Top 10 Best Body Lotions for Men 2021

Best Body Lotions for Men 2021

Brickell Men’s Deep Moisture Body Lotion for Men Natural and Organic

Brickell Men's Deep Moisture Body Lotion for Men,...
  • What It Does: Our all natural men's body lotion keeps your skin tight and hydrated in the toughest...
  • Who It’s For: Men of any age with any skin type who want to relieve and prevent dry, cracked skin.
  • How It Works: This light, fast-absorbing lotion is packed with potent natural ingredients to hydrate,...

Brickwell brings top-notch products in the market that are quite popular in demand and loved by the majority. Brickwell’s body lotion for men is made from 99% natural ingredients out of which 80% are certified organic. With a combination of jojoba and aloe vera, the cream will do an outstanding job to moisturize the skin, while eliminating dryness. In addition to this, there is also green tea and Vitamin E that work together to heal your skin. This body lotion is particularly useful for men that can withstand even the harshest winters or the arid conditions of a desert.


Hydrates and Soothes the Skin
A masculine and subtle scent
It is not greasy or sticky
Made from certified organic ingredients


May cause irritation

Brickell Men’s Deep Moisture Body Lotion is the best body lotion for men in 2021.

Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion

Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion, 16 Fl Oz
  • Cool moisture body lotion with special cooling ingredients calm and refresh overheated skin
  • Skin feels restored without stickiness or greasiness
  • For normal to all skin types

Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion is quickly becoming one of the best moisturizing body lotion in the world. It comes as no surprise as jack black is a well-established brand in the field of men’s luxury grooming. This comes with Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Macadamia Nut Oil. A unique thing about Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion is that it contains soy protein. Soy protein is a great skin moisturize which doesn’t make your skin oily. This keeps your skin healthy and makes it look smooth and wrinkle-free. Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion is also vegan-friendly, gluten-free, alcohol-free, colorant free and isn’t tested on animals! Easily showing great Jack Black men’s lotion are! Do you need any more reason to go pick this up?!

This is the best body lotion for men in 2019.

Gold Bond Men’s Everyday Essentials Lotion for Body & Hands

Gold Bond Men's Everyday Essentials Lotion, Fresh...
  • Multipurpose for body and hands.
  • Fast acting.
  • Light fresh scent.

Gold Bond is a well-known brand that has been for several years now. Gold Bond Men’s everyday body lotion features a 3 in 1 solution that helps the skin on all parts of your body. It prevents dryness and brings a healthy look to your skin. If you are looking for a light lotion, then you are sure to love its non-greasy formula. It has a light scent, and the cream can last for up to 24 hours.


Can Be Used on Face and Body
Quality product


May not be ideal for oily skin

Gold Bond Men’s Everyday Body Lotion is the best everyday body lotion for men.

Neutrogena Moisturizing Sheer Body Oil-Lotion

Neutrogena Moisturizing Sheer Body Oil-Lotion,...
  • 32-fluid ounce pump bottle of lightweight, moisturizing body lotion enriched with sesame oil from the...
  • The part lotion, part sesame oil formula of this body moisturizer silkens skin while it hydrates and is...
  • Formulated for the body, this sesame oil body lotion glides on easily and deeply hydrates so that skin...

Neutrogena Sheer Oil-Lotion helps soften your skin and makes it smooth. It is specially formulated so that it can be used daily. It can easily glide on the skin as this body lotion is exceptionally lightweight. The lotion is also rich with sesame oil that can quickly soften the skin. The formula can be easily applied to the skin after bathing and gets absorbed by the skin quickly.


Not sticky or greasy
Takes care of dry skin
Absorbs quickly


The strong smell might not be liked by all

Hempz Natural Hemp Seed Oil Body Moisturizer

Hempz Original, Natural Hemp Seed Oil Body...
  • Experience Natural Hemp Seed Oil: Helps soothe inflammation, and calm atopic dermatitis, the benefits of...
  • A Fresh and Light Fragrance: Our moisturizer is naturally scented, providing a crisp, clean aroma....
  • Dramatic Skin Hydration: With shea butter and ginseng to help reduce any redness, your skin will remain...

Hempz features several ingredients that would get your skin the best shape possible. It consists of hemp seed oil and essential vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and E that are required for healthy and glowing skin. Also, this lotion does not contain any chemicals. The Hempz body lotion is also gluten-free. Additionally, the body lotion includes shea butter.


Moisturises deeply
Protects Skin
100% Vegan for a cruelty-free product


Artificial fragrance might not suit all
Ingredients are not 100% natural

This is the best Hemp seed body lotion for men in 2019.

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Aveeno is a daily moisturizing lotion that has been clinically proven to soothe dry skin. It is one of the best moisturizers for dry skin and is made from active naturals and emollients. The lotion would ensure that your skin is smooth and soft the whole day. A fragrance-free body lotion is also a good option in case you have any allergies from fragrances and smells. Aveeno natural daily moisturizing lotion is a perfect one for everyday use and gives long-term benefits to a man’s skin.


Good moisturization
Good volume
Appealing scent
Velvety matte finish


Can leave a sticky feeling

Molton Brown Coco & Sandalwood Nourishing Body Lotion

Molton Brown Coco & Sandalwood Nourishing Body Lotion is one of the top body lotions for men and especially great for oily skin. Made by Molton Brown of London, this body lotion is very masculine and rugged. The combination of sandalwood and brown coco gives your skin the right moisturizing with a great smelling scent. This is in part aided by exotic ingredients that contain coconut, cinnamon, honeyed jasmine, cedarwood and copahu. The result? Molton Brown Coco & Sandalwood Nourishing Body Lotion is a great body lotion for men with a long lasting masculine scent.

Clinique Skin Supplies For Men M Lotion

Clinique Moisturizing Lotion for Men, 3.4 Ounce /...
  • A lightweight, oil-free hydrating lotion for normal to oily skin
  • Skin strengthening ingredients improve overall condition of skin
  • Helps soothe shaving irritation and leaves skin feeling smooth and comfortable

Clinique Skin Supplies For Men M Lotion will leave your skin looking fresh and radiant. Clinique Skin Supplies For Men M Lotion is lightweight and leaves no residue. This lotion is also great for preventing and slowing down wrinkles and loosened skin.There is nothing attractive about having bad skin that you could have prevented. Clinique Skin Supplies For Men M Lotion moisturizes your skin well, slowing down the signs of aging. This is a premium lotion for men. If you want one of the best men’s lotions, look no further.

Inis Revitalizing Body Lotion

Inis the Energy of the Sea Revitalizing Body...
  • A fresh scented body moisturizer with skin restoring seaweed extracts
  • Deep moisturizing shea butter nourishes and protects skin
  • Antioxidant rich Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 help keep skin supple and conditioned

Inis Revitalizing Body Lotion is one of the best body lotions for men in 2019. Like all other Inis body lotions, this product is of great quality and consists of seaweed and Shea butter among other ingredients. Inis Revitalizing Body Lotion greatest feature is it has a very unique and distinctive cologne. The type of scent that makes you receive compliments and turns heads. You really have to smell it to believe it. This men’s body lotion feels smooth on your skin and moisturizes it. The best way to apply Inis Revitalizing Body Lotion is right after showering. Inis is rich in moisturizers, making it keep your skin well hydrated. Inis also is not tested on animals and is an example all companies should follow. This lotion keep your skin fresh and energized all day!

Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb Body Moisturizer

Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb Body Moisturizer, 16 Fl...
  • Its your skin is your biggest organ
  • Treat it right with Sake bomb body moisturizer
  • Plant extracts like Monoi de Tahiti leave it soft and smooth without a greasy residue

Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb Body Moisturizer might just be the most stylish body lotions for men! Everything from the packaging to the product is fashionable and premium. Made with jojoba esters and peppermint oils, Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb Body Moisturizer will refresh and moisturizer your skin. This men’s lotion will not leave behind any residue after being applied. Sake Bomb also contains coconut oil and monoi de tahiti, which both help with hydration. Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb Body Moisturizer is a great lotion for men that will leave you feeling fresh.

MenScience Advanced Body Lotion Ultralight

MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Body Lotion, 8...
  • Dramatically increases moisture levels and restores skin’s natural suppleness. Absorbs immediately...
  • Softens, smoothes and renews restoring the skin’s healthy appearance. Matte finish
  • Nurtures, protects and helps repair from the effects of aging and environmental aggressors

MenScience Advanced Body Lotion Ultralight is a quick absorbing lotion for men that leaves no residue behind. The body lotion is great as it does not take time to settle in and can be applied quickly. MenScinece specially formulated this lotion out of ingredients that work well with your natural skin oils. These ingredients are hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Ultralight will keep your skin fresh and finely moisturized. MenScience Advanced Body Lotion Ultralight gives your skin a healthy protection against the everyday elements.

Inis the Energy of the Sea Body Lotion

Inis the Energy of the Sea Revitalizing Body...
  • A fresh scented body moisturizer with skin restoring seaweed extracts
  • Deep moisturizing shea butter nourishes and protects skin
  • Antioxidant rich Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 help keep skin supple and conditioned

Inis the Energy of the Sea Body Lotion is one of the best moisturizing body lotions for men in 2021. Made by Inis, an Irish brand that makes some of the best seaweed enriched lotions for men and women. Inis the Energy of the Sea Body Lotion has a beautiful, fresh and clean scent that is just refreshing. It feels amazing on your skin leaving it smooth and silky with no residue left behind. Inis the Energy of the Sea Body Lotion is great for both damp and dry skin. This body lotion for men contains Shea butter which is great for your skin. You must try this lotion out!

Everyone 3-in-1 Cedar and Citrus Lotion for Every Man

EveryOne Lotion 3-In-1 Cedar and Citrus Lotion for...
  • This bundle includes two bottles of EveryOne 3-In-1 Cedar and Citrus Lotion for Men, 32 fl. oz. each.
  • This versatile lotion is light and moisturizing enough to be used on face, hands and body.
  • Nutrient-rich botanical extracts and Vitamin E are combined with a rustic blend of Cedar, Lavender, and...

Everyone 3-in-1 Cedar and Citrus Lotion for Every Man has an affordable price and is of the highest quality, making this one of the best men’s body lotion. Cedar and Citrus Lotion is made of natural ingredients such as aloe, glycerin, chamomile, calendula, sesame seed oil and white tea extracts. Being plant-based, this lotion for every man is great for inflamed skin. You can also use this as an aftershave. This multipurpose lotion will moisturize your skin and keep it refreshed. Cedar and Citrus Lotion for Every Man comes with a revitalizing scent that is sure to turn heads! This men’s lotion is one of the best and works well across your hands, face, and body. Everyone 3-in-1 Cedar and Citrus Lotion for Every Man is free from GMO, parabens and polysorbets. This one of the best cheap and budget body lotions for men in 2021.

NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration 3-in-1 Nourishing Lotion - Body, Face, Hands

NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration 3 in 1 Nourishing...
  • 3-in-1 lotion recommended for body, face and hands
  • Specially formulated for men to intensively moisturize skin for 24+ hours
  • Absorbs in seconds with no greasy feel

NIVEA MEN Maximum Hydration Body Lotion is made especially for Men. It will increase the moisture level in the skin and intensively moisturizes you making you feel hydrated. Specially formulated for men with dry skin, this lotion with Hydra-IQ technology absorbs in seconds with no greasy after feel. With a unbeatable price that makes it fit for multiple daily uses.

This is the best budget body lotion for men in 2019.

Your skin is the largest organ in your entire body. And the most ignored.

Everyday your skin is battered by the elements, pollution, dirt and so many other things. Yet why is it that Men have a hard time accepting that skin care should be a priority?

Skin that is not taken care off can cause illness, gets wrinkly and looks aged.

We’ve taken a look at the best body lotions for men in 2019 so you have great skin.

Benefits of a Body Lotion

The primary function of a body lotion is to keep the skin moisturized. A body lotion is comparatively thicker than a face and hand lotion. It is composed of moisturizing agents that can efficiently hydrate the skin and includes butter, carrier oils, and essential oils. Depending on the product and the brand, the body lotion can also be scented or unscented and made with either natural, organic, or synthetic ingredients.

A body lotion has several benefits that can be seen below:

Anti-Aging Properties: A body lotion cannot completely stop the steady and slow aging process. However, it can help the skin regain the elasticity that generally gets lost over the years.

Protects Against Pollutants: In today’s world, each one of us is exposed to contaminants and various other irritants daily. However, many body lotions have emollients that can create a barrier to protect the skin from these pollutants. A body lotion also protects the skin during harsh weather conditions such as freezing winters.

Heals The Skin: Several body lotions in the market are recommended by dermatologists for patients that are suffering from skin diseases. Body lotions are known to prevent many types of skin diseases.

Reduces Inflammation: Body lotions helps reduce inflammation of the skin and often includes skin-friendly ingredients, such as vitamins.

Feels And Smells Good: The feel of a creamy lotion is loved by many people, especially on their tired torso or limbs. Many of the body lotions available today are scented that increases their appealing factor.

Helps To Relax: Your skin might not need to be moisturized; however, trying a body massage with a scented lotion can work wonders. It can help reduce pain and stress, making you feel great.

Are Body Lotions for Men Different from Women’s Lotions?

The majority of the men are known not to take care of their grooming. According to a study of men’s and women’s skin, it has been found out that the skin of men would look 10 to 15 years younger than most women. This means that with a little bit of grooming and taking care of the skin, men can look young and slow down the process of fine lines and wrinkles.

A man’s skin is 25% thicker than a woman, and accordingly, the body lotion of a man needs to be able to account for this difference. Men also have more collagen than women, which is responsible for giving the elastic feeling to the skin.

Although there can’t be a limit to what men’s body lotion can contain. However, it is worth noting the most common ingredients that are present in body lotion for men:

Water: The main component of a moisturizer is water as the body lotion has the primary function to hydrate the skin. Water can also carry the oil-based ingredients present in the body lotion.

Glycerine: Glycerine is a humectant. This means that it draws water to outer layers of the skin. It does this from the environment and deep layers of the skin.

Petrolatum & Stearic Acid: The occlusive helps in blocking the evaporation of water from the skin.

Triethanolamine (TEA): The emulsifier is known for helping in blending the oil and water mix present in the moisturizer.

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate: This material is used as a filler in the moisturizer.

Mineral Oil: This oil is generally one of the main ingredients in the moisturizers. It helps in locking the moisture; however, it can also block pores, resulting in acne.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Body Lotion

If you are a firsthand buyer, it is always beneficial to know what to look for in any product when purchasing for a lotion that’s apposite for your skin. You can quickly go and grab the best available brand or an attractive looking bottle that you have heard about. But few subsequent should be there in your mind while purchasing it.


It is essential to consider what a body lotion contains before using it. Some of the critical constituents that need to be present in a men’s body lotion are as follows:


Alpha Hydroxy Acids






Several ingredients should not be present like parabens, Retinyl Palmitate, DMDM Hydantoin, and alcohol. One should go for products that have natural ingredients.

Moisturizing Agents

The main reason for using a body lotion is for hydration and refreshing the skin. So, it is imperative to check which moisturizing agents are present in the body lotion. Some of the commonly known moisturizing agents are as follows:


Essential oils

Carrier oils

Skin Type

Many people use the same moisturizer for the body as well as the face. Note that skin on the body is thicker when compared to the skin on your face. What kind of body lotion you use is primarily dependant on the type of skin you have.

Dry Skin: For dry skin, a thick and creamy lotion would do the work, especially if you live in an area where the temperature is cold. It is better to go with a body lotion that includes petroleum and alpha hydroxy acids.

Oily Skin: Having oily skin does not mean that you do not need to moisturize it. Lack of proper moisturizing can result in premature aging. A body lotion that is free from oils and light in texture is a perfect option for men with oily skin.

Normal Skin: Maintaining the skin is not much difficult for people with this skin type. However, this is no reason to neglect taking care of the skin. You should go for a body lotion with a light texture, taking care that the lotion is not greasy.

Sensitive Skin: In case you have sensitive skin, you should always be careful about what you use and apply on your skin.

What is the best body lotion for men?

That depends on your skin and needs. Go for mineral sunscreens and avoid chemical lotions. Avoid lotions that are scented. You should not use moisturizers that contain sodium laurel sulfate. This can irritate people with sensitive skin. Do not use lotions that contain oils like lemongrass and peppermint.

Health Benefits

You might be ignoring the use of body lotion for a long time. However, with time, you will notice various changes in your skin. Some of these changes can be reversed. However, some can be irreversible. Many of the body lotions are made such that they can repair your skin and restore it. If you have the right body lotion, having a dry skin would also not be a problem. Whatever body lotion you might use, it should be able to provide you with the health benefits that you are looking for.


There are several body lotions in the market, and according to the quality, ingredients, and brand, the price of different body lotions can vary by a significant amount. It is essential to consider the cost as a body lotion should not be the one that you cannot afford over a long period.


It is essential to stick to the brand and the product that you choose after you select the perfect lotion for your skin. Using different lotions and products can ultimately lead to damaging your skin rather than improving it.


One should always check the reviews before choosing a particular product. These days, the evaluation of body lotion can be easily found online along with its positives and negatives. You can also leave a review after you use particular body lotion so that others can benefit from your experience.


Always go for products that are more readily available. One should be able to find it online or a nearby store.


There are several brands and products in the market today. Each body lotion is highly commercialized to increase its sales. Sometimes it is also difficult to differentiate whether the body lotion you are buying is original or not. Thus, it is imperative to ensure that the source from where you buy the body lotion is authentic and reliable.

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