Best Pintail Longboards 2021

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard

The Atom Pin-Tail Longboard is the best pintail longboard for beginners because of the ease of travel. Although light enough to carry weight, the size of the 39-inch bridge seems reasonable for its size. The classic pintail shape not only provides a better grip with lots of control but is also easy to learn.

If you are tall, you can still stand and roll but keep in mind that your weight can limit speed. This is kind of a huge bonus for beginners because you can even control the board while driving and even land on a longboard. On the other hand, it is a con for experienced pilots who prefer fast speeds and tough turns. An atom pintail longboard is a long-term investment, which can last from 4 to 6 years.


Easy to learn and operate
Good choice for beginners
Strong and durable maple top
The wood elements are soft enough to push
Great and strong adhesive tape to roll a lot in the rain
Lightweight, easy to carry
Take a good look at the board


If you take a sharp turn, the wheel bites
Textbooks are a little difficult to create

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard is one of the Best Pintail Longboards 2021

Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard

Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard...
  • RIFT DROP THROUGH LONGBOARD: Classic retro-surf-style longboard for commuting, cruising, carving, and...
  • GET A GRIP: Stay grounded with an extra grippy 80AB fully covered deck and durable 70x51mm 78 PU wheels....
  • SMOOTH SAILING: Take control of your ride with reactive and smooth gliding slant reverse 180mm kingping...

Unlike previous models, this retrospect longboard has drop-throws for lower board heights, which makes it easier to balance by kicking. For long-distance cruising, the most important components of your board are easy to occupy deck and shock absorption. These come with high-speed ABEC carbon bearings that are already pre-lubricated while the wheels highlight a soft texture, resulting in a smooth, fast ride. Retrospec Rifts is made from Canadian maple, well known for its rigidity and durability. Furthermore, it is 41 inches with heated tape for better conditions.


Low deck height
Easy to launch
Quick bearings, soft-rolling wheels, and rigid axis provide great speed take-up
Long bridges and crossings for easy speed management while maintaining better balance
Fun wheels absorb shock and stay decent stable


Practical ring
Slightly slower than other parts of its field

Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard is definitely one of the Best Pintail Longboards in 2021

White Wave Bamboo Longboards

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete...
  • 41 inches x 9.25 inches
  • Multiple layers of Bamboo and Canadian Maple with durable heat transferred graphics and clear grip tape.
  • 180 mm (7 inch) aluminum trucks with polished finish and ultra-high rebound bushings.

The first and foremost feature of the longboard cruiser for heavy riders is the higher weight capacity. With the White Wave, it ranges from 250 to 270 pounds. And the width of the board has been extended to 9.5 inches to ensure (possibly) fit for larger legs. What sets this device apart from other like-minded people is its ability to drive fast even under a heavy load and, meanwhile, to keep driving ultra-smooth and balanced. This is thanks not only to boards made of alloys that adequately adjust the rigidity and flexibility of the board, but also flexible wheels and good bearings.

Fast ABEC-9 bearings, the wheels are made from high-rebound urethane to support a heavy load while providing a smooth ride over the concrete slabs. Combined with fully compliant tape, it ensures self-balancing ability.


The ultra-durable and powerful platform supports the greatest loads
Smooth wheels for a smooth driving experience on solid surfaces
Good bearings with ABEC-9 rating to ensure fast speed no matter what the problem


When you turn hard, it makes a sound
There is a wheel bite

White Wave Bamboo Longboards is one of the Best Pintail Longboards 2021

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete...
  • ZED LONGBOARD: Our freshest longboard nods to the 1950’s makeshift backyard longboards with its classic...
  • ANTI-BITE TECHNOLOGY: Avoid wheel bite at all costs. In fact, put it in the back of your mind. We put...
  • HIGH-SPEED & ACCURATE: Precision ball bearings in the ABEC-7 tolerance grade is ideal for high speed and...

Retrospec Z is one of the best budget longboards. It comes with several high-quality components. Start the ladder first, which is firmly mixed between maple wood and flexible bamboo. Stability is the highest priority when looking for a board. Don’t worry about it because a little flex from 2 bamboos just makes the device more versatile to use later. Also, robustness and self-balancing functions are always ensured.

The wheels are of an extended width – 70 x 51 mm, providing more area in contact with the ground for a smooth ride. Also, they each have a rock finish to hold more durability against serious abuse and high impact. The last pivot to mention is the pivot trucks. They nail two valuable things – a reactive and gentle glide that no primary can fall in love with.


The wide and sturdy wheels rotate smoothly on different terrains and even on empty roads.
Calling for a more comfortable position extends the dimensions, easier to control and easier to learn to drive
Pre-assembly so you can easily take it out of the box
Thanks to the rear pivot truck and wheel adaptive responsive and flexible for cruising


Slightly more than others on the deck
It takes a little time to balance the board
Wheels harder than usual
Wheel prone to bite

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard

Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser...
  • As an artisan work from our engineering team, the 42inch drop through camber deck offers super flex and...
  • 8-ply natural hardrock maple and epoxy glue, healthy materials bring more fun, and is better for...
  • Genuine alluminium 7-Inch reverse kingpin trucks are adjustable as 50 or 45 degree, and take to you great...

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard is the best choice for flat land to the rough, rocky surface. Rear pivot trucks and ABH-9 bearings excel in freestyle performance while the 42-inch deck provides enough comfort and control for drivers. This is an eco-friendly option. Its maple top has eight pleats, and each veneer is used with environmental epoxy adhesive – non-toxic and very safe for the environment.


Wheels of medium hardness for good shock absorption but without giving up speed
There is no oscillation of motion
Rear Pivot Trucks
Better handling
Easier weaving in/out of pedestrian traffic
Designed by Talent across the Atlantic -> Variable colors and patterns, great graphics


Difficulty bending
Bearings not good

How to buy the best pintail longboards?

Deck style

This is the first thing you should consider because it fixes three important things when cruising – durability, ease of pushing, and braking on the legs. There are four main deck styles for longboarding. These are the top support, drop-through, drop deck, and double drop. All four are good for cruising, but all are suitable for a certain level of cruising, from easy to difficult. Besides, there are different budgets.

Board size

Longboards have two forms: directional and symmetrical. For cruising, however, I recommend choosing the first one, especially if you are a beginner rider. The reason is in its features – it’s the key to providing better control while just moving forward and driving.

If you plan to navigate for the trip, in addition to considering the plank sizes, it is important to choose the right plank size features, as they will provide a faster, safer, and more satisfying grip.

The three most popular features related to the size of the board are wheel cutouts, kicktails, and concave. But in my opinion, the cocktails and the concave are worth considering.

If you want to use the board for dodges for sidewalks and pedestrians, choose a kicktail. Otherwise, choose concave for general cruising because if they stand on board, lift the rails of your board slightly higher than the center for better control.

Just two short notes if your choice is concave:

There are two types of concave: normal concave or W-concave (W-concave gives better grip, which is usually accompanied by expensive freeride and downhill boards). The decision is yours.
For longboard cruisers, you don’t have to opt for deep and extreme landings like freeride and descent.

Bridge size

In fact, among the many types of skateboards for cruising, longboards are the best. Most of them measure between 32 and 42 inches, an ideal size for walking like a breeze.

But choosing the right length of longboard also affects other things, such as easy cruising for newbies, extra weight, or if you want to improve other skills. That’s why I’m not advising you to choose this feature at random.

Generally, beginners should choose between a length of 32 “ to 39” while intermediate can go for 40“ to 42” boards. Advanced longboarders can go for 43 “ to 44” longboards.

The longer, the better for those who want to improve their other riding skills. The longer the bridge, the heavier. Make sure you are ready to carry some more weight, especially if you are a woman.


The greater the flexibility, the easier it is to balance on different types of terrain and the more stable the board.

This is why flexible boards are commonly used for specific board images and gentle cruises; Medium flex is best for cruising, trading, and medium speed travel, but rigid-flex is good for freeride, heel shelling, and speed.

Flex taste issues – Some people prefer to spin, they choose a soft-flex board while others prefer the extra durability of a hard deck.

Initially, they started with soft boards because they are easy to hold and move. But once you have completed all the basic longboard skills at once, invest in a good, tough call.


In the case of longboards, its width is important. The two common choices are 150mm and 180mm.

For easier control when descending under a longboard or walking on a plank, choose inverted pivot trucks when standards are usually caught on ordinary skateboards with kicktails because this combo provides a more precise response.


There are three main reasons to choose a longboard wheel:


For less than 60 pounds, the ideal stiffness of the wheels is around 78a to 80a
60-80 pounds, it should be 80a to 83a
For 80 pounds and more, the 83a to 86a is great.
Finally, it’s the size of the wheels.

Two common types are round and square. The second option, however, is better for cruising because, as usual, the ends of the wheels now have a 90-degree right angle of attraction for better contact with the ground, resistance to sliding, and more resistance.

But sculpting, cruising, and landing can take time before giving great performances.


Last but not least, bearings. They turn the longboard wheels well without much wear. For cruises, ABEC-3 bearings are perfect. But if you specialize in cruising, scalping, racing, as well as the high demand for versatile longboards for quick landings, choose ABEC 5, ABEC 7, and many more.

* Premium:

Always keep bearings clean, free of grain, water, and dirt for best performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand of pintail longboard?

There are many good longboard brands.

What is the best longboard for beginners?

There is a lot to decide which is the best longboard for budget, riding style, body weight, etc. in the early stages so, to guarantee you the best answer, please read this article.

Is it easy to ride a longboard?

Compared to other types of skateboards, longboards are easier to walk due to their extra length, weight, and wheelbase. Longboards are easy to move due to their extra length, weight, and wheelbase.

Which type of skateboard is best for cruising?

It depends on your skill level.

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