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Best Micro-ATX Cases 2024

You have a few alternatives for the size of motherboard and chassis you can choose if you want to build a compact form-factor gaming PC. Micro-ATX is one of the more cost-effective form factors. Micro-ATX cases are slightly smaller than regular ATX mid-tower cases but slightly larger than the popular mini-ITX systems.

The advantage of mATX enclosures and motherboards is that they are often less expensive than mini-ITX cases and motherboards. Because of its increased price, many gamers on a tight budget are unable to purchase a mini-ITX case and motherboard. There are, however, many micro-ATX enclosures and motherboards available for a fraction of the price.

Fractal Design Node 804

Fractal Design Node 804 No...
  • Case Type: MicroATX Cube Case
  • Material: Aluminum / Steel
  • Internal Bay: 8x 3.5", 4x 2.5" or up to 10x 3.5", 2x 2.5" HDD/SSD

Fractal Design Node 804 is a popular Micro-ATX Case that offers excellent thermal performance and offers incredible storage capacities for this size of box. If you want to build a small but capable file server or serious gaming rig, there is no better chassis than this. Its minimalist design makes it the perfect setting for a living room or office, while its build quality and sturdy steel frame ensure longevity. When it comes to specs, the Fractal Design Node 804 offers eight 3.5-inch bays and four 2.5-inch bays, as well as excellent cooling options with support for 10 fans or four 240-inch radiators. mm.

The Node 804 by Fractal Design is a cubic enclosure with a minimalist black body, giving you the impression of a gigantic speaker placed under your desk. Despite the loss in height, the Node 804 can accommodate graphics cards as small as 12.6 inches and case fans as small as 6.3 inches. The holder for liquid cooling solutions is there too and you can easily insert a liquid cooler less than 11 inches. The Node 804 also offers enough space and headroom for users to build a high-end system indoors. Supports graphics cards up to 12.6 “long and CPU coolers up to 6.3″ high. You can also fit liquid-cooled radiators up to 280mm in length in this case, so if you want to put a high-end AIO cooler on it or install custom liquid cooling, you should be able to do that. .

The main reason it is more expensive than other cube style housings on the market is its rugged build quality. Node 804 was made of aluminum and steel. Like most micro-ATX cases, it supports micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboard types. Another factor that drives up its price is its internal storage bay. You can store up to eight 3.5-inch and four 2.5-inch storage devices, or 10 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch storage devices. Fractal Design Node 804 is one of the Best Micro-ATX Cases in 2023.

Phanteks EVOLV mATX Case

Phanteks (PH-ES314ETG_BK)...
  • Aluminum body (3mm). Clean interior – Hidden PSU/HDD/Cables. RGB LED illumination. Dual Tempered Glass...
  • Magnetic Tempered Glass Panels on hinges. Quick release panels for easy access. Removable dust filters....
  • Phanteks Premium fans 140mm. 26mm cable management space + additional cable compartment in bottom....

Phanteks PH-ES314ETG_AG EVOLV may not be one of the cheapest chassis you can find on the market, but it is certainly one of the most attractive. With RGB lighting and double tempered glass panels, this case turns every computer setup into an attractive product. In addition to the impressive looks, Phanteks PH-ES314ETG_AG EVOLV also offers some equally great features that fully justify its somewhat steep price. Roomy with plenty of room for large components and easy placement, including 192mm CPU coolers, this chassis is perfect for any serious gamer. When we also add that this case supports up to six 120mm or five 140mm fans and allows the installation of any liquid cooling solution of your choice, its usability for gaming is further increased.

This stylish Micro-ATX case from Phanteks helps give a micro-ATX case a premium look and feel. This case has several component holders and many features to get you started. This case also supports radiators up to 360mm for gamers who want to get the most out of their computer. This tempered glass case may be small, but it packs a lot of oomph and will look great on your desk. It comes with a tempered glass panel and side, and you can fit 7.6-inch tall CPU coolers inside. EVOLV mATX comes with removable dust filters, making cleaning easy. It is also ready for liquid cooling. Supports radiators up to 11 inches on the top and 14 inches on the front panel. The case comes in three different styles and accommodates six fans.

This micro ATX case also has a capacity of less than 42 liters, and it supports video cards up to 319mm (slightly smaller than the Obsidian Series 350D) and CPU coolers up to 192mm high, which means no you will just opt ​​for a low profile CPU cooler. Water cooling is also supported and 360mm radiators will work, which means this micro ATX case is perfect for those who want to cool their build with water. The case is certainly heavy at 9 kg, and that’s the price to pay for choosing an aluminum and tempered glass case! Also, the Enthoo Evolv TG doesn’t have soundproofing or USB Type-C, but other than that, it’s hard to mess with that great Micro ATX case. Phanteks EVOLV mATX is one of the Best Micro-ATX Cases for Gaming in 2023.

Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1 Micro-ATX Tower

Cooler Master MasterBox Lite...
  • Dark Mirror front panel
  • Customizable trim colors
  • Full black coating

Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1 TG is one of the best Micro-ATX case for gaming. Cooler Master makes great PC cases and their MasterBox Lite 3.1 is certainly no exception. The MasterBox Lite 3.1 brings a whole new meaning to space management. It uses modular elements in the design to give you more space to incorporate larger components. Measuring 456mm x 208mm x 381mm and just under 9 pounds, this is one of the most compact and lightweight models available. The Lite 3.1 can accommodate graphics cards as large as 14.9 inches and CPU coolers as tall as 6.2 inches. Essentially, that means you can build the highest end possible with a single GPU system in this budget case, as it will fit even the best GPUs and coolers on the market.

The design and spacing are admirable and the tempered glass side panel is a huge PRO. Not only is it fully compatible with most components such as long graphics cards, but it also has great cable management with multiple cutouts in the motherboard tray. The hard drive cage is at the bottom where it will be very easy to install the hard drive and the front panel design is beautiful. The case, however, comes with a single 120mm fan on the back for the exhaust which is only an LED version and is not a cheap fan, but a very good fan for removing heat. inside. The case supports two more 120mm fans on the front and since the front panel is transparent, you can clearly see the LED lights on the fan.

In terms of size, the Lite 3.1 will support a 158mm cooler and a 380mm (15-inch) GPU. It supports a 240mm radiator in the front without problem. One cool little feature of the Lite 3.1 is its customizable setting. It comes with 3 ready-to-use options (red, black, white) but Cooler Master has released the cropping schemes so you can easily 3D print yours, assuming you have access to a 3D printer.

The front panel looks like a solid piece of metal or plastic, but is actually an additional window that has been stained very dark. This provides a soft light effect to RGB lights or fans that you place behind. The case also has a customizable border that can be switched between a few different colors, adding to the custom look of this case. That said, looking good at such a low price comes at another cost. Masterbox Lite severely lacks drive bay and front I / O options compared to most other cases. There is only room for a single 2.5-inch drive and up to two 3.5-inch bays. Additionally, the front I / O only includes two USB ports, of which only one is USB 3.0.

Thermaltake Level 20 VT

Thermaltake Level 20 VT...
  • CLEAR VIEW - Four 4mm thick tempered glass panels protect the chassis while providing easy access to the...
  • COMPACT DESIGN - Supporting mini ITX and Micro ATX motherboards
  • INTERCHANGEABLE PANEL DESIGN - Change configuration to fit your needs with Symmetrical panels (Top, Sides...

If you’re looking for a case that looks like you’ve ventured into the next century, the Thermaltake Level 20 VT is for you. The whole range of Level 20 suitcases from Thermaltake are unique and functional, and that’s no different for the VT. The Level 20 VT is almost entirely made of glass, so the effect is something like a showcase for your PC. The case has a ton of space inside with support for graphics cards up to 13.8 inches long and CPU coolers up to 7.3 inches tall. Both of these represent enough clearance to accommodate just about any graphics card or air-conditioned processor cooler on the market today. The case also has a ton of support for liquid cooling as well as room for radiators up to 280mm long. You can even install two 240mm radiators on the top panel of the case.

It comes pre-installed with a large 200mm fan on the front. If you want, you can replace it with 2x120mm or 2x140mm fans. There are mounting holes on the top for 4x120mm or 2x140mm fans. The bottom allows the mounting of 2x120mm fans but does not have a dust filter, which is a shame. The rear can hold a 120mm or 140mm fan. In this case, a total of up to nine fans can be installed.

There is a power supply cover that also houses three 3.5-inch tool-less drive caddies. At the back of this lower chamber are three 2.5-inch SSD trays that you can slide sideways to any position in case you need more space for cables. The bottom panel is removable to facilitate the installation of these devices. However, cable management is a problem. While it looks neat on the motherboard camera when viewed from the top, it’s a bit of a mess on the left side near the GPU. It becomes an unsightly rat nest inside the power supply fairing and is visible through the glass, especially on the left side panel.

This case has tempered glass on the top, front, and on both sides of the frame. This gives you the flexibility to view your footage from almost any angle and it looks great with RGB lighting and additional fans. Aside from getting good marks on looks, this case impresses in other areas as well, including front I / O and storage. Having four USB ports, some of them 3.0, is pretty good for a case of this size. Additionally, there are up to three 3.5-inch bay slots and three 2.5-inch drive bays that provide pretty good storage at that size.

CORSAIR Crystal 280X RGB Micro-ATX Case

  • Massive cooling potential with room for up to six 120mm cooling fans, or a 240mm radiator in the top,...
  • Two included CORSAIR LL120 RGB fans boast a total of 32 individually customizable LEDs, controlled by an...
  • Three stunning tempered glass panels put your system on display like no other Micro-ATX case

Corsair Crystal 280X is another solid cube-style micro-ATX case. The 280X has an attractive design thanks in part to its three tempered glass panels (one on top, one on the front and one on the side) and all black colourways. It also has decent interior space, thanks to its double-chamber design. The case can hold graphics cards up to 11.8 inches and CPU coolers as high as 5.9 inches. It also has space for liquid-cooled radiators up to 240mm at the top, front or bottom of the case.

With excellent build quality, an outstanding appearance which is in part the result of using three tempered glass panels, and due to its large feature list, this case offers everything the micro-ATX or mini case offers. Premium ITX should deliver. Rather unusual for such a small product: This case offers a ton of space, enough for many full-size components, including 12-inch-long graphics cards, one full-size PSU, up to two 3 drives , 5 “and three 2.5” and much more.

CORSAIR Crystal 280X not only offers great features such as excellent cable management or good cooling thanks to its support for six 120mm fans or three 240mm radiators, but also quiet operations and even if it’s expensive, great value for money. If you want a small, sleek device that delivers great performance at the same time, CORSAIR Crystal 280X is more than a nice option.

Thermaltake Versa H15

Thermaltake Versa H15 SPCC...
  • Ideal for home computer builder Intel and AMD PC systems; Cooling System: Turbo fan (1000rpm, 16dBA)
  • Perforated top panel build for optimized heat ventilation and rapid air intake
  • Equipped with 1 x 120 millimeter rear turbo fan with optional 2 x 120 millimeter intake fan

Thermaltake Versa H15 is the cheapest Micro-ATX Case on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad option. It only comes with a preinstalled fan, but it gives you the option to add up to four more later. The design is minimalist and the front panel is fully perforated for excellent air intake and dust-free airflow, and the vented top adds extra space for air circulation.

The H15 supports mini-ITX and micro-ATX motherboards and comes pre-equipped with a 120 millimeter fan. There are four drive bays, which should be enough for the storage needs of most gamers. As for graphics cards, you can use ones that are up to 12.4 inches long. Your chosen CPU cooler should be no larger than 6.10 inches. All of the case panels support the addition of a radiator, leaving plenty of room for customization.

The Thermaltake Versa H15 is a sleek aluminum Micro-ATX tower that features a small footprint and a loaded interior. Setup is a breeze thanks to the tool-less design, and it’s the perfect starter box for new PC builders and casual gamers. Modular design works perfectly alongside 4 drive bays, and the included 120mm fan is ideal for a variety of gaming versions

NZXT H400i

NZXT H400i - Micro ATX PC...
  • Motherboard support: MicroATX and Miniitx

The NZXT H400i offers a bit more space than average micro-ATX cases and has two RGB LEDs, which you can adjust. Excellent performance, a sleek design, included RGB controls and fans, and a competitive price make the H400i an excellent choice for MicroATX builders. The case gets a bit noisy with the fans running at full speed and there are no USB-C ports on the front panel. But if those shortcomings seem reasonable to you and your motherboard is smaller than the full-size ATX, this case should be on your shortlist.

The Micro-ATX Case can also hold up to five different fans and can hold a smaller AIO cooler (120mm or 140mm) at the front or rear of the case. NZXT has also ensured that an integrated system within the H400i runs as quietly as possible thanks to its ‘Adaptive Noise Reduction’ design. Overall, the H400i is one of the best small form factor cases in the market period, not to mention one of the best micro-ATX cases. So if you’re looking for a solid mATX case and have a budget that the H400i can accommodate, it’s at least worth considering.

The case is compatible with Micro-ATX and Mini-ATX motherboards and includes quality of life features like a digital fan controller, in addition to its noise reduction technology. Its pre-installed channels and straps make cable management a seamless process and should guide you in building a less cluttered PC. Cable management is provided on the left side near the front panel and under the power supply cover that faces the rear of the motherboard. However, it would take a bit of effort to bend the thick cables of a modular power supply due to the small space, but that shouldn’t be a problem once you’ve done it.

Lian Li 205M

Lian Li microATX Mid-Tower...
  • Computer case with clean aesthetic. Dimensions: 8.2 x 16.3 x 15.7inch. Steel front panel/main structure...
  • Gaming PC Case with tempered glass side panel allows for a great view of your RGB components. Motherboard...
  • Mid-Tower Chassis with ease installation design - Removable SSD mounting brackets and bottom side panel...

The Lian Li 205M is the perfect case for individuals who want a case that looks trendy and expensive without breaking the bank. It’s ideal for individuals who want to build their first computer. Because this case features a tempered glass side panel, you can readily see the components of your computer. Micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards are supported. Because the side and front panels are removable, you can quickly swap out some of your drives even after you’ve finished assembling your PC.

Because there is extra room behind the point where you attack the motherboard, you will have the option to organise your wires regardless of the size of your motherboard. The case comes with two 120 mm fans pre-installed and can accommodate two 120 mm fans and two 240 mm radiators. Two USB 3.0/3.1 ports, a power button, a reset button, an audio jack, a mic jack, and LED indications for power and HDD are all located on the top of the chassis.

BitFenix Prodigy M

BitFenix Micro ATX, Mini-ITX...
  • Steel, Plastic
  • Motherboard Sizes: Micro ATX, Mini-ITX
  • USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio

The BitFenix Prodigy M features the same trademark BitFenix Prodigy design as its mini-ITX sibling, but in a slightly larger format. The case comes in a variety of colours, including orange, green, and plain white, and it has front and back handles to make it simpler to move about.

The Prodigy M can accommodate graphics cards up to 12.6 inches long and CPU coolers up to 6.3 inches height for clearance. It can also accommodate up to five fans (two of which are preinstalled on the bottom and back of the chassis), as well as a 120mm or 140mm radiator.

The Prodigy M is also one of the smaller micro-ATX cases on this list, so if you want to construct a small gaming PC, this is a good choice. Finally, if you like the Bitfenix Prodigy design, the Prodigy M comes in at a reasonable price (when compared to the competition), is one of the most compact mATX alternatives available, and comes in a variety of colour schemes to help you find the appropriate match for your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if My Case Is ATX or Micro ATX?

There are no universal case measurements, determining what your case is made for can be difficult; nonetheless, there is one sure-fire technique to determine this.

It’s an ATX case if it can fit a full-sized ATX board inside. It’s a Micro ATX case if it only fits a Micro ATX motherboard. That’s all there is to it. If you’re still unsure, seek up the product on the internet and see what the manufacturer has to say about it.

Do ATX Cases Support Micro ATX?

For all you aspiring minimalists out there, we have some excellent news. A Micro ATX board will work in a full-size ATX case, yes.

Backward compatibility was a major consideration during the Micro ATX board development process. They have a subset of the mounting points present on a conventional ATX motherboard, and the I/O interface is equivalent to the ATX format, ensuring that no ports are blocked or difficult to reach when installed in a full ATX case.

Furthermore, most Micro ATX motherboards use the same power connectors as their larger siblings, allowing you to use your full-sized power supply with your little motherboard. So, save some money and get your Micro ATX board first, then treat yourself to a case that fits the Micro ATX form factor when you have the funds.