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Best Violin for Beginners 2024

Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit 4/4 Full Size By Kennedy Violins

Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit 4/4...
  • [HIGH QUALITY] Our customer service team is on hand to answer ANY question and to help with your stringed...
  • [THE COMPLETE OUTFIT] We have included the HIGH QUALITY accessories that professional players recommend...
  • [ASSEMBLED AND QUALITY CHECKED IN THE USA] Our final assembly and set-up are in the USA, NOT in China....

Kennedy Violins Bunel Pupil is the best beginner violin. It is designed for students who may need a change to a professional violin as they improve. If it is an elementary student violin, there is certainly no shortage of quality. It features pre-strings with 100% ebony hardware (fingerboards and pegs), a hand-carved maple bridge, an oil-rubbed hand finish, and a D’Addario string. The bow is made of real Brazilian wood and Mongolian horse with Mother of Pearl accents. It also comes with a hydrometer so you can track the humidity level inside. It also includes padded straps, extra rope, and a cleaning cloth!

Bunnel is a range supplied by Kennedy. Kennedy Violins is based in Washington state and is a reasonably new name on the market. That didn’t stop them from becoming extremely popular during the time they were open. The instruments are of excellent quality and reasonably affordable. They are generally greeted with rave reviews. This is not surprising given the care and craftsmanship of each model. They generally use good quality solid spruce and maple wood instead of composites. This increases the cost a bit, but makes the instruments more durable and sound amazingly good.

Bunel Pupil are a good violin suitable for all ages. Many consumers say that the quality it offers can be classified as the best violin for adults. It produces a soft, warm, and soft sound. Rich chocolate with hints of red polish with a mat finish. A rectangular Portland case made from Brazilian wood, a bow, and Giulian rosin, a polishing cloth, a shoulder class rest. Strong with preloaded strings. One year warranty. The shoulder rest included in the kit should have been a bit better. Accessories like violin case straps are not of high quality. Bunnel Pupil is the Best Violin for Beginners in 2022.

Mendini Full Size 4/4 MV300 Solid Wood Violin with Tuner

Mendini By Cecilio Violin For...
  • Great Violin For Beginners: The beginner violin is an ideal stringed musical instrument for any student...
  • Elegant Design: As beautiful as most orchestral string instruments, this sleek violin has a hand-carved...
  • Violin Learning Kit Includes: Cecilio violin, 1 bow, extra set of violin strings, 2 violin bridges, a...

The Mendini MV300 is the perfect and versatile violin on a budget. It is made with spruce and maple top for back and sides. Finish with ebony fittings. Bow hair is made from high-quality Mongolian horses. This violin gives a warm tone. The kit contains everything you need to start your lesson, including a bow, a case, rosin, chin rest, and shoulder rest. Alloy tailpieces with 4 integrated fine tuners. Learning can last up to the early stages, possibly up to 4 or 5 levels, by improving the path or two. Although violins are cheap, they are durable, and students will see through the middle class when it comes to investing in a better model.

This is one of the most well-known low-cost violin brands. Cecilio is one of the best violin brands for beginners. They manufacture the instruments on Mendini’s behalf, albeit at a reduced cost. The benefit of this setup is that you receive the quality you’ve come to expect from Cecilio at an affordable price. This is a fantastic alternative if you are a newbie who is unsure whether or not you will continue. Most of the instruments offered by this manufacturer come with everything you need to get started.

What you won’t find here is a handcrafted, artisan instrument — the Mendini MV300 is a prime example of this. But, at this price range, you can’t really expect that. Having saying that, these provide a pleasant sound and are great for novices to practice on. Due to the quality of the violin and bow, the Mandini violin may be relied upon by some professionals. Since the violin is not handcrafted, there will be little tweets and adjustments to make the best sound possible. And although you pay a lower price, you will probably need to replace the strings at some point because the quality is not as good as it could be.

Maple fittings (fingerboard, chin rest, adjustment pegs). Alloy tailpieces with fine tuners. Hand-carved with stiff maple back and a spruce top. Additional violin bridges, hard cases, Brazilian wooden bows, and rosin have been provided. A little quality control, but once settled, you can develop better terms for the amount you pay. Be aware that while it is nice to see that it comes in a variety of colors, extra coats of varnish and paint can affect the quality of the sound and make it dull. Mendini offers a variety of fun colors and cases that can appeal to a reluctant student. The Mandini Violin is fun and effective, but mostly good quality for what you get. Mendini Full Size 4/4 MV300 Solid Wood Violin with Tuner is the Best Beginner Violin in 2022.

Cremona SV-130 Premier Novice Violin Outfit – 4/4 Size

Cremona SV-130 Premier Novice...
  • Cremona's top selling novice violin for more than 10 years; check out the new video
  • Every Cremona student violin comes with US-made Prelude strings; the educator's preferred strings for...
  • Properly fitted Swiss-style ebony pegs and quality lightweight composite tailpiece with 4 smooth fine...

For over 30 years, the SV-155 Cromona has been the highest-rated beginner violin because of the quality available – playability, tone quality, specification, and price! If you have serious intentions in your violin world, Cremona is another solid investment. Quality production. Powerful US-made prelude strings with de Aderio. Ebony fingerboard and hardware. Fluid and oily handle for better play. Light hard tailpiece with 4 fine tuners. Comfortable chin with strap. The dress comes with a violin case, a violin bow, and rosin with adjustments needed from time to time. The hydrometer in the housing may not work properly.

Cremona Violins is a brand that was founded in 1899 and is currently controlled by Saga Musical Instruments, who maintain an exceptional level of quality standards for all the different instruments they offer. They provide several models of violins suitable for beginners and intermediate players. They produce high quality violins because the luthiers were trained by the Italian and German masters themselves. They are a recognized brand and receive multiple honors and authentications for the way they create their products. They not only create quality violins, they also make bows.

There isn’t a huge variety of accessories here that you can get with other starter kits, but it still comes with a high-quality chin rest, loop, and hardshell case. The hard case, in particular, has an impressive level of quality and will be resistant to impacts. The bow is of better quality than many others that come in starter kits. However, some musicians have found this a bit more difficult to adjust. But this is less of a problem as you will get used to the instrument and this process will be quick and easy. With low-budget beginner instruments you often get that cheap build feel, but this is not the case with this model. It feels well balanced when you hold it, and the build quality is pretty good overall. It is a violin that you will enjoy playing until you reach the next level of skill.

This student violin includes a hand-carved stiff spruce top and a back, side, and a stiff maple neck. The bow is also made of Brazilian wood with acru white horsehair, and it has a piercing and an ebony fingerboard, it is essential for a quality violin! The term is great, and many serious beginner violins, as well as those who have not touched any violin for years, love this piece. Cremona SV-130 Premier Novice Violin Outfit – 4/4 Size is the Best Beginner Violin in 2022.

Cecilio CVN-500 Solidwood Ebony Fitted Violin with D’Addario Prelude Strings

Cecilio CVN-500 Solidwood...
  • Full size 4/4 violin with a solid spruce wood top, flamed maple back, neck, and sides, and inlaid...
  • Includes a lightweight hard case, 2 Brazilwood bows with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, a...
  • Strung with D'Addario Prelude Strings for optimal sound quality, the violin features a lovely satin...

Hand-carved maple back, with a solid spruce top, the CVN-500 violin is a first choice for an intermediate level violin, as well as being one of the best violins for beginners. Some violinists say that this violin requires constant tuning due to the sliding of the pegs. But with our detailed violin tuning guide, that’s no longer a problem. Cecilio has made an exceptional beginner violin that will make people believe that it is much more expensive than it actually is. The sounds of the violin are warm and allow you to develop your talent naturally. With this model you will get a complete starter kit for everything you need. This includes a chromatic tuner, a hard case with an additional bridge, and strings. All these accessories are of high quality. It comes with two bows that are not of the highest quality but will be good enough to get you started.

Cecilio shows you what a handcrafted violin can do for a fraction of the price of an artisan violin. Because it provides a variety of alternatives at reasonable rates, the company has established itself as one of the top violin brands for beginners.They take pleasure in providing high-quality workmanship and a diverse selection of violins. The firm may not be one of the most well-known violin brands just yet, but it is quickly changing. St Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians, inspired the company’s name. The skills employed by luthiers have been passed down through generations of craftsman.

At 5 pounds, this one is heavier but still light enough to hold comfortably. This extra weight enhances the sound and makes it brighter and richer. It comes in its natural varnish color and gives the violin an elegant look. We loved the spruce and maple combination here. With 4 different size options available, you should be able to get the perfect violin for you. It’s a bit more expensive than the other violins on this list, but for us it strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability. It is still much cheaper than intermediate or expert violins and is highly recommended for beginners. One of the best brands of violins for intermediate and beginner players, Cecilio violins must be on this list, in fact we would be remiss if we did not add them. Each Cecilio violin is hand carved and treated with hand rubbed oil finishes. We could even add them to the list of professional violin brands.

Stentor II 1500

Stentor, 4-String Violin,...
  • Hand crafted with fine-grained solid Spruce top
  • Solid maple back
  • Full ebony fittings

Stentor has been around since the late 1800s, but it was in the 1960s that they first made their own violins instead of importing them earlier. This means that the quality of their instruments has improved and a large number has been forged since then. Most Stentor violins, such as the Stentor 1500, are intended for beginners, but they also have other higher quality violins for orchestral performance. This allowed students to practice with them, as well as grow with their violins as they reach higher levels of experience. Use high-quality woods that produce a warm sound. Most, if not all, models use ebony tuning forks and pegs, which not only improves the sound but also the appearance.

This violin comes with a durable hard case that will work to protect your violin even from severe impact. There are other accessories included that add to the overall quality of the violin. The accessories that are not of the highest quality are the resin and the ropes, but it is quite easy to look for them elsewhere. The case is solid, just like the violin. As with the previous model, we liked the choice of material for this instrument. Feels like falling off, it wouldn’t shatter into a thousand pieces like cheaper violins that shatter after the first hit. In addition to having the solid build quality, this violin is very easy to play without any of the cetation issues you may have with other options. When you play, the sound is full and with wonderful tones so that you learn easily and quickly.

The accessories that aren’t of the greatest quality are the rosin and strings, but these can be obtained elsewhere. The violin, like the case, is well-made. We appreciated the material choice for this instrument just as much as we did for the previous model. You get the impression that if it is dropped, it will not shatter into a thousand pieces like cheaper violins do after the first impact. This violin, in addition to having a great build quality, is quite easy to play and has none of the tuning concerns that other alternatives sometimes have. When you play it, the sound is full and full of great tones, allowing you to learn quickly and simply.


D Z Strad Violin Model 800...
  • They are made with beautifully aged wood from the Italian Alps and enhanced with a fine varnish that...
  • The light varnish allows this model to produce a smooth and powerful tone;
  • Making it an ideal instrument for those looking for cutting projection and pure resonance.

The STV 850 is a high-quality instrument. The beauty and feel of this violin, based on a Stradivarius violin played by Itzhak Perlman, making it one of the best professional violins at an affordable (for its quality) price. Scot Shu-Hun Cao is regarded as one of the best current violin makers. His violins are appreciated by students, teachers, and professional violinists alike, and are based on the designs of master violin builders such as Guaneri and Stradivarius.

Although we cannot consider this violin to be one of the “best starting violins” because to its high price, we can state that if you purchased a Scott Car violin, such as the 1714 Soil STV 850 violin, you would be able to use it for the rest of your life. Because of the effort that went into the design, there is superb tone in both the high and low registers. It has a two-piece back with a good balance for comfortable play.

Because of the price, it is not a good starter violin, as previously indicated. However, if you can afford it and buy it as a beginner’s violin, it may be the greatest violin you can have because the quality scales with talent, which means you’ll save money in the long run because you won’t need to buy a replacement violin for many years.

Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood Ebony Fitted Violin with D’Addario Prelude Strings

Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood...
  • Great Violin For Beginners: The beginner violin is an ideal stringed musical instrument for any student...
  • Strung with D'Addario Prelude Strings
  • Elegant Design: As beautiful as most stringed musical instruments, these violins for beginners have a...

Cecilio has created an outstanding beginner violin that will deceive people into thinking it is much more expensive than it is. The pleasant tones produced by the violin allow you to develop your gift naturally. With this model, you’ll get a complete starter package with everything you need. This set comes with a chromatic tuner, a protective case, an extra bridge, and strings. All of the accessories are of high grade. It comes with two bows that aren’t of the greatest quality but will suffice to get you started.

This is a violin that provides excellent value for money, as you not only receive a lot of extras, but also a quite good and playable violin. The manufacturer appears to be confident in the quality of the violin because it comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. It’s clear that they’ve done everything they can to provide an excellent violin with everything you need to get started for a reasonable price while not sacrificing quality, which, to be honest, is rather rare. In other words, a great beginner violin that will make it simple for you to get started.

This one is a little heavier at 5 pounds, but it’s still light enough to carry easily. The added weight improves the sound by making it brighter and fuller. It comes in its natural varnish color and adds an exquisite touch to the violin. The mix of spruce and maple was particularly appealing to us. With four various size options, you should be able to find the ideal violin for you.

This violin is slightly more expensive than the others on this list, but it strikes the perfect mix between quality and cost in our opinion. It is still significantly less expensive than intermediate or expert violins, and it is highly recommended for beginners.

Paititi Artist-100 Student Violin Starter Kit with Brazilwood Bow Lightweight Case

Paititi 1/2 Size Artist-100...
  • This is a very beautiful 1/2 size Aritist-100 VN101 student violin starter kit that comes complete with...
  • This violin is made of finest natural wood, with smooth and satin finish, set up and ready to play.
  • Bow has double pearl eye, genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair. Straight and well balanced.

With a weight of only 3.2 pounds, this violin is incredibly portable, and you will be able to hold it for lengthy periods of time without experiencing any discomfort. The case is very lightweight, and it is a violin that will appeal to a wide range of musicians. We’ve seen some lovely violins with the chestnut brown finish seen here, and this is yet another. To complement that look, it boasts an amazing build quality. It’s built to last, and you’ll have the assurance of a one-year warranty if anything goes wrong. It comes fully assembled, so you can begin practicing right away.

The sound is pleasant, balanced, and full, which contributes to this excellent value for money. Unfortunately, several customers found it difficult to tune this model. There have also been allegations of the carry case being of inferior quality. On the other hand, you receive an extra set of strings here, which is a great help for a beginner. Every time you play, they will emit polished and pleasant tones. You also have a wide choice of accessories that will come in handy throughout your training. This contains a high-quality tuner that will keep your violin sounding sharp.

Aileen Solidwood Ebony Violin Outfit with Case

Aileen Solidwood Ebony Kids...
  • BALANCED SOUND – Our Handcrafted violin offers a bright and warm tone that has excellent acoustic...
  • EASY SETUP AND PLAY – The handcrafted maple wooden neck, ebony fingerboard, Parisian eye pegs, chin...
  • EXQUISITE APPEARNCE – Your violin needs to sound good and look beautiful too. It’s all about the...

This Aileen violin is only available in three sizes, but they are the three most popular: 1/4, 1/2, and 4/4. They all have a classic design and a conventional brown finish, and they all look fantastic. When buying a violin, you want to be sure it’s built of the best materials possible. The guitar features a spruce top, maple for the rest of the body, and an ebony fingerboard. It’s exactly what you get here, and it all adds up to high-quality construction that can withstand the stresses that a novice violin must withstand.

Along with high-quality materials, you’ll get a tough protective case to keep your violin safe while you’re on the go. It’s lightweight and spacious, providing plenty of capacity for your belongings. Also included are the bow, rosin, and shoulder rest. The bridge, on the other hand, can be a little difficult to put up, and you may need an expert or just a second pair of hands to show you how to do it.

Although the strings aren’t of the best quality, they’ll suffice to get you started. The violin will be able to generate a warm, beautiful tone as soon as you replace them. It’s yet another terrific choice that offers exceptional value for money.

Things to consider before buying the best violin for beginners

Starter kit. Violin Starter Kits are perfect for those who don’t know where to start when choosing a violin. They help you learn about violins so you can develop your personal preferences. They help you familiarize yourself with the things you need to care for and the violin.

The ropes. Sometimes string changes can make a huge difference to the sound of the violin, so if you spend money on one and you’re not happy, ask an expert what strings you can use and the different words they produce.

Violin size

There are different sizes of violins. These sizes are 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, and 4/4 (actual size). The normal size is the way to go. Otherwise, you can adjust accordingly and go for a smaller size. You should be able to hold the violin comfortably while holding the top of the fingerboard comfortably, with the elbow slightly bent. Some adults may prefer smaller sizes.

Professional vs. Student

Professional violins are made from the best quality material. Student violins are made from less expensive materials—these help in lowering the price. The violin, however, will not sound as good as a professional one.

What is the difference between beginner, intermediate, and advanced violin?

Like other instruments, the violin is categorized according to their level of quality, excluding their size or type (acoustic violin or electronic violin). In general, the classifications are as follows:


Many critics use the term “beginner violin” as a synonym for low-quality violin. Some equate it with lower prices. In the past, early violins were only considered a violin-shaped object (VSO) because they were usually made of low-quality wood that could be manufactured in a factory and be of low quality. And while that may not sound like something to buy, violins are great for new students who aren’t quite determined to follow the path of continuous violin playing for the next two months/years. Within recent years, quality manufactured violins have become available on the market that can inspire and support the progress of new students.


In response to growing concerns about the quality of mass-produced beginner violins, some violinists have decided to create a new violin classification for more dedicated students. They realized that some cheap VSOs did not last long, and some students decided to continue their violin studies, which is why they called this violin intermediate. These are kits made of high-quality medium tonewood, as well as strings and playability that are not inferior. Most intermediate violins have a maple or spruce finish with ebony fretboards and accessories and are usually checked by a qualified violin master or luthier.


The advanced violin is a classification where certain aspects of the game begin to appear. These are sometimes considered as the performance type violin used by graduate students in the violin for professional performers. The classification of the violin may vary depending on the organization and the country, in some areas, people classify students as violin beginners, and others mediate professional (they consider advanced and intermediate).

Although there are differences in classification, there are no precise and precise comparisons. This is usually the case for listeners, spectators, or anyone buying a violin.

How much money should you spend on a beginner or intermediate violin?
No matter what we like, we should always try to choose the best—and getting an early violin that you should seriously consider because buying in a jiffy can be a waste of money.

In general, there are different brands of violins on the market that can fit all budgets. You may feel the overwhelming desire to buy the best violin. However, buy one that you can afford and matches your skill level.

For more committed violinists, you can spend more on your first violin and get a better violin at the same time.

Where to buy a violin? Online vs. stores

If you have chosen a violin to buy, one thing to keep in mind is to choose the best place to buy a new one.

One of the essential secrets to earning a violin online or in-store is whether a store is reputable, authentic, and licensed to sell the violin.

In the store

The good thing with a physical store of your new violin is that you can make test it out and hear how it sounds.

When buying a store, check not only the quality of the sound but also the finish. Also, be sure to evaluate the bow, string, violin case, or rosin.

Although seeing is not always believing, hearing can be. And sometimes the perfect violin just likes you – like first love.


Buying or ordering products online is an easy way to get products without going to any physical store. Buying a violin online can be a real challenge. Video sound samples can be requested from some online stores, but it is best to keep a violin and be able to test it in person. Fortunately, some violin companies offer home trials and refunds.

But beware, there are bad eggs in the world. Sometimes you never know if it’s just a scam. So our advice is if you want to buy online, do your research first.

While reading this article is a step that will help you make the most of the search for the only violin to start the journey.

Depending on the level of interest of new violinists in the instrument, it is difficult to determine which is the best violin. Maybe your elementary school child has a friend who plays, and they decided it would be fun to learn. In this case, the best choice is a cheap violin because their interest is surface level. A beginner with more serious musical intent may ask for a more expensive violin. They will appreciate the value and will be able to sell it once they decide to upgrade.