Best Sharpeners for Colored Pencils 2021

Derwent Super Point Manual Helical Pencil Sharpener

Derwent Super Point Manual Helical Pencil...
  • Sharpen pencils up to 8mm in diameter to an extra-long, super point
  • High performance steel helical blade
  • Durable metal casing; Auto stop safety feature

Derwent is a popular hand-crank sharpener that people often like. It works on colored and regular graphite pencils up to 8mm in diameter. Most pencil sharpeners don’t take thick pencils, but they do one. Works well even with charcoal and pastel pencils. With just a few cranks, your pencils will be super sharp. It helps in sharpening new and ever sharpening pencils.

Derwent Super Point makes colored pencils sharp on fine, long dots if you need complex details of your work. And the chip holder is easy to remove. Another advantage is that the whole sharpening device can be separated, so if a pencil point is stuck, you can remove it.

Here is our choice for the best quality hand-crank pencil sharpener for colored pencils. However, the sharper has resistors. Some people have reported problems with excessive sharpening by leaving marks on pencils and tweezers.

Derwent Super Point Manual Helical Pencil Sharpener is Best Sharpeners for Colored Pencils 2021

X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil...
  • Heavy duty electric pencil sharpener designed specifically for classrooms
  • Durable construction stands up to wear and tear
  • Quiet electric motor provides reliable power with minimal disruption; No electrical draw when not in use....

Designed and designed exclusively for classrooms, the X-Acto SchoolPro Electric Sharp features advanced sharpening technology and solid construction for reliable performance. Sharp pencils use helical blades to sharpen effectively.

This is a powerful pencil sharpener designed for classrooms only. Its durable construction can withstand wear. Silent electric motors provide reliable power and minimal disruption. The cutter automatically shuts off the cutter when the pencil is sharpened. Helical cut produces round and secure pencil tips. Sharper pencils do not sharpen too much, and the tip is perfectly sharpened with the help of round tips. Its electric motor silently provides reliable sharpening power and prevents automatic re-function overheating.

Derwent Super Point Manual Helical Pencil Sharpener is Best Sharpeners for Colored Pencils 2021

Colore Electric Pencil Sharpener

Colore Electric Pencil Sharpener - Powerful,...

One of the best and safest electric pencil sharpeners, it is ideal for young children. Thanks to its helical technology. It is a stainless steel first-rate helical cutting system, which guarantees that the tip of the pencil is perfectly smooth.

It is safe for children. It will not cut or trim your fingers. The container is large enough to hold a large amount of trim in the container. It is a powerful and durable pencil sharpener, which creates a uniform, smooth, and sharp point in seconds. It is compact, light, and portable. It comes with a lifetime warranty. So if you are not satisfied with the product, the company can always help you.

This compact battery sharper measures 5 x 3 x 2 inches. It weighs just 6.9 ounces, which makes it ideal for carrying in a school bag. But what noise? Since it is electronic, you will not want to use it in any quiet environment like an office or classroom. The manufacturer has also solved this problem. The sharpener has a sound-absorbing housing that helps reduce clutter.

Colore Electric Pencil Sharpener is Best Sharpeners for Colored Pencils 2021

What to look for in the best colored pencil sharpeners?

A quality color pencil sharpener is one of the most necessary and valuable tools for artists and pencil users. A sharp point can only be achieved if a sharp point is good enough to do it. It extends the usefulness and lifespan of colored pencils. It is important to know how to choose as an artist. Here are some reasons to look at:


Colored pencils are available in different sizes and colors with varying lead diameter, barrel size, and case size. A standard (colored) pencil is delivered in 8mm barrels. However, quality colored pencils are starting to get a bit bigger as they are specially made for children’s use.

Professional artist grade pencils are also 8mm in size but with different core thicknesses. Therefore, if you work with quality colored pencils, the same pencil sharpener can be used for almost all brands. Otherwise, you should look for a pencil sharpener that matches the size of your pencil.


Most colored pencils are round and made of wooden barrels. However, some high-quality pencils are in the shape of hexagons, which are usually designed for a better grip. In addition to these, you may also encounter triangular barrels. These are pencils designed for kids.

Although most sharpeners can handle a variety of sizes, there are unique sharpeners for specific sizes. If you are looking for a precise or precise pencil sharpener, you must pay attention to its shape.

Sharpening Angle

Like shapes and sizes, sharp angles also vary at sharp angles. This is important to verify, especially if you want it for colored pencils. A sharp angle determines the amount of lead left after each use.

For example, if your jogging requires regular sharpening of complex colored pencils, choose a pencil sharpener that has a small angle (about 74 degrees). However, if you don’t want to constantly have sharp ideas, choose an angle around 80, as it gives you better lead exposure to work.

Pay attention to its strength

Colored pencils contain a wide variety of lead materials, especially professional and artistic quality. However, lead can be somewhat stiff as some brittle and sharp wood material. If you have a fine pencil, it is vital to use a soft pencil sharpener so that the integrity of the tools is not compromised. Look for something soft for the lead as well as wood.


Check how well a sharper is working. See how clean the wood is after using a sharpener on the colored pencil. This is important for colored pencils because the type of lead used is soft. Also, if you use something oil-based, it easily covers the work.

As an artist, you are usually very careful to make sure that the work does not stain. However, when this happens, the only reason for the bad sharper, it is not worth it. So if you find that your wooden pencil has been stained after using a pencil sharpener, it’s time to change tools.

Lead point

Understand that not all sharpeners are made the same. They cannot refine the threads to fine, sharp points. Some outputs are designed to present, giving the user a blunt tip for the job (mixing, shading large areas, etc.). Some pencil sharpeners are only designed for graphite pencils, which can give precise details.

How to choose a pencil sharpener?

Sharpening with a pencil should seem easy, but experts call it an art form. If you are in doubt, you should ask your popular author, David Race, who has written a book about the ultimate methods of sharpening different pencils. Well, some things are as satisfying as sharpening different pencils. However, there is no guarantee that these sharp points will survive in this kit. So make sure to keep them safe in plastic boxes.

Choosing the best pencil sharpener is not as easy as it sounds. There are many options. There are different shapes, sizes, and models to confuse you. Always choose a compact, stylish, stylish, and good quality pencil sharpener. You shouldn’t know that it’s a pencil sharp with a simple look.

If you are an artist or someone involved in various arts and crafts, you will know that pencils come in different shapes. There are regular shapes, but the colors are bold. So, you should wear a pencil sharpener that works ideally on different pencils.

Here are some key points to note:

Look for long point sharpeners

A long point sharper is ideal for getting the most out of the sharp. It lets you express extra sharp graphite with a long point that allows the points to provide better sketching/writing/drawing after each sharpening.

Examine the shaving container with a pencil

If you have someone sharpening pencils on the go, look for a pencil sharpener with a large reservoir. Not only does it have the ability to hold a large pencil shaving, but it also often saves time when blanking. Also, it prevents a kit from making a mess.

See how compact the size is

If you prefer easy to carry and lightweight pencil sharpeners, buy a small pencil sharpener. Don’t buy big.

Non-graphite or colored pencil sharpeners

Whether it’s graphite-free pencils, charcoal pencils, or soft colored pencils, there are special pencil sharpeners that get the job done smoothly. In this case, look for a pencil sharpener that is good around and can sharpen different types of pencils. It should have a function to adjust the point when sharpening and to prevent the pencil from sharpening excessively soft parts like wax and charcoal.

Jumbo sharpeners for irregular shapes

Even you know that pencils come in different shapes and sizes. If you’re someone with a larger pencil, look for a jumbo-sized pencil sharpener. It will work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Manual or electric pencil sharp?

A little harder to answer because it depends on a person’s needs. While manual pencil sharpeners are more practical and easier to control, electric pencil sharpeners are great for people who don’t have time to sharpen a box full of pencils.

However, with electric pencil sharpeners, you may have the option of over-sharpening your pencils. Whenever you use an electric pencil sharpener, be sure to turn the pencil back to clean, even pointing around. If you have enough time, check the point at the specified time instead of believing the sound of sharpening, let me know if it has been sharpened. However, if your pencil sharpener has an automatic shutdown feature, you don’t have to worry.

To maintain the effectiveness of the electronic pencil sharpener, be sure to empty the pencil sharpener tank frequently and brush the blades with a toothbrush. In addition to this, it helps to keep it free from dust and dirt.

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