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Best Android Gimbals and Best iPhone Gimbals 2024

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 – 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 - 3-Axis...
  • FOLDABLE GIMBAL: With a new foldable design at just 405 g, you can take Osmo Mobile 3 anywhere. A...
  • SINGLE-HANDED CONTROL: Thanks to an intelligent design with accessible functions, Osmo Mobile 3 is...
  • GESTURE CONTROL: From vlogging to group photos, this convenient feature empowers you to start recording...

Starting with the original Osmo Mobile gimbal, DJI has long been a major player in the smartphone gimbal business. The highlight feature of the latest gimbal is that it can fold in half when not in use, making it even easier to pack in a bag. When unlocked, it’s easy to set up like a gimbal. Just open the clip, put your phone down (almost all phone sizes are supported) and start shooting. You can adjust the position of your phone for better balance if you want, but the motor of Osmo Mobile 3 has been able to fix any imbalance, but has little effect on the life of the device. Battery. Osmo charges via USB-C and lasts 15 hours of filming.

After all, DJI’s Mimo app has all sorts of preset functions that make it easy to capture great photos. Activrack 3.0 is a great object tracking mode that lets you pan the camera to track a subject and there are many more models like Hyperlaps, Panorama etc. allows you to even switch your phone from landscape mode to portrait mode for different social platforms. The Osmo Mobile 3 doesn’t have as complex a movement as the Flyfly movie and is not designed to stand up for itself with a tripod, but the compact form factor and ease of use make it a better choice. For most people. .

The three-axis design of the Osmo Mobile 3 allows us to take equal, smooth and jitter-free looking footage shots which tells the gimbal to automatically follow a moving object (or any stationary object as you rotate with the camera). This gimbal can help you spend time or keep the camera steady when you zoom in or shoot at a slower pace. The Hyperlapse and Motion-Lapse options combine camera movement with time-lapse, resulting in more sophisticated shots. We also got the round grip of this model to feel more comfortable than the flat size of the Smooth 4 and the buttons are all within an inch of reaching.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is the best smartphone gimbal. Of course, it comes from a reputable company that encourages it, but the device is also praised for paying good value for money. The body has reduced the size of the gimbal, reduced the weight and made it more foldable, which means you can easily store it in its bags and carry it around. It has 3-axis stability, enhanced control and a wonderful 15 hours battery life. The app also has many features including templates, active tracking, hyperlapse, time lapse view, panorama etc.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is the Best Android Gimbal in 2023.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal...
  • 👍👍【Filmic Pro】The official APP for Smooth 4 is called ZY play. But Filmic Pro has best in class...
  • 👍👍【Control Panel】Integrated control panel design,Focus Pull & Zoom Capability
  • ✅✅【MUST KNOW】Balance the gimbal before use: Slide the smartphoone in as close as possible to...

Zhiyun Smooth 4 creates a stable video that will enhance the style of any home videographer. It has a great selection of unique shooting modes and best designed videography apps. We like to use a lot of buttons on its grip (once we’ve learned their purpose), because they integrate seamlessly into apps.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 supports advanced shooting techniques such as fast motion, speed-up movement and timeless. Additionally, it has an object tracking function that helps you track objects and the human face and a fast sleep mode by stretching or folding the horizontal arm. The best thing about this cheap gimbal stabilizer is that it can run up to 12 hours. You can charge it with a portable power bank. It has a USB port on the tilt axis for charging the phone. However you will not get a phone charger with the product. This gimbal stabilizer comes with TRM03 Tripod, USB Type-C cable, carrying case, user guide and warranty.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal looks a lot like the Osmo Mobile 3, but has a lot more physical controls. The side has a handle dial that can be used for focus or digital zoom (you can adjust it yourself in the companion app), and it also includes a small tripod like the DJI. Smooth-4 box for rest on flat surface.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 lets you get several preset shooting modes with different object tracking settings and overall gimbal stabilization is as smooth as you expect. Unfortunately, this gimbal does not handle heavy phones as well as the Osmo Mobile 3, which can sometimes strain the motors and lead to unwanted battery drain. Nevertheless, it is a great option with slightly less unique and convenient features. The Smooth 4 has a limited maximum payload of only 210 grams. But if you just mount a smartphone and have no attachments, that shouldn’t be a problem. The original sales center of the gimbal remains as its feature-rich control panel remains. Focus and zoom controls using side dials are one of the many great features that appeal to smartphone filmmakers.

Zhiyun Smooth 43 is one of the Best Android Gimbals in 2023

Freefly Movi Cinema Robot Smartphone Stabilizer

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Freefly Movi Cinema Robot Smartphone Stabilizer is a gimbal with built-in pan, tilt and more for stunning stationery or portable video. It concentrates some of the best technologies in the mobile space, ranging from industrial grade gimbals and supports the heaviest phones with the ability to add counterweights. The flat bottom lets you sit in the movie without the need for a tripod and you can use the dedicated app to program the movements of different cameras without ever touching the gimbal.

Freefly Movie Cinema is aimed at robot professionals, making it one of the best smartphone gimmicks for serious users. He claims the unit could create a clip that would otherwise require a crew. While this is true of the other devices on this list, you’ll notice a few notable differences. Mov Movies is strongly built and built in a very unique way. The side grip should offer more stability, and the technology found inside is similar to the company’s more complex rigs, which are often used for Hollywood movies. Shooting modes include timeless, running timeless, orbit, etc.

The ergonomic design of the movie robot is surprisingly comfortable. The Gimbal is compatible with Physic Pro and promises high levels of video fluidity. Being able to keep the gimbal on a flat surface is another plus, but on the downside, a price that is above competition and lacks popular features like speed tracking. The app is elegant, simple and easy to use. Many smartphone filmmakers still choose movie movie robots over new gimbals and are willing to pay extra dollars. One thing to note is that with larger lenses, gimbals can enter the motor frame (although this is a common problem among smartphone gimbals).

It’s one of the more expensive mobile gimbals in the neighborhood, but it’s quite worth it for all its turning capabilities. If you want to take matters into your own hands rather than the programming movement in an app, this gimbal supports one and two-handed activities and can even make portrait and landscape orientations – or dynamic changes anywhere. It’s not cheap between the two, but it’s worth it if you want to shoot professional-looking videos with your phone.

Freefly Movi Cinema Robot is the Best advanced Android Gimbal in 2023

Zhiyun Smooth Q2 3-Axis Handheld Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

No products found.

If you want the smallest gimbal you can get your hands on, look no further than Zhiyun Smooth Q2. It’s incredibly small, about the same height as a modern plus-size smartphone. It weighs almost nothing; It is without a doubt the most compact portable gimbal on the market. It has made DGI’s plastic construction more efficient in Osmo Mobile 3 with aluminum design. The Zhiyun Smooth Q2 lasts up to 16 hours, depending on how much weight you put on its clamps and is easily recharged via USB-C. There is a thread at the bottom of the gimbal that you can mount the smooth-Q2 on the tripod or add an extension handle for a more comfortable grip. Despite its small size, the Smooth-Q2 handles surprisingly well, balancing even large and heavy phones without any problems.

The smooth and lightweight design of this gimbal stabilizer makes it portable and easy to use. Its three-axis stability is available with 3 ০ degree rotation and Pro Vermtex 360 P, Pov 360 °, Vertigo or timeless modes. It has a number of special features that will enhance your filming experience. Zhiyun Smooth Q2 works with native cameras on Android and iOS phones with direct control. In addition, it has a new portrait gesture function that requires less effort.

This Android gimbal connects directly to your phone’s micro-USB port for constant charging, and it comes with an application that adds various shooting features, such as auto zoom, face tracking, panning and time spent photography. The batteries provide a continuous runtime of 17 hours which is quite impressive and lets you shoot without worrying when you run out of power. The product comes with a phone holder, wrist strap, USB Type-C cable and quick start guide.

Zhiyun Smooth Q2 is the Best Android Gimbal for Travel in 2023

Factors to consider when buying the best Android Gimbals

Gimbals are becoming more popular with each passing day. Whether you are using an iOS-powered smartphone or your phone is Android-powered, the need to have a gimbal to take care of your video and camera needs is real. It is important to note that not every gimbal would do the trick. With that thought in mind, we would be picking some of the best iPhone and Android Gimbals you can use right now. However, before we go into the finer details, here is our favorite pick among the best.

Before you take the step to get the gimbal of your dreams, we would like you to consider some essential areas first. These areas would ensure that you look for the right things when completing your purchase for a gimbal. Here are some of the things you should look out for.

Stabilization of the axis

One of the primary duties of the gimbal is to stabilize your cameras. The presence of active motors which moves about three axes does this. It should also have an axis which would be focused on stabilizing the tilt and roll movements that would be made by the gimbal. When your gimbal comes with 3-axis, the result is that you would be able to shoot better shots with much more stable shots and modes. Always consider where your gimbal stands in terms of the quality of its axis. Looking at for this would ensure that you make the right choice every single time.


While it can only be a good thing that you have a lot of options when it comes to the availability of gimbals around the world, it has also led to another delicate problem. That is the problem of choosing the right gimbal. There are so many cheap and unreliable gimbals right now. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can quickly spot a terrible gimbal. One of them would be looking at the reviews which have been left by prior customers. You would also avoid being in such a situation by avoiding gimbals which have no reviews yet. Batteries

When a gimbal is in use when there is no chance to keep it charging. This means that not having a good battery would mean frequent charging and less run time. This would also limit what you can achieve with your phone in a day.
When going for a gimbal, you should make sure that your gimbal would have a battery which can take at least 6 hours runtime. The longer it can take, the better.


Nothing beats a versatile product. This is also what you should look out for in your gimbal. Some signs of versatility in your gimbal would include a variety of modes such as the POV mode, Selfie mode, and so much more. It should also allow you to use several other complementary accessories. When going for a gimbal, make sure you keep this in mind as this would help you make the best choice.


Of course, you can never buy a gimbal without considering the level of performance which you are going to get. There are some general things which good gimbal should have. This would include;
Modes which are meant to stabilize your smartphone cameras
It should also come with an in-built charger.
It should have a camera integrated into your gimbal.


Consider the price of the gimbal. This can work both ways. The general rule is that the functions of the gimbal should measure up to the price. This means that if a product is promising you so many features at a low cost, you should take a moment to consider if that gimbal is worth it. Similarly, if the price is quite low, it could also show a sign of lesser value. You must try to balance out the cost before making a permanent decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gimbal used for?

Usually, a gimbal is a device or structure which allows you to mount a device and rotate it using one axis. Naturally, gimbals can be used with smartphones and cameras for many activities, such as taking selfies or creating a film.

What is a 3 axis gimbal?

3-axis gimbals are structures which are usually used to stabilize a camera. The aim of a 3 axis gimbal will make sure that the user would be able to shoot his film or picture without the dread of vibration from the camera or shake as they are about to execute the shot.

Why do I need a gimbal?

Gimbals are usually used to make sure that the images that are captured or recorded are precise or stabilized. This would give the camera operators the chance to use the camera and smartphones more effectively.

What are some features of a gimbal?

Generally, gimbals are known to come with some features. These would include various modes for various situations. Some of them would also come with foldable designs. This is usually a big plus if you are someone that is always on the move.