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Best Hockey Skates for Wide Feet 2024

Jackson Ultima Softec Classic Ice Skates

Jackson Ultima Softec Classic...
  • ST2300 Womens, ST2321 Girls
  • Jackson Ultima ST2300 for Adult; Jackson Ultima ST2321 for Kids, Boys and Girls
  • Please see attached image for a sizing chart

The Jackson Ultima Softec Sports range is named after the manufacturer. Perfect for adults and children with its many colors and designs, the performance of this ice skate is good, which improves the performance of the users. Thinsulate lining and tongue warm the pair, ideal for occasional skaters. They are comfortably padded with foam, which will increase insulation and make them more comfortable. The latest designs with synthetic outsoles can reduce weight. There are no fragile skates. This pair is durable, and users can feel comfortable and reliable on their stable.


Perfect for all levels
Long duration
Budget price



Jackson Ultima Softec Classic Ice Skates is the Best Hockey Skates for Wide Feet in 2022

K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. Ice Skate

When you are looking for a durable, high-quality skate to play in a sport, K2 Skate will be right for you. The K2 feature enhances durability and provides the support you need from any skate. You feel comfortable using it for its great quality of design and materials. Its interior is warm, with a variety of water content. The stainless steel blade can provide a connection for easy holding, which works to maintain a sharp edge. Dition enduring lace gives you a secure fit, and you feel comfortable.


Light and durable
Used for high quality
Feel comfortable wearing wear
Any is perfect in any game


No color options

K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. Ice Skate is the Best Hockey Skates for Wide Feet in 2022

American Athletic Shoe Senior Cougar Soft Boot Hockey Skates

Men's Cougar Soft Boot Hockey...
  • Grey and Black camouflage pattern
  • Soft boot hockey skate for non-competitive ice hockey and recreation
  • Thick foam padding for warmth and comfort

These skates are comfortable. Foam padding on the ankles not only keeps your feet warm for a long time, but it also provides great cushions to protect the feet. It is very is good enough for beginners to intermediate skiers. It is very stylish to make you look fashionable while playing sports. Velcro band and multilayer construction provide good support and good stability.


The feet are comfortable.
Foam padding provides extra cushioning.
Feet stay warm on the ice.
Begin good performance for elementary level hockey skating.


Satisfactory is not sharp at satisfactory levels.
The blade has some complaints about sliding and breaking the straps.

American Athletic Shoe Senior Cougar Soft Boot Hockey Skates is the Best Hockey Skates for Wide Feet in 2022

Things to check before buying the best hockey skates


You must buy your skate according to your level or your age. There are three categories based on Junior Skate, Youth Skate, and Senior Skate. So you can look for the best hockey skates for young broads or seniors.

Carefully check the fit and specifications.

The adjustment of the pads depends on the size of the toes, hills, midsection, etc. Perfectly adjusts the heel to maximize temperature or narrow skate speed and control, classic or comfortable skates have wide sections to fit people with wide legs and a wide heel, Allow comfortable grip. Always check the type of cut you are buying


The biggest problem is size, even with the best hockey brands. Choosing the right skate for your size is very strategic. As soon as you have confined yourself to a specific make or model, start looking at the given size charts to select the right size. The size is usually based on the usual shoe sizes for men and women. Accordingly, select the one that comes closest to your size. You can consult with popular reviews to understand if you should choose a smaller or larger size.

Usually, the size of the skates is one size smaller than your normal shoes. For example, if your shoe size is 8, you will need a 6.5 or 7 skate, any standard skate will make you feel good and comfortable with enough space for your wide feet. The toe should not touch when you bend, and the heel should be locked in place without sliding from a position.

Feet width and depth

The width and depth of your feet are vital for determining the size or type of skates you need. Most people ignore this information and feel uncomfortable with the wrong skates. It is very important to know which skate is best for your foot. Most brands have an initial width of D or R, which is the width of the width. Consider the direction of the feet Wide legs before determining the best hockey skates.

Areas, where most people are wrong People who are embarrassed to wear shoes of regular width, can choose the option of wide skates with width E or EE. Buying your first skate online is therefore risky if you do not have the experience to manually test different models of skates. In this case, you need to do intense homework about the size and width of different brands and decide what you think is best for your feet. Otherwise, you can always give it back when buying online and get a larger or smaller size. The biggest brands on the market, like Bauer, have some of the best wide foot hockey skates.

Holders and Runners

You also need to understand how your skates work. Each skate has base support and skates that help you slide over the ice. Each brand has a different kind and medium. For example, Bauer uses TUUK support and runner. The stand and a one-piece runner is great for the best hockey for the best players, but if you are looking for more than the elementary level, you should choose the stand and two-piece runner. The two-part design allows the runner to be replaced during high-speed shooting.

Purpose of the skates

You must buy your skates depending on the purpose for which you are buying them. If you use it for general skating, you can do well with the basics. However, if you are going to use your skates for ice hockey use, you must have at least elementary level hockey skates. Your skates should vary depending on your performance level. Competitive games require high-performance elite skates for the best outings because the game is physically in great demand. You need to follow the speed and intensity and so choosing the right skates is an important decision. Your skills will be improved by skating your feet.

The price you pay for a competitive level of ice hockey skate is shoes and support and runners, lightweight materials that keep your feet light and agile, from the support, design, and manufacture provided to your ankles and, finally, comfortable padding to support your feet in the sport. And protection.


It is also important to verify the brand you are paying for. Never compromise with the brand for a few dollars, because shoes and especially sportswear must be of superior quality to provide better support and performance without hurting yourself. Brands are known for providing customers with high-quality products that provide good support and foot protection in the game.

How to shape your hockey skates

Hockey skate for wide foot size

You may already know that your legs are wide, but you also need to make sure you understand what a good fit is. To get started, you need to identify whether your foot type is narrow, regular, wide, or extra wide.

Below we will help you determine your foot type. Your level of play should be taken into account once you are sure of your foot type.

If you are a competitive or recreational player or an aggressive or more casual player, you will not need the same type of skate.

Hockey skates are not the same size as dress shoes. Although the size of city shoes can vary from one brand to another, you should have a general idea about the size of the shoes. With skates, it’s not the same size.

Generally, the best wide foot hockey skates are one or two sizes smaller than the size of your street shoes, but this may vary depending on the model and brand.

To get the right size, you must carefully follow a size guide. Ideally, you should use a skate in your store to find out if your skates are suitable. Remember that these should be well adjusted, but not mandatory.

What is your foot type?

There are four types of legs: narrow, regular, wide, and extra-wide. You may have an idea about the type of foot, but you need to be sure before you get involved in one type of hockey skate.

The common labels in hockey skates are:
C / N = close fit
D / R = regular fit
E / W = Wide Fit
EE = Extra Wide Fit

In general, the width at which you buy your regular shoes or sneakers is equal to what you should buy in hockey skates. If you adapt well to running shoes of regular width, for example, regular cut or D / R width, hockey skates will suit you.

If you are still unsure about what kind of skate you got, you can measure your feet for sure. Check the thickness of your feet and ankles and the width from one foot to the other.

Your foot type also depends on your age and your dress shoe category. If you are wearing men’s or more for size clothing, you should adapt to senior skates. If you wear a boy from size 2 to 6.5, you wear junior skate, and if you wear something 1.5 or less, you will be a youth size.

Is there a difference between wide feet and flat feet?

Although these are often grouped, there is a difference between wide legs and flat legs. Wide legs are defined as the toes are wider than the width of a skate. As a result, wide pads are widened in the toe area to ensure your feet are comfortable.

Meanwhile, flat skates are made for skaters who have fewer legs or fewer arches. This has nothing to do with the width of your legs, but rather means you need a more supported skate. More support skates will lift the fallen arch while protecting the rest of your legs while you skate.

Foot width and skate adjustment type
Hockey pad width
The only thing you need to consider when shaping wide skates is the width of your feet.

Fortunately, there are different widths around different brands and models to help you find the perfect pair for your feet.

To get started, you need to have confidence in the size of your skate. You should get the actual inches in length and width of your feet to match it exactly with the size chart. You can use a director to measure your feet directly or trace your feet on paper and measure it that way.

CCM and Bauer, the two largest hockey brands, identify widths using their specific skate ranges.