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Best Portable Induction Cooktops 2024

Duxtop 9600LS Portable Induction Cooktop

Duxtop Portable Induction...
  • 【PORTABLE INDUCTION BURNER】Duxtop induction cooktop uses 110/120V 15 amp electrical outlet–standard...
  • 【HIGH ENERGY EFFICIENCY】 Choose from 20 preset power levels (100W to 1800W) and 20 preset temperature...
  • 【DIGITAL LCD SENSOR】Touch control panel: child safety lock keeps the cooking and timer settings from...

The 110/120V 15 amp electrical outlet used by the Duxtop 9600LS induction cooktop is standard in all North American households. Built to North American electrical standards and ETL listed. It’s small and light, making it simple to handle and store. The portable induction burner is ideal for dorm rooms, home kitchens, RVs, and boats, among other places.

The Duxtop offers more heat control than any other device we evaluated, with 20 different power and temperature settings (ranging from 200 to 1800 watts and 100° F to 460° F). It was also the best at controlling its temperature. When you first heat an induction cooktop, it spikes in temperature, but the Duxtop adjusts quickly—both after that initial spike and in circumstances where the temperature has dropped, such as after adding ingredients to hot oil.

The Duxtop also boasts a fairly basic interface, with an easy-to-read LED display, a 10-hour timer (if the timer isn’t set, the machine’s automatic shut-off kicks in after 2 hours), and safety features including a child safety lock button—useful if there are children nearby who are enticed by buttons. The Duxtop was the quietest of the types evaluated, despite the fact that all induction cooktops have a low whirl from inside the machine. It was also one of the simplest to clean, not only because there are no crevices for oil and debris to get lodged in, but also because its glass surface was the easiest to wipe down without streaking.

Touch control panel has a child safety lock prevents inadvertent changes to the cooking and timing settings; quick boil button; keep warm button (for 1-30 minutes at 140°F); up to 10-hour timer button. Cookware with a magnetic bottom is required for usage on this and any other induction stove. If no cookware or the improper cookware is detected, the auto-pan detection will turn the unit off after 60 seconds. Induction cookware with a diameter of at least 5 inches is compatible, ensuring a vast and consistent heated area.

Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Countertop

Duxtop 1800W Portable...
  • PORTABLE INDUCTION BURNER: Duxtop induction cooktop uses 120V 15 amp electrical outlet–standard in all...
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY Choose from 15 preset power levels 200W to 1800W and 15 preset temperature level settings...
  • EASY TO CLEAN & VIEW: With no open flame or heating element, food does not burn on the oversized glass...

The Secura 9100MC 1800W is the best affordable portable induction cooktop. It supplies power up to 1800W which supplies enough heat for most foods. With wide range of temperature of about 460°F, meals and boiling water will be ready in minutes. It contains many fancy features such as digital timer, power levels, multiple power levels, custom temperature control. 15 power levels ranging of power.

When compared to the other products on our list, this model’s tiny size and affordable pricing make it particularly appealing. Many people would choose this model over the others on this list since it includes most of the features found in the most costly portable induction cooktops, but at a lower price.

However, you will need special cookware to operate this product, as with many other portable induction cooktops, because it recognizes cookware and has an intuitive auto cutoff feature that will activate if you don’t use Duxtop or other induction compatible cookware.

Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Countertop is the Best Portable Induction Cooktops 2022

Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop 1800W

Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice...
  • 10 heat mode settings from 500W-1800W
  • 15 temperature mode settings in 25° increments from 100°F to 450°F
  • One-touch Simmer and Boil buttons

The Max Burton 6400 is a digital induction cooktop that’s worth mentioning on our list. One touch buttons make settings easy Heats up greatly up to a maximum power of 1800 watts. It features an attractive LCD that is very easy to read in low light. Safety features include a lock feature that makes sure no one tampers with your precise temperature.

Before you click the “purchase” button on this induction stove, be sure you have the proper cookware. Remember that, while this model is quite excellent, it is also more expensive than the other models on this list. It is still feasible to get a portable induction cooktop with all of these capabilities (save the LCD display and the hold setting) for less money.

Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop 1800W is the Best Portable Induction Cooktops 2022

Rosewill RHAI-13001 1800W Induction Cooker Cooktop with Stainless Steel Pot

Rosewill Induction Cooker 1800...
  • 8 Temperature Settings from 150 to 450 Degree : 150 Degree, 200 Degree, 260 Degree, 300 Degree, 350...
  • Polished Crystal Plate Surface
  • LED Large Screen Display, 4 Digitals

This might be your best pick if you’re looking for a low-cost portable induction cooktop with a lot of extra features. The Rosewill RHAI-13001 1800W Induction Cooktop includes an induction-ready stainless-steel pot and has the same power output as the other models on this list.

It can compete in terms of heat with just about any other model in this category because it has eight temperature settings ranging from 150° to 450°. It also has a three-hour countdown timer, which gives you plenty of time to count down the minutes until your supper is ready.

When you consider the price of the stove and stainless steel pot, the polished crystal plate surface is appealing. You can also use the LED screen and button buttons to assist you browse the temperature controls.

Keep in mind, though, that with only eight selections, you won’t be able to pick your temperature very exactly. If you wish to use pots other than the one given, you’ll need to buy induction-ready cookware, just like with other induction cooktops. Many consumers, on the other hand, may be content to simply use the bundled products for the duration of the product’s life.

This is your most economical and high-quality option if you want an induction cooktop and cookware to go with it.

Duxtop 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop 9600LS

Duxtop Portable Induction...
  • 【PORTABLE INDUCTION BURNER】Duxtop induction cooktop uses 110/120V 15 amp electrical outlet–standard...
  • 【HIGH ENERGY EFFICIENCY】 Choose from 20 preset power levels (100W to 1800W) and 20 preset temperature...
  • 【DIGITAL LCD SENSOR】Touch control panel: child safety lock keeps the cooking and timer settings from...

Duxtop 1800 watts cook top delivers the best performance at a budget price. It comes with 20 different heat levels to select the exact temperature you need for your cooking. Power settings from 100-1800 W. It can heat up to 460°F in a short time. It has a 10-hour timer countdown. This is perfect for slow cooking. Auto shutdown within 60 seconds.

Gourmia GIC200 1800 W Portable Induction Cooktop

Gourmia GIC100 Multifunction...
  • Induction speed: unique magnetic technology transmits Energy to cookware directly for instant heating,...
  • Safe & smart: appliance will not power on unless compatible cookware is placed on top. Runs on pure...
  • Easy controls: LCD display and simple dial to control timer up to 180 min, 8 power levels up to 1800...

This is a multifunctional digital portable induction cooktop rated at 1800 watts. It features a SmartSense Auto-detection, precise temperature range, time, and 8 power level controls. What makes this nice is that it is very easy to clean and stick-resistant.

Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop

Duxtop LCD Portable Double...
  • 【DUAL HEATING ZONES】→ This professional digital countertop induction cooktop by Duxtop is equipped...
  • 【SAFE—EASY TO USE—EASY TO CLEAN】→ Child safety lock system helps protect from injuries such as...
  • 【CHOOSE POWER MODE OR TEMPERATURE MODE】→ There are 20 preset levels per mode so you can select the...

The Duxtop induction burner uses 120 Volts, 15 amp of electricity—standard in all North American homes. Child safety features lock system helps protect from injuries such as scalding. Touch control panel is simple to operate. The rapid warming of the induction cookware makes cooking fast and easy. There are 20 preset levels per mode so you can select the perfect one for your cooking task.

What is induction cooking?

Induction cooking is different from thermal conduction from an electrical source or gas burner. Induction cooking works by using magnetic induction to directly heat up the pan or pot and not only the burner. This helps you cook your food super fast when compared with other modes of cooking.

How does the best portable induction cooktops works?

Many people are surprised when they find out that the cooking top doesn’t heat up. Like we mentioned earlier, induction cooking uses the principles of electromagnetic induction, it heats the pan directly without the cooktop getting hot itself.

There are specific kinds of metals that works with electromagnetic Cooktops. There are electromagnetic coils in your appliance, and they get activated when they detect the right type of metal. They then heat up the content of the pot and pan you’ve placed on the cooktop.

Stainless Steel and Iron pans are compatible with the cooktop. To know if a pan works, you can test by placing a magnet on the lower half. If the pan attracts the magnet, it works on an induction cooktop. If it doesn’t attract the magnet, it won’t work.

Types of best portable induction cooktops?

Single element portable induction cooktop

In this type, there is only one cooking zone. You can use it as an additional cooking zone in your kitchen or in a kitchenette. Since it is portable, you could make sure to place in on the table of your dining room to keep food warm. Single induction cooktops can be used in holiday homes, dorms, and motorhomes. If you’re yet to decide if you’re getting an induction cooktop, you can start by getting the single element cooktop, to see if it’s something you’d like using before splashing your money on a bigger set.

Multi-Element Portable Induction Cooktop

The multi-element portable induction cooktops are a combination of several cooking zones. You can find them with 2 to 5 induction burners. They are useful for cooking more than one meal at a time and can be used by more than one person at a time.

Built-in Induction Cooktop Unit

If you’re sure you want a fully installed induction cooktop then you can have one built in your countertop. Built-in an induction cooktop gives your kitchen a seamless look.

Freestanding Counter Induction unit

A freestanding induction unit is more of a complete set because it comes with an electric oven. This is for the chef who prefers to have everything in one appliance.

Since renters cannot make so many changes to their rented apartments, they can be a good option. They can also be used for outdoor cooking.

Commercial Induction Units

Commercial Induction units are designed to handle greater cooking demands with higher durability. Their electrical circuits come with great industrial protection for extra safety.

What Pots and Pans can you use on an induction cooktop?

Many people have been asking questions about the right pots and pans to use on an induction stove. You can’t use just any pot because these stoves are very selective, based on their mode of operation. Since they use electromagnetic induction, they need a certain type of pot to work. This doesn’t mean the pot has to be created specifically. Earlier, we mentioned the main requirement for a pot or pan to have compatibility. The pot has to be made from atleast iron pans, black metal, or cast iron.

For a stainless pot to work on an induction surface, the bottom has to be made from the magnetic grade stainless steel. The emphasis here is the word magnetic.

Copper and aluminum are do not work with an induction cooktop based on their electrical and magnetic properties.

Asides using a magnet to check your pot or pan comparability, you can check the packaging with the cookware. Some cookware comes with symbols that indicate it is good for the induction surface.

Benefits of using Induction Cooktops

Energy Efficient

Earlier on, we mentioned how induction cooktops heat the pot directly without losing heat to the surrounding. The pot retains all the heat. When we say induction cooking is fast, induction boils water within 2 minutes compared to 4 -5 minutes with other modes of cooking. The faster your food cooks, the less energy you consume. This saves both money and time, which is what makes them most efficient way of cooking.

Besides, since all the heat is transferred to the pans and pots directly, the cooktops doesn’t get hot. Making the cooktops very easy to clean. Also, the top is smooth and flat which makes it easy to wipe.

One big advantage is that the excess heat the burner gives does not contribute to the ambient heat of the kitchen.

The heat generated from cooking can increase your home’s electricity bills during summer. This is because of ambient air temperature in your home increases, causing more work for the stove vents, air conditioners, and fans.

However, in induction cooking, there’s no additional, so your bills don’t go up unnecessarily. Hence, you can cook all you want in summer.


Well, you don’t have to worry much about accidents with an induction cooktop because it brings a whole new level of safety to your home. It switches off once there’s no pot or pan on the element.

What is the power consumption of a induction cooktop?

If you’re purchasing a portable induction cooktop, it will be rated at about 1600 – 1800 watts power. If you consider that most cooking temperature doesn’t exceed 600°f, an average induction cooktop will provide enough power for most cooking requirements.

One rule of thumb to consider is what you need your induction cooktop to do. Definitely, steaks will require a lot more heat compared to the heat needed to boil water for noodles. If you don’t need that much power or temperature, then you don’t need an elaborate or expensive portable induction cooktop. However, on our list, the power consumption is between 1600-1800 watts, so that it can serve most cooking purposes.

How much cooking Space does a typical portable induction cooktop needs?

Since you want a portable induction cooktop, knowing your dimension requirements of portable is the first thing to do.

Ideally, what manufacturers do is to produce a portable induction cooktop around the size of a ruler for width and length. A typical cooktop has a depth of about 2-3”.

In addition, the length of a typical portable induction cooktop is about 10-13”, typically, the cooking platter is also in this range. This is just about the size of many stove cookers.

Important features to look out for in an induction cooktop?

Safety Sensor

This feature helps your cooker monitor the bottom temperature of the cookware. So if there’s an empty pan on the cooking zone, the appliance adjusts itself to avoid causing any damage to the cookware.

Auto switch-off

This feature turns off the element automatically should there be any overheating, or if there’s no pan on the cooking zone.

Safety cut out

It allows your cooktop to switch itself off automatically of the cooking zone has been on the same temperature settings for a long time. The time frame before safety cut out happens depends on your best settings. The higher the settings, the lower the cooking zone will remain.

Auto Heat up

This feature lets the cooking zone to heat up to a certain level before returning to the preset settings after a period of time.


This is a feature that’s similar to heat up. The cooking zone heats up food or liquid at the highest setting, then drops to the lowest preselected setting.

Protection against overflows

If there’s a spillover on the controls, the cooktop shuts down automatically and beeps to notify you. All you need to do is clean the top and resume your cooking.

Pan Detection

If you have the wrong pan or there’s no pan at all in the cooking zone, the cooktop won’t work. Also, if you remove the pan while cooking, the cooktop will stop and display a symbol. The symbol disappears when you return the pan to the cooktop. It also displays a symbol to indicate that you’ve got a wrong pan on the cooking zone.

Child lock

Induction cooktops are safer compared to gas cooktops, but you still want to protect your kids from hot pots. So you want to look for the child lock feature.

Digital control readings

This feature gives you accurate temperature control readings.


The control panel should be placed not too close to the elements.


Some cooktops allow you to pause your cooking temporarily by pausing the heat.