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Best Xbox Series X Headsets 2024

SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox Series X

SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless...
  • Integrated Xbox Wireless connectivity: Connect directly to your Xbox Series XS or Xbox One just like a...
  • Bluetooth: Simultaneously connects to Bluetooth and Xbox to mix in music and take calls while gaming, or...
  • Clearcast Microphone: The Arctis mic uses a bidirectional design, the same used by aircraft carrier deck...

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro headset is currently at the top of our pick for the Best Xbox Series X Headsets. The Arctis 9X is basically the same headset internally, only with a few different features designed specifically for the Xbox Series X. And the features are specific. Unlike many gaming headsets, you don’t need an adapter with the Arctis 9X. It can connect directly to your Xbox Series X. Best of all, you can simultaneously connect another device to the headset via Bluetooth.Steelseries ranks first on our list because it combines the comfort and quality we look for when it comes to console headsets. This is a great review of the manufacturer’s premium headset, adding the Xbox Wireless standard for exceptional connectivity.

Internally, the Arctis 9X uses 40mm neodymium drivers with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. Although the frequency range doesn’t go as high as some audiophile-class hearing aids, it can still hold its place in the sound department. The large soundscape of the Arctis 9X gives gamers greater position awareness in games and, combined with a digital surround sound solution, even more. The headset itself is stereo, but you can use Windows Sonic Spatial Audio or Dolby Atmos for Headphones on your Xbox Series X for virtual surround sound. While the Arctis 9X uses Xbox Wireless (2.4 GHz) to connect to Xbox One or Xbox Series X without the need for a dongle, the headset also comes with Bluetooth; Convenient for listening to music or receiving calls on your smartphone while gaming. The 9X can also be used with Windows PCs in conjunction with Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Adapter, which you may already have if you use an Xbox One gamepad for PC gaming. On the outside, the Arctis 9X comes equipped with the exclusive SteelSeries dangling headband, which is super comfortable, even after hours of play, and large, plush ear muffs. Additionally, the headset comes with a Discord-certified ClearCast microphone that you can retract into the headset.

The SteelSeries Arctis 9X has an exceptional sound profile out of the box. Even though it only has 40mm drivers, the sound quality is top-notch, and the advertised 20 hours of battery life is long enough to support a few gaming sessions. It is impossible to be disappointed with the sound quality. It’s generally offered by the Arctis 9X while gaming, but you may need to turn to more audiophile headphones to listen to music and watch content as there will be a noticeable difference. Gaming headsets are generally designed to make noise quieter, so they are generally not the best candidates for content consumption.

Razer Nari Ultimate for Xbox One

Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless...
  • The Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US: Source - The NPD Group, Inc. U.S. Retail...
  • Compatibility: Wireless only—native wireless connection support with Xbox One (no receiver required);...
  • Razer Hypersense Haptic Feedback for Unparalleled Immersion: Provides industry-leading audio realism for...

The Razer Nari Ultimate is undoubtedly a strong competitor to the best xbox series x headsets, but it demands a steep entry price. However, if a helmet can justify its cost, it is the Ultimate Nari. As well as offering excellent surround sound, the headphones also offer haptic feedback, which means they vibrate in time with the audio so you can literally feel loud noises (usually explosions). Originally intended as a gadget, it is really successful and improves immersion and the way you experience a game. If you like action titles, this headset is definitely for you. Elsewhere, it’s worth noting that the Nari Ultimate is wireless and the battery life is surprisingly good considering its plethora of features. Likewise, it’s surprisingly comfortable, has a subtle design, feels great if you’re wearing glasses, and has a retractable microphone. In fact, the only real problem is the microphone; it does not offer the same superior sound quality as the rest of the headphones.

The Razer Nari Ultimate is one of the most unique headphones on the market. It has haptic feedback (or rumbles or vibrates, just like its controller). Razer HyperSense, as the feature calls it, is as nifty as it sounds. The crazy thing is that it works. Sound is just vibration, so adding extra vibration does not cause head shaking. Instead, HyperSense is very useful when it comes to displaying low frequencies. Explosions and gunshots, in particular, shine through on the Nari Ultimates. This is because HyperSense does not use standard haptic feedback engines. Rather than operating at a fixed frequency like rumbling in a controller, the Nari Ultimates uses a range of frequencies, allowing the vibration to match the resonance of whatever sound it tries to reproduce.

The Razer Nari Ultimate for Xbox is a beast of a wireless headset, at least in terms of size. That said, it’s not heavy and its self-adjusting headband makes it one of the most comfortable gaming headsets you can buy; just keep in mind that your headphones really stick out of your head. The cheek pads are equipped with cooling gel pads and the Razer logo lights up. In addition to excellent sound quality and comfort, the other hallmark is the built-in HyperSense haptic feedback technology that lets you feel the game while you play. You can call it a device, but it adds another dimension to the gaming experience. The only downside is that battery life suffers when you turn it on. It’s 6 hours with HyperSense on and 20 hours without off.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox Series X|S

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2...
  • Long-lasting 20-Hour wireless battery life
  • Clear chat quality & enhanced mic styling
  • High-Performance 50mm Nanoclear Speakers

This Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Wireless ticks all the boxes and definitely ranks among the best headsets for Xbox Series X. When it comes to audio, this headset has 50mm nano speakers that produce crystal clear sound. . comfort and ease of use where this helmet excels. It features memory foam pads with cooling geland you don’t have to worry about base stations, adapters, or cables, either! And do you want to listen to your own music or take a call? No problem, it even has a Bluetooth connection!

The redesign also improves aesthetics, with a subtle finish and an oscillating microphone that folds neatly into the headset. At the same time, the buttons have been rearranged and moved to a single earpiece and have a good size and space. This revamped design makes the helmet incredibly comfortable, with cushions of soft memory foam with Aerofit cooling gel as a highlight, allowing you to wear them for hours without discomfort or pain.

Turtle Beach claims this Gen 2 model updated the upgraded 50mm Nanoclear drivers (sound is more detailed and “crisp”, redesigned metal-reinforced headband, and a larger, high-sensitivity mic that swivels to mute. Their engineers They adjusted it to deliver a “more detailed and accurate sound.” I found it to sound quite good, and the earphone pairs with your phone and is also good for listening to music and taking calls while you play games (there is a “brand new” app from Turtle Beach Hub for iOS and Android that allows you to adjust the audio and remapping buttons (the app looks a bit beta and should be updated in the near future. Months to come).

The proof is in the pudding though, and the Stealth 700 Gen 2 headphones sound great. Its large drivers give you great overall sound, and the ability to adjust the audio to your liking with the audio hub adds depth to potential soundscapes. The Superhuman Hearing feature is a worthy inclusion too, and it can give you the edge on line shooters. At the other end of the scale, bass boost can provide some serious rumble during an exciting campaign mission. A great headset that will have you covered for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X, and one of the first contenders for the best Xbox Series X headset.