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Best Ukulele For Beginners 2024

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele -...
  • Rich, Bright Sound: The Mahogany Top, Back, And Sides, Give This Small Bodied Ukulele A Rich, Clear, And...
  • Easy Tuning: Córdoba Silver With Pearl Button Tuners Make It A Breeze To Tune Your Ukulele And Maintain...
  • Classic Aesthetics: Showcases A Solid Mahogany Top, Back, And Sides, With Quality Construction All...

Cordoba is another great ukulele for beginner makers. The brand is best known for its nylon string guitars. In fact, you can find them among the best classical guitar makers in our article here. However, Cordoba does not only produce great classical guitars. Their ukuleles are also fantastic.

If you’re looking for something bigger, consider the Cordoba 15CM – when bought in a bundle, this uke gig includes an instructional DVD and carry bag, plus a tuner. It delivers a richer sound, but there’s plenty of classic ukulele resonance to satisfy your craving for cheerful, beach-inspired music! At a touch of over $ 100, this one costs just a little more than its soprano-sized cousin. This ukulele features a mahogany top, back and sides. In addition to a concert size, the Cordoba is also available in a smaller soprano size and a larger tenor size. If you have bigger hands, go for the tenor to have more room for your fingers between the frets.

The Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele is a great instrument for someone looking to learn. It will get you started with its easy to play frets. In addition, it has a beautiful mahogany top, back and waistlines. The finish is satin. The fingerboard, bridge, saddle and nuts are all made of composite wood. Still, that doesn’t diminish the durability, playability, or sound quality of the 15CM. Overall, this is a great choice for a ukulele for a beginner concert or a tenor-sized instrument.

KALA KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano...
  • Kala’s KA-15S came into the world in 2005 as the answer to a high-quality, affordable, entry-level...
  • The KA-15S is well-suited for classroom use, practicing, and acoustic performance. It is the instrument...
  • A very traditional Mahogany Soprano Ukulele in a satin finish with a bright, warm, full-bodied tone.

Kala is such a well-known and respected ukulele producer for beginners that it makes sense that they have a lot of instruments in our top ten list. The company was founded ten years ago in Petaluma, California. They still have their headquarters in Petaluma, about 30 kilometers north of San Francisco. All of their instruments are designed in the United States. And some are even produced here.

The Kala Ka-SEM offers good quality for the price. It is easy to play and the sound is exquisite. If appearance is everything, you will probably like the look of this ukulele. It is made from exotic mahogany, which often takes on a unique “textured” appearance with the grain of the wood appearing as spirals or curls, streaks or natural spots.

Beginners will cherish when they experience the embarrassment of the richness that Kala includes in this Ukulele Starter Kit! In addition to the ukulele, you will receive a black gig bag, strap, cleaning cloth, Aquila Nylgut strings set, and clip tuner. I’m happy that Kala pre-strings the instrument with the same great Nylgut strings, so you can start playing right off the bat!

Kala’s KA 15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele is one of the most popular and smallest sizes of ukulele. This instrument is ideal for players of all sizes and ages. Mahogany top, back and sides are beautiful and durable. And the walnut fingerboard really adds an elegant touch to the instrument. Plus, for the money, you can’t beat the sound of this beginner ukulele.

Donner Concert Ukulele Mahogany Starter Bundle Kit

Donner Concert Ukulele...
  • 💙[Durable Mahogany Design] A premium-wood body concert ukulele that produces a crisp and pleasant...
  • 🧡[Warm Rich Sound] A high-density bone nut and saddle combined with 4 highly polished Aquila carbon...
  • 💜[Become a Better Player, Faster] Includes a ukulele, gig bag, strap, tuner, 4 extra Aquila nylon...

Donner was founded in 2012. And since then they have focused on creating new musical and performance experiences. It is the most comprehensive brand on our list. They make a variety of instruments – not just guitars and ukuleles, but wind, percussion, and keyboard instruments as well. In addition, they also offer stage equipment. You can find their products in many of our reviews, including this, this, and this one.

With its clear and vibrant tone, overall playability, and accessories, this ukulele set is incredible value. The ukulele is strung with fluorocarbon strings,which I find softer to the touch than nylon strings, and might lend themselves more comfortable to beginners. The downside of this instrument is the unbound fingerboard. Donner ukuleles are just as high quality as other products offered by the brand. They are best represented by the Concert Ukulele Mahogany DUC-1. This is a large twenty three inch product. It comes with strings, a clip-on tuner, an instrument bag and a strap. Basically, you will be given everything you need to start playing the ukulele. Additionally, Donner created their DUC-1 with incredible sound, a sturdy mahogany body, and an easy to play shape.

Lohanu Soprano Ukulele Kit

Ukulele Soprano Size Bundle...
  • BEST VALUE & BEST CHOICE! Soprano (21 in) is suitable for adults with small hands & children age 8 &...
  • EXCLUSIVE ARCHED BACK Almost Professional Sounding Instrument, produces a Deeper, Louder, Longer...
  • BEST & MOST COMPLETE ACCESSORIES! Includes 2 strap buttons installed, tuner, padded case, picks, extra...

Lohanu is one of the most renowned brands that make high-quality ukulele for beginners. If you have small hands or have a kid who is keen to learn a musical instrument, this model is ideal for you. Crafted with a combination of premium quality Sapele and mahogany with white highlighted borders all around the body gives it a classy finish. The ukulele, designed with an arched back, produces more profound and richer sound & volume. Its aquila nyglut strings are high for producing consistent warm tones that feel like a sheer delight for the ears.

On top of that, this well balanced ukulele and is also the best lightweight ukulele that you can practically carry it around or even practice on it for hours without tiring yourself. For comfort and ease, it has a short neck that allows the user to play the instrument without much stretching smoothly. Along with the ukulele, the bundle kit includes one ukulele tuner, two ukulele straps, picks, padded case, few extra Aquila strings, wall hanger hook, and step-by-step ukulele lessons for beginners.

Lohanu Soprano Ukulele Kit is the Best Beginner Ukulele in 2022.

Kala Soprano Ukulele Starter Kit

Official Kala Learn to Play...
  • Kala Ukulele, known for high-quality instruments, is the most recognized and sought-after ukulele brand...
  • The kit includes a Kala logo tote bag, a 20-page Quick Start Guide with information about your new...
  • It includes a high-quality Mahogany Soprano Ukulele with traditional Polynesian Shark Teeth laser etched...

Most of the low priced ukuleles lack playability until they are re-strung with better quality strings and tuned accordingly, but not this particular ukulele. Made with good quality Sapele and Mahogany giving it a high gloss finish that looks quite appealing to the eyes. Its brass frets have an impeccable finish and are properly seated, which makes the ukulele consistent and seemingly perfect. This ukulele is not only an excellent choice for beginners but also semi-professional guitarists. It comes with Aquila strings that offer luxurious, full-bodied tones and are buttery smooth on tender fingers.

In addition to that, it also includes graph tech nubone nuts and saddles to provide defined, rich tones to the sound performance of the ukulele. The starter bundle kit consists of the Kala soprano ukulele, a tote bag, the brand’s tuning app, a beginner’s guide, and online lessons.

Kala Soprano Ukulele Starter Kit is the Best Ukulele for Beginners in 2022.

Aklot Mahogany Concert Ukulele

Ukulele, AKLOT Concert Ukelele...
  • 【About the sound】This ukulele is made of solid mahogany, which has a longer sustain compared to a...
  • 【Stay in tune】This ukulele comes with an 18:1 premium tuner machine, pure copper gears and aquila...
  • 【Free online lesson】Check out the beginner ukulele lesson on our website and YouTube channel. With...

If you have been looking for a solid wood ukulele, this might be the one for you. The solid Mahogany construction makes this ukulele much more durable than standard laminated ukuleles. For extra comfort protection of the player’s arm, designed with rounded edges. A copper gear installed for the stability of the ukulele. The Aquila string is also incorporated in this instrument, which ensures a beautiful sound tuning.

Along with the ukulele, you also get a gig bag, few picks, additional straps, and strips. A cleaning cloth and a user manual are also included. Ukulele Beginners will find this manual very helpful as they can refer to the note learning and enhance their musical skills.

Aklot Mahogany Concert Ukulele is the Best Beginner Ukulele in 2022.

Donner Mahogany Soprano Set Up Ukulele

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The builders have constructed this instrument with the fine quality of mahogany. An advanced nylon string arranged in the body for excellent tuning. The perfect combination of accurate craftsmanship and precision that you can expect from it. The stability and the sound quality of this ukulele are fantastic. The manufacturers have put extra effort into the composition of the strings so that grip quality remains beautiful. You can expose the ukulele in air or sunlight without any problem. As the material used in the built is superb.

The thick handle of this ukulele is apt for any beginner. You can use this for a long duration without feeling any pain in your hands or wrist. There is the right amount of distance, which is in between the fingerboard. The smooth fret allows you to glide the music tone easily. There is an extra storage bag included in the kit for a storage facility.

Aklot Mahogany Concert Ukulele is the Best Advanced Ukulele in 2022.

Diamond Head Soprano Rainbow Brown Ukulele

Diamond Head DU-101 Rainbow...
  • Soprano ukulele in bright, fun rainbow colors for everyone to enjoy!
  • Quick to learn with easy to play 3 chord chart
  • Strong maple body and neck in addition to a clear, high gloss finish make for long-lasting durability

The exquisite quality of maple wood used for the construction of this ukulele. You may get a variety of colors if you go with this brand. A beautiful instrument you can gift your children. The long-lasting effect is ensured due to the gloss texture on this instrument.

There is a string attached in this ukulele, which is similar to the guitar. The tuning through this musical instrument is fine and soothing. You will also receive a gig bag as an additional item for storage. As this product is light in weight, so you can travel with this easily anywhere.

Diamond Head Soprano Rainbow Brown Ukulele the Best Intermediate Ukulele in 2022.

Mahalo Ukuleles MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele

Mahalo Ukuleles MK1TBR Kahiko...
  • Semi-Gloss Finishes
  • Mahogany Fingerboard and Bridge
  • Brass Frets

If you see a cheap and cheerful ukulele in the woods, it’s probably a Mahalo. For many people, the ubiquitous tiny instruments are the simplest and quickest method to learn the ukulele. The Mahalo Kahiko Series MK1 is inexpensive enough for most people to afford, but it provides the same playing pleasure as instruments that cost much more.

As your skills improve, you’ll probably want to upgrade to something with a little more elegance and class. You can’t go wrong with the basic Mahalo model, our top pick for the finest beginner’s ukulele, as a starter for 10.

How to buy the Best Beginner Ukulele

There are several key points, which a user should think about before spending on the ukulele. We have channelized some of the essential factors here that will guide you to choose the best ukulele specifications.

Variation of Ukulele

There are four main kinds of ukulele that you will get. Based on the tone and music production these classifications are done;


These are the fundamental and small ukuleles. For a beginner, this is the best item to go for. A specific twangy sound is generated with this. They are portable in nature and consist of 12-15 frets.


If you are searching for a traditional ukulele, this is the one for you. It is around 2-4 inches bigger than an essential ukulele. You can use it for any concert as it portable too. A more extensive range of tone selection is possible with the help of this type of ukulele.


For a more intense tone and better sound quality, it is the option. Commonly, this is 2 inches larger than the sized concert ukulele. It has beautiful fret arrangements. Only if you have a previous guitar experience, then you can buy this ukulele. It is not ideal for beginners.

Baritone- This is the largest of all the four ukuleles. The tone variation is richer in this type. There are four strings attached in this baritone ukulele, similar to a guitar. Often people find it confusing to use this type of ukulele. You need to use fingerpicking more if you invest in this one. This is again not suitable for the beginners.


Nothing is sadder if you spend on the ukulele, and that does not work. Hence, do not go for cheap items due to which you may face more issues.

The starter ukulele pack price ranges from 50-60 dollars. Even you can also go for a higher range until 100 dollars. Again, do not compromise on your budget without comparing the cost on different sites. You will surely get many options if you research thoroughly.

Size to go for

For beginners, you can choose the soprano ukulele. These have a better cord system, and the fret size is smaller as compared to others, which causes no stretching issues. Some users play guitar and have recently developed an interest in the ukulele. For them, the tenor ukulele is the best solution. This is for your information, a baritone ukulele looks similar to a guitar, but sound generation is not at all favorable.

Types Of Tunnings

If you are a beginner, then you may get confused seeing the different whistle and bell arrangement on a ukulele. There are precisely a few types of tones, which are produced. A beginner should check before they begin with their music;

Friction Tunes

From the headstock, there are many tuning strings, which are attached. We do not suggest the newbie go for high-end friction tunings of the instruments. Again, if you choose the cheap built of the friction tune, then it will not sound soothing. It will better if you invest in the ukes, which have well-geared tuners. These tuners generally located at the exterior part of the ukulele.


These tuners are not much good for sound production. They are cheap and look impressive, but for a beginner, it should not be a choice.

Six-Eight String System

To get a beautiful sound effect, often, the manufacturers have induced extra strings to the ukulele. Do not invest in these six to eight extra string featured ukulele if you are already not a pro. You may find these strings challenging to arrange and play. You should be extra careful while playing with these added strings as it causes tension in a few parts of the instrument too.


For making a Ukulele, either pure wood or fancy laminated wood is used. If your budget is on the higher side, then go for the more top quality wood ukulele. The sound system is better, and the entire instrument is durable. However, the thin coating of wood on the metal used while building a ukulele. These are inexpensive, and the sound system is moderate. Koa, Mahogany, Cedar, Rosewood, etc. are few quality kinds of wood used in the construction of the solid ukulele.

Extra Accessories

While spending on a ukulele, check for the quick add on which you will receive. Kindly check these before buying:
The electric tuner used for getting the sweet tune and music from the instrument.

A gig bag or kit is always favorable. So, this allows the musician to carry their instrument wherever they want.
Few people, while playing the ukulele, use a felt pick or a regular guitar pick. These protect your fingers while you are playing the instrument.Strings play a vital role when it comes to playing the guitar or a ukulele. Nylon, titanium, or aluminum uses to construct the strings. Therefore, a user can check according to their preference and buy the strings. Even many brands give extra strings with the ukulele kit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size of Ukulele is best for beginners?

The normal or soprano is the best ukulele you can think to start with. It produces both soft and classic tones. The average size of this instrument ranges from 54cm in length. Users find it comfortable to hold it for a long time.

Is learning guitar easier than learning ukulele for beginners?

Learning the notes on the ukulele is more comfortable and faster as compared to the guitar. You can even start playing your music if the practice is regular. The string arrangement of the ukulele is on the lower base, and it helps the beginners to manage the instrument while playing.

How long does it take to learn the ukulele for beginners?

Mostly learners can pick up the notes within 10-15 minutes on a ukulele. For playing songs, you may take 6-7 months of regular learning