typing, hovering your hand over the keyboard will pressurize your hand and wrist without unnecessarily.
Always be very mindful of it. Take a break after a specified duration and do some easy hand exercise.