Best Retracting Air Hose Reel 2020

GOODYEAR Air-Hose-Reel Retractable

GOODYEAR Air-Hose-Reel Retractable 3/8" Inch x 50' Feet Premium Commercial Flex Hybrid Polymer Hose...
  • REEL SPECS - This Hose Reel is crafted of heavy duty impact resistant light weight durable Polypropylene Enclosed Spring Driven Case, a newly designed swivel hose inlet connection protecting against leaks; The 3/8" inch x 50 foot Premium Commercial Hybrid Flex Polymer Hose is a blend of Rubber/PVC and a working pressure of 300PSI / 20BAR; 1/4" inch NPT connections; Included a 36" (0.9m) Lead-in Hose and ergonomic PVC grip; Our Air Hose Reels our suitable for both air and water usage

Goodyear 27527153G is easily the best retractable air hose reel on the market today. There are a lot of good things to know about this model, but its best feature is probably its soft, wrinkle-free retraction. Although this model provides excellent retraction power, it applies it evenly, reducing the chances of accidental injury. At the same time, it is also designed to reduce issues to prolong the life of the hose. This model is designed with large valves, which reduce the frequency of the leak.

This model comes with a hose, which increases the purchase price. The fit between the pipe and the model is fantastic, mainly because both are made by the same group. The only thing that can stop people is the price, which is quite high. But you have to spend more to get the best and the best quickly. If you are looking for a great model that reduces the frustration caused by your retractable pneumatic hose reel, then this model is for you.This is a very durable hose reel designed for use with wind and water, which means the hybrid polymer hose is designed to withstand a lot of stress over time.The hose is 50 feet long, and it comes with a 3/8 inch connection, which is ideal for a small workshop.

Even if this hose is designed to work with water, its plastic cover does not withstand water pressure very well, especially if you still retract the hose with water inside. It works very well and resists air quite well, but it may not be long-lasting if you use the product with water. The hose is designed with an automatic rewind system that will help eliminate creases in the unit. The hose nozzle is also designed to rotate 180 degrees, which helps to keep the folds away from the hose and to prevent leakage due to the friction of the tube when the hose is made and tied. There is even a locking function that keeps the hose in place when used. If you are looking for a place to store your hose in a small workshop, it is a great product, but if you are looking for a hose that you can frequently use for high-pressure water, then it may not be the best for your needs. Winder


The product is easy to install.
The hose can be rotated to avoid kinks.
Soft, itch-free withdrawal
Includes hose
Decreased leaks
Easy assembly


The hardware required to mount the unit is not included.
This is not the best option for high-pressure water.
It has a flexible design, which some users may not like.

GOODYEAR Air-Hose-Reel Retractable is the Best Retracting Air Hose Reel 2020

Klutch Auto Rewind Air Hose Reel

Klutch Auto Rewind Air Hose Reel - With 3/8in. x 50ft. Rubber Hose, Max. 300 PSI
  • Sturdy steel reel with durable powder-coat finish
  • Auto rewind with ratchet to lock hose at desired length
  • Adjustable rubber stop
  • Includes 3/8in x 50ft rubber hose
  • 300 max PSI

This product has a very durable design that will last for years of use. The support is made of steel, and it is covered so that it does not rust or crease due to bad weather.

The hose is a durable rubber designed to withstand temperatures ranging from four negative Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is no priming hose with this device that attaches the air hose to the compressor. This may be a minor inconvenience, but you will need to go to a hardware store before using it. Additionally, these hose reels have a 3/8 inch connection, so you may need to buy a 1/2 inch connection for some char air compressors.

The unit is designed with four-way rollers so as not to catch the pipe during the rewinding process, which creates less wear on the pipe and prolongs its service life. This system has an automatic rewind function that lets you lock the hose to the length you need.

If you are looking for a sturdy, sturdy, easy to use and compatible product, then the Clutch Auto Rewind Pneumatic Hose Reel is a great option to consider. It has 50 feet long pipe, has a maximum of 300 psi, and can be fitted to almost any floor, wall, or ceiling.


It is made with very durable materials.
This product is straightforward to install.
The hose is flexible at all temperatures.


You will need to buy additional pipe fittings.
Spring wheels may need to be adjusted.

Klutch Auto Rewind Air Hose Reel is the Best Air Hose Reels 2020

DeWalt Retraction Enclosed Air Hose Reel

DeWalt DXCM024-0345 Hose Reel Automatic Retraction Enclosed Air Hose Reel
  • The DeWalt 3/8" x 50' retractable air hose reel features an automatic spring-powered drive that makes hose retraction quick, automatic, and easy.
  • The Dewalt 3/8” x 50’ enclosed air hose reel is equipped with the ‘stop-anywhere’ locking mechanism that allows for the hose to be pulled to any length
  • This air hose reel is equipped with a self-leveling system, enabling the hose to wind smoothly and easily.
  • The air hose reel can mount on a wall or ceiling and allows 180 degree free rotation for versatility.
  • The hybrid hose has no memory and helps eliminate kinks.

For those looking for a high-quality retractable air hose reel, the DeWalt DXCM024-04545 is another good choice. This model also comes with a hose, which results in a great adjustment to the hose reel itself. It is also designed to reduce issues so that you do not accidentally cut off your air supply with an air hose. The container is also very well designed and allows pivoting up to four inches on both sides during assembly, which reduces the pressure when unmounting the hose.

It brings a stop anywhere, which means you can pull it to a point and then turn it off, and the reel won’t automatically try to pull the hose back. Gently pull again, as if you were using the blind and letting go, and it would start again. The cost for the first place of this model is its shaped housing, which seems to be larger than the need for pipes of this size. It lacks clips for wall mounting. Still, this model works well enough to get second place on this list. If you are looking to save some money and you are ready to supply your fasteners, this model will be your choice.


Includes hose
Fold less
Large mount
Turn off functions everywhere


Large accommodation
No fasteners included

DeWalt Retraction Enclosed Air Hose Reel is the Best Retracting Air Hose 2020

Flexzilla Retractable Enclosed Plastic Air Hose Reel

Flexzilla Retractable Enclosed Plastic Air Hose Reel, 3/8 in. x 50 ft, Heavy Duty, Lightweight,...
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE - Made from UV stabilized polypropylene
  • FLEXZILLA HOSE INLCUDED - Features Legacy’s 3/8 in. x 50 ft. exclusive Flexzilla Premium Hybrid Polymer hose and lead-in hose
  • EASY TO USE - The auto retract/ latch hose mechanism simplifies every job by keeping excess hose out of the working space. The positive latching mechanism locks the hose automatically in 18 in. intervals. The adjustable hose stopper allows the user to increase or decrease the length of the hose that remains when the hose is fully retracted
  • EASY TO STORE - The reel can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. The swivel mounting bracket pivots in the direction of your work
  • 150 POUNDS PER SQUARE INCH - Maximum working pressure at 70 degrees F

This 50-foot hose is designed to be mounted on the wall or ceiling to give easy access to your pipes. It has a hose plug to lock the hose in 18-inch increments so that there are no extra hoses.The tendency to withdraw quite slowly when there is air inside the hose. This means you have to release air into the hose before storing it. Also, the hose that is attached to the air compressor is somewhat compact, which may mean that you need to place it in a specific place in your workplace.

The hose provided in this product is designed to be more flexible than most. It has no memory, which means it will stay flat if not in use. This is to prevent creases in the pipes. Also, the hybrid polymer material remains flexible, even up to 40 degrees below zero. If you are looking for a product for a small work area, this Flexzilla flexible hose can be a great option to consider. It is a durable product that can be mounted on walls or ceilings and is designed with durable materials that are compatible and easy to use.


The stand can rotate up to 180 degrees.
It is made with very durable materials.
It has anodized aluminum fittings for stationary aircraft.


It has a working pressure of only 150 PSIs.
The hose is easily dirty.

How to buy the Best Retracting Air Hose Reel

If you recently bought an air compressor, you will need to find a coil to store the hose. Of course, you can check out this guide or other reviews to find out which products are rated at the top, but before you start to research, you want a good idea to wind up your new product to know a little bit about its features.

The first thing you are going to consider is that some of the air hose reels are made using an all-metal design that is going to be durable enough for some time, on the other hand, there is plastic construction, which means they are designed for industrial use. Maybe not.

These are usually good for home garages, but a metallic design can be much more durable if you use your new air hose frequently.

What should other important features be considered?
Foundation and mounting ability: Some air products are designed to be placed on the floor while others are designed to be mounted on the wall. Consider the region in which you are going to store your product and think about the option that best suits your needs.
The location of the product may vary depending on the location of the unit, especially if it is mounted inside a work vehicle. Still, fortunately, most of the units we tested in this guide may be mounted on the floor, ceiling, or wall, making them more versatile.

Working pressure limit:

The group will be able to withstand a certain amount of air pressure unless you list the whole hose every time you need air. Typically, for home use, your unit will need to withstand a pressure of 300 psi, but if you are using the product for industrial purposes, you may need some more.

Hose Length:

Before installing a specific air hose reel, make sure it has enough hose to reach the place where your vehicle can be parked. You probably want a hose that can reach the outside of your garage if you want to use the condenser to add air to other cars, bikes, or even any internal tubes that lead to the lake. Most pipes are at least 50 feet, but if you need 100 feet or more, be sure to find a hose that meets your needs.

Protective coating: When you choose metal air hose reels, it can be at risk of being damaged by the components.

Many products on the market can rust and cord cover with a powder coating designed to protect the product and extend its life. If you have to buy a metal-air hose reel, make sure it is secure, especially if it sits outside.

Ease of use
Not all retractable air hose reels are made the same, and their design is also different. Ease of use is an excellent place to start if you want to get a model that you want. If you find it challenging to use a model, you will use it less and waste your money.

So there are a few features that make it easy to use a retractable air hose. The first is the shutdown system. Some models do not have this feature, which means they are still trying to withdraw the hose, which can be tedious. The best models have a system that works like a cord for your blind. Pull the hose to the desired length, then gently withdraw it to lock in place. When finished, remove it and leave with more firmness to withdraw it.

The mid-range model has a system that stops at regular intervals. These tasks are fine but can frustrate you if the desired length between two preset stops is halved.

Easy assembly
Since there is a lot of energy when withdrawing a 50-foot pipe, you will want a model that is firmly attached to the wall or ceiling. However, not all models pass this section, which means it is an area that only distinguishes the best units from them. The best models will be provided with self-disclosing support that wraps the coil to the left and right. This reduces the pressure on the walls and makes the model easier to use.

You may also want to keep an eye out for models that do not include fasteners. Although they may have a wall mount, they may not come with the need to mount the screws to your wall. This reduces the value slightly and establishes more complex problems.

Pipe quality
Since all the models on our list come with a hose, it is essential to consider the quality of the hose before buying. One of the most important features is the length of the tube. A small store or garage can be 25 feet long enough to cover. However, if you are going to work in a medium or large area, you may want to invest in a 50 foot pipe. While this may seem like a big upgrade, it doesn’t always lead to massive inflation, making it a good investment for most people.

You’ll also want to look for models that have emptied the pipe and taken steps to reduce leaks in the joints connected to the spindle. If the model doesn’t work well, you’ll spend a lot of time wondering why your air pressure isn’t high or trying to fix the leaks.

Which Retractable Air Hose is Right for You?
Since there are different qualities and prices available when buying a retractable air hose, it is a good idea to make sure that you maximize your value at the time of purchase. Many people try to do this by investing in a cheap or expensive model, but it is a bad strategy.

Instead, you should focus on the experience you want from your purchase and the features that will help you get there. Make a shortlist of models that come with these features. Then choose the cheapest from this list. It brings you all the features you need for a great experience, and since you pay the minimum, it is the best for your money.

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