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Best Lacrosse Helmets 2024

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If you want a beautiful helmet, you need to buy your Cascade CPX-R helmet, and it is a lacrosse helmet with a matte finish and chrome color. This helmet is made for adult players. It is extremely regular and will keep you safe during play. The helmet has a SevenTechnology padding system that helps you manage the impact forces due to the revolutionary impact weak system responsible for the transfer helps smooth effect through the helmet.

The Cascade CPX-R helmet construction combines a chin system, a visor, and a mask to provide the player with the outline and better visibility they need to adapt to any game. The system is designed to help you develop endurance after continuous impacts because it transfers the influential energy that the helmet itself carries.

The materials give the helmet great durability. Therefore, you can rely on it to stay comfortable and be safe for a while. With the available D30 and EVA foam materials, you can enjoy more comfort and protection. Not to mention, a Surefit air liner is also included. This feature allows you to wear a helmet with a more personalized feel. It works well to match your head’s shape, making it more natural to wear and penetrate. The TPU pads that are installed are available next to the helmet. These enhance the comfort factor by making sure the helmet fits you.

The Cascade R series also uses a Swiss precision ratchet or an SPR mounting ratchet for its headgear attachment system, enhancing player performance and evolution over the next few years. This lacrosse helmet is very popular, and due to its many practical features, it presents great value for money.

Regarding the price-performance ratio, we are not sure if any helmet can do much more for this price. Incredible comfort around your head, and it’s so easy to put on and off. The customizable tool fits most head sizes.


A higher power displacement system
Interior liners that are compressed to absorb shock
Customizable fit
Brings the whip of the chin


Comes in one form

Cascade R Matte Helmet Chrome Mask

Cascade Lacrosse Helmet, upgraded version of Pro 7. Like other cascade products, cascades and helmets are equipped with Seventechnology technology, which can spread impact energy. Thus, it acts as a great shock absorber to protect users from fatal injuries. Meanwhile, Poron XRD foam handles low energy effects and provides a comfortable experience.

Also, Cascade R is equipped with a high-quality shell, Supermono R Shell. The one-piece design creates a powerful system that can withstand the impact of the front and distribute energy around the body. Also, a whip strap extending over the ear can protect the core area from the damage. Finally, the Hardtail SPRFIT adjustment system is the most notable feature of this 5-star helmet. This is an occipital cushion that can be adjusted with one hand to make you fit perfectly.


Seventechnology for effective shock absorption
Poron XRD foam provides extra comfort and disperses the effects of low energy
Hardtail SPRFit adjustment system for a perfect fit


Price increase
There is only one size

No products found.

No products found.

This is a great lacrosse helmet for women with a flexible outer covering that provides full protection for the head. In addition to being long-lasting and a great head guard, it offers an optimized line for viewing players with zero potential blind spots.

The Cascade LX Women’s Lacrosse Helmet features Poron XRD technology, which allows the linear force of point impact to be uniformly distributed. And it’s equipped with an adjustable strap to hold the helmet and three interchangeable cheek pads to make sure it doesn’t slip during the game. Since it contains women’s lacrosse headgear, you will find two rear slits for different hairstyles and lengths for comfortable wear and a suitable fit.

The helmet comes with strategic vents, the only function of keeping your head pleasantly cool and comfortable during the game. By keeping your head well protected, you can focus on winning the game. With LX Women’s Lacrosse Helmet, you don’t have to worry. It has an integrated Google system – a one-piece design that removes all kinds of facial stress.


Poron XRD for maximum comfort which spreads the effect
Suitable for different hairstyles and lengths
Strategic vents to keep cool heads
Integrated glasses system to avoid facial pressure
The facial mask is made from high-quality steel material


Not unisex

How to Choose the Best Lacrosse Helmets?


It is important to consider the components of the helmet shell when buying a lacrosse helmet. Different lacrosse helmets with different shell materials are available in the market. Usually, you want a helmet that is both light and strong. Thus, the shell material of a good helmet must be durable so that it can withstand the effects of collisions during play.

It should be light enough that you can wear it easily without getting tired General In general, good lacrosse helmets come with ABS shells that provide both of the above features.


The mask is the area of ​​the lacrosse helmet that is directly in front of your face. A face mask protects your face from any direct injury during the game. Most lacrosse helmets come with a face mask with bars that ensure the lacrosse ball does not hit your face.

If you carry more masks, this mask offers better protection, but it is heavier and further obstructs your vision line. Mask with fewer bars will be lighter and give a better view of the terrain.


The lacrosse helmet aims to protect your head and your face, including the chin. Most helmets come with a chin strap that helps you secure the helmet securely to your head. Many helmets also have an extra chin to protect your chin from injury.

If you are looking for good protection in the field, choose a lacrosse helmet with chin rest. Make sure your chin straps fit properly when wearing a helmet. If you wear the helmet incorrectly, your chin can interfere with your vision and affect your performance.


The lining is the material used inside the shell of the lacrosse helmet. This is the material between you and the helmet shell. It depends on the liner to hear the shock of the effects of the collision during the game.

A good lining is a dazzling shock absorber and ensures that there is little or no impact from player collisions. A good lacrosse helmet usually packs a lining material that is able to compress the impact and absorb the shock, then shrink immediately to protect the player again. Provides shock absorption capacity with


The main purpose of a lacrosse helmet is simply to protect your head and face. Thus, the helmet must be durable and strong to withstand the effects of collisions on the ground.

A good helmet is a durable material and a good balance between a light body. Make sure the helmet is not too heavy; otherwise, your neck will start to feel unnecessarily tired, and you will not be able to wear the helmet during the whole game. So don’t forget to buy a durable helmet but at the same time, light enough to read easily for the duration of the game.


It is important to look for the right size helmet. If you want to use a lacrosse helmet to protect yourself, it must fit your head perfectly. Many companies provide helmets with an inner lining that automatically adapts to the player’s head signals.

If you choose one of these helmets, give it a try before buying it. The size and fit of the helmet are important because a loose helmet will bother you and not provide adequate protection. So if you want to use the helmet to protect yourself during lacrosse games, get a helmet that fits you perfectly.


When you wear a helmet, your field of vision is naturally limited when you don’t. So this is a compromise that you must make in exchange for the protection provided by the helmet. When using a lacrosse helmet, try to find a balance in a good line for vision and protection.


The comfort level of the lacrosse helmet is also an important element for you as a player. You will wear your helmet for the duration of the game. So it has to be comfortable enough not to bother you during the match.

As a rule, a lacrosse helmet is comfortable, well lined with its interior padding. Other factors contributing to the comfort of lacrosse helmets include proper fit, light body, and heat-resistant shell material.


One of the main reasons you use headphones in Lacrosse is to protect your head. So a helmet that does not provide a strong degree of protection is not good. Make sure it is strong enough to withstand the abuse you will face in court when you buy a lacrosse helmet.

Most lacrosse helmets come with specific certifications that prove they can protect the wearer well. For example, NOCSAE certification. If a helmet has this certificate, it means it has passed several tests and provides good protection.