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Best Smelling Soaps for Men 2024

Baxter of California Men’s Exfoliating Body Bar

Baxter of California...
  • Perfect Gift for Father's Day Pair with Baxter of California Shave & Shower Essentials

Baxter of California Men’s Exfoliating Body Soap also helps you get rid of lifeless pores and skin cells with jojoba flour and beaten olive seeds, increasing phone turnover and removing blemishes from pores and unruly skin from head to toe. Formulated to generate abundant lather and hydration, this body scrub bar is great for all pores and skin types, leaving pores and skin soft, clean and fresh. Cedar wood and oak moss aromas for a subtle masculine scent. The Paraben Free Men’s Body Scrub Bar is suitable for all pores and all skin types. Leaves the entire body feeling comfortable and smooth. Cedarwood and oakmoss aromas are added for a subtle masculine scent. Cleanse and exfoliate your skin while smelling great with this exfoliating body bar from Baxter of California.

Founded in 1965, Baxter of California produces a long line of men’s grooming products formulated with unique and powerful ingredients not typically found in other brands. Its Body Scrub Bar is designed to cleanse and exfoliate the skin with these premium ingredients: crushed olive seeds, jojoba flour, pumice stone, and glycerin. The end result is incredibly smooth, soft and hydrated skin.

This rich, exfoliating bar for men leaves skin feeling smooth, flawless and revitalized. The moisturizing recipe with crushed pumice, jojoba, and olive seeds is gentle on the skin but still has enough roughness to exfoliate. This soap is safe for daily use on all skin types. The scents of cedar wood and oak moss are a great combination for men. Cleanses dirt from the entire body with moisturizing ingredients that won’t strip skin of natural oils. In the shower, soak the bar of soap and rub it into damp skin in circular motions for a rich lather. Please note that due to scrubs it is not designed for your face; for that, check out Baxter Daily Facial Cleanser, which is also great for beards.

Apart from the excellent performance, the other thing that stands out about this Body Bar is its excellent aroma. The essence of cedar wood and oak moss combine to give this bar soap a very robust masculine scent that smells of wood, musk, earthy and slightly sweet with subtle hints of leather. It’s the perfect balance between rugged and refined, and in my opinion it fits any guy. It is an excellent bar of soap for men who like woody and earthy scents. The exfoliating factor is also an extra nice touch that leaves the skin very soft and smooth.

Jack Black Turbo Body Bar Scrubbing Soap for Men

Jack Black , Turbo Body Bar...
  • Rich Lather: Infused with moisturizing butters and rocks gently polish skin
  • Stimulates Senses: Blue lotus and ginkgo biloba combat fatigue and stimulate senses
  • Exfoliates Body: Lava rock removes dead skin cells for smooth skin

Do you want to be really clean? Rubbing your body with a lava rock will probably be enough. While it may sound strong, the granules in this bar are fine enough to give you a smooth polish for smoother, cleaner skin. With the same scent as their ever popular Turbo Wash, the Jack Black Turbo Bar also includes Blue Lotus and Ginkgo Biloba to wake you up in the morning. Shea butter (from the nut of the African shea nut) and murumuru butter (from the seed of an Amazon palm tree) keep hydration levels high and exotic.

Jack Black soap is gaining notoriety for its versatility and effectiveness. For starters, the soap has a strong, fresh pine scent. Where the bar really hits is in the exfoliation; Made with blue lotus and lava rock, the bar removes dead skin cells and helps cleanse and smooth the fresh layer of skin. The turbo bar follows a simple process: exfoliate with lava rock, smooth, smooth and shine with the ever-beneficial shea and murumuru butters. This is another large 6oz bar, so it will last naturally, which is especially important for a bar that is used all over the body.

This invigorating deep cleansing soap for men removes dirt and helps skin shed dead skin. This soap is enriched with murumuru and shea butter and forms a sumptuous lather while the natural lava rock acts tenderly as an exfoliator. Mixed with blue lotus and ginkgo biloba, this soap strengthens, removes dirt and removes dead skin. For best results, use Jack Black Turbo Body Bar Exfoliating Soap in the morning and evening to purify skin. Dampen the bar of soap in a thick, rich lather and use it all over your body.

Dr. Squatch Men’s Soap Cedar Citrus Scented Natural Bar Soap for Men

Dr. Squatch Bar Soap is all natural and uses the cold process strategy. They specialize in masculine scents and avoid the feminine scents most used for women. This is a full body soap for the shower. This bar of soap for men leaves skin hydrated and clean without feeling dry or aggravated. Dr. Squatch’s mission is to provide men with the most remarkable and robust options, as opposed to the modest and destructive trade items that are delivered en masse. With this, they try to serve men and motivate them to continue living a more natural way of life.

Dr. Squatch, a startup with a great logo, offers a bar rich in ingredients for a deep clean and a wonderful scent. This bar is a cornucopia of powerful oils (olive, coconut, hemp and soy), moisturizers and lollipops (shea butter and peppermint leaves), manly scents (cedar wood, orange and rosemary). The Cedar Citrus Bar will exfoliate and then hydrate with the best of them, but the unique scent of wood and citrus will have you coming out of the shower awake and rejuvenated. The 5 oz bar is priced well, especially when you consider the amount of benefits each bar offers. I don’t like it, no problem. The doctor backed him up with a ‘satisfaction guarantee’ that is not only a good soap opera pun, but also a very good deal.

Duke Cannon Men’s Bar Soap

Duke Cannon Men's Bar Soap -...
  • Aquamarine Fragrance Smells Like Naval Triumph
  • Scent Meets The High Standards Of Hard Working Men
  • Lasts Three Times Longer Than Traditional Bar Soaps

Duke Cannon is men’s bar soap – three times the size of most competitors at 10 oz, Duke Cannon has a fresh, clean scent that will remove the grime from a hard day’s work. This is a giant soap brick, so you will get more for your money just because of its size. What’s really cool is that Duke Cannon modeled this soap from the soap that military soldiers used during the Korean War (they use cut grains of steel for easy grip and rich texture).

Duke Cannon is a company dedicated exclusively to the outdoors. They are also proudly known for saluting great soldiers who strive to serve. Your Duke Cannon “Great American Frontier” men’s soap set comes with an unconventional look of 3 large bars of men’s soap, 3 times the size of any regular soap. The Leaf and Leather scented soap in this set takes you on a journey to the plains of the fields, where the gentle outside breeze kisses your skin and gives you a nostalgic feeling of warmth. It combines a fresh tobacco leaf scent with a leather scent, both creating a true masculine scent.

Fresh Cut Pine Soap also invigorates the essence of hard work and wood. This manly fragrance gives an aroma of being in the forest, cutting pine and obtaining the absolute sensation of masculinity and an irresistible aroma of nature. Fresh cut pine is for those who know how to embrace the harshness of nature. The Campfire Bar is made up of the abundance of beautiful stories that are made around the campfires, the aroma of burning wood and the daring of the campfires present. Duke Cannon’s “Great American Frontier” Men’s Soap Set challenges men to go to extremes by revealing what true masculinity is all about with its unique soap set. They are specially designed for men who want a clean scent without referring to feminine brands for resolutions.

Duke Cannon soap is truly a men’s soap. The thick, dark aroma and appearance of the bar make it triumphantly clean. It is designed for dedicated men who need to look flawless and smell manly without the use of shower gels. This bar of soap is larger than most (10 ounces) and will last longer than the delicate bars at your nearby drugstore. It also smells great (perfect new scent with a hint of grass) and contains steel cut grains for extreme grip and exfoliation. On a side note, we love the manly description Duke Cannon offers as “Big American Brick Of Soap” and the fine print on the box is comical read.

Caswell-Massey Triple Milled Luxury Bath Soap Men’s Sandalwood Explorer Soap Set

Caswell-Massey Castile Bar...
  • Sophisticated Aromas: Woodgrain Sandalwood has an iconic, deep aroma, while Centuries Sandalwood is...
  • Triple-Milled Luxury Bath Soap: Upgrade your bathing routine with these moisturizing soaps that are...
  • The Perfect Giftable Soap Set: This natural soap set comes in a three-pack and is a great gift for a...

If you’re looking for the most fragrant bar of men’s soap, I recommend checking out this Sandalwood Explorer package from Caswell-Massey. Founded in 1752 (!), Caswell-Massey was the first fragrance and personal care company in the United States. Not only are their products known for their superior quality and performance, they have also been known to smell ridiculous.

Your Sandalwood Explorer pack contains 3 of Caswell-Massey’s most fragrant bar soaps. Scents include: Woodgrain Santalwood, Centuries Santalwood, and Heritage Tricorn. Each one is incredibly unique, distinct, bold, tough, and masculine. The Sandalwood Explorer Pack is a great scent option for men who love rich, masculine scents. It is also worth mentioning that the presentation of this pack of 3 is absolutely exquisite. A truly worthy gift.

This Caswell-Massey Herbal Bath Soap set features the scents preferred by three presidents of the United States: Heritage Jockey Club, the fragrance worn by John F. Kennedy; Almond, an Eisenhower favorite; and our remarkable number six, well known to our first president, George Washington. This set currently incorporates the brand’s refined “Legacy Number Six” soap, in light of its “Supernatural” Number Six reformulation using the best oils and using the first handwritten recipe. The brand prides itself on being “Still America’s Original Scent!” They have made soap in the United States since 1752.