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Best Portable Dust Extractor 2024

DEWALT Dust Extractor

  • Automatic Filter Clean of the dust extractor pulses every 30 seconds for continuous operation without...
  • 15-amp motor of DEWALT dust extractor delivers 150 CFM of airflow
  • Power Tool Actuation controls the On/Off operations of the vacuum with a power tool

An 8 gallon DWWolt with a 15 amp motor is an efficient dust extractor that automatically cleans the filter. Its users have appreciated the product’s automatic filter cleaning feature that flashes every 30 seconds and allows continuous cleaning without stopping to work to clean the filter. However, keep in mind that it is not effective to use it to clean any wet place. It has an 8 feet long power cord, variable speed dial and operates at 76 dB. If you are looking for something efficient and light to carry, this HPA Dust Extractor is an affordable option. Reviewers using Automatic Filter Cleaning Dust Extractor have praised him for his ability to clean small grocery stores. Although he said he could do it with more energy, he was glad it didn’t have to be cleaned because it was self-cleaning. Another buyer of the DWV010 HPA Dust Extractor used it to clean their home after it was built.

Reviewers have noted that it met all their cleaning requirements and was satisfied with the performance. Minority users didn’t like the default 8 gallon automatic filter cleaning dust extractor because it didn’t have enough suction power to clean it. However, the common sense of the DW010 8 gallon HPA extractor is that it is an effective tool for cleaning homes and shops. If any dust collector could play jazz, it would. Light; It’s fast; It’s gentle to the ears. And it can pack a punch on top of eight gallons of dust without even fluttering. The perfect winger for your cleaning needs he stays presentable 24/7. Automatically cleans its filters every 30 seconds, giving you the best 15MP motor experience even after long time use. It only gets better with constant 130CFM air flow because it stays just outside the box. You bought this great tool and you are ready to go out of the box. Perfectly integrated with any tool at the source and easy to install, you know it is a reliable dust collector for your store. It’s HPA approved, so you can trust it to make sure your workshop looks like a jazz club dance floor.

These tools are more than just a workshop vacuum cleaner. It can also act as just some permanent dust collector. It has some great features that are just a few of the shortcomings. I think it’s important to realize how portable this device is. It’s completely self-contained, so you can grab your tool and that space and go to a work site somewhere to. It works great for tools around carpentry. You’ll significantly reduce dust compared to plugging in a regular store vacuum. A great feature is that you can plug your equipment into this vacuum cleaner and the vacuum will also start automatically when you start the equipment. Also, HPA filters ensure that you are filtering to your requirements.


Compact size
Efficient HEPA filter
Self-cleaning filter
Ineffective is strongly built.
Sucking is good.
It is very portable.


Less sucking
Wetlands are not effective in cleaning
The power cord is quite short

DEWALT Dust Extractor is the Best Portable Dust Extractor

Bosch 9 Gallon Dust Extractor with Auto Filter Clean and HEPA Filter

BOSCH 9 Gallon Dust Extractor...
  • AUTO CLEANING: With automatic filter cleaning, the Bosch VAC090AH dust extractor cleans the filter every...
  • PERFORMANCE: The included HEPA filter caputres 99.97 percent of particles at 0.3 microns or larger while...
  • OSHA COMPLIANT: Featuring Bosch PRO plus GUARD, an end to end dust collection system to help users move...

The 9 gallon vacuum at Bosch VAC9000 with automatic filter cleaning is a well-designed vacuum that automatically cleans the filters every 15 seconds to ensure optimal sectioning. This guarantees uninterrupted cleaning. Its users are very happy that it has a short setup time and requires a few extension cords. Note, however, that it does not come with any HPA filter, although it may be attached to it. It provides a power tool activation function and turns off the water suction water level sensor vacuum cleaner when the maximum height is reached during cleaning.

If you’re looking for something well-designed and efficient, the Bosch VAC V900A Dust Extractor is a good option. Most users of the 9 Gallon Automatic Filter Extractor say it provides plenty of suction for cleaning purposes. Performance sets it apart from other dust extractors. The self-cleaning feature of the Bosch 9 Gallon Dust Extractor has also been praised by many users. A customer of VAC090 Extractor has suggested that a person should use shorter pipes or larger diameter pipes to reduce noise. A buyer of VAC090 dust extractor complained that the self-cleaning filter system was broken after the warranty expired. An automatic cleaning feature that cleans the filter every 15 seconds and your most reliable HPA compliant filters. This makes it a durable and efficient machine that will surpass any other equipment in your shed. And since the designers have taken care to optimize the suction power of this machine, it has to suck up to the height regardless of the nature of the debris. Sad memories of old dust and leaving a clean clear site in a matter of seconds.

By incorporating reliable water level technology into the mixture, a sensor shuts off the unit based on the maximum liquid level for storing internal equipment for maximum liquid consumption. And the power broker will protect the dial circuit from errors. There is no need to be complicated because something is perfect. This makes the machine very easy to install. Manufacturers believe that operational efficiency lies in design, not in extension. Talk about biting and everything coming out to make a noise in the knees, heavy duty casters and hose hooks get you to the source of the dust, no matter the angle or flattening from the surface. What do we need to say to lift heavy dust? Just look at the 9 gallon collection bag and you know it is the right choice for your job.

Bosch is another great manufacturer with a reputation for making cutting edge tools. With a capacity of 9 gallons (about 34 lbs) this vacuum will not damage this reputation. The hose then uses an extensible rope to hold the hose in place when the hose storage unit is not in use. Also, this machine comes with a built-in filter cleaner comes every 15 seconds, it starts to clean the filter so that the suction does not interfere. The Hepa filter found in the gaps in the trap sends out almost 100% dust. With 100 CFM power at your fingertips, you can collect lots of dust at the same time and protect your health. Easy-to-use controls are located on the front of the machine for easy operation.

This model comes with an extra-huge tank that creates 9 gallons of space for dust. With such a capacity, this vacuum cleaner can handle the most acclaimed areas by dusting without cleaning the tank during the work. The channel has captured 99.97% dust from your work environment to give you perfect and technable conditions. Furthermore, this model has an automatic cleaning capability that cleans the canal like clockwork afterwards to ensure that it performs perfectly. The down channel bag protects the channel to ensure longevity and ensures more dry residue and waste stays in place. Starting to finish the Pro + Guard and dust collection makes it more than just a residue extractor. This vacuum 97 inches provides an incredibly stiff 150 cfm suction power with the most extremely stable water lift. For ease of use, this model uses the power button on your device to turn it on / off. Autostart highlighting will save you extra time because you don’t have to invest your energy curve buttons to activate it.


Automatic filter cleaning
L-Boxx integration
High suction power
Flat filter design
Wet vacuum water level sensor
Rubber wheel and locking wheel


Minor error with tool activation
Each time the plug is not inserted, or closed, and returned to the default value

Bosch 9 Gallon Dust Extractor with Auto Filter Clean and HEPA Filter is one of the Best Portable Dust Extractors

FEIN Turbo I Vacuum Cleaner

Fein Turbo I Wet/Dry Vacuum...
  • Outstanding Performance - Experience exceptional suction power with 98.4 PSI static water lift for...
  • Professional Grade - Designed with the professional in mind, our power tools are engineered for...
  • Features - Crafted with an auto-start outlet featuring a power-on delay mechanism, effectively preventing...

The Fein Turbo 1 5.8 gallon auto-start tank is well equipped to meet any vacuum needs in the vacuum jobsite or around the home. This ensures that after activating the power tool through the integrated power equipment socket the tow work starts and buyers who use the device are fascinated by the high airflow. Keep in mind that the unit does not carry extra work accessories. Turbo 1 Vacuum Fin 9-20-27 is a good machine to use the turbo due to its compact size and rotation cycle for easy navigation. The Fein Turbo 5.8 gallon vacuum is a common sensation for users, it is light weight and easy to transport. One buyer of the Fin Turbo 1 vacuum cleaner reported that he was able to move the device up and down with relative ease. He was able to place the unit in his truck and get it out without hassle. A few buyers who have used the Fain Vacuum Turbo 1 said they do not appreciate the extra things that are not included with this dust extractor. Another user of the 5.6 gallon fan tank Turbo Extractor reported that the unit’s automatic function stopped working a month after purchase.

This is Napoleon of dust collectors. Lightweight, sticky and super-fast 152 CFM suction. Out of the water the other large, bulky machines simply surpass the stylish look, with good performance, but its super stealthy 66 dB noise. It’s a fancy machine that understands itself well enough to shut itself off when you use too much time to overheat it. However, it doesn’t complain when you vacuum a wet surface. It has the right protective filter cassette, so you can say goodbye to your worries about cellulose filter replacement. The feature wheels roll with such ease that you forget that you are pressing such a powerful vacuum cleaner. When you point the 13-foot hose to the dust, it almost looks like a long magic hose that takes your noise away in a matter of seconds. Did you know that this device can start automatically if you configure it with your power tools? This dust extractor will make you forget that cleaning is always a headache. Over the years due to high quality construction and desirable materials.

You can handle all your cleaning work with these 2 1 dust extractors. All in all, you can use it as a wet and dry shop vacuum to clean common dirt. Second, you can use it as a dust remover to make sure that the dust does not cause any problems. Then the 25 feet orange dust vacuum cleaner power cord makes it easy for you to get all the dirty garbage. With all accessories included, stains should be a snap to clean. 9 Things to Make Your Clean Life Easier On top of that, the easy-to-use handle allows you to handle this dust vacuum hassle-free. 4 wheels allow you to quickly position this device. This reminder remover works with this skill device to limit residue in this workshop, no matter what the installation or repair work is. The unit includes a computerized on / off element that turns on when you start the power instrument. The turbine carries a significant 161 cfm to ensure incredible performance when cleaning.

Although it is among the most powerful in the market, the noise level of this residual extractor is 66 dB, which means it doesn’t make too much noise. That way, you can use the device without disturbing other representatives at work. The driver emphasizes the development of light yet light weight to deliver exceptional quality without worrying about mobility. Its flexibility means it can fill as a wet or dry vacuum to balance efficient use. Huge and durable wheels mean they can navigate efficiently over difficult terrain while 3 degree degree rotation efficiency ensures ideal mobility in any case when working in difficult conditions. The extra long power cable and hose ensures that the customer is enjoying the maximum range of final work. Like previous parents, this model comes with an additional 5.8 gallon tank that will be suitable for small to medium cleaning businesses.


Strong sucking
Dry and wet vacuum cleaner
Using mufflers
Two fans ensure long life and cleaner operation
Compact design
It is easy to clean.
It provides strong suction.
It has a compact design.


Does not come with additional attachments
The pipe is a little tight
The locks on the casters do not always work

FEIN Turbo I Vacuum Cleaner is one of the Best Portable Dust Extractors

Festool 584174 CT SYS Dust Extractor

Festool 584174 CT SYS Dust...
  • Portable and compact
  • Full unit hepa certification
  • Lightweight with high performance dust extraction capabilities

Did you know that this dust extractor has a sister supported system so you can fully integrate it and let the system do its job? This is a blessing for reformers and painters, who want a fully loaded dust collector without any intention of compromising with portability or style. Open the carrying box and you will see a professional overview of the attachments and additional filters that any professional must go for must have hose, cable and nozzle easily accessible. There will be no chance of getting stuck in a misguided shock because the creators have thought of everything.

The anti-static hose ensures that no dust will be created and even lets the outside of the hose go alone. HPA is also dusting 0.3 microns in diameter with 99.99% emission certificate. Think about it when you want to leave the job site to impress customers. Yes, it is paired with a professional’s most reliable companion, shoulder straps and the most ergonomic handle. This gives you an added advantage to the trigger on the tool. And then there’s system integration because you trust the brand and can set up all your operations in the most reliable way. You will have the most confidence when all your machines are performing optimally. This portable machine from Festool started our list. Compared to other lists we will see in this list, the CT is designed to carry SYS, not by push. As such, it comes with a permanent shoulder strap that lets you carry it anywhere. What we love about the City SYS is that with its compact design, it gets very little in terms of power.

According to Festool, this particular model is ideal for painters and reconstructionists. Thanks to its portability, it is very convenient to take on mobile job sites so that you can clean up any mess. When it comes to horsepower, this machine can produce suction up to 106 cfm, as well as an 80-inch water head. Considering the size of this device, it is simply impressive. More importantly, it is also very quiet, even at full throttle, it produces only about 67 decibels, which is quite smooth compared to other vacuums.

While this dust extractor has a conservative size, it stacks in large quantities which most mortgages and stores look for as a residual extractor. Like most older models, the Festool 584174 unit starts naturally when you turn on the power supply and stops when you turn it on. The extractor does not carry a caster like most vacuums, but it does have an ergonomic handle that allows easy transportation. Likewise, you can also attach a shoulder tie when you travel long distances. The model joins an HPA channel that will meet the 99.99% residue removal rate. In fact, since it can make small residual particles as small as 0.3 microns away, you can be sure that the best particles will not dodge this revolutionary machine in any way. By analogy, this device goes with the T-lock system to install work site skills. The anti-static plane of the hose prevents dust from accumulating on the outside of the hose and prevents sticking and stinging. Adjusting the rug storage system at the top keeps everything you need at hand.

Like all Festool dust collectors, it is compatible with all systainer storage boxes. Luckily, the City SYS already comes with a hose box at the top and two slots with accessories. As such, you probably don’t need to buy additional systainer units unless you buy additional accessories. You can easily clean any surface with the accessories you have got. These hard-to-reach places have a crevice tool for access and also a floor tool so you can make sure you have everything. Combined with the HPA filtration system, these also ensure that you never have to worry about dust and allergens. In fact, it is good enough to allow you to work without a mask (almost). Finally, if you bought this device directly from Festool, you can get a three-year limited warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Oneida Air Systems Dust Deputy Deluxe Cyclone Separator Kit

Oneida Air Systems Dust Deputy...
  • The original and still the best! Patented cyclone design removes up to 99.9% of fine dusts and bulk...
  • Compatible with any make/model shop vacuum; Tapered ports fit standard 1.5" to 2.5" hose fittings....
  • Neutral-vane technology improves separation efficiency by 20%. Patented bucket lid design maximizes the...

The highly efficient dust extractor is made of dense steel which is assembled into continuous ld alloy joints. The finish is done with a durable powder coat. It is designed to prevent dust from accumulating in a vacuum and to make the device more durable. However it should be noted that it should not be used for excessive explosive dust and does not come with a vacuum cleaner. Dust deputy kits are a good investment to allow store or home vacuums to last longer and not damage their filters.

Buyers of Deluxe Dust Deputies prefer that the kit comes with two plastic buckets. It includes a plastic cover on which the cyclone mounted. One buyer also likes the fact that he doesn’t have to use a dust mask when using Dust Deputy Deluxe. The device has worked efficiently on behalf of the buyers and the vacuum unit they are using does not allow dust to form. A buyer from Deputy Deluxe explained how the dust got so bad when he crushed the concrete floor. This dust collector was able to collect all the dust and keep it from covering the whole house. A buyer from Deluxe Kit Dust Depot complained that the extractor could not be properly supported when installed on the ext.

With this dust extractor you can effectively remove dust and debris. It has a longer life and prevents dust from reaching the filter. You can reduce the cleaning time and perform the effort efficiently. In addition, it makes it easier to dispose of your waste and saves you money. In addition, it is very effective and allows you to use it for wet and dry dust. It has strong performance, we can take a variety of materials. It comes with tapered posts and is in a portable design. You can take it anywhere as it includes wheels for easy portability. Additionally, it can reduce efficiency and keep filter cleaners with less scrap. It has easy operation with a cyclone dust collector.

Festool 575267 CT MIDI HEPA Dust Extractor

Festool 575267 CT MIDI HEPA...
  • Constantly high suction because of the compact high performance turbine
  • Smooth suction hose and optimized sys-dock with cord holder and t-lock function for conveniently...
  • Economical because of the optimal use of the available volume with a self clean filter bag in the...

The vacuum cleaner has a light weight housing and is compact in design. It provides strong performance because it has a gradual high suction. It comes with a smooth suction hose and provides cost effective performance. Additionally, it has an optimized C-dock equipped with a card holder and a T-lock for connecting the vacuum cleaner to the nurse. In addition, it allows you to use the volume of the container and can easily handle the operation

You can upgrade with a Bluetooth remote control or additional air compressor and get better benefits. Plus, it comes with two wheels that make it easy to carry. It is HPA certified and does not require any equipment to replace the filter bag. You can adjust the suction power according to your needs and are suitable for cleaning medium to small amounts of dust and dirt.

Made from hard plastic, this light dust extractor is easy to navigate and move from house to house. Once it’s in place, you can hold 15 gallons of dust inside its dust box. In addition, its two-layer filter bags ensure that no dust is spread and does not return to your home. Once the filter bags are full you can replace them without using any tools. The long hose snaps into place and gives you plenty to reach the corn corners. On top of that, the controls are located for easy access and heavy duty caster wheels need to be rotated easily from location to roll. An easy carrying handle lets you easily carry this dust extractor upwards.

CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17595 16 Gallon 6.5 Peak HP Wet/Dry Vac

  • INTEGRATED CART SYSTEM: Cart handle and casters provide 360-degree mobility and can be easily transported...
  • 6.5 PEAK HP: Max power provides heavy-duty cleanup for tasks in the shop, garage, or on the jobsite
  • POS-I-LOCK HOSE: 1-7/8 in. x 10 ft. professional-grade hose provides 4 times the durability of the...

Talk about energy. 6.5 to be exact. This animal of dust collector has all the making of a professional grade dust collector. Take the large dust collection room for example. If you want to dismantle a heavy machine that can roll in a car, you can also put your own money where your face is. And you bet they did it with us – a 20 gallon chamber for a messy huge slaughter.

With a wet / dry alternative, you can be careful when messing or cleaning with this dust extractor. With the accessories provided, you can reach all the voids for which you relied. Now this machine will do it for you. Purify your air, check. Clean the floor, check. And finally, wet dust, no problem. It has the filters that every vacuum cleaner wants. So you don’t have to worry about durability. All components including hose are professional grade. Also, cool feature: It has strong exhaust air from the blow-out port that will help you do something like dust bridges and sidewalk flicks.

Pulse-Bac 550 Dust Extractor Vacuum w/Auto Filter Cleaning

Pulse-Bac 550 Dust Extractor...
  • Pulse-Bac(R) Automatic Filter Cleaning
  • 150 CFM | 87" Lift
  • Durable Powder Coated Steel & ABS Construction

This will allow you to give practical time as it comes with an automatic function. All you have to do is turn it on and do the rest on the machine. The Dust Vacuum Cleaner captures dust in an easy way and saves you money. Additionally, it has single stage HPA filtration and comes with fractional filter efficiency. Furthermore, it can effectively kill 99.97% at 0.9 microns and has self-cleaning technology. It comes in revolutionary designs and is ideal for flour mills, hand mills, job sites and meter saws. Also, it is a convenient design and does not require blowers, knobs, shorteners and agitators. It has an 8 gallon layered steel tank and includes cyclonic debris handling.

If you are working in a lively workshop, or you are probably a living person, this option should be an amazing decision for you. While various cleaners are still not waiting for you to work, this device has hands-free activities that allow you to focus on other issues in the center. All you have to do is take the deactivator to the infamous residue area that you need to clean up, turn it on, go back to work, and go back to the landless place. The heavy duty powder coating covers the development to provide better insurance against rust and harsh outdoor conditions. The beautiful finish adds a new accent to excellence anywhere. The model is now HPA guaranteed, now you can buy it with a real sense of purity that will not disappoint.

All five channels have been thoroughly tested to ensure 99.97% filtration. The eight gallon steel tank gives plenty of floor space. The pulse-back 550H is made from control steel and premium ABS material crush for reinforcement. The ability to remove both wet and dry soil makes it a decent extension to any home, carport and workshop. The 150 cfm air flow ensures that you get the ideal results for every cleaning business.

A pulse back filtering system and 150 cfm work together to make your dust collection work without any hesitation. Clean that dusty debris with a powerful motor built into the interior. The control is easily accessible and takes only a slight twist to increase or decrease the power The 8 gallon (approximately 30 L) dust collection tank of takes contains almost all the dust that the 15 foot hose transmits. The 2- to 5-point hepa then filters trap dust to keep your work area looking beautiful and clean. Self-cleaning technology ensures that these filters stay clean while you work. Made with steel, this device must be reliable and durable. It’s small enough to travel with you to your work sites.

Dust collectors are essential tools to protect your personal health by ensuring that your woodworking and workshop machines remain in perfect condition, saving you cleaning time and generally creating a better and safer work environment for you.

Most of the hardwoods you work with are actually unhealthy, especially when compared to softwoods. This is probably because hardwoods contain tannins, and also they form fine particles when processed or processed.

Powerful woodworking machines and tools produce huge amounts of dust. Dust extractors can significantly reduce or even eliminate dust from your workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
What is static pressure?

It refers to the pressure of body fluids when the body is in contact with fluids. You will also see the resistance created by a dust collection system.

What causes static stress?

There are many things in a vacuum cleaner that cause stress. There are several reasons for this; Dirty filters enter the air duct system, and the elbow causes an extra number of turns in the air vapor.

What is the best vacuum cleaner for me?

Determining the right vacuum cleaner for you will depend on where you want to use it. For example, if you want to attach it to a table set, a base unit will do the trick. However, for other applications such as a pair to connect, you need a model with more mammary power and greater holding capacity.