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Best Racing Wheels for PC 2024

Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster T300RS Racing...
  • Fast brushless motor: nearly 25 watts of power for responsive, realistic Force Feedback
  • Quick and easy wheel changing system: enjoy different styles of racing
  • Dual-belt system for smooth gaming sessions without any dead zones

The Thrustmaster T300 RS GT racing wheel, with the help of H.E.A.R.T technology and quality 1080-degree force feedback, does just that, making it the perfect tool for an enjoyable race. Its smooth wheel performance and adjustable metal pedals allow easy control of the car’s direction, as well as proper brake and throttle control. Moreover, thanks to its 13 action buttons, the Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Racing Wheel has the capacity to cover all the functions needed to make racing game an ultimate experience.

It tops the list of the best racing wheels for PC for a reason: its performance and features combine to create a kit worthy of serious racing games enthusiasts, but without the excessive price tag. In track racers like F1 or Project CARS, you can really feel a car’s grip thanks to the superb motorized feedback, and the response speed to your inputs is quick and perfectly executed.

The wheel is made of metal, which makes it look like a rally car wheel, with a heavy-duty high friction rubber coating, for incredible grip. Overall, the Thrustmaster T300 RS GT looks and feels solid, and the workmanship is excellent. In addition, you will take advantage of the 1080 degree rotation capability, which can be customized up to 270 degrees through software adjustments.

In track racers like GT Sport, F1 2018 or Project CARS 2, because you can really feel the grip feeling via the superb motorized feedback, and the speed of response to your inputs is superb. It’s precise, heavy, and really shakes up when the game calls for it, which makes a rally game like WRC 6 a lot more engaging. Thrustmaster T300 RS GT is the perfect balance between performance and price. A versatile wheel good for beginners as well as more experienced riders, with a nice asking price.

Logitech G29 Driving Force Race Wheel

Logitech G29 Driving Force...
  • REALISTIC RACING SIMULATION DUO: Feel what is like to drive a real race car with G29 Driving Force Racing...
  • PAIRED FOR PRECISION: Take full control of the race with G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel & Pedals and...
  • PRECISE CONTROL: Helical transmission gears reduce noise and vibration with anti-backlash keeping wheel...

Logitech Driving Force G29 is a quality wheel that takes racing simulations to another next level. Thanks to its high quality metal base, leather upholstery and high-end finish, this device looks great and at the same time creates the impression of a real steering wheel. While not as smooth as the Thrustmaster T300 RS GT, it still recreates a more realistic feel, which may not be a big deal to your purchase, but is still a pretty important aspect of a simulation wheel.

This wheel offers a full 900 degrees of rotation angle, dual motor force feedback and an additional clutch pedal. Force feedback in particular is what makes this wheel so popular and sets it apart for its quality compared to almost any cheaper gaming wheel. If you want quality, this is where you start to get it. In addition, we have associated the bundle which includes a stick shift. For those of you who want an immersive experience, complete with clutch and gear change, this wheel is for you. If you don’t care about the shifter, you can purchase the package that doesn’t include it and save around $ 70 in the process.

This unit also has LEDs at the top of the wheel’s center column, which light up to tell you when you need to change gears (if the game you’re playing), and the pedals are incredibly responsive. The brake pedal is non-linear, giving you a more realistic braking feeling than cheaper pedals. It’s a bit of a shame that the gear lever is no longer integrated into the unit, but it’s not much more expensive – sometimes even the same price – to accompany it with the wheel and the crankset. This is one of the best ways to get the full driving experience in your personal computer setup.

HORI Racing Wheel Apex

HORI Racing Wheel Apex for...
  • Officially Licensed by Sony
  • Compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC
  • Optimized performance on select PS5 titles with firmware update

HORI Racing Wheel Apex is a device designed for weekend racers or arcade game lovers. This wheel has no force feedback and comes with a limited turning radius of just 270 degrees. In other words, forget about the realistic racing experience with this one. That’s not his goal in the first place. Its role is that its rumble motors provide a better playing experience than the gaming pads, providing a sort of feel to the player, but without getting too much of the point.

Despite its very low price and all-plastic / rubber construction, the Apex looks pretty good. The crankset is obviously where the company has skimped a bit, but the real problem is the lack of a real force feedback mechanism. Instead of electric motors to simulate resistance / force feedback, the HORI Apex is driven by a bungee cable, which seems rather odd.

If you’re looking for a solid racing wheel that won’t break the bank, the Hori Apex is the top pick on our list. The wheel is officially licensed by Sony for perfect compatibility, and it comes with everything you need to get started and driven. The 270 degree turn system provides plenty of leeway and the safety setup of the stand keeps your equipment safe. In addition, this device has fully programmable buttons and a quick operation mode for added convenience.

Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel...
  • Works on Xbox Series X|S
  • Realistic wheel: wheel rim is 11 inches / 28 cm in diameter, with an ergonomic design that’s great for...
  • Up to 900° wheel rotation, for optimal racing precision

If you are looking for a mid-level Force Feedback racing wheel, the Thrustmaster TMX would be an interesting choice as it is well designed and has all the bells and whistles needed for an immersive gaming experience, including top-notch. Xbox software support and variable force feedback.

Thrustmaster produced a reduced force response wheel, but still impressive, as an entry level buy and that is really very desirable. The included pedals are plastic, offer little resistance, and don’t include a clutch pedal either. However, they can be exchanged for a better compatible set if you decide to upgrade later. The steering wheel is just as cheap and not as luxurious as the interchangeable wheels on higher-end units.

The Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback racing wheel is an inexpensive but decent performance wheel that is visually quite similar to the Thrustmaster T150 RS, with a few differences. Among other things, a smaller wheel rotation at 900 degrees, support for PC and Xbox, instead of PS3, a PS4 and the progressive action brake pedal. Although it is made of plastic, this wheel has a sturdy construction and looks quite durable. Its force response function is the result of the mixed belt and gear system, which produces more than pleasant performance for most users. The steering wheel itself has 12 action buttons and a D-pad, while the pedals, while sturdy, are basic with the aforementioned progressive braking action. Overall, the Thrustmaster TMX is a good entry-level device with adequate force response that will be ideal for any Xbox fan. If you have a PC, the T150 RS would probably be a better option, but you won’t be disappointed with this one either.

The Thrustmaster TMX is an inexpensive force feedback racing wheel, very similar to the T150 in terms of technical specifications. The main difference is that the TMX is specially designed for Xbox One and has certified software for the respective platform. This means it’s plug and play, which means your game console instantly recognizes it right out of the box. And yes, it works pretty well on PC too, but if you want to squeeze the last drop of performance out of this baby, remember that it’s made specifically for xbox series x

Thrustmaster T150 RS Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster T150 RS Racing...
  • Realistic wheel: wheel rim is 11 inches / 28 cm in diameter, with an ergonomic design that’s great for...
  • Up to 1080 degree wheel rotation, for optimal racing precision
  • Responsive, precise and silent Force Feedback, thanks to the belt-pulley system in the racing wheel’s...

Thrustmaster has a few different racing wheels available for PC, and one of our personal favorites is the T150 RS. The smooth, precise and quiet racing wheel uses a combination of pulley, belt and gear system to produce realistic force feedback effects. The rotation angle of this racing wheel can be adjusted from 270 degrees to 1080 degrees, while the reinforced rubber covered handles add comfort. The steering wheel is 11 ″ in diameter and has all the official PlayStation buttons built in so you can easily navigate the menus (compatible with PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4).

Of course, this price category usually means that some of the more advanced features are cut or removed, and this is also the case. The T150 RS essentially features a cheaper version of the T300 RS GT, with a slightly reduced force response and lacking some fancy features. This, however, does not mean that this wheel is bad, on the contrary. It’s a great entry-level device that will satisfy most racing enthusiasts without going too far in your pocket. There’s 1080-degree wheel spin, PS4, PS3, and PC compatibility, excellent force response, and all the buttons you can find on a PS4 rig.

The racing wheel features an adjustable crankset with a large footrest. The lean angle of each pedal can be set to 3 different positions, while progressive brake pedal resistance adds more realism to the experience. The T150 RS is compatible with various Thrustmaster accessories sold separately: Thrustmaster T3PA 3-pedal set, Thrustmaster T3PA-PRO 3-pedal set, Thrustmaster TH8A shifter, and Thrustmaster BT LED display (PS4 only).

Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel

Logitech G920 Driving Force...
  • REALISTIC RACING SIMULATION DUO: Feel what is like to drive a real race car with G920 Driving Force...
  • PAIRED FOR PRECISION: Take full control of the race with G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel & Pedals and...
  • PRECISE CONTROL: Helical transmission gears reduce noise and vibration with anti-backlash keeping wheel...

This Xbox One wheel is super smooth and great for driving. It’s ergonomic (but keep in mind that any wheel will hurt your hands in unusual ways after a few hours) and pleasantly slim, while maintaining a good solid feel. Aside from the same push-button parking brake issue that Thrustmaster offers, a unique area of ​​dismay is the pedals. The unit we tested has an unusually stiff brake pedal, requiring immense pressure for the brakes to engage. Reviews on Amazon suggest that other people have the same review, which is not true for the PS4 G29 equivalent. You can usually reassign the brakes to the clutch pedal (which comes standard on this wheel), but that’s not ideal if you’re a racing fanatic. Things improve a bit if you mount the pedals correctly on a racing seat or on a non-slip floor like a carpet, but it really shouldn’t be that stiff. Brakes aside, this is an exemplary force feedback wheel that will make any racing game more enjoyable… if not necessarily easier to play.

What makes this racing wheel so awesome? For starters, helical drive gears reduce noise and vibration, while the anti-play system keeps the steering wheel and pedals tight. The Hall effect sensor uses magnetic fields to accurately detect the position of the wheel. As you can see from the picture, all the in-game controls you need are on the steering wheel, so you can easily navigate the in-game menus. Finally, this wheel turns 900 degrees from one direction to another. others, like the wheel of a racing car. The accelerator pedals, pressure-sensitive brake and clutch add to the experience and you can even reposition the pedal faces for easier heel and toe maneuvering. At the bottom, rubber feet and a retractable mat grip system help keep the pedals exactly where you put them.

Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel

Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel...
  • Through partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, the CSL Elite Racing Wheel works seamless...
  • Ultra-strong brushless servo motor which delivers up to 6Nm of torque on the steering axis
  • Single belt drive unit with ultra-low lag and cogging, and big ball bearings for lowest friction

The Fanatec CSL Elite racing wheel is a bit pricey at $ 500, but it’s worth it if you want the best belt-drive racing wheel designed to work with the new PS5. This racing wheel promises to deliver 6Nm of torque for the most authentic racing simulation experience. The included rim has a diameter of 30 cm and you can turn it up to 1080 degrees. To complete the realistic experience, a built-in rev counter and just above the one on the steering wheel is a three-digit LED display that you can use to monitor your speed or check what gear you are in. The only thing this racing wheel does not include is a pedal set.

Fanatec makes some of the best and most expensive racing wheels on the market. The Fanatec CSL Elite is actually one of their most affordable models, designed for a mainstream audience, not least because it supports consoles rather than PCs. As usual, there are different versions for Xbox One and PS4, and the Microsoft version is a bit cheaper.

Beneath the surface, the CSL uses a brushless server motor, which essentially means that the force feedback is powerful and accurate, so you know exactly what the car below you is doing. Additionally, the FF range and much more can also be customized via buttons on the steering wheel, so no need to recalibrate all the time. On the pedal side, the CSL package impresses with a fully adjustable design. Plus, it’s possible to add wacky extras like a force-sensing pedal or shifter if you like.