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Best Toothpastes for Bad Breath 2024 [Halitosis]

Best Toothpaste for Bad Breath 2022

Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste with Breath Strips

Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste...
  • Freshness That Lasts for Hours
  • Packed with Hundreds of Mini Breath Strips
  • Fluoride Toothpaste to Fight Cavities

This toothpaste is very popular, and it is known for its extra breath-freshening strips. It is the best toothpaste for people on a budget. It comes in a pack of three tubes, with a lot of paste in each tube. So, you won’t be buying a replacement in a while. It contains sodium fluoride, an essential ingredient that make sure to getting rid of harmful breath bacteria buildup and the formation of a cavity in teeth and gums every day. The fluoride will also help you whiten your teeth. The breath strips dissolve in your mouth in a matter of seconds, and they come with fragrances to cover chronic bad breath.


Breath stripes
Sufficient paste to last you for a long time


Tooth sensitivity in some people.

Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste with Breath Strips is one of the best toothpastes for bad breath for those on a budget in 2022.

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Toothpaste

TheraBreath Fresh Breath...
  • for Canker Sores
  • Dry Mouth
  • Whiter Teeth

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Toothpaste is a natural toothpaste contains several important natural ingredients that works best to help get rid of bad breath issues and keep your mouth fresh for certain. It doesn’t contain any artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, or detergent, and it is vegan certified. Furthermore, it doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a harming ingredient commonly found in most cosmetic products, which has been linked to many side effects.


Natural ingredients
Kills bacteria


Very thin

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Toothpaste is one of the best toothpaste for bad breath

Finevine Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Finevine Teeth Whitening Toothpaste is one of the great products often used for combating bad breath. The dental product contains organic ingredients which you love, and natural teeth whitener with many antiseptic properties to eradicate the build-up of plaque and kill halitosis bacteria in gums. The toothpaste contains baking soda to balance the alkaline level in your mouth. This whitening toothpaste includes organic peppermint that helps give you a way refreshing breath smell.


Care for sensitive teeth
Organic peppermint


Bitter aftertaste for some people.

Finevine Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste is the best toothpaste for teeth whitening.

SmartMouth Premium Zinc Ion Toothpaste

SmartMouth Toothpaste,...
  • Clinically Developed By Dentists
  • Sensitive Whitening
  • Removes Dental Plaque

Zinc is also an active ingredient in the treatment of bacteria that causes bad breath. Zinc citrate and zinc gluconate are known to slow down the build-up of plaque in the mouth, and strengthen gum health. It also has whitening properties that help you produce a brighter smile that you want and cure tooth sensitivity.


Strengthens the enamel of the tooth
Whitens the teeth
Zinc technology to combat bad breath


It can cause dry mouth in some users.

One of the best toothpastes for bad breath

Philips Sonicare BreathRx Whitening Toothpaste

BreathRx Whitening Toothpaste,...
  • Enhanced whitening action
  • Breaks up foul smelling odors
  • Clinically proven to kill odor-causing bacteria

Philips Sonicare BreathRx Whitening Toothpaste uses zinc and some essential oils. It is an excellent product to clean your mouth. Using it also helps to prevent tooth decay as it is fighting bad odor it also helps whiten the teeth. The tube contains like 4 oz. of blue gel toothpaste also that will last you for a long time to help you clean your teeth and prevent disease.


Effective teeth whitener
Prevents tooth decay


It may cause tooth sensitivity

What is Halitosis?

Halitosis is the scientific name for bad breath use by professional medical

How morning breath is different from bad breath

Morning breath is just a different phenomenon, but it is a bad breath caused by dry mouth. Low saliva production can lead to bad breath.

Naturally, while you sleep, your saliva production reduces drastically, so as you wake up in the morning, your mouth will be dried, and you experience bad breath as you open your mouth.

You do not have to worry about this. A glass of water is all you need to eliminate the bad breath. Water can kickstart your saliva production.

The cause of bad breath

It is crucial to know what’s happening in your mouth, and this will help you understand the cause of many bad breaths and save you from it. All the food and junk that you consume to pass through your mouth, and as the day grows old, they start to decay. Besides, the mouth is something of a perfect habitat for bacteria to grow and thrive. The thing is, as the foods you ate starts to mild decay, the population of bacteria in your mouth starts to skyrocket – including that of the bacteria responsible for bad breath.

Furthermore, as the population of the bad breath bacteria increases, they start to coat your whole mouth – teeth, tongue, and gums.

This film that is formed is called plaque.

To eradicate bad breath completely, you must get clean the plaque in your mouth. Toothpaste is one of the vital tools that you need to get rid of this plaque. More specifically, you need a toothpaste that is formulated to combat bad breath.

You must get rid of the plaque daily; otherwise, it will harden and form tartar. You have to go see a dentist to get rid of tartar and cavities.

Aside from food, other things can be responsible for bad breath. We have listed them below:

Diet – bad breath is a common side effect of an extreme diet. If your diet is used to low in carbs and high on the meat, you may start to experience this.

If your body is low on carbs, it begins to burn its fats, and it stores sugar in return. As a result, your body begins to release ketones, which will lead to bad breath.

The problem of lower carb diets like Atkins is that: it doesn’t matter how much mouthwash, oral irrigation, or due to even using mint toothpaste for bad breath that you use — your halitosis will not leave. Carry a pack of chewing gum or mint flavor with you at all times.

Smoker – Smoking is terrible. People that live or are close to smokers have always complained about ‘smokers’ breath.’ Xerostomia is responsible for this bad breath. You are more exposed to periodontal or gum disease when you smoke. Therefore, to keep your mouth hydrated and odorless, you should get both mouth rinse and toothpaste meant for xerostomia.

Sugar – sugar can be sometimes be terrible for you in many ways, and it also provides an environment condition for bacteria to grow in your mouth. Reducing your sugar intake is a great way to limit the difference growth of bacteria, infections and gum disease in your mouth.

Sickness – several coughing or postnasal drip may deteriorate your breath.

Clearly, it is vital to stay healthy, but pending the time you recover fully, you may have to carry mint toothpaste always to cover up the bad breath.

Brushing Technique – this goes without saying, however, when brushing your teeth, don’t just share attention to the frontal teeth. Aside from your front teeth, you want to make sure you get to the corners, your tongue scraper, and the gum line. Don’t forget that your mouth is a microbial cesspit- you must thoroughly clean it.

The key ingredients to look out for to correctly choose the best toothpaste for bad breath.

Production of saliva – drinking a lot of alcohol or coffee can harm your breath. This is because alcohol and coffee contain a lot of caffeine, which reduces your saliva production. Saliva is useful in controlling the spread of bacteria in your mouth, and actually also keeps your mouth healthy.

Therefore, the lesser the saliva production, the more the bacteria growth in your mouth. This means there is a higher tendency to cause bad breath halitosis.

This doesn’t mean you should stay away from alcohol and caffeine completely. Your saliva production only decreases after consistent and prolonged consumption of either of the drinks.

Habitual drinkers will experience more related dryness in their mouth, and thus, will most like have more bacteria in their mouth compared to someone who takes coffee and alcohol sparingly.

You don’t have to avoid up your social life entirely. Say you can counterbalance it by making sure you brush your teeth properly twice daily. Also, regular flossing can help you fight mouth odor.

Some others routine drinks and medications can limit your saliva production.

In all cases, we recommend regular brushing and flossing will help you.

Tips for handling bad breath

To keep bad breath under control, you must follow some simple oral care hygiene like regular brushing and flossing. There are other things that you can do too. Keeping yourself hydrated all through the da. This means you have to drink water at intervals, and you can get a water bottle to carry water along with you if you don’t have easy access to one in your office or anywhere that you might be going. You need to take water at intervals to eliminate dry mouth (a prevalent cause of bad breath) and to also flush away toxins.
After each meal, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water to help your mouth get rid of food particles that may be stuck in the corners of your mouth.
Your toothbrush should be changed at least every three months. Because over time, the bristle starts to lose its effectiveness.
Take a lot of raw fruits and vegetables to refresh your breath.
You can supplement the fluoride toothpaste by immediately adding a mouth wash to your oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is to keep bad breath away from your mouth. Besides, mouth wash can reach the hidden corners of your mouth that your toothbrush can’t reach.
You can go the extra mile of carrying a disposable or mini toothbrush right with you everywhere along with your toothpaste in a small container. Cause you can brush after every meal.
Herbs such as parsley, mint, and basils help control bad breath. However, a lot of toothpaste has some herbal extracts among their ingredient list.

Things to look out for when buying toothpaste for lousy breath toothpaste

Before you select a toothpaste to use for your bad breath to start brushing, please learn about the critical factors to look for. This will help you choose the perfect toothpaste that will work for you and avoid the ones that don’t.

#1. Ingredients

The ingredients in your toothpaste matters a lot. The most essential component to look out for is Sodium Fluoride.

Sodium Fluoride is one of the most active ingredients to take action to eliminate bad breath. Sodium Fluoride is capable of killing all the unwanted bacteria that will later develop into plaque in just a matter of split seconds of contact.

Sodium Fluoride will help you kill all the bacteria before they harden to become plaque. So, the goal here is to get rid of these bacteria without having to visit a dentist, which will cost a lot more than using toothpaste.

Furthermore, sodium fluoride is not a synthetic ingredient or chemicals; it has all the natural ingredients such as zinc, essential oils, dead sea salt, and vegetable-based glycerin. The combination of these ingredients does a spectacular job of whitening your teeth, and more importantly, eliminate halitosis. It does an excellent job of keeping your gum disease free.

Sodium Fluoride is also an excellent whitening solution for the teeth. So, you got to enjoy a double benefit.

Another Sodium like ingredient that you will find in budget bad breath toothpaste is Stannous. However, Sodium Fluoride is the preferred ingredient.