Best Android and iPhone Gimbals 2020

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Best Android and iPhone Gimbals 2020

Zhiyun Smooth 4

Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer YouTube Video Vlog Tripod for iPhone 11 Pro Xs Max...
  • 【Filmic Pro】The official APP for Smooth 4 is called ZY play. But Filmic Pro has best in class support for Smooth 4, you can use Filmic Pro as an alternative to ZY play.
  • 【Control Panel】Integrated control panel design,Focus Pull & Zoom Capability
  • 【MUST KNOW】Balance the gimbal before use: Slide the smartphoone in as close as possible to against the tilt axis motor. Loosen the Roll (Y) Axis Thumb Screw (which is on the back) to adjust the gravity center by sliding the horizontal arm.When phone stays in level in power OFF status, it is balanced.We recommend you VIEW the video tutorials, There are lots of tutorial videos on YOUTUBE that will help you master the gimbal.
  • 【PhoneGo Mode】PhoneGo Mode for Instant Scene Transition
  • 【Time Lapse & Object Tracking】Time Lapse Expert and Object Tracking available, Supports Two-way Charging with Longer Runtime

On top of our list would be without a doubt the Zhiyun Smooth 4. It came out consistently on top in areas such as smother and better footage amongst other reasons.


Tracking Objects: if you have been looking for a gimbal which has an excellent tracking system, then you might have just found what you were looking for. With a tracker which can detect human faces, you can be sure that everything you want to film would be captured with precision

Battery Life: The battery has a long life. When inconsistent use, it can run up to 12 hours without any problem. That is quite incredible.

Simplicity: It’s very smooth and straightforward to use. Most of its navigational buttons are visible and are simple to understand.

Versatile: This gimbal works with both Android and iOS.

Perfect for the film: if you are a filmmaker, you would surely find this gimbal to be made just the way you like. With vertigo, POV orbital and the roll-angle time-lapse all available, it would surely be one great gimbal for anything you desire


Zooming: some users have complained about the zooming capabilities. However, others have also found it to be great. It really depends on the phone which is being used.


Zhiyun Smooth 4 is the best Android and iPhone Gimbal in 2020.

Zhiyun Crane-M2

Zhiyun Crane-M2 [Official] Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
  • 【All in One】 Get daily shooting occasions covered: using compact camera, light mirrorless camera, action camera, and your mobile phone.
  • 【Compact Design】 Unique locking pin and latch design to prevent the axis from swinging. Retreat, lock up, drop it into your backpack and go. It’s that easy with Zhiyun Crane-M2.
  • 【Creative Modes】 6 modes: Pan Following, Full Following, Locking, Full-Range POV, Vortex and GO. While the PF/F/L are basic options, POV/Vortex/GO provide you extended fun.
  • 【Thoughtful Design】 With a memory lock on the scale, balancing position can be remembered. Once and forever, saving much trouble of readjustment every time.
  • 【Smooth Zoom at Fingertips】 Push the slider on side of the handle, you can zoom in/out to capture smooth footage nearer and farther.

This gimbal is explicitly known for the diverse options it gives the users. Its three basic modes which include the POV range, which is full mode, the vortex mode and the Go mode has broken barriers and is incredibly popular among the users.


OLED display: This OLED display helps to show the gimbal mode that is currently on, Bluetooth, and so much more.

Power Level: it comes with good power and can last for at least 8 hours. Although not as good as the Zhiyun smooth 4, it surely is among the very top products.

Perfect for Travel: do you want to take your gimbal along with you during your travels? If you do, then you would love this gimbal. It comes with the ability to fold. This means that you would surely find no problem fixing it into your pockets.


Takes a bit time to get used to.


The Pros of this device outweighs the cons making it a great choice among gimbals

3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone X XR XS Smartphone Vlog Youtuber Live Video Record with Sport...
  • 【Newly developed 3D "inception" Mode proudly present the updated Hohem gimbal stabilizer. This stabilizer features a newly developed "inception" Mode that would able to vertically rotate your phone 360° spontaneously when filming, giving you the master-like video-making experience. It is the all-in-one tool for storytellers like you.
  • 【Updated sports mode & perfect balance updated sports mode allows you to shoot incredibly smooth shots even while going to extremes like running up & down stairs, cycling outdoors or traveling over rugged terrain. High performance motor realizes axis overlap & low angle shoot like a breeze. 3 axie's Variable speed adaptation is extremely sensitive to hand movements. With this design, Hohem Gimble stabilizer transforms hard-to-watch, shaky footage into hypnotically smooth, professional footage.
  • 【You can also be a professional director from fast moving action, like sports, to vlogs and interviews, to documentaries and independent features, the hohem’s design sophistication and convertibility make it a unique production tool. Aside from modes mentioned above, this tool features the basic zoom/focus control, all following/all lock/pan following/pan & tilt following modes & 3 ¼ Screw hole for accessories such as a tripod or a video light.
  • 【Endless possibilities via "Hohem Gimbal" App enjoy controlling your filming tool both on your gimbal and in your iOS/android app today! Slow motion recording, Beauty retouching, 360°panorama, face/object tracking, time-lapse recording & panning mode changing can all be realized in your smartphone app.
  • 【"Time-lapse" & up to 12H running time tracking face/object and recording all motions in a stable shot for up to 12H with the updated "time-lapse" Mode to create Dynamic effect, reflecting all movements of targeted objects throughout a day within seconds. Hohem I steady mobile+ gimbal stabilizer lasts up to 12H and can also charge your phone.

Axis Gimbal Stabilizer has an affordable price with versatility. It is a no-brainer when it is compared with most of its rivals. The premium 3-Axis Stabilizer is available to both Android and iPhone. That alone makes this gimbal an exciting prospect for likely users.


Battery Life: it has a great battery life which is a delight to most of its users. This, when combined with the wireless charging available to it, makes a great option

Different modes: if you thought the previous gimbal has modes, think again! The 3-axis gimbal stabilizer comes with modes such as the pan follow, lock mode, POV mode, Selfie mode and more.

Price: for such a great gimbal, it comes at a relatively great and affordable price. That just makes it the complete package.


It works with an app which must already be installed on your phone. Without the right app, it might not work as well you might want.


With the price of the gimbals combined with the battery life, making it clear for all to see, it surely is a must-have device.

MOZA Mini-5 Essential Foldable Phone Gimbal

MOZA Mini-S Essential Foldable Phone Gimbal, Timelapse Object Tracking Zoom Vertigo Inception,...
  • 【Foldable & Lightweight】Advanced phone gimbal with a perfect slim body, easily to be folded for carrying outside. Folded size-5.1"*2.7"*7.7" as a short folding umbrella, 1.1 oz lighter and half smaller than Zhiyun Smooth 4. Great choice for travel, holiday, party or fashional gift!
  • 【Anti-shake Technique】A built-in sensor and a rare-earth permanent magnet brushless motor effectively mitigates the shake caused in motion shooting. Maximum payload 9.1 oz, phone's size from 2.3"-3.5". Fits for iPhone Xs/Max/Xr/X/8/7/6 Plus 11 Pro Samsung Note 9/S9 Huawei, etc.
  • 【Quick Object Tracking】With built-in artificial intelligence recognition technology, MOZA Mini-S Essential can be automatically detect multiple subjects for fast tracking, producing smooth continuous frames for you. Please Remove Phone Case Before Use
  • 【Creative Filming with Official Support】Via MOZA Genie APP (iOS & Android), advanced features and different shooting modes like hyperlapse, slow-motion, vertigo can be achieved, just enjoy more excellent filming time!
  • 【Convenient Control】360° rotation from 3 axes based on customized setting. One button zoom&focus control sets your hands free. Lower price yet high-end hardware, especially for shooting beginners! 【As a official MOZA Distributor, we offer 24H friendly customer service at any issue】

This gimbal has grown in its popularity because of its compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones.

Foldable: it is foldable in a sleekly way. This means that you can place it inside your pocket while you travel. How convenient!
Navigation: another benefit you get is the navigational system. It is quite easy to manage and control. You would surely love this gimbal.
Cons of this product
Battery life might be as good as the other gimbals mentioned above. However, we are sure that you would find this product quite useful.
Its foldable design makes a thrilling option in the gimbal market

Hohem Smartphone Gimbal

Hohem Smartphone Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer for iPhone 11/11pro/11pro max/Xs/Xs Max/Xr/X, for...
  • 3-Axis Gimbal Smartphone Stabilizer:Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus Phone Gimbal Stabilizer works with iPhone 11Pro Max and Android phones. Hohem Gimbal is perfect for Samsung S10, for Google Pixel 3XL, Huawei P20,ZTE,Mi9 and more Android Smartphones. Thanks to advanced technologies--CCD Anti-Shake, Optical Stabilization and Motion Speed Auto-Adaptation, Face & Object Tracking and 3 High-Torque Brushless Motors, the phone stabilizer can achieve stabilization performance with lower power consumption.
  • 【MUST KNOW】Place and Balance your Phone on the Gimbal with Calibration Switch on the Roll Axis before power on or it will fail to operate normally. The Gimbal Max Playload upgrade to support 280g. Android OS should be 8.0+ and iOS should be 9.0+.
  • Intuitive Hohem Gimbal App: Please download the Hohem Gimbal App on your Android or iOS Phones for your gimbal connectivity with Bluetooth. The parameter setting and calibration will help you master the gimbal much better.
  • The New Trigger Button backside with much more operation on this gimbal. Ergonomic Handheld Design 3 Universal 1/4-20 Threads: Integrated one-piece forming ergonomic handheld handgrip.Three 1/4-20 screws compatible with more photography accessories, Microphone, LED Flash etc. Hohem Gimbal APP also allows you to adjust EV,ISO,Shutter Speed and White Balance, it inspires your creativeness. Support 180/360° Wide-angle Panoramic shooting modes.
  • 600°Roll Inception Mode: With the inception mode, you can get a 600degree Pan Rotation amazing footage by Inception Mode. Sport Mode: For fast scene transition, you can use the Sport Mode with just one tap the trigger button. Recenter Mode: With just twice tap the trigger button, the gimbal can return to the initial position with no limitation.

The last but surely not the least would be the Hohem Smartphone Gimbal. There are many reasons why you should get this gimbal.

Versatile: afraid of switching phones because you think you might render your gimbal useless? Well, this gimbal would serve you well regardless of which smartphone you choose to go for
Tutorial Videos: there are a lot of videos released that helps its users understand just how to use their gimbals effectively.
Its battery life can sometimes be a problem.
Fortunately for us, these gimbals are all available on Amazon. Hence, it would be easy to get these products anywhere you are in the world.

Buyer’s Guide

Gimbals are becoming more popular with each passing day. Whether you are using an iOS-powered smartphone or your phone is Android-powered, the need to have a gimbal to take care of your video and camera needs is real. It is important to note that not every gimbal would do the trick. With that thought in mind, we would be picking some of the best iPhone and Android Gimbals you can use right now. However, before we go into the finer details, here is our favorite pick among the best.

What to look at for when getting a Gimbal

Before you take the step to get the gimbal of your dreams, we would like you to consider some essential areas first. These areas would ensure that you look for the right things when completing your purchase for a gimbal. Here are some of the things you should look out for;

Stabilization of the axis

One of the primary duties of the gimbal is to stabilize your cameras. The presence of active motors which moves about three axes does this. It should also have an axis which would be focused on stabilizing the tilt and roll movements that would be made by the gimbal. When your gimbal comes with 3-axis, the result is that you would be able to shoot better shots with much more stable shots and modes.

Always consider where your gimbal stands in terms of the quality of its axis. Looking at for this would ensure that you make the right choice every single time
While it can only be a good thing that you have a lot of options when it comes to the availability of gimbals around the world, it has also led to another delicate problem. That is the problem of choosing the right gimbal. There are so many cheap and unreliable gimbals right now.
Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can quickly spot a terrible gimbal. One of them would be looking at the reviews which have been left by prior customers. You would also avoid being in such a situation by avoiding gimbals which have no reviews yet.
Really, a gimbal is almost always in use when there is no chance to keep it charging. This means that not having a good battery would mean frequent charging and less run time. This would also limit what you can achieve with your phone in a day.
When going for a gimbal, you should make sure that your gimbal would have a battery which can take at least 6 hours runtime. The longer it can take, the better.
Nothing beats a versatile product. This is also what you should look out for in your gimbal. Some signs of versatility in your gimbal would include a variety of modes such as the POV mode, Selfie mode, and so much more. It should also allow you to use several other complementary accessories.
When going for a gimbal, make sure you keep this in mind as this would help you make the best choice.
Of course, you can never buy a gimbal without considering the level of performance which you are going to get. There are some general things which good gimbal should have. This would include;
Modes which are meant to stabilize your smartphone cameras
It should also come with an in-built charger.
It should have a camera integrated into your gimbal.

Another thing you would have to consider would be the price of the gimbal. This can work both ways. The general rule is that the functions of the gimbal should measure up to the price. This means that if a product is promising you so many features at a low cost, you should take a moment to consider if that gimbal is worth it.
Similarly, if the price is quite low, it could also show a sign of lesser value. You must try to balance out the cost before making a permanent decision.

Have some questions you’d like to ask us? Here are some of the answers to common questions;

What can a gimbal be used for?
Usually, a gimbal is a device or structure which allows you to mount a device and rotate it using one axis. Naturally, gimbals can be used with smartphones and cameras for many activities, such as taking selfies or creating a film.

What are 3 axis gimbal?
3-axis gimbals are structures which are usually used to stabilize a camera. The aim of a 3 axis gimbal will make sure that the user would be able to shoot his film or picture without the dread of vibration from the camera or shake as they are about to execute the shot.

Why do I need a gimbal?
Gimbals are usually used to make sure that the images that are captured or recorded are precise or stabilized. This would give the camera operators the chance to use the camera and smartphones more effectively.

What are some features of a gimbal?
Generally, gimbals are known to come with some features. These would include various modes for various situations. Some of them would also come with foldable designs. This is usually a big plus if you are someone that is always on the move.

There you have it! Here is your complete guide on the best iPhone and Android gimbal. It is important to note that it might be a hard task to choose a favorite gimbal, especially if you are using it for the first time. However, persistence and experience would likely offer up to you some of the features which you enjoy more.