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Top 5 Best Toners For Men 2024

Teddie Organics Facial Rose Water Tonning Spray

Teddie Organics Organic Rose...
  • 100% PURE & ORGANIC ROSE WATER. There are no Chemicals, no Preservatives and definitely no Artificial...
  • COMPLETE SKIN CARE. Provides instant hydration for your face and neck whilst rejuvenating tired skin,...
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. Normal, Oily, Dry and sensitive. We haven't included Witch Hazel in this...

Teddie Organics Facial is an organic toner with no harmful chemicals or added preservatives. Skin rejuvenation and tightening can be done amazingly with this toner. It is light in weight and suitable for all skin types. The anti-inflammatory feature of this toner is fantastic and does not cause any skin irritation. Users find it very smooth to use. Argan oil is the main component found in this formula to ensure the maximum hydration level. Your skin texture will improve once you start using this every day. If you have any dry skin issues like Rosacea, still you can apply this toner as it contains no Witch Hazel. Another benefit of using this solution is preventing skin damage due to sunburn or razor cut. The presence of rose petals can calm down the skin irritation very well. To give your skin a beautiful natural tone and moisture, use this amazing toner for men today. Stay refreshed and cool all day with this elegant skincare routine.

Key Features

· Pure
· Organic
· No harsh chemicals
· Argan oil, rose water, etc. found
· Moisturizes well
· Skin tightens and rejuvenates


· Razor burns can be soothed properly without irritation
· No rashes and breakouts are guaranteed
· The pleasant smell of rose water is refreshing


· Redness and itchiness were observed in few skin types

Our Verdict:

Teddie Organics Facial Rose Water Tonning Spray is the Best Toners for Men in 2022.

Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner for Men – All Skin Types | Non-Drying | Paraben-Free

Baxter of California Herbal...
  • It removes impurities while actively nourishing dry skin.
  • Help protect barrier lipids.
  • Leaves skin cleaner, softer and more luminous.

The Baxter of California makes skincare products for men. From shaving to showering and everything in between, you are sure to find something that makes your life easier. This toner is designed to provide you with a deeper and more intensive cleansing using key ingredients to make sure you don’t dry yourself out. Cucumber is an interesting addition, often less used; This is to give the toner a fresh look, especially since peppermint oil can sometimes be shiny.

Men will love this product because of its deep cleansing ability and its neutral male odor. In fact, many consumers appreciate the way this toner works for them because it does not dry them out and tightens their skin, unlike other facial cleansers on the market. Naturally, this specially made solution is ideal for tough and tough men to manage skin. Whether you have oily complexion or sensitive skin, this toner is an ideal complement to your facial cleansing method.

It is a mild astringent – the best astringent toner, in fact – it contains cucumber extract and a host of antioxidants that cleanse, tone and remove impurities from the skin that do not make it look the best. There is much more, including plant extracts and vitamin E, to help keep your face cool and clean, protecting the skin from free radicals and cell damage.

It is also alcohol free which most skin care experts will tell you is a good thing and works as a great primer before applying daily moisturizer. Cucumber extract is a popular ingredient found in tonics nowadays and as mentioned, it has many skin health properties that make the skin cool. It also contains peppermint oil, which helps to refresh the skin; Cucumber extract works to blend the raw sensation that you can feel with peppermint oil.

Proactiv Hydrating Facial Toner For Sensitive Skin

Proactiv Hydrating Facial...
  • MEET YOUR NEW FAVORITE SKIN TONER - This alcohol-free formula sweeps away impurities, helps balance...
  • GOODBYE PORES - Our pore refining toner smooths the appearance of your skin while letting your pores...
  • BOTANICAL EXTRACTS - Aloe, chamomile, allantoin, witch hazel and panthenol (vitamin B complex) help to...

Proactiv has a long standing reputation as a highly effective acne treatment brand, and their alcohol-free facial toner doesn’t disappoint in terms of quality and effectiveness. Specially formulated to eliminate oily skin, unclog pores, soothe, hydrate, balance skin tone and even exfoliate dead skin cells with these premium ingredients: witch hazel, aloe, glycerin, chamomile, allantoin and glycolic acid.

Developed by dermatologists, this toner from Proactiv is recommended for people who have dryness, large pores and a dull, patchy texture. Its main ingredient is Glycolic Acid which is an exfoliating agent and AHA which is designed to remove dead skin cells, revealing a clear and glowing complexion. It also removes excess surface oil to prevent pore clogging. The refreshing and energizing formula helps your skin reach the perfect pH while balancing the skin’s natural oils and hydration. It leaves the skin unified, hydrated, supple and soft.

Brickell Men’s Balancing Toner for Men

Brickell Men's Balancing Toner...
  • What It Does: This refreshing alcohol & oil free men's facial toner removes excess oil, unclogs & reduces...
  • How It Works: Cucumber distillate reduces pores and soothes irritated skin. Witch Hazel, a natural...
  • Who It's For: Best for normal to oily and acne prone skin. Men with any skin type can use as an anytime...

If you’re not familiar with Brickell, they specialize in all-natural, organic grooming products made especially for us men. They believe that skin care products should not be filled with synthetic chemicals when the natural and organic ingredients are fully capable of being even more effective. Their alcohol-free balancing tonic is definitely worth a look if oily skin is part of your daily struggles. Designed to unclog and minimize pores, refreshing, soothing, hydrating and, of course, kicking oily skin. Safely formulated with all natural and organic ingredients including: cucumber, witch hazel, peppermint and aloe vera.

Its key ingredient which is cucumber distillate minimizes pores and soothes irritated skin. It also contains witch hazel, which is a natural astringent that reduces inflammation and reduces oil buildup. It also contains peppermint which soothes the skin and gives it antiseptic properties. It contains aloe vera and gently hydrates the skin cells without overloading your skin with hydration. Ideal for normal to oily and acne-prone skin. Men of all skin types can use this product as a skin freshener anytime.

Brickell Toner has been specially formulated for men to not only hydrate, but also to calm inflammation and make your skin really, really clean. Its 100% organic ingredients exclude oil and alcohol, so it is a very healthy way to remove excess oil. It’s highly recommended that you wash your face before using any toner, but if you need a quick refresh and don’t have time for a full scrub, Brickell Toner will do the trick.

Natural & Organic Face Toner Spray

Era Organics Hydrating Toner...
  • The Best Facial Toner and Organic Face Mist For Sensitive Skin. Finally, the first Witch Hazel, Rose...
  • Premium Natural and Organic Skin Toner for Face and Neck. Properly support your skin’s pH levels and...
  • Nutrient-Rich Facial Mist For All Skin Types. Our ingredients are shown to help moisturize, provide...

For a natural smooth skin, all men can try this brand new product. This is alcohol-free, lightweight toner which can help to reduce the skin pores. The native ph level of your skin is also balanced with the regular use of it. Being mild, it is ideal for all skin types. Only organic, natural ingredients have been incorporated for this solution. Rose Petal, Witch Hazel, etc. are a few essential elements which are found in it. There are no harmful chemicals, parabens, gluten, etc. contained in this men’s toner. In case you have matured skin problems like wrinkles, this is the apt skin care treatment for you.

Key Features

· Organic
· No paraben, chemicals, etc
· Skin pore lessens
· Anti-aging lines treated well
· Ideal for all skin types
· Alcohol-free
· Light in weight
· Ph level balances


· All kinds of inflammation or redness on the skin can be rectified by using this product
· You can also use it as a substitute for a makeup remover


· Dryness was noticed after applying the toner in some cases.

Our Verdict:

Natural & Organic Face Toner Spray is the best budget toner for men in 2022.

Anthony Purifying Astringent Toner Pads

Anthony Witch Hazel Pads Pore...
  • EXFOLIATES, CLEANS AND TIGHTENS PORES — Want fresh, clear skin? These exfoliating cotton pads are...
  • CONTROLS BREAKOUTS AND BLEMISHES — Witch hazel really is an unsung hero of skin care. It not only...
  • SOOTHES IRRITATION — Witch hazel for the win again! It has cooling active ingredients. Aloe vera adds...

Anthony’s Purifying Assignment Toner is an easy-to-use application pad with minimal damage. These pads are fluffy and soft and have something with cleanser that you can easily wipe on your face. No more liquid in your hands, just dip a portion of it or put it on your counter. After all, toner doesn’t grow on trees (and doesn’t even make your money).

That being said, this toner actually contains ingredients from plant sources, including the essential oils of Dine Hazel, Aloe and Mint.
These ingredients ensure that the product does not dry out your skin and provides you with the vitamins you need to give you a healthy glow. Aloe, in particular, is full of good things that protect your skin and keep it beautiful and fresh throughout the day.

This toner is great for all skin types because it controls excess oil and tightens pores to keep dirt away. If you have oily or acne prone skin, it can help keep your ailments to a minimum. For less than $ 30, you get enough 60 pads to cover your face and neck with an option so they don’t dry out.

Thayers No Alcohol Aloe Vera Mixed Rose Petal Face Toner

THAYERS Alcohol-Free,...
  • Gentle Face Toner: Alcohol-free and formulated to soothe, tone, hydrate, and balance the pH level of...
  • Proven Results: In just one use of this face toner, skin feels nourished, healthier, skin tone appears...
  • All-Over Usage: Countless uses to hydrate from head to toe; This toner soothes skin after shaving and...

It is composed of the natural plant-based ingredients to soothe your skin cells. The best function about this skincare formula is its all in one capability. You can cleanse, moisturize, and tone with this single solution without any complication. Presence of witch hazel makes the skin tighten faster. Excess oil secretion control and sweat productions from the skin can be controlled once you start applying it daily.

Balancing the right amount of ph level is an excellent feature of this toning spray for men. You can get a clear radiant, soft skin with this product for men. A pleasant smell of rose can soothe your mind and body.

Key Features

· Skin tightening
· Cleanses and moisturizes as well
· Rose fragrance
· Aloe Vera, Hazel, etc. content
· Smooth


· Easy to use
· Superb healing benefits for any razor cuts for men
· Scars and breakouts are reduced after every application of this toner.


· Few skin types have noticed tremendous acne development.

Our Verdict:

This is a perfect skincare product which every man should possess. We approve this as a natural skin product for all-purpose that you are searching for.

Insta Natural Pore Minimizing Vitamin C Face Serum Toner

InstaNatural Vitamin C Face...
  • Brightens, Refreshes and Refines: Our Vitamin C Facial Toner primes the skin for serums and toners while...
  • Clean Skincare that Works: This energizing astringent combines Vitamin C, Witch Hazel, MSM, Aloe Vera and...
  • Your Skincare Routine, Powered by Vitamin C: Pair our toner with our Vitamin C Cleanser, Serum and...

Insta Natural Pore Minimizing Vitamin C Face Serum Toner ensures that your skin texture is improved and appropriately cleaned. The large pores are reduced in size. If you are dealing with saggy skin, then it is an apt product for your skincare regime. The product is highly suitable for combined skin and sensitive skin, without causing any irritation. Vitamin C is the main ingredient found in this solution. Hydration level is at the maximum level to your skin cells if you regularly use it. The ph level is also balanced well. Another essential function is the anti-aging benefits. Due to the high collagen, the fine lines and wrinkles can be blurred out easily.

Key Features

· Ideal for all oily skin, sensitive skin, etc
· No skin irritation
· Vitamin C


· Quality ingredients
· Soothes skin well


· Consistency is not up to the mark

Our Verdict:

We strongly approve this skincare routine product for all the men skin type dealing with anti-aging or pore enlargement issues.

Neutrogena Alcohol & Oil-Free Hypoallergenic Skin Care Toner

Neutrogena Oil- and...
  • 8.5-fluid ounce of Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Facial Toner to help purify, cleanse and refresh skin without...
  • This alcohol-free face toner is contains mild purifiers that work to gently remove impurities and help...
  • The oil-free, hypoallergenic and alcohol-free formula of this gentle toner cleanses and refreshes skin...

Neutrogena Alcohol & Oil-Free Hypoallergenic Skin Care Toner will give you improved skin texture. It helps natural purification and detoxifies the skin impurities without any hassle. You will derive a super soft skin after washing your face daily with this toning spray product from the Neutrogena company. There is no alcohol content which ensures there won’t be any skin irritation. Dry flakes or itchiness can be eradicated firmly. Once you massage your skin with cotton dabbed oil-free Neutrogena solution, you will be astonished to see the improved results. One product is weightless and absorbs in the deep skin cells brilliantly without drying.

Key Features

· Detoxes skin impurities
· Hypoallergenic
· Soft skin
· NO alcohol
· Oil-free
· Absorbs well
· Moisturizes consistently
· Suitable for all men skin types
· Lightweight
· No residue formation


· It helps to reduce the large pore size of the skin
· Affordable
· Soothing cleanser effect for disturbed or irritated skin type
· Mild in nature almost water-like consistency.
· Pleasant smell


· Some customers have observed unnecessary breakouts after using this product.

Our Verdict:

For a soft skin with no dirt, use this unique skincare formula today.

Buying Guide for the Best Toners For Men

When men grooming comes into consideration, we tend to buy creams and lotions or maximum a face mask. A toner is mostly ignored. However, it is one of the critical factors for proper men face product. To mattify your skin and to balance the ph level, you need to order a soothing toner for yourself. It is not equivalent or similar to bronzer. A clean face without any dirt or bacteria can be derived by using a toner daily.

Toners are essential for different skin problems. You will be astonished to know that most toners are based on alcohol or hazel contents. So before you go out to shop for the appropriate toner, we are suggesting a few key points that you can consider before buying.

Toner Vs. Astringent

An astringent contains formulated solvent alcoholic contents; mostly toners can be both alcohol-free or with it. The toners which have no alcohol are mild as compared to the astringents. Though both but excess dryness guarantee skin cleansing occurs due to astringent formulas.
Calamine lotion, silver nitrate, rubbing alcohol, etc. are few of the astringent. In case of any skin bite or infection, astringent works better. You may go for skin toners which have a low percent of astringent.

Skin Type

Different skin tones and types have variable requirements. So a toner should be compatible with your skin tone. Always check your correct skin type from the dermatologists.

Acne-Prone Skin – Alcohol-free toner is best for acne or pimples. Hydroxy acid is present in the solution; then it can help in proper skin cleansing as well. It might feel a bit burning when you apply but balances the right amount of ph level.

Sensitive Skin- Users with this skin type should avoiding toners which have salicylic acid or fragrance in it. Mild skin cleansing toners are much beneficial for vulnerable skin users.

Combined Skin- Essential ingredients like Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C is present in your toner then go for it. Any botanic extracts or natural oils present in the solution can also be beneficial for your skin.

Dry Skin- Redness, itchiness, dry flakes are the common symptoms found in dry skin type. So natural oils in your toner can help to moisturize and soothe your skin.


Before shopping the skin toners for men, consider checking the critical elements in the composition of the formula. For instance, glycolic acid can exfoliate dead skin cells, for acne-prone skin sulfur-based toners are best. Rosewater can give antimicrobial benefits. Always go for products which have natural extracts like Aloe Vera, Apple Cedar vinegar, Retinol, etc.


Consider the labeling of the toner. It may say non-comedogenic or water content or even maybe oil-free. Many times it is seen the oil-free toner causes few hard times for skin tones. Clogging pores is one of the issues commonly faced by users. Again alcohol-based toners can cause skin irritation.


It is another vital factor while choosing a skin toner for men. Many times users avoid thinking about the consistency or texture of the toners. Light to heavy consistency products are available in the market; they may be available in gels or lotions, etc. For example, in oily skin, you don’t need thick textured toners; instead, choose a mild product which can be absorbed smoothly by the skin.


Prepare a budget and do not compromise on the costing of the skin toner. You will get many options for toners both in the market and also online. There are many discounts and offers which goes on, and you can get it at a reasonable price.


In many departmental stores, you will get smaller samples of toners. So before purchasing the huge bottle if you can get a tester or specimen would be very beneficial for you.

Consult A Doctor

When it comes to a severe acne skin or sensitive skin, all the experts advise checking your skin with a dermatologist. It can reduce the chances of skin irritation. Doctors can also help you to understand which toner will go well with your skin type.


Always remember selecting a skincare product depends on a user’s choice and depends on many other factors. However, while choosing the best toner for men, make sure you go through all the related reviews about the product. Take a decent amount of precautions if your skin type is allergic or sensitive.

Benefits Of Toners for Men

For the better texture of your skin, a toner can be a good idea to invest in. Apart from deep cleansing and providing excellent skin glow there are few more advantages for suing a proper toner;

Excess Oil Reduction- Due to excess oil secretion, acne, or pimple results. So a right toner can balance the oil from the skin and remove the dirt equally.

Tighten pores- Skin pores are often enlarged due to extra pollution or skin disorder, etc. Using a toner can fix the issues of large pores and also helps in skin tightening.

Ph Balance Maintenance- Toner has a considerable impact on regulating the ph balance of the skin. An ideal number for ph level is 5.5

Moisturizing – Different conditions tend to snatch away the hydrating skin. Pollution, aging, hormonal imbalance, etc. or merely dry skin leads to loss of water from the skin. So a toner’s work is to send the hydrating elements deep inside the skin cells.
So wherever you travel, your skin will remain the humidified for a long time.

Breakout Controls- All the bacteria, dirt, etc. can be removed safely by using a correct toner. So in case, you have a tendency for breakout development that can be restricted well. Toners are very helpful for treating acne, pimples, and breakouts, especially in summers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Toner do?

A toner can allow your skin to achieve the right pH balance and perform multiple functions with oil production control. It also improves your complexion. Also, it dramatically reduces the appearance of pores and maximizes the effect of other skin care products you are currently using.

How often should you apply a toner?

Due to the alcohol content of some toners designed for men, one should be very careful about the frequency of use. It is best to use it only once a day. You can even benefit by applying it once every 2-3 days. You can prevent the product from having an adverse effect on your skin’s moisture barrier by being careful not to apply it too much.

When should you use a toner?

The answer to this question varies from case to case. Those of them can benefit greatly by applying toner only once, which is highly recommended by many experts. This can be after washing in the morning or before going to bed in the evening. You can also apply it after exfoliating your skin or after daily activities which can cause your skin pH to be unbalanced.