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Best Double Bass Pedals 2024

TAMA Iron Cobra 200

TAMA HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200...
  • Power glide cam
  • Beater angle adjustment
  • Spring tension adjustment

TAMA’s Iron Speed ​​Cobra Dual Pedal is a single-chain dual pedal, costing about half the price you’d expect from a decent double bass pedal, but offering a pretty impressive affordable option. Like the rest of the pedals in the series, they are lightweight in construction but feature solid and sturdy base plates and feel as stable as the 600 and 900 options.

Tama is another Japanese drum maker with a good reputation for quality double bass drum pedals. Founded in 1974, it has several centers around the world. Their most expensive premium drums are made in Japan. The premium and budget ranges are made in China. They have an assembly plant in Pennsylvania for drums destined for the US market. The Iron Cobra is a well known and respected line of kick pedals. Introduced in the 90s, it has become very popular. Most are familiar with the top of the 900 range. This is the 200 range. It still offers you many of the qualities of the 900 but at a more affordable price.

The Speed ​​Cobra Dual Pedal sports the unmistakable Cobra shape in its designer design, but it’s a shiny new model incorporating top-notch components that work perfectly. Its adjustability is pretty limited compared to some kick pedals we’ve reviewed before, but this is a clear case where you get what you pay for.

The Spring Tight feature, a trademark of the 200 series, allows the pedal to provide constant tension. It is also easy to use because it does not require you to use any tools. If you’re looking for something that allows you to tweak on the fly, this pedal might be for you. The pedal also features Tama’s single-chain Power Glide Cam, allowing you to put more power into your kicks and handle faster beats with minimal effort. This effect is further amplified by the Cobra coil, which allows the footboard to return to its original position each time you kick.

Pedal action settings are built into the entire design and manufacturing process. It’s a single chain pedal with what Tama calls a Power Glide chamber that gives you great speed and power on the hit. The Spring Tight spring and Cobra Coil assembly gently return the step to its starting position after each stroke. Controls and adjustments are built in for the angle of the beater, ensuring you get the best shot every time. The pedal action is fast and smooth and feels like a pedal at a much higher price.

You can also use the beater setting to position the head angles so that you are sure to get a flat hit on the kick drum every time. Combining all of these features in a lightweight, affordable design makes the HP200PTW a solid choice for training and live concerts. Since drummers have different levels of experience and physical endurance, many of them enjoy when they can adjust the spring tension. With the Tama Iron Cobra 200 double pedal, they can do this quickly and easily. This set of double pedals is a good choice for experienced drummers and is also ideal for beginners in double bass.

Drum Workshop Inc DWCP3002

Drum Workshop, Inc. 3000...
  • Dual-Chain Turbo Drive System
  • Two-Way Beater
  • Bearing Spring Rocker Assembly

Drum Workshop’s 3000 series is a line meant to make their famous and solid 9000 affordable. As you should note, there are some tuning sacrifices along the way when compared directly. Fortunately, the smoothness offered by the 6000/9000 models is still up to par. They have a fantastic balance and there are no lags when playing at high speed. You can adjust just about anything you want, including the distance and angle of the beater. It can produce thunderous pauses and eloquent flourishes. The double kick pedal is powered by two chains for turbo propulsion and features spring-loaded bearings for maximum response and recovery. It is constructed of metal and looks pretty solid. It comes with double-sided beaters to give you additional control over the punishment of your playing style.

Drum Workshop was established in California in 1972 as a simple teaching studio. Equipment sales operation created to help pay bills The first DW product appeared shortly after. They acquired Pacific Drums, a budget line of kits and from there they expanded what we see today. In 2015, they took over the license for the Gretsch drums and the Ovation guitars. They still make drums and gear, and this pedal is one of their popular items.

Since it is equipped with two-way, felt, and plastic drums, the DWCP3002 is versatile enough to allow you to play with various bands and show off your skills in multiple musical genres, from smooth slow beats to heavy metal and even metal. extreme elsewhere. . The pedal has adjustable tips that improve stability on a wide range of playing surfaces. It also has an adjustable foot clamp which further ensures that the pedal and kick drum are always connected, which should come in handy when playing high beats in bpm.

When you add the twin-chain turbo sprocket to the list of features on this double bass pedal, it’s clear that the DWCP3002 is one of the best deals out there. Although it may seem a bit slow with the default voltage mode, you can adjust the voltage to your preference and enjoy a nice battery feel. Other than that, this double bass pedal is often praised for its responsiveness and drum precision.

The DWCP3002 pedal is designed for live performances and long tours. Its sturdy construction makes it a great addition to your gear if you’re constantly traveling from concert to gig. Of course this requires constant adjustments to make sure the tension is right before each show, but at least you won’t need any special tools or skills to do it yourself – the DWCP3002 is a model. single post that should normally facilitate movement. between the pedal and the hi-hat. However, this particular design doesn’t make it easy to include a third pedal out of the box. You may need to make additional changes, either by tweaking the DWCP3002 or tweaking your drum kit a bit, to have a smooth transition between the left pedals.

DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal

Drum Workshop, Inc. Double...
  • EZ Infinite Adjustable Cam
  • Floating Swivel Spring
  • Delta II Ball Bearing Hinge (U.S. Patent No. 5431081)

The DW 9000 double pedal extended footrest offers great functionality and easy adjustment. A key difference is the 1 “extension of the step. This model features a Tri-Pivot foot clamp system, an EZ Adjust cam, and a non-slip rubber base plate. The EZ Adjust cam makes it easy to switch between turbochargers. option to replace the chain drive with a nylon belt supplied with the product.

Other features, such as the floating rotor drive system and rotating pivot spring, make it easy to customize this model to your exact preferences, so you can have the smoothest drumming experience. The 9000 series utilizes world-class hardware such as memory in the tube seals and base assembly, large reset handles, secondary tilt locks, cymbal gap adjusters and more. This model is perfect for fans who want to improve their drum performance and for experts who want equipment that can keep up with them. With friction-reducing bearings, gamers enjoy a smooth and comfortable gaming experience. This DW model is designed to be powerful, customizable and with a great fit.

Drum Workshop produces some of the best work in wood and metal and the DW 9000 is a double chain double pedal that showcases a brilliant example of their craftsmanship. It is so well designed that it has several separate proprietary parts.
Most notable is the adoption of a floating rather than fixed rotor that allows it to rotate smoothly around the driveshaft.

In an effort to maintain optimal alignment, they also chose to place the tension springs within the frame rather than the end of the driveshaft. The rest of the gear is subject to your infinite fitting preferences. Interchangeable cams, a hex bolt and a slide bar for fine operation. Which makes the responsiveness quite difficult to match. It has a three-pivot clamp system and adjustable EZ cam so you can quickly switch between throttle (shorter stroke length) and Turbo sprockets, but there are tons of adjustments in between.

The mounting units are made of aircraft grade aluminum. This ensures that the construction is robust but at the same time lightweight. The real advantage of this pedal is the fluidity of the action. DW has created with its 9000 series a kick pedal that sets the bar high for others to reach it. There is probably only one problem that we have yet to cover. So if you are comfortably seated, you can see the price. Well if you want something so good you have to pay for it. It just has to be one of the highest rated double bass pedals. Comes with a nylon carry bag.

Tama Speed Cobra 910 Double Bass Drum Pedal

Tama Speed Cobra 910 Double...
  • Long footboardsLiteSprocketQuick-Hook spring attachmentsFASTBALL bearingsCobra Coil return...
  • In the world of bass pedal design, speed and power had long been contrary qualities
  • One could not be accomplished without compromising the other

The Tama Speed ​​Cobra Dual Pedal is a great mid-range option for someone who needs a dual pedal that costs slightly less than previous products. It features Tama’s Cobra Coil mechanism that returns the pedals to their original position after playing. As the name suggests, it is excellent for speed. Not only is this double bass pedal durable, it also offers great opportunities for intermediate and professional drummers to perform their drumming skills with a high level of versatility. It contains many customization options to make every drummer feel comfortable. One drawback is the drummers. You will often see drummers swapping drummers for these as they are simply not as comfortable or efficient as the others.It is also possible to obtain a new pedal that has become more popular than the double Tama Speed ​​Cobra 910 pedal. this product.

Designed for drum enthusiasts, this model features a footrest with an extra-long surface for maximum performance with minimal effort. The stability of this model is due to the design of the Super Stabilizer, which uses a wider base plate and frame. There is a 3-piece hinge guard block on the heel of each pedal for a more durable hinge point and improved control and speed. One of the most notable features of this model is the recessed adjustment feature that positions the top of each step away from the cams. This is what gives the pedals their smooth movement. The symmetrical LiteSprocket Rolling Glide cam uses a double chain. Along with the longer footboard, players get improved power and speed.

Oscillation is not a problem with this product due to the Quick-Hook spring attachment. With the Swivel Spring Tight Tension locking mechanism, players can enjoy free spring movement and smooth feel while playing.