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Best Lacrosse Goggles 2024

STX 4Sight Focus Ti Lacrosse Goggles

STX Lacrosse Focus-S Ti...
  • SEI Certified to meet new 2020 playing rules
  • Titanium cage for high performing strength to weight ratio
  • Minimal double bar design improves visibility

Its high durability, light weight, and comfort, the STX Focus-S Ti Goggle is the best overall goggle on our list. This goggle is also the go-to choice for many Division 1 programs around the country. The cage’s design is clean and simple, providing for excellent visibility and viewing angles.

This model’s durability is unquestionable, since it is constructed with a robust titanium cage that is both tough and remarkably light. Most other goggles are composed of steel, however because titanium is not only stronger but also lighter than steel, the STX Focus-S Ti Goggle is an absolute must-have for any great women’s player.

The disadvantage of these goggles is that they are costly. The greatest quality materials are usually associated with the highest price, and this is no exception.

Overall, if you aren’t on a budget and just want the best product on the market, go no further than this incredible alternative.

CASCADE LX Women’s Lacrosse Headgear

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Look no farther than the Cascade LX Headgear if you want ultimate protection on the lacrosse field. Unlike typical goggles, this headgear from the most well-known helmet manufacturer in the game today covers a larger portion of your head and provides significantly more protection.

This type is engineered to absorb impact and reduce the risk of major head injuries while providing maximum comfort. The steel mask is designed to give superior protection while allowing for maximum visibility thanks to its unique ergonomic shape.

It’s easier to relieve facial pressure from a tight strap around your head if the goggles are integrated in rather than just strapped to your head. This device is designed to accommodate any player, with a rear adjustable strap, twin hair slots, and interchangeable cheek pads. Large air vents on the sides of the helmet were also designed to provide for optimal breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Some of the disadvantages of this type include the fact that it is far more expensive than simply purchasing a pair of goggles, and it is somewhat less comfortable. In essence, you’re giving up movement and comfort in exchange for safety.

However, if this makes you feel more at ease on the field, you could be less hesitant to maintain running full speed while catching a pass or to avoid that aggressive defender.

STX Lacrosse Womens 4Sight Plus Adult Lacrosse Goggles

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The STX 4Sight Plus is the the best goggles for prescription glasses because the eye protection glasses fit comfortably into the glasses and always offer great visibility. The glasses are inviolable and have an incredible headband that prevents the eyes from sweating. The headband can also be washed. Protective padding for eyebrows, as well as facial padding for eye protection, are included. The padding is moisture resistant, and the glasses are cut into pieces, the pieces are cut into pieces, the pieces are cut into pieces, the pieces are made into pieces, the pieces are made into pieces.

The STX 4Sight Plus adult glasses meet all ASTM F8-03 standards as well as American lacrosse standards. These eye protection glasses will protect all prescription glasses from damage. They adjust to fit each player precisely and are great specs for all games. As important as eye and eye protection is, so is the maximum visibility of the player. The STX 4 seat plus adult glasses are perfect for these reasons and much more. These are eye protection goggles that everyone chooses wearing prescription goggles. They are comfortable and do not slip on the glasses, which is a must for wearers.

The STX 4 seat glasses are affordable, reliable, and provide great protection with an elegant look. It has an oval-shaped wire structure for improved visibility and impact resistance. And a contoured silicone design that follows to make your face shape fit and easy to clean. You will find a variety of colors to choose from, which makes it possible to adapt your mask to your jersey.

This Goggle will not slide if it fits perfectly with your face. It is light, tight, and protects from reflections or reflections. This makes it the ultimate lacrosse mask. The STX 4 seat is a custom fit, and it can be used by both beginners and professionals. It meets all ASTM F803-03 rules for American Lacrosse and offers a great quality/price ratio. However, due to its slim fit, it is not ideal for players to wear glasses over prescription glasses.

STX Lacrosse Womens 4Sight Plus Adult Lacrosse Goggles is the Best Lacrosse Goggles in 2022

Bangerz HS-OTG Googles

Bangerz HS-OTG Googles...
  • ✅ MAXIMUM SUPPORT PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR – Wide vision OTG Googles with crystal-clear polycarbonate...
  • ✅ SUPPORTS HIGH IMPACT SPORTS – Versatile over glasses eyeguard protects against eye injuries,...
  • ✅ ANTI-SHOCK | SHATTER RESISTANT EYE GUARD – Lightweight High impact, one-piece shatter-resistant...

It is a protective mask with shatterproof glasses with high impact. The Bangerz HS-OTG glasses give optimal vision without the usual wires or metal frames and come with an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating. These are designed with a small lining in the nasal area to avoid discomfort. The glasses lenses are colored rainbow to protect against the sun’s UVA / UVB rays.

It has adjustable and washable headbands that prevent sweat accumulation and facilitate cleaning after each match. This product complies with ASTM F2713-09 and ASTM F803-03 regulations regarding lacrosse and field hockey in the United States. It has polycarbonate lenses that can withstand the force of an unbreakable and high impact.

Most lacrosse glasses are designed with vision and comfort in mind, protecting the nose is a thought. Most lacrosse glasses designs for women will not protect your nose regardless. If a player hits a ball or a stick in the face, the nose will probably be damaged regardless of the type of glasses the player is wearing. There are goggles for those who have suffered from nasal injuries in the past to reduce potential nasal injuries. These Bangerz lacrosse glasses are perfect for preventing nose injuries and fit into your lacrosse glasses. Anti-fog, so no fogging or itching here! It is a superior product at a reasonable price. However, some have complained that its anti-fog coating can go wrong when wet.

Bangerz HS-OTG Googles is the Best Lacrosse Goggles in 2022

STX Lacrosse Focus-S Goggle

STX Lacrosse Focus-S Goggle,...
  • SEI Certified to meet new 2020 playing rules
  • Steel cage for strength and protection
  • Minimal double bar design improves visibility

The Focus-S model meets all the requirements of the 2022 rules for ASTM requirements for lacrosse glasses from NOCSAE SEI certification! So basically, STX parts are all approved in Lacrosse Court! From the manufacturer, however, they have changed a bit compared to previous versions.

The lightweight frame is only available in one color – black. Fortunately, it’s a basic color that everyone likes silicone padding fits perfectly with the head and is comfortable. There is also plenty of visibility when you wear this protective device on your head. With all these features, it does not surprise us that many players say that they are satisfied with this choice. We are not saying that this product is bad, but on the contrary, its features are also good and you will feel comfortable and safe while wearing it!

STX Lacrosse Focus-S Goggle is the Best Lacrosse Goggles in 2022

Why do you need Lacrosse Goggles?

Lacrosse is a very intense and fast game. As soon as the players pass the stick, they go down to the field with catches in search of the target. The ball travels at high speed, and there is no decision as to where the ball will end. However, in the version of the game, women wear less padding. Still, the face and eye protection are essential, lacrosse goggles are an important part of the required uniform. A good lacrosse mask needs to be adjusted properly to ensure an adequate level of protection. The glasses should never be too loose but should be snatched around the head directly over the eyes. The glasses certainly offer great visibility.

Protecting your vision while making sure you look good enough to play the game is what you need when choosing a pair of lacrosse glasses. The glasses you choose should be light and comfortable while covering enough area. These include covering the cheeks and eyebrows while keeping the nose intact. There is a good reason for this. The glasses are easy to move and have a full effect on your nose, causing serious damage. These should be thrown at the browns and cheeks, but not so tight that they will feel uncomfortable to wear.

Every player must wear defensive equipment, and goggles are important. However, you need to wear the glasses properly as you can accidentally harm yourself. Lacrosse has caused many eye injuries on the playground due to not using eye protection equipment. With the invention of lacrosse glasses, the number of eye injuries has decreased, which shows that the use of lacrosse glasses plays an important role in protecting your eyes during practice and play. Do not play lacrosse without any lacrosse goggles.

What to look for when buying the best lacrosse goggles?


Lacrosse glasses are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Whichever one you choose, you need to make sure that you have found one that fits you perfectly without visual impairment. Whatever you drink, whether it’s a plastic or metal cage, you need to make sure it meets ASTM standards and stays in shape without moving sideways towards your eyes.


Durability and immobility are an essential feature that you should check the lacrosse glasses you are going to buy. The mask should have everything necessary to resist high speed, which often happens in sports games where lacrosse is not a discount.

Most glasses come with a titanium wire cage or polycarbonate lens, and it is enough to protect your eyes with the help of the whole part or silicone frame, which makes the lens comfortable to wear. In addition to protecting your eyes from comfort, all you need from glasses is to consider the durability of Google to find out if it has everything to withstand the inconveniences of lacrosse.


In addition to the important purpose of protecting the eye from injury, the lacrosse mask gives each player a better view of the field. Note that polycarbonate glasses help to reduce visual disturbances and reduce the exposure and exposure to UV rays.


Adults and young people should make sure that the lacrosse glasses they receive are light and comfortable to use. Choose stock goggles made from materials like silicone and moisture-resistant padding for great sports goggles. The ingredient helps to eliminate sweat, helps achieve optimal vision, and prevents the spread of bacteria.


Spectacular frames are a common decision for some players due to the high-quality visibility and light cut. Although this style of eye protection is more similar to a hockey veil than a few goggles, it provides adequate access for lacrosse players and, as a rule, can be used even with standard goggles.

Polycarbonate lenses are then taken almost immediately after diving or ski cover. These are a regularly preferred style to combine with prescription glasses, as they help prevent scratches and arched arms on annoying surfaces.

Whatever design you choose, make sure it doesn’t interfere with your line of sight or peripherals. If you have the opportunity, try looking at your glasses before you buy them. The main thing that is more frightening than eye damage is the limited view of the field.


The padding of lacrosse glasses is mainly made of rubber, silicone, or foam. It is advisable to opt for padding that is fast enough to absorb the effects and will not move if you put it in your eyes. Make sure you get glasses with antimicrobial padding, water-resistant, and easy to wash. Make sure you can count your glasses regardless of the severity of the weather or the sweat that can match you.