Best Pocket Operator 2021

Best Pocket Operator 2021

PO-33 KO Sampler/Sequencer

Teenage Engineering PO-33 Pocket Operator KO...
  • PROVIDES 40 SECONDS OF SAMPLING MEMORY - The Teenage Engineering PO-33 has a built-in microphone for you...
  • PLAYS YOUR SAMPLES CHROMATICALLY OR AS ONE-SHOTS - The 8 melodic slots let you play your own samples...
  • ADDS PERCUSSION TO YOUR PERFORMANCE - The PO-33 is a 4-voice sampler. Its built-in micro drum machine...

Pocket Operator PO-33 KO is a special micro sampler that also comes up with a sample memory of 40 seconds and inbuilt recording microphone that you can keep with you and take everywhere. The operator contains 8 drum banks and 8 melodic slots to create amazing sounds. With the sample memory, you can restore and backup all your settings. Overall, the operator provides a secure learning system. The step multiplier and 16 mode effects are just amazing with PO-33 KO!

The hardware board for playing is created with robust material similar to what is available with other models. However, PO-33 comes with additional features never found in others. The integrated Mic is small yet powerful, which can like be used for recording great samples. The screen would let you provide Tempo, Record, Play Indicators, A, B Parameter levels, the current time, and the ultimate bizarre scene. One of its appreciated features includes two sample types to playback the recorded content.


Sample memory of 40 seconds of content
Built-in mic
16 separate musical parameters of patterns and effects
Step Multiplier
Great sync with external devices



Teenage Engineering PO-33 KO is the best Pocket Operator in 2021. This is so popular, it is usually always sold out every time a new batch comes out!

PO-35 Speak Vocal Sampler/Sequencer

Teenage Engineering PO-35 Pocket Operator Speak...
  • CREATES UNIQUE VOCAL SOUNDS - The Teenage Engineering PO-35 offers 8 voice characters: Neutral, Autotune,...
  • PROVIDES 120 SECONDS OF SAMPLING MEMORY - The Pocket Operator Speak features a built-in recording...
  • LETS YOU FINE TUNE YOUR SAMPLES - The transpose and change scale functions enable you to play your...

PO-35 Speak is a vocal sampler and the latest model. PO-35 Speak include 8 main voice characters, including Autotune, Neutral, Robot, Retro, Vocoder, Fifth, Noise, and Synth. The hardware sampling memory of 120 seconds, which is more than any other pocket operator models. This operator can also be combined with MicroTonic AU/VST transfer to produce new sounds.

As the name indicates, PO-35 Speak mainly focuses on synthesizing sounds. It helps in creating beautiful and even weird vocal noise style. You could use inbuilt microphones to sample vocals and work from 8 vocal styles and 8 inbuilt effects. You will also get to know with scale and transpose features for making tunes.

With 8 effects and 8 voice characters, this unit also has a change scale and transposes features. The inbuilt sequencer is capable of making and evolving interesting beats, complete tunes, and basslines. Still, You may be confused between the work of the PO-33 and PO-35, but you should note that PO-35 is a synthesizer whereas another one is a sampler. So something you record will get synthesized into a structured voice.


Sample memory of 120 seconds
Scale and Transpose Features
Smooth functioning
Easy to transfer VST files


Only voice synthesizer

PO-32 Tonic Drum Synth

Teenage Engineering PO-32 Pocket Operator Tonic...
  • OFFERS A TWEAKABLE DRUM SYNTH - The Teenage Engineering PO-32 is an advance drum synthesizer that...
  • SUPPORTS MICROTONIC VST/AU TRANSFER - You can combine PO-32 with a MicroTonic Plug-In (sold separately)...
  • REPEATS SELECTED SOUNDS - The built-in step multiplier enables you to repeat selected sounds. You can...

The PO-32 Tonic Drum Synth is a concentrated drum machine with lots of tweaks include. It is an all inspiring and funny noise-maker. Just like PO-35, it also has MicroTonic compatibility to offer you a whole quality product. With a list of 16 performance effects, sounds, and a 16-step sequencer. The instrument is a lot more flexible as it is made in collaboration with Sonic Charge, a Swedish developer. Moreover, PO-32 is excellent for users who want to alter and overwrite their sonic palette by making patterns and fresh sounds using the plug-in.

Its inbuilt speaker has great volume for live sound. Thus, the gear also helps you transfer data among units in the same way. The 16 span sounds are just awesome that produce bass-heavy kicks, crunchy snares, fizzy white-noise hats, and plenty of other synth sounds percussive, and esoteric sounds. You can even manipulate each sound via a pair of parameter knobs. The parameter lock function also allows automatic movements of two knobs on a per-step basis.


Step multiplier
16 sounds that can also be transmitted via VST data transfer
64-pattern with pattern-chaining
16 effects


Requires learning to play patterns

PO-16 Factory

Teenage Engineering PO-16 Pocket Operator Factory...
  • PROVIDES MULTIPLE LEAD SYNTH TONES - The Teenage Engineering PO-16 Factory provides 15 assorted synths...
  • OFFERS A MICRO DRUM MACHINE SAMPLE - Aside from lead and chord synth tones, PO-16 also has a cool...
  • LETS YOU EASILY PROGRAM CHORDS - The 16 punch-in play styles enable you to programs chords,...

The PO-16 Factory is the closest PO for beginners to a real synth. This is the only one on the list that can be played as a keyboard via the buttons. While the arcade and rhythm focus on the backing tracks, the factory’s main focus is on delivering great melodies and tracks. This is further enhanced by the Factory Play Styles button, which gives access to chords, arpeggios, transpositions, etc. The fifteen sounds associated with the Play Styles button produce a ton of unique sounds suitable for a variety of genres. Of course, Factory also has a drum machine mic in the 16th slot, which means you can do a whole song with just it. In general, Factory has a lot of variety and can satisfy many different needs for a song.

PO-12 Rhythm Drum Machine

Teenage Engineering PO-12 Pocket Operator Rhythm...
  • PRODUCES 16 DIFFERENT DRUM SOUNDS - The Teenage Engineering PO-12 Rhythm uses real synthesized drum...
  • OFFERS 16 BUILT-IN EFFECTS - The Rhythm Pocket Operator has 16 onboard FX including distortion, delay,...
  • LETS YOU CREATE A WHOLE SONG - The 16-step sequencer and step-multiplier allow you to chain up to 16...

If you are looking for a sequencer and drum machine, PO 12 Rhythm Drum Machine is for you. The operator is an ideal way to make beats with a combination of sequencer and drum machine. Along with unique beats that sound good, you can have 16 punch-in effects and parameter locks on show. It is also capable of saving and applying effects to patterns.

You will love its inbuilt effects, including the delay, vibrato, distortion, and stutter. The bpm tempo can be adjusted from 60 to 240, which is a great deal, though. You are good to go after plugging in two batteries behind. Also, the buttons are quite smooth to tap and play your favorite beats. If you want to replay the effects created, it can be recorded with the ‘patterns’ button. Well, you may need to use your speaker as its inbuilt speaker is a kind of concealed marvel of engineering. You can plug in your headphones to listen to what you created!

PO-24 Office

Teenage Engineering PO-24 Pocket Operator Office...
  • BRINGS THE BEATS TO YOUR OFFICE - The Teenage Engineering PO-24 produces quirky mouse clicks, computer...
  • ENHANCES YOUR SOUNDS WITH EFFECTS - Aside from the 16 office sounds, you can add 16 lucrative punch-in...
  • MAKE A NEW SONG FROM SCRATCH - The Pocket Operator Office features 128-pattern chaining. You can create a...

PO-24 Office has a different character and is a “noise drum machine and percussion sequencer” using sampled hardware and synthesizer engines. Some of these are sampled sounds from old office equipment like ejectors, floppy disks, and mouse clicks that can be combined to create some really cool retro beats. As with the others, the small graphics printed next to each of the 16 buttons give an indication of the sound assigned to that key. 16 different effects can be inserted again to add glitch and other effects.

PO-20 Arcade Synthesizer

Teenage Engineering PO-20 Pocket Operator Arcade...
  • PRODUCES RETRO AND MODERN SYNTHS - The Teenage Engineering PO-20 Arcade offers 16 synthesized 8bit video...
  • ALLOWS YOU TO CREATE A WHOLE SONG - The 16-step sequencer enables you to create sophisticated...
  • DELIVERS HIGH-QUALITY SOUNDS - The Pocket Operator Arcade uses Silicon Labs EFM32 Gecko MCU and Cirrus...

PO-20 Arcade is a combination of sequencer and synthesizer with chord control, parameter locks, and punch-in effects. As compared to models like the PO-12, it is made for quite beat production as well as chiptune improvisation. Po-20 is incredibly fun to have melodic sounds and beatmakers even on the go. It contains a whole stack of 8-bit game style sounds with some modern, retro, musical, and even super cool tones. Well, the Arcade is used for far better than just having sound effects. It has inbuilt bass sounds, drum kit sounds, chord drones, arpeggiation, effects, and a lot more.

This pocket operator is known to deliver top-notch style sounds and quite soft buttons to play beats. All in all, it has 16 tones and 16-step sequencer, which can help you make a song with 128-pattern effects function. The sounds are remarkable because PO-20 uses the Cirus Logic DAC chip and Silicon Labs Gecko MCU. You can also admire its fantastic LCD screen, which further helps in delivering such a marvelous sound out of the device. Well, the device requires you to hold the Write button for recording purposes along with Chord. The operator offers Techno at 140bpm, Hip Hop 80bpm, and Disco 120bpm. Buy this if you like chiptune.


128-chord comprehensive chaining
16 effects
Intuitive arpeggiator to add movement and texture to jams
16 patterns and 16-step sequencer
16 synthesized and arcade-style sounds


Need to hold Chord button


PO-20 Arcade Synthesizer is the best pocket operators to make chiptune.

What is a Pocket Operator

Pocket Operators are the models with whom we can enjoy a lot more with noise-making even on the go. First, it just sounds great to have a portable device like this that also performs well in its functions. Thus, pocket operators offer all-in-one functionality of ‘sampler,’ ‘synthesizer,’ and even ‘drum machine’ in the size of a calculator.

How to use a Pocket Operator

You can do a lot more with pocket operators rather than just creating sounds. First, it follows a series of working principles that you can apply to get a kind of mastery over the device. Let’s start by making different patterns.

Guide To Make Patterns On A Pocket Operator

First, you are required to select a sound, which could be bass sound, kick drum kit, or any of a glitch sample. However, it is also based upon the PO you are having because different PO types can create different sounds. Then, proceed withholding the ‘Sound’ button on the top left corner and tap any of the 16 music buttons to select your sound.

On the bottom right corner, press the ‘Write’ button, after which a circular recording icon will bounce up on the screen. Then, you have to press and select from the 16-step sequence while using those 16-sound buttons. For example, press Write button, choose the drum bass sound and press buttons 5, 1, 9, and 13 if you want floor 4.

In this way, associated points will brighten up in the sequence. You are all done with making a basic pattern. Now, you can tap on the ‘Play’ button. This is how you can create further sound patterns using similar steps.

How To Use Record Function Of Pocket Operators?

There is an audio signal connection on the right side, which you have to use for recording the pocket operators. Based upon your sync setting, the signal may vary. Therefore, we recommend you take 2 TS mono jack cables and a 3.5 stereo jack to ensure clear recording signals. You can either use it to record it in Mono or in a full stereo mode, whatever you like. So, cable selection is essential here to get the required quality of the recording.

Effects Function Of Pocket Operators

It all depends on the type of pocket operator you have to apply or use the inbuilt effects. For instance, some pocket operators have a lot of inbuilt effects ranging from distortion to delay and other things in between. On the other hand, some POs let you apply effects on particular sounds, and others have their impact on the whole mix.

To apply the effects, hold the FX button (second button beneath the second knob) and press among 1-16 sound buttons on the board. Thus, each button has its own designated effects over the sequence. You can also do it while pressing the ‘Write’ button and apply the impact right over when you tap on the sequence. This can help you make great dynamic sound ideas and beats.

How to buy the best Pocket Operator

You need to keep a check on several points before you go to buy the best pocket operators available in the market. The factors are as follows.


First and foremost, you should see for your specific needs. In case of help, you can even go through the above section to know more about the features pocket operator variant and choose accordingly. For instance, you may get confused among determining PO-35 Speak or PO-32, which looks almost similar but are not. The first one is a synthesizer, whereas another one is a sampler. In this way, there are lots of things you have to check first before buying the pocket operator.

Play System

The play system here refers to how the device is going to be perform in real-time. If it is hard, then you will get problems by tapping the buttons and make sounds quickly. Thus, it’s essential to go for a pocket operator that’s just breeze and fun to play. Even you are on the go, it should fill excitement to tap the buttons and be creative in making different sounds.


After you are done with ascertaining requirements, you can further be selective among different colors available. You can also check for an LCD screen and similar kind of things to choose among various pocket operator boards. The type of buttons presents onboard, as well as the screen, is worth considering.

Additional Features

Some pocket operators come up with great features that make them up an all-in-one product. For instance, you are getting the features of a synthesizer, sampler, and sequencer in one pocket operator. These kinds of functions may make it a little bit expensive, but it’s worth the price if you do not have to invest money again and again.

Audio Ports

The audio ports, such as a microphone or other jacks, are also important factors to consider. You sometimes feel having your microphone as the inbuilt one may not be sufficient to perform well. Thus, inbuilt audio ports and jacks should be powerful enough to make better or weird sounds. In case you love all other features of a pocket operator except this feature, then it’s no harm to go for it. This is because you can use your own devices for recording or similar purposes.

Ability to record

The most important function of a pocket operator is to record the sound you have created. All the pocket operators have this feature. So, the function helps you playback the sounds and check for any correction required. Professionals may find this feature very helpful as compared to others. However, if you are curious enough or want to become a kind of professional sound creator, this feature would be of much help.


Pocket Operators are such lovely tools that every sound producer will think twice about missing. In the market, you will come across many variants with similar price, which may make it even a daunting task to choose among such an extensive range. This is why it’s helpful to consider our top 5 best pocket operators’ reviews and to buy a guide this year.

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