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Best Tenor Ukuleles 2024

Kala KA-KTG Tenor Hawaiian Ukulele

Kala KA-KTG Tenor Hawaiian...
  • Body size: Tenor
  • Top: Hawaiian koa
  • Back and sides: Hawiian koa

Is there Best Tenor Ukuleles other than the one made in a Hawaiian spirit? Being the most famous ukulele brand, Kala takes us on a journey to the high waters of the Pacific Ocean, in the state of Aloha, to be precise. Meet the Kala KA-KTG, a gem that has a full body of Koa, the official wood of Hawaiian handmade ukuleles! The top, back and sides of this uke are made from Hawaiian koa. Koa is the traditional wood used for the construction of the ukulele. It’s a very warm sound but with an underlying glow. As a result, it offers the perfect sound for ukuleles. It is smooth, crisp and full-bodied. The grains are highlighted by the transparent glossy finish. The maple binding further accentuates Koa’s natural beauty. It also adds to the robustness and balance of this uke.

Surrounding the contours of this Kala ukulele we see a high-quality maple binding that keeps the soundboard in one piece rather than the lower-end cream binding. Making the neck out of mahogany is a cool move from Kala; The soft sound of mahogany tends to neutralize the highlights that Koa can produce. The tone profile presents an excellent and balanced sound. But what about the gameplay? This is a Pau Ferro fingerboard, a resonance wood similar to rosewood. It’s much denser though, I enjoyed it when I was sure to hit every note. I think it enhances the subdued sound that Koa and Mahogany collaborate to show off.

The neck is made of mahogany and has a Pau Ferro fingerboard. This wood is known for its hardness, stability and resistance to wear. Also known as the Bolivian rosewood, it has become very popular in recent decades. There are 19 frets with a nut and Graphtech Bone saddle. As synthetic bone, they are as close to the real deal as possible. They work to give this uke greater stability of intonation, presence, and sustain. The split head also gives this uke a distinct look. With the Grover open-gear tuners in gold, it looks like the head of classic guitars. These tuners are great for fine tuning and provide additional stability to the strings.

Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele

Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele
  • ROOMY FRETBOARD: This uke's larger tenor-sized body exhibits an impressive level of projection and...
  • DYNAMIC RANGE: Featuring all-mahogany construction, the 15TM produces a well-balanced tone, with superb...
  • TOP QUALITY WOODS: This handmade tenor ukulele features mahogany top, back, and sides, giving this small...

If you are looking for the Best Tenor Ukuleles that does a good job for beginners and intermediates, all at a reasonable price, the Cordoba 15TM could be a great option for you. Cordoba is a good brand, which has a strong influence from Spanish guitars. The 15TM is also a decent sized model for bigger hands, great if you are in the process of switching guitars. The mahogany design gives it a comfortable feel as well as good projection and a really rich and complex sound. This uke plays like many models that cost twice as much. All the components are good, the ivory body and fingerboard mount show that a lot of quality is offered with the mount and construction of the uke. It also has shiny Aquila strings.

Cordoba is a well known ukulele brand to produce ukuleles of all prices, qualities and sizes. While some brands on the market are known for producing ukuleles aimed at meeting the needs of professionals, musicians of all levels of experience can find a Cordovan ukulele. The Ukulele Model 15TM costs less than $ 100 and is a great instrument for those looking for an affordable ukulele to start learning. If you want to see different sizes of 15TM, ​​Cordoba offers this model in concert, soprano and tenor. The Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele may be an affordable model, but the sound projection this instrument features is comparable to the sound projection you will find on a professional model. With the use of mahogany on the back, sides, and top of the ukulele, the Cordoba 15TM produces a warm, well-balanced sound.

Martin T1K UKE Koa Tenor Ukulele

Hand-Rubbed Finish, Tenor...
  • PROFESSIONAL SOUND: The top, back, and sides of Martin’s T1K ukuleles are constructed from solid,...
  • SUPERIOR APPEARANCE: The Martin T1K tenor uke is expertly handmade and boasts a solid Hawaiian koa top,...
  • PREMIUM HANDMADE UKULELE: Handmade from the highest-quality wood, each Martin ukulele is built to stand...

Hailing from the makers of the Best Tenor Ukuleles since 1916, the Martin T1K is a premium tenor uke built from the best Hawaiian wood, Koa. It has the full-size Koa full body with a high quality satin lacquer finish. It also has an applied dovetail neck joint, but it does not have the strap buttons to attach the straps. The instrument comes with nickel open gear tuners that allow for great tension and a carry bag for better portability. In the case of tonal integrity and playability, this uke is unrivaled. The Martin T1K is a high quality handcrafted product. That is why it is among the top 15 tenor ukuleles available on the market.

Martin has been around since 1833 and has developed a legendary reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Although they are best known for making guitars, they also produce some of the best ukuleles you can buy. It’s not exactly cheap (label price is over $ 500), but the T1K is still Martin’s most affordable tenor uke. It is made at their factory in Mexico City and is a great middle ground between entry-level Asian imports and high-end models made in the United States.

The T1K is pretty straightforward and doesn’t have a lot of cosmetic bells and whistles. However, the T1K’s excellent craftsmanship, playability, and sound make it one of the best tenor uke options on the market. If you stay within your budget and take ukulele seriously, the investment is worth it.

Luna Tattoo Mahogany Tenor Ukulele with Gig Bag

Luna Tattoo Mahogany Tenor...
  • A perfect uke for players who are looking for a beautiful sound at a tremendous value
  • This Tattoo Tenor takes its design from traditional Hawaiian body ornamentation and inspiration from the...
  • This design is based on a Hawaiian turtle (honu), a symbol of longevity and endurance rendered in a...

The Luna Mahogany Tenor Tattoo Ukulele is instantly recognizable by the traditional tattoo marks located on the front of the ukulele, which really adds an artistic touch to the instrument. The Best Tenor Ukuleles tattoo will never go away as it is laser etched on the front of the instrument.

In addition to the great cosmetic features of this ukulele, the back, neck, sides, and top of the instrument are made from mahogany. The use of mahogany to make this instrument gives this ukulele an incredible sound, especially considering the price. When you carry this instrument to play, you will notice the full and deep resonance that this ukulele provides, mainly due to the tonewood that was used to create the instrument. This is a mahogany tenor ukulele with a satin finish, which houses the exotic motif mentioned above. I wouldn’t say that mahogany is the high-quality wood we’re used to in high-end tenor ukuleles. However, the sound quality feels like a premium uke with more bias towards mid-range heat, thanks also to the solid mahogany neck.

One look at the fingerboard and the matte black surface will give you a hint of walnut, and it’s true! This is why Luna Tattoo is an easy-to-play tenor ukulele. I owe too much to that walnut fingerboard to help me make chord progressions like a snap. I love the way Luna prints a finishing touch on the shark tooth inlaid walnut to help me remember fret positions and numbers – another testament to the Hawaiian aesthetic! Fortunately, we also have a walnut bridge. Real resonant wooden bridges are required to keep the tuning intact.

Lohanu LU-T Tenor Ukulele Bundle

The Lohanu LU-T Tenor Ukulele is the highest rated tenor ukulele on Amazon. It is part of a set that includes a carrying case (soft padded case), tuner and strap. It’s a good deal, in my opinion. The craftsmanship of the Lohanu ukuleles is surprisingly tight and clean considering how affordable they are. My LU-T has excellent playability and a warm, open sound. The LU-T has over 2,500 reviews, almost all of them overwhelmingly positive. The company is based outside of Canada and people love the customer service and support, which includes an unconditional lifetime warranty.

The body of this Best Tenor Ukuleles features a fusion of sapele and mahogany, the former being known for its high-midrange brilliance that tends to articulate high notes. Meanwhile, the mahogany helps produce the smooth, warm sound we all know from tenor ukuleles. What’s impressive about this beginner tenor ukulele is its arched back, like that of the Donner.

The rear adds to the volume level as the sound has more room to bounce, which is exceptional at the price of this ukulele. While rosewood is not as smooth as walnut, I am in favor of the rosewood fingerboard here as it will allow beginners to adjust to the tension of the strings while practicing. However, this ukulele’s tonewood mix is ​​primarily laminate, not hardwood. The fret edges are well sanded and the action is optimal for beginners. Fully enclosed tuning gears are an indicator of tuning stability; however, the intonation goes slightly beyond the fifth fret on the high A string.