Best Open Air PC Cases 2021

Thermaltake Core P5

Thermaltake Core P5 Tempered Glass Black Edition...
  • 5 millimeter Tempered Glass Tinted Window Panels
  • 3 Way Placement Layout Options: Designed for Wall mount, Horizontal or Vertical layouts
  • The Panoramic open frame design provides complete access to build own mods using available liquid cooling...

Thermaltake Core P5 is one of the Best Open Air PC Cases, which can also be wall mounted. The Core P5 is one of Thermaltake’s most popular outdoor housing options, connecting the expensive P7 to the pole. The Core P5 is sometimes referred to as the coffee table, with its huge tempered glass side panel being a great place for your drink (don’t try this at home!). This outdoor case supports ATX motherboards and can easily accommodate an impressive system, with plenty of water cooling space. The case is large enough to handle larger GPU sizes and can accommodate a CPU cooler as large as 7 “.

This is a wonderful case for building water-cooled or liquid-cooled PCs with the largest of radiators, whether it is DIY or AIO cooling solutions. It supports a radiator up to 480mm, CPU coolers up to 180mm high, and graphics cards up to 570mm long. This is the Thermaltake Tt LCS certified enclosure and other features include cable routing and tool-free drive installation. The enclosure comes with a standard mounting cable. Overall, a great open frame computer case that looks great, is well built, has great cooling performance, and is also very practical. its 5 mm thick tempered glass window allows it to meet the highest standards on the market. This is precisely because the open-frame housing allows you to clearly view every RGB component in the system. You can also see the back. Overall, the Core P5 is one of the best open-frame computer cases available today. If you’re looking to build an outdoor PC and have the budget to afford it, the Core P5 is the best Open Air PC Case in 2021.

Thermaltake Core P90

Thermaltake Core P90 Tempered Glass Black ATX Mid...
  • Supports Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX Motherboard
  • A New Angle on PC Gaming: Build from a different angle isolating components for proper heat dissipation
  • 2 Sided Glass Viewing Protection: Dual 5 millimeter thick tempered glass panels to protect and present

The P90 got its name from the 90-degree angle that the case presents. There are two separate sections on the P90 for your components and they are perpendicular to each other forming a right angle. This large, open-frame PC case accommodates graphics cards up to 320mm in length, CPU coolers up to 180mm in height, and radiators up to 480mm for liquid cooling. The housing has tempered glass panels on the left and right sides of the triangular prism base. All in all a superb spacious open frame modular case that makes a definite style statement.

Along with this, it offers a 3-way placement layout. That is, it can be mounted on a wall, placed vertically or horizontally. The parts are easy to assemble using the instruction guide, and a PCI express extension cable is also included as an accessory. Storage is another thing that makes any PC case the best. Thermaltake Core P90 has seven drive bays with a modular drive tray design.

InWin D-Frame Mini Black

InWin D-Frame Mini Black Motorcycle Steel Tube...
  • Compact, open-frame Mini-ITX structure
  • Strengthened welding to support loaded rigs
  • Highly portable, makes for a perfect LAN rig

The Inwin D-FRAME is the other small form factor open frame case worth mentioning. The D-FRAME is our pick for the most uniquely designed outdoor case (although the Cougar CONQUER gives it its bang for the buck). This is mainly due to its cage style frame. The frame looks like a roll bar you would find on a 4 × 4 vehicle and helps give the case a rugged look.

The D-Frame offers a colorful alternative to the wonderfully constructed Thermaltake Core P1 and comes in five different color options (mostly all as loud as the brilliant green we have here). This outdoor case could be perfect for a LAN build, thanks to its small size and useful handle. Although this case has a tempered glass window and roll bar, it only weighs 7.7kg.

Thermaltake Core P7

Thermaltake Core P7 Tempered Glass Edition E-ATX...
  • 5mm Thick Tempered Glass Window with Gorgeous View
  • Ultimate Extended Chassis Assembly Flexibility: Gamers get to install the extended chassis at...
  • 3-Way Placement Layout: Wall-mount, vertical, and horizontal placement

Thermaltake Core P7 is similar to Core P5 in many ways. It also comes with many features that are almost the same as P5. These include supreme liquid cooling support, three-way placement design, versatile GPU and PSU orientation, and a 5mm thick tempered glass window for a sharp view. This is a complete tower box available in various frame sizes with great beauty and very high quality. The Core P7 has such a large case that it has too much space for cable management. And since there is enough flexibility in this ultimate chassis, you can install the chassis at 45, 90, 180, and 270 degrees at the front of the main case.

What makes it even more remarkable is its expandability. It’s only designed for high-end gaming, so it has a motherboard up to E-ATX standard, a tower processor cooler, and a dual tankless VGA expansion slot. Not only that, but the incredible P7 consists of a powerful storage expander that can hold up to eight 3.5-inch / 2.5-inch storage devices. So this is the best feature we can use so far. Additionally, the two side panels can be folded as a tri-fold board or wallet that can further extend the box. These side panels are designed so that a 480mm radiator can be installed on both sides of the case.

The P7 case is very modular in design and will give you plenty of options if you plan to use it to house a custom liquid cooling circuit. Like the P5, the P7 can accommodate graphics cards up to 22.4 “long and CPU coolers up to 7.0” high, which is enough space for any graphics card and cooler. processor currently on the market. The P7, however, does not come with three removable tempered glass panels, but one on the front.

Cougar CONQUER ATX Gaming Case

Cougar CONQUER ATX Gaming Case - / Mini ITX /...
  • Case Form Factor: Mid-Tower
  • Motherboard Support: Mini ITX/MicroATX/ATX
  • I/O Panel: USB3.0 x 2, Mic x 1 , Audio x 1

Cougar Conquer is an amazing futuristic case for outdoor games. The box is built on an aluminum frame and has two tempered glass panels on both sides. This is a mid tower case and can fit ATX size motherboards. For cooling, it comes with three 120mm COUGAR CFD LED fans on top and allows you to install two additional fans on the front if you want more airflow. On the front, you will get two USB 3.0 ports and an audio jack. It is a modular case and allows modders to customize it according to their needs and requirements.

The Cougar Conquer design definitely has a love or hate factor. With its sumptuous angular metal sections and interesting modular shape, it certainly catches your eye when you pass. But is it practical? Well yes, the Cougar Conquer will sufficiently cool your components thanks to its outdoor design, and there are plenty of places to fix the radiators. It’s quite expensive, like most outdoor-style PC cases, so much of it will depend on your personal preferences for the look of your system.

This open frame case can support graphics cards up to 350mm in length, CPU coolers up to 190mm in height, and heat sinks up to 360mm for AIO or custom water cooling kits. It is a beautiful, stylish and practical case that is also very affordable and has great performance. This case is a masterpiece and it is the case that I would personally get for my next game release. Highly recommended by me

Like other outdoor PC cases, this one also uses a water-cooling bracket. A 7.5-inch tall cooler helps run better and keep components cool. In addition, there are two radiators, one at the top and one at the front. Along with that, it has excellent extensibility. And the seven expansion slots are proof of that. 5mm thick tempered glass panels allow you to clearly see and control components. Additionally, the case eliminates the concern of overheating as the 120mm LED fans are pre-installed. Therefore, it ensures adequate air circulation.

Thermaltake Core P3

Thermaltake Core P3 ATX Tempered Glass Gaming...
  • Supports Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX Motherboard
  • Open Frame Panoramic Viewing: 5 millimeter Thick Tempered Glass at Front
  • 3 Way Placement Layout: Wall mount, vertical, and horizontal placement

Thermaltake’s Core P3 is considered a mid-tower chassis due to its size, but it’s actually the most spacious mid-tower we’ve seen with much more potential than the standard designs available today. hui. The P3 is 512mm high, 333mm wide and 470mm deep, and considering all parts of the case, it weighs up to 10.7kg. The version they send us is black, but there is also a snow-white version, and both have the entire left side of the chassis made up of a transparent side window to admire all their equipment. As with the rest of the chassis components, SPCC steel is used for most of the design, ABS plastic and rubber end caps, and even stainless steel parts that make up the Core P3.

The main components that can be installed on this chassis are quite good. While there is no room for an optical drive, the storage drive options are solid. Accessible by removing the transparent window, you can install a pair of 3.5 “drives to make them visible, and the same can be done with up to three 2.5” drives. Maintaining these options, within the steel portion of the chassis are two hidden drive trays, which can also accommodate 2.5 “or 3.5” drives. There are eight expansion slots on the back, which can be oriented horizontally or vertically, and the Core P3 houses an ATX, Micro-ATX, or Mini-ITX motherboard. The front I / O panel is also contained in the steel section, which offers a pair of USB 2.0 ports, a pair for USB 3.0, HD audio jacks, as well as a large power and reset button. When it comes to the power supply, the P3 takes a standard PSU of any length and depending on the motherboard used, it hangs with the fan lowered with ATX motherboards, while the smaller motherboards allow the power supply is mounted with the fan facing the transparent side panel.

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