Best Razer Gaming Headsets 2021

Razer BlackShark V2 Gaming Headset

Razer BlackShark V2 Gaming Headset: THX 7.1...
  • THX 7.1 Surround Sound Capable: Provides industry-leading audio realism for in-game immersion by...
  • Triforce Titanium 50mm High-End Sound Drivers: Outfitted with cutting-edge, 50mm drivers divided into 3...
  • All-Day Comfort: Oval, cooling gel-infused cushions that prevent overheating and pressure build-up

In a very strong area, the recently released BlackShark V2 is the best Razer headset you can get right now. From the outset, it’s obvious that the Razer BlackShark V2 is a gaming headset; of its micro boom, with a very prominent volume dial, with neon green details. However, there is a degree of aesthetic restraint here that other Razer gaming headsets lack. The headphones are stylish and not as bulky as, for example, the Razer Kraken or the Thresher; no weird design ornaments or colorful LEDs. Even the Razer logo is quite small compared to other headphones. Basically, it looks more like a regular pair of headphones than most Razer headphones.

The Razer BlackShark V2 is predominantly metal construction, with a headband covered in a soft foam pad wrapped in mesh fabric. The wire hinges don’t feel very strong, but I never encountered any problems when reviewing the headphones. The headphones have a fairly wide tilt range, so people with wider heads shouldn’t have to worry about finding a comfortable fit. The ear cushions are made of memory foam covered with layers of synthetic leather and mesh fabric; they are super soft and it is extremely easy to get a good seal.

The BlackShark V2 has been designed in collaboration with some of the best professional gamers to ensure that this headset captures everything the competitive scene seeks. It starts with being comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and luckily, the BlackShark V2 is the lightest earbud you’ve ever worn on your ears. Along with large memory foam cushions and breathable flowknit fabric, you can wear it for up to 14 hours straight without feeling tired.

Reimagining the original BlackShark design eight years ago, the V2 incorporates all-new technology, lightweight design, and Razer quality and style into an exquisite, high-value PC offering. Its design is light and comfortable; its audio quality is really excellent thanks to the new Titanium drivers; his mic is one of the best I’ve ever used, and it’s brand new too; And thanks to a companion app, it has features and customizations that come from everywhere. The stars have really lined up on this headset and I can’t wait to wear it every time I sit down to play.

Sound quality is key too, and that starts with excellent passive noise cancellation that creates a tight seal around your ears. Inside, Razer’s new TriForce Driver has a dedicated setting for treble, midrange and bass, ensuring top-notch clarity and volume. The microphone has also been improved, with a new directed sensor model that rejects more sound than ever from the back and sides. Together with the recently released THX Spatial Audio app, a whole new world of gaming audio, customization and sophistication will open up, taking the already great sound of headphones to new heights. And with a price of $ 100, you get great value for your money. If you have the budget and want one of the best, this is the place.

Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound...
  • The #1 Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US: Source - The NPD Group, Inc. U.S. Retail...
  • Razer Hypersense Haptic Feedback for Unparalleled Immersion: Provides industry-leading audio realism for...
  • Lightweight & Auto-Adjusting Headband for Extended Gaming Sessions: The Nari Ultimate adapts to the shape...

The Razer Nari Ultimate sits at the top of the Razer headphone line. What sets the Nari Ultimate apart from the Nari Essential and the Nari itself are the L5 haptic controllers that provide modulated feedback so you feel like you’re in the middle of the action. With incredible clarity and bass enhanced by HyperSense haptic technology, you get excellent sound quality and immersion.

Most of the Nari are made of plastic except for the headband. Too bad considering the price. It is a large helmet, but it is not as heavy as most due to all the plastic. The large vinyl pads are comfortable and come with cutouts for the glasses. They are quite comfortable to wear and will not cause discomfort even when used for longer gaming sessions. Specially designed for single player games, Nari Ultimate adds an extra dimension to your game that you would never have experienced before. Best of all, it is suitable for hit music and action movies as well as games. All in all, it’s a versatile headset that can be used with a multitude of devices thanks to the 3.5mm jack. You can even use it wirelessly with a PC and PS4.

The overall sound from the headphones is excellent. Playing games is fun, and the din sometimes adds an extra immersion. The bass is a bit overwhelming and can cause some audio masking, especially when there is a lot of instrumentation. Sound insulation is excellent. It has no ANC but works well with a strong seal and thick ear muffs. The low hum of vehicles and other city noises will continue to be heard, although we suspect you will not be using them for your morning commute.

Also, haptics won’t work perfectly with some out-of-the-box titles, although changing various game settings can help with this. While Nari Ultimate supports a wide variety of platforms, the best experience is on the PC with access to the Razer Synapse companion app for proper tuning. When you run on a PC and play titles with full support for the built-in haptic vibration technology, you will have a unique experience. Along with great sound, high build quality, and tremendous flexibility through software, these headphones are the perfect companion for any PC gamer. Xbox fans are not left out either, with a dedicated version of Nari available for wireless use on Xbox One.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition THX 7.1 Surround...
  • THX 7.1 Surround Sound Capable: Provides industry-leading audio realism for in-game immersion by...
  • Sound Built for Immersive Gaming: Outfitted with custom-tuned 50 mm drivers
  • All-day Comfort: Oval, cooling gel-infused cushions that prevent overheating and pressure build-up

Razer’s premium gaming headset, Tournament Edition Kraken, is one of the best when it comes to build quality and listening experience. They offer excellent sound quality, tons of great features, and unmatched comfort levels in this guide.

The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is a versatile headset that can be used with almost any device. It’s available in Razer Neon Green, but there’s also a black option, which is a relief for those looking for something a little more understated. The biggest draw is the THX Spatial audio and bass, which can be adjusted through 17 levels, to get your perfect audio profile. You can change the sound of the amp or use the Razer Synapse 3 software, which allows you to achieve the perfect balance for games and movies.

A new addition to headphones is a line amplifier. It is designed to stick to the table and act as an intermediary between the device and your headphones. It offers many options, including volume control, voice mixing, and surround sound. The amp has THX spatial sound, which sounds great when playing games. The headset offers great spatial awareness when gaming. While playing Fortnite, we had no trouble hearing where the shots were coming from or where the footsteps were coming from.

The Kraken also sounds great when listening to music or watching movies. And it offers a well-balanced sound that doesn’t overemphasize any of the frequencies. The microphone works well in all circumstances. Video calling provided a crisp, clear voice, and the game felt the same.

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