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5 Best Monitor Arms 2024

EVEO Premium Monitor Arm Desk Mount

EVEO Premium Single Monitor...
  • Premium Monitor Arm Desk Mount, vesa mount - for a clean and organized workspace. EVEO Monitor arm...
  • 5 Minutes Installation - monitor mount Easy to Install - Don’t worry about having to call your coworker...
  • Have It Your Way - EVEO premium VESA mount, monitor arm desk mount, monitor mount comes with a spring...

The EVEO Premium Monitor Arm is a heavy-duty and durable monitor arm. It comes in two models: single-arm and dual-arm. This monitor arm is easy to install and gives your desk a very professional look. As the monitor is attached to the arm, it quickly reduces the unwanted mess from your desk space and provides additional space. This monitor arm is compatible with monitors that are up to 32 inches. You can install it all by yourself and don’t need any professional help.
The EVEO comes with two types of attachment: desk clamp and grommet. This mount stand features a removable arm and spring system. It allows the user to position their screens at an ideal angle. It has a 360° rotation.

It has an additional feature that provides the user to tilt the mounted screen 5° forward and 70° backward. Monitors are placed far away and at lower angles form your sitting position. The EVEO gives you the perfect angle between you and the monitor. It prevents neck and spinal pain. It is the best investment for your workspace and won’t disappoint you in the long run.


Easy to install
It has single and dual-arm models
Clamp and grommet
Built-in springe gauge
Quick-release plate
Keeps the desk space clean and organized


The instruction manual might be tricky to understand

Best monitor arm in 2023.

Ergotron LX Desk Monitor Arm

Ergotron – LX Premium...
  • Broad compatibility: Fits large, single screens up to 34 inches diagonal and 7 to 25 pounds; compatible...
  • Multiple mounting options: Includes arm, extension, base, 13-inch pole, plus two-piece desk clamp for...
  • Workspace adaptability: Raise your productivity and increase your workstation’s flexibility with 13...

Ergotron LX Desk Monitor Arm is the best value and durable monitor arm available. It has a sleek and elegant design. It is easy to install, and you don’t need any mechanical skills. The monitor arm is a very beneficial addition to your workspace as it helps clean the mess off your table and looks very professional. Ergotron LX Desk Monitor Arm offers easy adjustment according to the ease of the user. Arm extends up to 25 inches and lifts to 13 inches. The arm is made of aluminum that makes it durable and sturdy. The 360-degree rotation screen plate lets you find the perfect angle between you and the monitor.

Ergotron LX monitor mount helps to prevent back pain, neck strain, and spinal ache. It can hold up to 34 inches screen and can be stored easily in cabinets. The LX Monitor Arm has two types of screen adjustment styles: desk clamp and grommet msurfaceounts. The arm is long and extends enough that makes it easy to use your computer while standing. Spending many hours working on their computers will give you back and neck pain. This arm will help reduce their back and neck pain to negligible levels. It is the best monetary investment you could make, and it won’t disappoint you.


Desk clamp and grommet
Easy to install
360 degrees rotation and tall pole
Neat cable management system


It doesn’t come with extra screws

Best monitor arm.

North Bayou Monitor Arm

NB North Bayou Monitor...
  • ☑Universal: Fits computer monitor within 4.4 to 19.8 lbs, Which mean it can work for most of 17~30 inch...
  • ☑Full motion and more Adjustable: The monitor can be rotated and tilted effortlessly in any direction,...
  • ☑85% Sturdier than similar product: Heavy-duty construction and super quality materials Built in...

This monitor arm helps in creating additional space on your desks and helps you work on your computers for an hour without any back pain. The North Bayou is a fully extendable arm that allows its users to work in a calm environment and also increases their productivity.
This is a single monitor arm and can lift to 17-27-inches of the monitor. It has a built-in gas-shunt that allows you to adjust the perfect position of the screen. The arm can extend up to 21-inches forward.
The triple monitor mount has a forward and backward tilt mechanism. The 360-degree rotation offers you to set the screen according to your working style. The computer monitor arm comes with two installation styles: edge and grommet.
The tilt range of the screen plate is +85-degrees to -30-degrees. The NB monitor arm comes with all the hardware you need to install it. The durable and heavy-duty design of this monitor keeps the dual monitor mount steady.
The arm has an elegant cable management system. This monitor arm creates the most comfortable angle for work or gaming. The smooth movement it gives you is worth every penny you spend on it.


Cable management system
Easy to install
360 degrees rotation
Forward and backward tilt mechanism
High-quality gas-shunt
Installation style: edge and grommet
The arm is fully extendable


The base hinge gets loose sometimes

Best monitor mount.

Vari Dual-Monitor Arm

Vari Dual Monitor Arm - VESA...
  • Vesa-Monitor Stand: The Vari Dual Monitor Arm is a secure and flexible way to free up desk space and lift...
  • Ergonomic Desk Design: The double monitor arm allows you to raise screens to 12" off the desk surface and...
  • Adjustable Arm Stand: Each arm is fully articulating, allowing you to make any adjustments necessary to...

Instead of working on a wrong angled screen for hours, it is better to invest in a monitor arm that will ease your neck and back pain. The Vari Monitor Arm has a single and dual-arm model. Both models work the same way; the only difference is the presence of an additional adjustable arm.
The installation is easy, and in no time, you have a perfectly mounted screen. Web designers and programmers require two screens to work, and this monitor arm is best for them. It looks professional and gives the clean space on your desk for other accessories.
The arm comes with great features and is easy to adjust according to your working style. The arm has 360-degree rotation and can hold up to 19 pounds of weight. The arm can extend up to 29-inches, and the adjustable height up to 12-inches.
The installation takes only minutes, and will make sure you have a fully organized and elegant computer monitor arm attached to your desk. It has an amazing and smooth movement, and you can even work while standing.


Easy to install
Durable and high-quality
360-degree rotation
Extend forward for more than 25 inches
Adjust your monitor up to 12-inches
Dual monitor mount
Comes with a clamp mount
Holds up to 20 pounds
The great value of money


The swivel mount is complicated to use

Best dual monitor arm.

VIVO Premium Dual Monitor Arm

VIVO Premium Aluminum Full...
  • Dual Monitor Arms - Provide excellent support for two monitor screens (up to 35") weighing up to 17.6 lbs...
  • Fully Adjustable - Mechanical spring arms offer an exceptional range of flexible motion featuring -90°...
  • Mounting Options - The sturdy desk clamp installs from the top side of your desk for easy setup, and an...

The VIVO Premium Dual Monitor Arm has an elegant design and acts as a strong grip for your two monitors. It holds up to 17 pounds of weight, and a built-in spring gauge allows the user to adjust the screen according to their needs at any level.
The spring system of the monitor arm allows the extraordinary tilt to range of motion from -90° to +90°. The arm also has a swivel mount that allows 180° swivel. The height of the arm can be adjusted up to 10-inches and extended up to 12-inches. The rotation of the arm is up to 180-degree because of the dual-arm style.
he installation is effortless, and you don’t need to drill any hole on your desk. The clamp mount is very easy to attach to the edge of the desk. The arm can fit up to 17-32-inches of monitor, flat, and curve. There are two USB ports on the lower part of the monitor arm. The screen plate allows you to adjust the screen vertically or horizontally. It is the best investment if you want to give your workspace a professional look.


Easy installation
Supports monitors with both curved and flat screens
The arm extends up to 12-inches
The style is elegant
Comes with a clamp and grommet mounting
The base of the arm has two USB ports


The vertical adjustments must line up with the monitor

Best budget monitor arms.

How to buy the best monitor arms

You have to work for a long time in front of computers and that can leave you with a crooked neck. The reason is that your computer is not placed at the perfect angle. The monitor arms elevate your screen, and you can adjust it according to your requirements. Moreover, they give your workspace a very organized and professional look. The monitor arms can be extended forward and lifted upward. In this way, you can adjust it in a feasible position.

Types of Monitor arm

Single monitor arm
This monitor arm can hold only one screen. All the features are the same as in the dual arm.

Dual monitor arm
This arm can hold two monitors at the same time, and you can adjust the two monitors according to your requirements.

Monitor style

There are two types of monitors available nowadays, curved and flat. You must buy the monitor arm with a screen plate that is feasible for both styles of the monitor. Plan for long-term use and invest in the one having the most innovative features. You can also replace the screen plate according to your monitor.


There are different needs of every user; once you know your requirements, it is easy to select the monitor arm. There is a vast range of motion of monitor arms with exceptional motion range. The full motion is feasible as it allows the user to adjust the arm at the perfect angle. Vertical movement of the arm is beneficial if you want to work while standing. The forward and backward motion is also necessary. The tilt mechanism in a monitor arm is also very crucial for achieving a calm and peaceful workspace. You must prefer the monitor arm that has a smooth motion movement.


There are two options for assembling the monitor arms. One is a desk clamp, and the second is grommet. The clamp is easy installation as you don’t need to drill holes in the desk. The grommet mount needs a hole in the desk. The assembling is very easy as it only takes minutes, and you don’t need any high technical skills.


There are two styles of monitor arms available. The mounted monitor arm will attach on the edge of the desk, while a Free Stand model sits directly on the desk. The monitor arm attached to the desk is more comfortable to rotate and can hold multiple screens. Mounted monitor arm doesn’t require a drill hole on your desk and is easy to rotate. The freestanding monitor arm is cheap and takes up a lot of space on your desk.


The monitor arms reviewed above can hold a sufficient amount of weight. Test monitor arm before buying them with different sizes of screens. The monitor arm can easily hold up to 20 pounds or more. Take your time with the research and invest in the best monitor arm that suits your style and requirements.


The cheap monitor arms have limited features and are difficult to adjust. The dual monitor arms are expensive, but the positive side is that they have more features. The single monitor arms are less costly and have almost the same features as dual monitor arms.

Cable management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Monitor Mount?

The different mounts support different sizes of monitors, and all users don’t have the same requirements. The clamp mounts are more feasible as they are attached to your desk and allow you to move your monitor easily.

How Do I Choose a Monitor Arm?

Start your research after knowing about the size and weight of your monitor or monitors. It is easy to buy the monitor arm once you know your working style and requirements.

What is a Monitor Arm?

When you spend continuous hours on your computer with a crooked neck with the time, you start to face severe back pain. A monitor arm allows you to mount your monitor or monitors and adjust them on an ideal angle that gives you a calm and comfortable working environment.

What is the Best Monitor arm dual or single?

The dual monitor arm and a single monitor arm depend on how many monitors your workstation has. The only difference is the additional arm support. We have reviewed the best dual and single monitor arms.