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Best Vegan Primers 2024

Youngblood Mineral Foundation Primer

Youngblood Mineral Foundation,...
  • MINERAL PRIMER: Meet your new complexion essential! A mainstay of our line, this lightweight, silky...
  • IDEAL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Invented by paramedical esthetician Pauline Youngblood for patients with severe...
  • NON-COMEDOGENIC: The Youngblood Mineral Primer formulation allows your skin to breathe. This unique...

Youngblood Mineral Foundation Primer is one of the bestsellers in primers, providing a smoothing and pore-reducing effects while keeping your skin supple and radiant. This creates a useless canvas for your makeup. Whether it’s your daily routine or your dramatic night city look, this primer will help keep your makeup in place. A drop in the day will cover your needs, and you can layer it for more coverage in hot, sticky conditions.

You are looking for your smooth, perfect base by combining anti-aging minerals, skin-enhancing vitamins, and lightweight, breathable silicone. Don’t let the dense formula fool you. If you use only a small drop, you will get all the coverage you need.

It is a great primer for almost all skin types and has been reported to improve skin problems. It helps to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. Flawless skin at your fingertips!

Youngblood Mineral Foundation Primer is one of the Best Vegan Primers 2023

Better’n Ur Skin Foundation MINERAL PRIMER

Fifth & Skin Better'n Ur Skin...
  • ♥ BEST NATURAL PRIMER ON AMAZON! Prime skin for foundation with the best Mineral Moisturizer / Makeup...
  • ♥ SMOOTH, LIGHTWEIGHT & NON GREASY: Hydrate, smooth and prepare your skin for a perfect makeup...
  • ♥ MADE WITH ORGANIC and BOTANICAL INGREDIENTS: Non Toxic & All Natural | Gluten Free | Vegan |...

This creamy primer is water-based and silicone-free, the only one on our list. It hydrates, smoothes, and prepares the skin for the perfect application of makeup.

The water-based formula is also a great moisturizer, so if you are too prone, you can skip your normal daytime moisturizer. It helps to create a barrier between your skin and your makeup, so you will use less foundation, and it will last longer.

Perfect for all skin types, Skin 2 Spirit is what your skin was waiting for the right balance! If your foundation dries your skin or your moisturizer makes your skin very oily, this is the solution for you.

Better’n Ur Skin Foundation MINERAL PRIMER is one of the Best Vegan Primer 2023

Bodyography Foundation Primer

BODYOGRAPHY - Foundation...
  • CLEAR TONE: Perfect for all skin types, neutralizing your skin tone and smoothing out the look of fine...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT SILICONE BASED PRIMER: Designed to prolong your foundation's wear while smoothing the texture...
  • MOISTURIZE AND REJUVENATE: Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter provide a natural glow and creamy base. Leave...

This clear primer is the most popular in the range of bodyography primers. This luxurious and lightweight finish hydrates your skin, leaving it wrinkled and youthful.

The obvious formula of bodyography works like a veil, allowing you to use less foundation for a flawless look. Two small drops cover your face, filling all the bumps and boils. It helps to reduce imperfections and can actually help to counteract these.

Over time, it helps reduce redness and protect from fine lines and wrinkles. Continuous use results in smoother, healthier skin with a noticeable glow. Happy users seem to have skinned adults, and they give a lasting, healthy glow from a single bottle.


Stays all-day
Suitable for mature skin
The light and cool scarf looks nothing like skin


Less than perfect packaging, the pump is defective
Can be very oily for sensitive or oily skin

Bodyography Foundation Primer is one of the Best Vegan Primer 2023

Benefits if using a Vegan Primer

Choosing the best vegan primer depends on many factors. There are a plethora of natural entities that want your loyalty. Your skin is most vulnerable to damage to your largest organs and the indirect environment. It is bombarded with pollutants day and night and claims to be safe. A good primer helps protect your face every day.

Cruelty-free and choosing vegetarian cosmetics is an easy way to show your commitment to animals and the planet. You don’t have to give up your desired products, be more careful when choosing these products.

How to buy the best Vegan Primers

Some elements of animal origin are obvious. Others hide behind fictional or innocent names. It is important to read the labels and understand what the ingredients are before buying.

Amino acids

Amino acids are used as a skin conditioner in primers and help maintain the skin’s natural moisture, smoothness, and hydration. Amino acids are naturally present in our skin but are often affected by harsh environments and aging.

Amino acids are often found in animal sources, such as urine and horse manure. Tyrosine, cysteine, glutamic acid, glutamine, potassium aspartate, and sodium aspartate are also included. There are herbal alternatives to corn, soy, and other protein-rich vegetables.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid has been included in the primer as a moisturizer and has reported anti-aging properties. It is said to help maintain the natural moisture of your skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and reduce the effects of dermatitis. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our own bodies, but in cosmetics, it often comes from the eyes of animals, especially chicken coops and cows. Not good! It can be listed in packagings like Hyaluronan Acid, Hyaluronate Sodium, Hylan, and Sodium Hyaluronate.

Fortunately for us, nature has provided vegetable sources of hyaluronic acid. It comes from excited wheat and other bs. Be aware that glue may not be suitable for sensitive people. The label is not always clear, so search for vegan credentials, research the product on Google.


Lecithin is a skin conditioner and emulsifying agent. Lecithin is a waxy substance present in the tissues of all living things. It is often derived from nerve tissue, blood, milk, and eggs. This is called choline bitrate. Lecithin sources are often explicitly labeled when using tree sources. Look for soy and corn lecithin in your primer, and you’re good to go.


Squalene primer is used as a moisturizer and anti-aging effect. We make this compound ourselves in the glands of our skin, and it goes out into the sebum. A long time ago, someone discovered that it was abundant among shark inhabitants and incredibly decided that we should use it on our face instead! Also known as shark liver oil and Squalene.

Vegetable oils, usually olive oil and palm oil, have the same effect, just like amaranth seeds, rice bran, wheat germ, and olives. You don’t need to rub the shark liver in your face!


Tallow is used as an emollient to soften the skin. It usually comes in an unpleasant process of boiling carcasses from animals until fatty emissions form a dense layer that is skimmed. These bodies can come from laboratories, slaughterhouses, zoos, and shelters. It can also be listed as long fatty alcohol, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, and melted beef fats. Works.


Are you looking for a silicone-free primer? They are, but more difficult to find. Silicone helps to fill the surface of your skin and create a “sticky” surface that adheres to your makeup. People with oily skin should avoid silicone primers, as they can exacerbate depression and cause rashes. Silicone is almost always synthetic, labeled emodimethicone, dimethicone, methicone, trimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, polyethylene.