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Best Banjo for Beginners 2024

Being very simple to play, many banjo player believe the 5-string banjo to be the finest beginner banjo. However, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a 6-string or a 4-string banjo as your first instrument. If you are just starting out, selecting a banjo for beginners may seem difficult. At first glance, it could seem inconvenient that there are so many banjo brands available with so many different styles of banjos to choose from.

Fortunately, the best banjos for beginners are frequently available at reasonable prices. However, in order to get the best banjo playing experience as a beginner, you’ll need to know some basic information about the instrument and be sure you know what your needs are.

Jameson 5 String Banjo

Jameson Guitars 5-String Banjo...
  • Includes padded gig bag: Included with this 5-string banjo is a deluxe 15mm padded gig bag for secure...
  • Premium craftsmanship: Crafted from the finest woods, with a 5-ply maple and mahogany shell, mahogany...
  • High-quality design: Jameson's banjo features a Remo Weatherking drum head, a 5/8-inch maple ebony...

The Jameson 5 String Closed Back Banjo is our first choice for entry level banjos. This high quality banjo offers the perfect blend of high-quality features, great tone, great intonation and an affordable price. It’s a closed banjo, so the sound surpasses the noise, and the resonator delivers great clear sound. Banjo also has a 5th adapted tuner.

With 24 brackets, a maple bridge, an adjustable hinged tailpiece, and a chrome-plated armrest, we admire how well-made this starter banjo is. Furthermore, unlike many banjos require some assembly when they arrive, this instrument is already set-up and ready to play (with some minor tuning). It also has a mahogany neck and resonator (which may be removed), a maple and mahogany shell, and a high-gloss finish. Another important factor to consider for beginning banjo players is that Jameson, the maker, offers free introductory banjo lessons on the company’s website.

This Banjo is affordable compared to many other options on the market, and it allows you to get started on banjo easily without the need for large investments upfront. Overall, if you are looking for some great starting materials that you stand out from, you can’t go wrong with this banjo. One of the best players in the violin industry is Jameson, who has always strived to make music more affordable for everyone. This banjo offers great build quality, performance, and price.

If you’re just starting out on the banjo, the Jameson 5-String is nearly tough to beat for the price. RW Jameson is a Nashville-based firm that produces high-quality guitars and banjos at a reasonable price. This 5 string banjo has a terrific reputation, and for the price, it’s our top pick for value.

Jameson Guitars 5-String Banjo is one of the Best Banjo for Beginners 2023

Banjo Ibanez B50

Ibanez B50 5-String Banjo...
  • 5-string banjo design
  • 24-lug configuration
  • Mahogany neck

The Ibanez B50 is a great option if you’re looking for a well-known brand of banjo that is also reasonably priced. This 24-lug configuration 5-string banjo has five strings. Mahogany makes up the body and neck of the body model. It is built of strong, high-quality materials, making it suitable for everyday use. The hue of the B50 seems completely natural, and the gloss finishing gives it an alluring appearance.

Although The B50 is an entry-level open-back banjo, both experienced and novice banjo players adore it. It offers an enjoyable playing experience and is suitable for novices. With the exception of a few minor faults, such as typical sound quality and quality control difficulties, this banjo will last you a very long time due to its durability. The Ibanez B50 costs less than $300, making it difficult to find an open-back banjo.

One of the best choices for beginners looking for a banjo is probably the Ibanez B50. It looks fantastic and has a delicate coating. It may generate tones that are on par with premium models, which is an unusual quality for this price range.

Epiphone MB-100 Open Back Banjo

Epiphone MB-100 Open Back...
  • Mahogany body
  • URemo Head top
  • Rosewood fretboard

Founded in 1873, the Epiphone has become one of the world’s most renowned instrument makers. The company is based in Nashville, Tennessee, a well-known for bluegrass players, and has maintained the quality and price of the device since its inception of the signature banjo. The MB-100 open back banjo is the banjo below the Epiphone and has very good features. It is made of rosewood fingerboard, mahogany body and provides a warm sound for a practice instrument.

The Epiphone MB-100 should be your great consideration for beginners. Epiphone is a trusted brand, well known for its guitars. This particular banjo has many features. The tuner taken from this banjo is particularly pleasing, and the Remo banjo head with mahogany body looks great. The banjo presents a great sound and has a lot of resonance despite the design behind it. It sounds great from the start and is a great, balanced balance option. Banjo is also very light and will work very well as a travel material.

The instrument has a beautiful sound and sounds exactly like 5 string banjo. You have a lot of control over this banger sound because it is very consistent. If you want a banjo with a resonator, the Banjo Epiphone MB-200 is another great option. Although it is very similar to the MB-100, it does include a resonator. If you are looking for a cheap banjo to start with, this is a great choice that you want to go for. The MB-200 option is a bit more expensive than the MB-100.

However, the banjo will satisfy any beginner or intermediate player and is a great option to consider if you are looking for a complete tool. If you are looking to start the best cheap banjo then the Epiphone MB-100 Open Back Banjo is a great option. Although it comes with an enchanting price, you should always ask a professional to configure it before you play. Just get a hard case and set it up properly, and you know you have invested wisely.

Epiphone MB-100 Open Back Banjo is the Best Beginner Banjo 2023

Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo

Deering Goodtime Openback 5...
  • Lightweight - Only 5lb!
  • Made In USA
  • 3-Play Violin Grade Maple Rim

The Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo, made in southern California, really doesn’t need an introduction if you’ve been thinking about acquiring a banjo or know anything about banjos. If you are a new player, it has become one of the most prominent brands, and the corporation from which it is derived; Goodtime has been a respectable brand since 1975. The Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo is carefully built, and the materials used are of high quality. It, for example, has a three-ply pot made of grade maple, which contributes to its appealing tonal properties.

To fine-tune the intonation of the 5 string banjo, no alterations are required. It’s a lot of fun to play because the neck is smooth, quick, and very comfortable to hold. It is ideally suited to traditional musical styles like as clawhammer and frailing. Its tone is pleasant and warm, making it particularly appealing to listeners. This is the ideal banjo for beginners, but the price may be prohibitively expensive for some.

A single coordinating rod on the inside of the pot provides further structural support. It can be adjusted for neck angle and control height, allowing you to dial in the perfect setting for your playing style and preferences.The pot also has a top head that is held together by the pot’s rim and a low tension hoop. The hoop is kept together by 16 flat-topped hooks that are screwed to brackets. This hardware is solid and feels solid.

The bridge on the Goodtime banjo is comprised of two pieces of wood with an ebony top, making string replacement simple. The string is replaced by simply releasing the nut located behind the tailpiece, which can be lifted or lowered to adjust the string tension over the bridge.

Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo is the Best Banjos for beginners in 2023

Oscar Schmidt OB5 Gloss Mahogany 5-String Banjo

Oscar Schmidt OB5 Gloss...
  • 30 bracket cast aluminum tone ring
  • Mahogany resonator
  • Geared 5th string tuner

In the field of folk music, Oscar Schmidt has been in the lead since 1886 for banjo reviews. The company is known for producing affordable, high-quality materials, and its 5-string banjo on the glossy Mahogany OB5 is its reflection. It is built with high-quality 30-ton aluminum ring support and adaptive 5th tuners that allow the device to maintain its tone even after intense play. Oscar Schmidt OB3 Banjo is a well-designed banjo that is sure to satisfy your ears, fingers, and eyes. This banjo has a beautiful look and has a rosewood fingerboard, a glossy finish, and a mahogany resonator. The material includes a cast aluminum tone ring with 22 freight and 30 supports.

Due to the high-quality 5th gear tuner, the banjo sounds great and goes into tune easily. The instrument is a great starting point, and it’s hard to get frustrated when it comes to you, but it’s a bit expensive. Overall, however, it really won’t disappoint another great banjo you can choose. The beautiful style and soft sound of OB5 Gloss make it more satisfying for the most sought after banjo pickers. Bluegrass lovers will also have fun with this banjo! And this banjo sound isn’t the best compared to a better model, but you can’t get anything better for this price. This 5 string banjo also has great volume and sound! And it’s a great option for newbies looking to buy their first banjo with a resonator without breaking the bank.

Oscar Schmidt OB5 Gloss Mahogany 5-String Banjo is the Best 5 string Beginner Banjo in 2023

Gold Tone CC-100R 5-String Banjo

Gold Tone CC-100 Cripple Creek...
  • Other Features: Neck binding, Curly maple headstock veneer, Low action

The Gold Tone CC-100R is another great banjo option that is a complete option if you are looking for the best beginner banjo. Gold Tone is a highly respected brand and the company has done a great job on this banjo.The instrument has excellent features and is well made to deliver good sound and easy playability. This banjo has some really cool equipment, including gear tuners, a tone ring, two coordinating rods, and an adjustable tailpiece.

Beginning and advanced banjo players will probably find a lot to like about this banjo. The banjo offers a lot of value for its price, however, it should be noted that this banjo is among the most expensive on our list.However, if you have money to spare and really want to start with the best, the Gold Tone CC-100 Banjo is a great option for you.

Vangoa 5 String Banjo

Vangoa Banjo 5 String Full...
  • ✔️REMO DRUM HEAD It uses high-quality Remo drum head as Banjo panel that can produce a sweet tone....
  • ✔️ADJUSTABLE STRING HEIGHT It equips a truss rod that can adjust the string height, so that you will...
  • ✔️DURABLE MATERIAL Mahogany neck, sides and back have beautiful wood grain, hard and not liable to...

This Vangoa is one of the best beginner banjos. It’s a lovely instrument with a terrific tone, and it comes with everything a beginner would need, including a self-adhesive pickup, a bundle of extra strings, a carrying case, a tuner, and three picks. Though the picks are perhaps on the small side, we really like how well the tuner works and the quality of the carrying case.

This banjo can also be adjusted. The musician can alter the position of the strings and maintain the banjo neck straight by loosening or tightening the outside and inside nut on the truss board. Because the resonator is detachable, it can be used as an open or closed back banjo. This banjo isn’t full size, which explains why it’s so cheap. Vangoa is yet another new startup entering the low-cost instrument industry. This is on the list because it has a lot of positive feedback, indicating that there are some satisfied consumers. It has a different scale than other banjos, yet it still has that bluegrass sound. Just in miniature!

These small banjos are well-known for their excellent movement, and they come with truss rods and wrenches in case you need to modify them. Of course, if you are a beginner, you will have no idea what you are doing. This is good if you need something compact and inexpensive for camping or children. But don’t try to learn on such a little banjo; instead, get a standard-sized instrument. It measures 27 inches and weighs 5 pounds, and it features an adjustable neck with 13 brackets. It also includes a tuner, a strap, an Allen key, a bracket wench, a soft bag, and strings. It also includes a specific pickup that may be readily installed if the player choose to use it.

Recording King RKT-05 4 String Tenor

Recording King RKT-05 Dirty...
  • Maple Neck with Adjustable Truss Rod
  • Multi-Ply Maple Rim
  • Rosewood Fretboard

Recording King originated as a musical instrument brand for Montgomery Ward, a once-dominant American department store giant. They continue to produce standard guitars, resonator guitars, and banjos. This instrument is designed to look like a modest four-string banjo from a century ago, complete with a worn and used head. Ironically, they are striving for a depression-era aesthetic, which was the period when the banjo’s popularity plummeted!

This open-back banjo is often tuned CGDA and is ideal for playing Dixieland and Celtic music. It is less expensive than the Oscar Schmidt since it is a simpler banjo. Despite its simple and rustic appearance, it produces a powerful sound with excellent projection. At this price point, you can’t expect perfection, but these tenor banjos are adequate for beginning players. Of course, the lack of a fifth string and a bigger scale may limit you in some genres.

It is 35 inches in length and weighs roughly 5 pounds. A Remo fiberskyn head is held in place by a thin 19 fret neck and 16 brackets. The neck is made of maple and has an adjustable truss rod. The rim is also made of maple, while the fretboard is made of rosewood. This tenor banjo is ideal for individuals who do not desire a bluegrass-style banjo. It is also quite convenient to take with you if you are constantly on the go.

Ibanez B200 5 String Banjo w/Basswood Rim

Ibanez B200 5 String Banjo...
  • Type of banjo: 5-string banjoCoodinator rod: DoubleRim: Basswood block rimResonator: MahoganyNeck:...
  • Old-timers may recall Ibanez was quite enamored with banjo-building, having even collaborated on an...
  • Now, with the Ibanez B200 you get a sweet 5-string closed-back banjo at a price that wont break the bank

This comes with a banjo with a little bit of flair and a decent size price tag. This banjo can be the one for you if you want something with a more elegant appearance. Heavy metal guitars are Ibanez’s specialty, although they also create other instruments. Ibanez is a Japanese manufacturer. They used to construct banjos, and they have started doing so once more.

Although this specific model has a sturdy construction and strong sound, the artwork and styling are truly what sell it. It is somewhat hefty because to all the flair, therefore a comfortable padded strap could be necessary. However, it makes the banjo appear to be much more expensive than it actually is. There is nothing wrong with projecting a picture on stage.

This huge banjo is over 41 inches long and weighs 13 pounds. On the fretboard, there is a lovely ABS inlay, and the chrome has etching. Basswood is used for the double rim while mahogany is used for the neck and resonator. The wheel’s 24 lug design features a rolled brass tone ring. Armrest, clamshell tailpiece, and the majority of the hardware are all made of chrome.

If you enjoy the style, you may be confident that this banjo will be good even if Ibanez is more commonly associated with guitars.

ADM 5-String Banjo 24 Bracket with Closed Solid Wood Back

The ADM 5-String Banjo is a well-made banjo with a gig bag at a reasonable price. This banjo comes with an optional resonator banjo back and neck, as well as a laminated three-ply mahogany neck and maple rim. The tone quality of this banjo stands out from other models on the market thanks to its hybrid design, which combines traditional Appalachian music with current bluegrass tones.

The small neck of the ADM-5 string beginner banjo makes playing up and down the neck a breeze. They also provide a variety of adjustable truss rods to fulfill the needs of all banjo players. The sound chamber of the banjo is made to last, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

The ADM 5 string banjo’s exterior features high-quality metal and wood finishes that give it a stunning and gleaming appearance. The adjustable tailpiece and armrest make it even easier to use. As a beginner banjo, the ADM 5-string banjo includes a 7-ply wood resonator and neck, which allows it to produce a fantastic tone.

Morgan Monroe Deluxe Duelington 5 String

Morgan Monroe, 5-String Banjo...
  • Cast Bell Brass Tone Ring
  • 1 piece flange
  • 18 hole cast bell brass tone ring

Morgan Monroe is a firm that sells mandolins and banjos on their website (they also make a mandocello, which is unique!). This is a high-quality model that appears to be expensive. Morgan Monroe is worth checking out if you want to play a superb instrument that is also showy and appealing to the eye.

Unlike other prominent brands, Morgan Monroe does not have a large number of reviews, but the ones that do exist appear to be positive. If you have this type of money, you’re probably looking for something both functional and elegant. If the Deering and Gold Tone do not appeal to you, you might want to look into this model here.

It is 42 inches long and weighs 6 pounds, making it one of the longest banjos on the list thus far. There are 24 brackets, an adjustable tailpiece, and a Remo head with a High Crown. Mother of pearl inlay, a black overlay peghead, ivoroid binding, and a chrome armrest complete this piece. It boasts a mahogany neck and resonator, as well as a blackwood fretboard. The bridge is composed of wood and ebony and has 24 nickel-plated brackets.

If you have this budget and want a great 5 string banjo with a resonator, this model may be for you.

Things to consider before buying the best banjo for beginners

Budget and price

As a beginner, you should determine the size of your budget before you start looking for a brand new banjo to buy. The price of the instrument varies from brand to brand. Although the higher the price, the more reliable the construction and material of the instrument will be, keep in mind that the more expensive brands are on par with some cheaper banjo brands. Their cosmetic differences may be the main reason why they are so expensive and nothing more.

There are many cheap banjos that offer great value for money. Price cannot be the criterion of conclusion on the single quality of the instrument. Instead, check its features and specifications to see if they fit your needs. Consider banjo brands within your budget range and do a little research to find the best banjo to start with this range. This will help refine your search and keep you from continuing.

Left-handed vs. Right-handed

Before buying a banjo, you also need to decide whether you want a left or right-hand option. Banks are set up very differently, depending on which hand predominates. Especially with 5 string banjo, it works for you that works with your influential hand.

Whether you are a right-handed or left-handed person, you can always find a banjo suitable for your dominant hand. There is also Benz for left and right-handed people. But most benzos are for right-handed players, so let the seller know that if it happens, you have a left hand.

Open back vs. close back / resonator

Another thing to consider is whether you are looking for an open back banjo or a banjo with a closed back resonator. The open back banjo provides a slightly lower volume than a close back banjo and is much more commonly used in early music, where a banjo fits a little more than rising above the noise. Closed regenerator benches are more powerful. The resonator is what makes a bluegrass band, as well as other types of music sound so loud.

Open or closed: Which of these is the best banjo?

The answer is that both are suitable for beginners. The main thing is that the amount of closed banjo is more and it is suitable for playing bluegrass music. So if you want to play bluegrass, choose a closed banjo. Remember again that closed banjo is more expensive. But if you don’t know what kind of music to play or if you want to sing folk songs where the volume of the banjo doesn’t matter, choose open back banjo. Do look at budget banjos.


After choosing the type of music you want to play and finishing whether you want an open or closed banjo, you need to decide which banjo you still want to buy.

Different types of the banjo are supplied with a different number of strings. You will find:

Four-string banjo

Five-string banjo

Six-string banjo

There are also 12 string banjo, fretless banjo, and electronic banjo.

Due to the size and the fact that it plays more like a eucalyptus, this quadrupedal banjo is sometimes called a “eukulele banjo.”

But it still looks a lot like a banjo. These four strings give the banjo a bright and prominent sound.

It is also ideal for playing Dixieland jazz music. Examples of the four-string banjo are the plectrum and the tenor banjo.

On the other hand, the five strings are used in almost all recordings and performances with the banjo.This is a favorite of professional banjo players for songs for Folk and Bluegrass. It is available in closed or open versions. Six-string banjo is almost like a guitar. Starting from the neck of the instrument. Guitarists who want to go banjo will find it easier with this type of banjo.

The first thing you need to consider is whether you want to get a 5 string or a 4 string banjo. The 5 strings are the banjo type commonly heard in bluegrass, folk, country, jazz, classical music, and genre. A 4-string banjo, on the other hand, is often used for Dixieland and Irish music.

There are other options for strings that you can find in a banjo. There are 6 strings of banjo, which play like a guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and many more interesting options. However, 4 string and 5 string banjo are the most used.

Acoustic Vs. Electric

The decision to buy an electric or literal banjo depends on the size of your budget. However, the electronic banjo is more expensive than the acoustic type. The electric banjo plays softer and louder. Electronic banjos are more expensive, so most beginners are stuck with literal banjos. These are not as common as electronic guitars. Acoustic banjo can be amplified by using a microphone for loud playing. And unlike the electric type in that it is not common to find and costs more for it, the instant banjo is cheaper and more common to find. Budget beginners can easily find quality acoustic banjo.

Type of Wood

Summary of the characteristics of the three types of hardwood:

As a beginner, you should consider the type of wood used to make banjo, as wood can affect tonal quality.

An expert can go beyond the type of wood to identify other problems such as defective construction that can also affect tonal quality.

However, more care should be taken with this type of wood in the early stages.

The rim (pot) that is like the wheel that goes around the body of the banjo. The rim should be robust, vibrant, and resonant to produce better quality sound.

Here is the most common wood for banjo construction and their sounds.

Mahogany wood

Mahogany is softer than all types of hardwood. It also gives a smooth and warm sound. Its reaction is also prolonged compared to other kinds of wood.

Maple wood

Maple is a stronger wood than mahogany.

Thus less vibrating energy is absorbed from the strings. This makes Mughal banjos stronger than mahogany banjos.

Maple banjo provides a sharper, clearer sound. Players can play very hard or soft. Wood is also very reactive and rare to find.

Walnut wood

Walnut wood is not as popular as mahogany back or maple wood used to make banjo. Tonal features are also intermediate; It is brighter and warmer than mahogany and maple, respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a beginner banjo?

As a beginner, you’ll want to look for a banjo that is easy to play, durable, and affordable. You may want to consider a banjo with a smaller scale length, which will be easier to play, and a lighter weight, which will be easier to handle. Additionally, you may want to look for a banjo that comes with beginner-friendly features like a geared 5th string tuner or a closed-back resonator.

What is the best type of banjo for a beginner?

The best type of banjo for a beginner is typically a 5-string banjo with an open-back design. This type of banjo is easier to play than other types of banjos, and it is also more affordable. Additionally, open-back banjos tend to be lighter and more portable than their closed-back counterparts.

How much should I spend on a beginner banjo?

The price of a beginner banjo can vary widely, but you can typically find a decent one for around $200-$400. It’s important to remember that you get what you pay for, so if you can afford to spend a little more, you may want to consider investing in a higher-quality banjo that will last longer and sound better.

What are some good brands of beginner banjos?

Some good brands of beginner banjos include Deering, Recording King, Rover, and Gold Tone. These brands offer a range of banjos at different price points, so you should be able to find one that fits your budget and skill level.

Should I buy a used banjo or a new one?

Buying a used banjo can be a good way to save money, but it’s important to make sure that the banjo is in good condition before you buy it. If you don’t know much about banjos, it may be best to buy a new one from a reputable dealer.

Do I need to learn how to play the guitar before I learn how to play the banjo?

No, you don’t need to know how to play the guitar before you learn how to play the banjo. While there are some similarities between the two instruments, the banjo has its own unique playing style and techniques.

How long does it take to learn how to play the banjo?

The amount of time it takes to learn how to play the banjo will vary depending on your natural ability, how much time you practice, and how often you take lessons. Some people can learn the basics in a few weeks, while others may take several months or even years to become proficient. The most important thing is to practice consistently and enjoy the process!

Should I buy a banjo with a resonator or an open-back banjo?

This depends on your personal preference and the type of music you want to play. Banjos with resonators tend to produce a louder, brighter sound that is better suited for bluegrass music. Open-back banjos, on the other hand, have a mellower, softer sound that is better suited for folk and old-time music. Open-back banjos are also generally easier to play and more portable.

What type of strings should I use on my beginner banjo?

The most common type of strings for banjos are steel or nickel-plated steel strings. These strings provide a bright, clear tone and are suitable for a variety of playing styles. However, some beginners may prefer nylon strings, which are easier on the fingers and produce a softer sound. It’s important to choose strings that are the right gauge for your banjo, so be sure to consult with a music store or a banjo teacher before purchasing new strings.