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Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards 2024

Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming 2023

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

HyperX USB Alloy FPS Pro -...
  • Ultra minimalistic ten keyless (TKL) design ideal for FPS pro
  • Cherry MX mechanical key switches
  • Portable design with detachable cable

The HyperX Alloy FPS Pro keyboard comes with innovative features and a great typing experience. The design is sleek and compact to save space. The tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard also is specially made to satisfy gaming needs. The structure of the keyboard is elegant, and durable material is used in its construction. HyperX has a heavy-duty frame that stands firm against the brutal usage for years. The steel frame makes it durable.

Hyperx alloy fps pro has a total of 87 keys, excluding the number keys. The alloy body and Cherry MX red keys are the best features of this keyboard. The keys can be removed and replaced with the new ones. There is a micro USB cable to connect the keyboard to the system. The detachable wires mechanism has made it portable and easy to carry. The HyperX Alloy FPS Pro supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. The dynamic and unique light keys have powerful rgb lighting sequences. HyperX is the perfect keyboard for programmers.

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro is the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches in 2023

Logitech G PRO

Logitech G PRO Mechanical...
  • Built with and for esports athletes for competition-level performance, speed and precision.
  • Durable GX Blue Click switches deliver an audible and tactile click for a solid, secure keypress.
  • Ultra-portable compact ten keyless design frees up table space for mouse movement. It’s easy to pack up...

Logitech G PRO is the best for gamers who want a mechanical keyboard with great design and smooth keys. It is built with great speed and precise design in mind for fast gaming operations. It provides a reliable performance the same as expected by eSports athletes. The sturdy and durable GX Blue Click switch technology is faster and delivers the best audible click compared to Romer G switches. The response is faster than other TKL mechanical keyboards available. The design is sleek and compact. It saves space for other equipment on the desk and is easy to pack for traveling. The amazing detachable micro-USB feature makes it stand out from other keyboards.

The LIGHTSYNC RGB feature makes the important keys light-up. You can customize the rgb lighting effects and animation using G HUB software. This LIGHTSYNC feature is one of the best features gaming Tenkeyless mechanical keyboards can have. It makes it elegant and innovative. The three-step angle adjustment makes you work while being comfortable. The rubber feet enhance the stability of the keyboard. Logitech G PRO is one of the brightest and best TKL keyboards available, and it is guaranteed to spice up your gaming setup.

Logitech G PRO is best tenkeyless gaming keyboard in 2023.

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL...
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE & STUPIDLY FAST with OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable HyperMagnetic switches
  • RAPID TRIGGER — Eradicate latency arising from the physical movement of the switch through dynamic...
  • ULTIMATE CONTROL — 40 levels of per-key actuation (0.1 – 4.0mm) — set WASD for light, ultra-fast...

Steelseries Apex m750 is the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard available. The SteelSeries Apex Pro is alloy made and has a heavy-duty frame. The OmniPoint switches allow the users to adjust the actuation points. The magnetic sensors provided make this actuation process faster from a distance of 0.4 to 3.6 mm.

The response time is eight times faster. The mechanical switches don’t get damaged and have a reliable 100 million keypress performance. The OLED Smart Display is a gamer’s dream. There is a command center to adjust the light settings. You don’t need any software for customization. There are five onboard profiles from game-to-game. The Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy build ensures lifetime durability. The keyboard comes with a detachable magnetic wrist rest that provides good palm support. Steelseries Apex m750 is a durable, fast keyboard which is worth every penny.

The Apex Pro TKL has two great features, the OLED display and adjustable actuation points for their switches. Adjustable actuation allows you to set different key activation points for each switch, for example, you can set your in-game WASD to be more responsive so you don’t have the pressure so deep to get an entrance. The optical switches themselves are very smooth, which makes for a great all-around gaming experience. The Apex Pro still has ABS keycaps, although this can be fixed with a replacement set.

Steelseries Pro TKL is the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboards in 2023

Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition Chroma

Razer BlackWidow X Tournament...
  • Designed specifically for gaming, Razer Mechanical Switches actuate at an optimal distance, giving you...
  • Together with detachable USB cable, the Razer Black Widow Tournament Edition X Chroma gives you all the...
  • From preloaded lighting effects, to your own custom uniquely programmed palette of colors, you can...

The Razer BlackWindow X Chroma has a sleek and small design that is made of military-grade metal, making it sturdy and durable. Even during the most rigorous gaming sessions, the durable structure ensures that the gamers get top-notch performance.

Green switches from Razer are responsive and quick, making them ideal for gaming. There are 16.8 million colors to pick from in the programmable backlighting. MX Cherry blue switches are nearly equivalent to Razer green switches.

The rear plate of the BlackWindow X is visible, making it easy to dust and clean if necessary. The BlackWindow X RBG lighting effect, hot clicky keys, and sharp keystrokes are popular among users. Some users were annoyed by the keyboard’s idiosyncrasies when typing. Another user expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of a wrist pad and the small font on some keys.

Despite a few flaws, the Razer keyboard is reasonably priced and comes with high-quality features that are excellent value for money.

Corsair K65 LUX RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair K65 LUX RGB Compact...
  • 10 keyless design for easier travel and more room for your mouse
  • Aircraft grade anodized brushed aluminum frame for superior durability
  • Advanced lighting control and large font keycaps deliver dynamic, vibrant multi color backlighting

The Corsair K65 RGB is designed for serious gamers. It exceeds the high expectations for a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard, but it will put a dent in your wallet.

You’ll be able to enjoy a smooth transition from keystrokes to screen activity thanks to the standard Cherry MX switches. With a polling speed of 1000Hz, it provides a short latency responsiveness and significant RGB lighting.

On the trunk, there’s a USB pass-through port for convenient connectivity, as well as a detachable wrist rest and specific Windows lock, mute, and volume buttons. Because of the translucent Cherry MX Red switches, your Corsair K65 Lux RGB includes LED lights that will glow in low-light conditions.

Varmilo VA87M

No products found.

The Varmilo VA87M is available with many types of switches, including Cherry MX Clear, MX Brown, MX Blue, MX Black, MX Red, etc. If you’re not already sure which switches you like, we recommend Cherry MX Brown, as they offer a satisfying tactile bump without making too much noise for a shared space. We also like that the VA87M is available with a variety of fun key sets and matching cases. It comes with a detachable mini-USB cable and a key cap puller, and it works on Windows and Mac. The VA87M is not fully programmable, but it has clearly labeled multimedia keys and you can customize a few functions. The VA87M typically costs around $ 130 – about the average for an excellent mechanical keyboard – although some types of switches, key sets, and backlight options cost a bit more.

Ducky One 2 Horizon TKL (Cherry MX Blue) Keyboard

No products found.

If you want a TKL mechanical keyboard for typing, we cannot recommend the Ducky’s One 2 series highly enough. It includes a lot of different TKL designs that come with various mechanical switches. But all offer the same basic selection of features. Stuff like perfect build quality, premium keys, great typing feel, detachable cables, a compact design, and a sleek look. You have models with or without RGB lighting, and you can use the Ducky keycaps to create your own unique design.

Ducky One 2 Horizon TKL due to its sleek design and Cherry MX Blue switches, which are best for typing. Just put o-rings on these keys and you can enjoy the clickable and quiet performance. Like all other Ducky keyboards, the Ducky One 2 Horizon TKL features extremely durable keys, a detachable USB-C cable, and three-level stands for adjusting the height of the keyboard. The only major downside is the lack of backlighting. In addition, this keyboard comes without a wrist rest. Overall, this is a great TKL keyboard. If you want more choices, check out the entire One 2 series of keyboards.

Cooler Master MK730 Tenkeyless Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switches RGB

Cooler Master USB MK730...
  • Cherry MX switches 100 percent Genuine switches good for 50 million keystrokes and available in tactile,...
  • Brushed aluminum, compact form keyless design with slim profile and floating switches
  • Rib Backlighting with light bar illuminate your keyboard with lighting effects in 16. 7 million colors

Cooler Master MK730 is best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switches . It is packed with robust and reliable features. The keys of the tkl gaming keyboard have an amazing floating design. The Cherry MX Red keys are brushed with aluminum and have a slim profile. The Cherry MX switches are high in quality and durable. These are authentic and work perfectly for 50 million keystrokes.

The backlighting illuminates the keyboard, and it looks more attractive. There are many different colors of backlighting you can adjust. You can adjust the lighting style without special software. The FN key controls rgb lighting styles, profiles, and multimedia. The magnetic wrist rest is removable, and it is a special treat for the user. The magnetic wrist rest makes the user work or play in a comfortable environment. There is a detachable C-type USB available. It is the best affordable tenkeyless mechanical keyboard.

Durgod Taurus K320 TKL

Durgod Taurus K320 TKL...
  • Cherry MX brown gaming key switch feature the world’s leading mechanical key switch technology with a...
  • Allow you to rebind control or assign macro. USB Nkey rollover provide gamer a competitive edge. Some...
  • PBT double-shot seamless keycaps is elegant and not easy to wear. The appropriate color collocation makes...

The Durgod Taurus TKL is simple, durable, and reliable. It has a unique style and system modifications. The frame is made of high-quality material and is pricey. It has Double Shot PBT Technology that makes the response time faster and can process thousands of word types in a go. The anti-ghosting technology and N-Key rollover are the perfect blend and representation of innovation. The anti-ghosting feature allows the user to press six keys at a time. With the N-Key rollover feature, you can push all the Keys simultaneously during registration.

You can easily program the keys and add shortcuts for multiplayer gaming. The adjustable feet of the keyboard keeps your wrist at ease while gaming. The DURGOD Zeus Engine Software is used to upgrade the keyboard. The keyboard has two types of different usb cable ports: C-Type to C-Type and C-Type to A-Type. This keyboard works perfectly with all versions of windows.

Durgod Taurus K320 TKL is the best budget tenkeyless mechanical keyboard in 2023.

Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma v2

Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma v2...
  • The #1 Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US: Source - The NPD Group, Inc. U.S. Retail...
  • Signature Mechanical Switch for Gaming: Razer Green switch technology provides a satisfying click sound...
  • Tournament-Ready Design: A tenkeyless design with a detachable USB cable provides a portable form-factor...

The best Razer tenkeyless gaming keyboard which is Razor Black Widow Tournament version Chroma V2. It is an advanced mechanical keyboard that comes with a soft ergonomic magnetic wrist rest that is attached and easily removed. The wrist rest has soft padding and provides ultimate comfort during long and tiring play sessions. The keyboard is supplied with the King Green or Razor Orange mechanical switch. The green switches are clickable and tactile and the orange switches are tactile and silent. The silent multimedia command and other parameters are accessible using the function key (FN). For games, it supports NKRO with anti-ghost technology.

It has Instant Trigger (ITT) technology to cancel any bounce delay. The keyboard is powered by Razor Synapse 3 which is a hardware configuration tool (via Razor Chroma) for button connections, macro assignments, saving cloud profile configuration and determining lighting and RGB effects. You can synchronize this keyboard with other devices that support RGB Razor Chroma. It is one of the best keyboards in sports games and it is a popular choice among many sports players. It is also available in the quartz pink version and you can check both from the link below. Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma v2 is one of the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboards.

Corsair Gaming K63 Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair 'Wired / USB 2.0...
  • 100 percentage Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches: Gold contact Cherry MX mechanical gaming key...
  • Per key red LED backlighting and large font keycaps: Brilliant red LED backlighting enhances the...
  • Compact, ten keyless design: It's great for travel, and you'll have more room for your mouse

The Corsair K63 is one of the best tenkeyless keyboards for gaming. This TKL mechanical keyboard comes with a Cherry MX Red switch and a red LED backlight. It has multimedia buttons at the top including brightness control and victory lock buttons. These extra dedicated buttons make the keyboard a bit wider and make it a little less compact than other keyless mechanical keyboards. However, it is still fairly compact and lives up to the minimum standard of a tenkeyless keyboard.

The keyboard has ABS keys which are great for typing. The space bar keyboard is textured and the letters on the keyboard are easy to read due to the large font. The keyboard supports full key (NKRO) with 100% anti-ghosting so that every keystroke can be recorded when playing games involving pressing multiple keys simultaneously. The LED lighting effects of this keyboard can be modified or defined using the course’s ICU software which can be downloaded for free from the official course’s website. The keyboard has good build quality and is ideal for fast action games. It officially supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems in the best tkl mechanical keyboard.

Fnatic miniSTREAK

Fnatic miniSTREAK - LED...
  • FULL RGB BACKLIGHTING - our minISTREAK mechanical keyboard’s LED RGB backlighting features 8 easily...
  • COMPACT, TENKEYLESS AND PORTABLE - the miniSTREAK’s tenkeyless design is everything you need for...
  • PREMIUM CHERRY MX SILENT RED KEYSWITCHES - Our CHERRY MX keyswitches are the industry’s best, German...

Fnatic miniSTREAK Tenkeyless is compact and beautiful/ And by practically swinging on the map, it creates a colorful maya with the whole RGB backlight. The gaming keyboard is about the comfort of the rounded edges of the keyboards which draws the eye towards the polyurethane wrist rest included.

While there are no computer-powered applications, the innovation comes thanks to Ministerial Keyless Gaming Keyboard for switching to integrated light mode. Choose between Rainbow Wave, Reactive, Single or Gradient colors on the keyboard and customize it to test the 8 light modes that give your keyboard a player feel. The name of the durability game is also the frame from the frame to the wrist rest, anodized metal plate, polyurethane leather, neodymium magnets and pieces made for overall decoration with rubber handles that may take precedence with decision-making games.

It presents an elegant look with a solid plastic material. Although it is very reliable and relatively light. This allows you to improve typing speed without typing. Its bright layout and durable housing make it a perfect choice for games. It offers you multi-colored RGB lights, MX switches and a great economical wrist rest. It includes dedicated multimedia keys and FN-lock. You can also customize it to your liking. OP software to give you maximum comfort. It has a rootless form factor of 10, including an isolated wire and PU leather wrist.

But there are two things that make a player’s toy keyboard a player’s choice. First, the Cherry MX switch that can resist typing and has more than 50 million hits per switch. Second, the competition mode of the keyboard which can disable unnecessary keys and leave it necessary for your game; It makes great tools to win the competition without any interruptions. With its great touch it provides the best user experience. It is light, comfortable, quiet and well made. It is ideal for games and typing. This keyboard features if you want to take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Types of Keyboards

When it comes to keyboards, there are 3 types of keyboards present in the market. It all depends on your needs and what you are going to use the keyboard for. There are three types of keyboards available.


A standard keyboard has all the keys, including the Numpad, and navigation keys.


The Tenkeyless keyboard (also referred as tkl keyboard) has all the keys except the numeric keypad and is known as 85% of the keyboard.


The compact keyboards are the smallest ones. Compact design so they have no navigation keys and numeric keypad.

Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards

The Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard is a keyboard without the number pad (it has ten key less as no number keys). Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards usually have 85-87 keys, excluding a number pad on the side. It is a keyboard that has actual mechanical switches rather than the standard membrane switches.

All keys of the mechanical keyboard have a spring and its dedicated sensor. It’s like a mouse clicking; you can feel the click. That is why these keyboards are louder than other keyboards.

Benefits of Tenkeyless Keyboards

The hype of these mechanical gaming keyboard is because of the excellent design. This gadget has become popular among gamers and typists. The significant amount of precision, speed, and flexibility it offers to its users is far better than regular keyboards.

You don’t want to respond to your keyboard after 10 minutes; you press the key. These keyboards are five times faster. The magnetic sensors make this possible. Mechanical keyboards are always the best option for gaming. The gaming keyboards have to be sturdy and heavy-duty.


The TKL mechanical keyboard has mechanical switches under every key. These key switches, when pressed, forward a signal to the computer that, in return, register your keystrokes. All TKL mechanical keyboards have different types of key switches. The top-rated switches are Cherry MX switches and Romer-G. If you want a balanced switch mechanism in your TKL mechanical keyboard, then you can’t go wrong with Cherry MX switches. Cherry MX Red switches is the best key switch you can get. Other popular cherry mx switches include cherry mx brown and cherry mx blue.



Wired mechanical gaming keyboard are easy to install and use. You simply have to plug them in. Most pro-gamers prefer wired mechanical gaming keyboard as they offer stable performance.


Wireless mechanical gaming keyboard take time to connect, but they provide flexibility and are great while traveling. These models have syncing issues with Bluetooth, and you will need to charge them regularly.


The TKL keyboards usually have a backlighting feature. When you work on your computer in the dark, this backlight feature makes the keys visible. If you are a gamer, this feature is appealing for you, and if you are a programmer, then this feature makes sure you see what you are typing. Some keyboards come with programs to change and control the rgb lighting.

Keycap material


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS is made of thin and shiny plastics surface. The abs keycaps are smooth to touch. It is not very solid as it gets damaged with time, and the alphabets also fade away.
The ABS is preferred for keycap material as it is easy to mold, and it takes less time to complete the task. These keycaps can also be laser-burned, pad-printed, and engraved without losing the shine.


Polybutylene Terephthalate or PBT is a thick, heavy-duty, and sturdy material. It requires powerful chemicals and energy for construction. Key buttons made from it are durable and won’t even the alphabets printed on them won’t fade with time. It is heat and water-resistant material.
Moreover, it won’t get pale with exposure to sunlight. PBT is a sturdy material, and it is tough to mold it. The PBT is just used for keys and not for Enter keys and Spacebars as it tends to shrink faster.


The Keycount is vital and matters for gamers. It tells you how many times you can press the key without it becoming faulty. A TKL mechanical keyboard has no less than 50 million keystroke as ensured by the companies.
If you are a typist, then more is better. The keyboards having 50 to 100 million Keycount are the best for a typist and last longer. It is essential to know the Key Count for the better working of a mechanical keyboard.


Make sure that your keyboard is compatible with your PC and operating systems before buying. The high-priced keyboards have advanced features, and they work perfectly with all significant operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Some keyboards only work with Windows and some with only Mac. So, before investing on a TKL mechanical keyboard make sure you know that it is compatible with your PC. A wired mechanical keyboard is preferred as they are better in syncing the signals.

Additional Features

After taking a look at the switches and connectivity types, it all comes down to the various features a gaming keyboard offers. Gaming keyboards always look attractive and eye-catching. They have a wide range of specifications to enhance the gaming adventure.
The magnetic wrist rests, backlighting, lid key buttons, USB ports, and other features improve the performance of the keyboard. The onboard profile customization software and compact size make these keyboards better for gamers and typists.


It is the most crucial factor to consider before investing in the product. You must know how much you are willing to spend on a Tenkeyless mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards start from $60, and the price goes up. There are mid-range mechanical keyboards available in the market range from $100-$150. Keyboards higher than $150 are considered to be expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best TKL keyboard?

You need to look at your needs and requirements first. All the keyboards mentioned above are the best to buy. They all have great features. Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the best recommended as it has all fantastic features.

Is a compact keyboard better for gaming?

Yes, TKL keyboards are made for gaming. Tenkeyless mechanical keyboards are usually preferred over regular size keyboards. The more compact a keyboard is, the better your gaming experience will be as you won’t have to move your fingers a great distance for controls.

Which brands are best when it comes to Tenkeyless keyboards?

It is not a good or bad brand game. It is the game of features, durability, and affordability. If you find a quality product and price is also reasonable, then forget the brand.