5 Best Drafting Tables 2020

Best Drafting Tables 2020

Studio Designs Comet Center with Stool Silver/Black 13325

2 Piece Comet Art, Hobby, Drawing, Drafting, Craft Table with 36"W x 23.75"D Angle Adjustable Top...
  • Overall Dimensions: 50 in. W x 24 in. D x 29.5 in. - 44.25 in. H at Full Tilt
  • Top Dimensions: 36"W x 23.75"D
  • (3) 12.75" x 12.75" Storage Drawers
  • 24" Slide-Up Pencil Ledge;Finish:Laminate
  • Additional Under Desktop Storage Shelf, Top Angle Adjustment from Flat to 40 Degrees

Studio Designs Comet Center with Stool Silver/Black 13325 is a perfect workspace for you and your working art materials. This perfect package offers a padded stool and three drawers to place your supplies and items. It is made of heavy gauge steel construction. The main product is durable and very gorgeous.

Built of thick steel, you can keep this draft table for a long time. The six-story layers installed on the table make it surprisingly stable. It comes with a silver stool. It is beautifully designed and interesting. Most importantly, beautiful design does not affect the functionality of the table. It provides the kind of comfortable workspace that the artist should focus on. Artists can have all the supplies they need on the table. Adjustable top artist also makes the job easier. Adjacent three drawers provide storage space to the artist.

It is ergonomic; Therefore, there is no reason to use it while taking care of your health or your back. It’s beautiful. The makers designed it beautifully, keeping in mind that no artist would use it. Also, this draft table only takes 20 minutes or less to set up and get ready for use. The price is right. It’s beautiful to look at. It has a solid construction, so you don’t have to worry about your death thinking you will need it soon. The risky work surface is great news for artists struggling with back problems. The three-drawer side table is also a great addition as it provides extra storage space.

The Comet Center is another 3-piece draft table of studio design with a comfortable workspace that keeps your supplies easily accessible. The surface of the table can be adjusted up to 20 degrees according to your work needs. Also, it has a 24-inch pencil rim that allows you to slide the table and lock it where needed. In addition to providing you with adequate storage space and a padded stool, there are three side drawers that are also very comfortable for sleeping in your workplace.

The versatile table maintains stability around with six-floor levellers. It has a large shelf under the tabletop. You can make the angle up to 40 degrees easy. The pencil ledge can slide up extra if you need to be comfortable during working. It even has a padded stool measuring 20.5 inches in height. Extra storage shelf under the workstation with a deep bottom to support your art material. You will find that this is a wide tilting tabletop for artist drafting and drawing. The top workspace has a pencil ledge for easy safeguarding your markers, pens, and pencils. It has a wide tilting top area with pencil ledge for protecting pencils from falling off the desk.

Studio Designs Comet Center with Stool Silver/Black 13325 is one of the best drafting tables in 2020.

Studio Designs 10050 Futura Craft Station

Glass Futura Craft Station in Silver/Blue
  • Futura Craft Station - Main Work Surface 38 x 24, glass desk large enough for all your art & craft needs
  • Tempered Glass Top - Tempered Blue Safety Glass Top, strong and durable
  • Multi-Purpose - Can be used as a Light Table or work desk
  • Adjustable Desk - Top Angle adjustment Up to 35 Degrees, can be used as a drafting table, computer table, writing table, home hobby table or art & craft desk
  • Modern Desk - 3 Plastic Molded Slide Out Drawers for Storage which can be mounted on left or right side of table, handy desk storage

Elegance defines this drawing table for artists. The simple table is that any artist should consider buying. The folding glass side shelf gives the artist all the comfort to draw, sketch or trace. The rectangular tube makes its frame more elegant. The worktop surface is made of blue protection glass. Artists can adjust the top degree up to 35 degrees. The three plastic drawers are removable and can be used as storage space. This drawing table is made by an artist who believes in skill. Although very effective, the table is also aesthetically appealing.

The table is sturdy and durable. At no time will you see it sinking. The side drawers are removable. Thus, the artist can isolate them and place them on the left side. Removable side drawers are suitable for left-handed artists. The drawing table is not only visually appealing, it is well constructed. The assembly took about an hour, following the instructions in the manual. Elegance and beauty are also a plus.

SD Studio Designs Studio Designs Modern Drafting Table

SD Studio Designs Studio Designs 2 Piece Vision Modern Metal Hobby, Craft, Drawing, Drafting Table,...
  • Main Work Surface 35.5 W x 24 D
  • Tempered Blue Safety Glass Top
  • Top Angle Adjustment from Flat up to 70 Degrees
  • 3 Plastic Molded Slide out Drawers for Storage(for use on left or right side)
  • Heavy Gage Powder Coated Steel Construction for Durability

Bring home this amazing table and transform it the way you did better. Equipped with an elegant blue tempered glass top, the table offers the comfort of good work even for the busiest animals. If needed, it is adjusted to be flattened at a good 70 degree angle so you can relax while working on the designs. Large work surfaces never make you feel short of space when you have large sheets to handle. Also, you’ll find a height-adjustable thick stool where you can work while sitting at the front table. 3 sliding plastic drawers mounted on the left or right will keep all your belongings together. High level of durability guaranteed by thick powder-coated steel construction. Fancy combination of caster and floor leveller for easy assembly.

Studio Designs Deluxe Craft Station Drafting Table

Studio Designs Deluxe Craft Station, Top Adjustable Drafting Table Craft Table Drawing Desk Hobby...
  • Futura Craft Station - Main Work Surface 36 x 24, craft desk large enough for all your art & craft needs
  • Four side trays for paints, brushes, pens, and other Accessories
  • Metal Frame holder with drip tray for glue gun and cup holder
  • Adjustable Desk - Finger touch adjustable angle top, top angle adjusts to 40 degrees, can be used as a drafting table, computer table, writing table, home hobby table or art & craft desk
  • Modern Desk - 3 Plastic Molded Slide Out Drawers for Storage which can be mounted on left or right side of table, handy desk storage

Studio Designs Deluxe Craft Station drafting table has an adjustable and comfortable tabletop for drawing, crafting, and drafting. Since Studio Designs can be adjusted up to 40 degrees, it gives a lot of flexibility. Pull the top of the Studio Designs metal table to your preferred height and it locks immediately. Studio Designs comes with three drawers and four accessory side tray are constructed for storing your supplies including pens, paints, brushes and other artist and art materials. Studio Designs desk feel like a mobile work station. It has four-wheel casters with dual locking modes for stable movement. The pencil ledge measures 24 inches and slides up easily. There are metal frame holder and cup holders having a drip tray paint and a glue gun. There are 3 plastic slide-out drawers mountable on both sides for extra storage purposes. This drafting tables has a finger touch adjustable angle top. The metal frame holder of the tables has a drip tray for glue gun and other accessories.

Studio Designs Deluxe Craft Station Drafting Table is the best drafting table in 2020.

ZENY Height Adjustable Drafting Draft Desk

ZENY Height Adjustable Drafting Draft Desk Drawing Table Desk Tiltable Tabletop w/Stool and Storage...
  • 【Hight is Adjustable】The ZENY drawing table is made of high quality P2 MDF Tabletop & Powder Coated Iron Legs & Nonwovens Drawers. Adjustable height (28"-35.8" ) and angle makes different work positions possible, The top table adjusts from 0 - 45 degrees
  • 【Variety of Ways to Use】This ZENY drawing table has Multi-function use. The main workstation can be adjusted up according to your comfort need. When you don’t need to use it, you can put the top of the desktop down, as a desk to use directly. Two spacious drawers serve as storage space for pens and other drawing tools
  • 【Protect Your Floor】The legs of the ZENY are designed with pad for stability & floor protection .The sheet stopper on lip effective prevent sheets slipping
  • 【Easy to Assemble】The ZENYdrawing table is easy to assemble and the all required accessories are included. Overall Dimension: 55" x 23.62" x 28"-35.8", Table surface: 34" x 23.62", 2 drawers (12" x 18" each), Stool: 12.2"(dia.)x20.87"(H)
  • 【Durable】 Constructed with high quality MDF and supported by powder coated iron legs.Comes with a matched premium stool offers you comfort.This drawing desk is ideal for drawing, crafting, painting

ZENY Height Adjustable Drafting Draft Desk Drawing Table can be tilted and raised up to 45 degrees. It has MDF Tabletop & Powder Coated Iron Legs & Nonwovens Drawers. It is for for writing, drawing, and drafting. Zeny Drafting tables are made of a heavy-duty silver steel frame. The desks also comes with 4 rolling casters and can carry up to 130 pounds. Two of these rolling casters can be locked to enhance mobility. There are two slide-out drawers for storing your items. You will find removable multi-slot and single-slot supply trays on both sides of the tables. There are 4 detachable single-slot supply trays on both sides to keep drafting materials and pens, accessories and other supplies. Two smaller drawers give for convenient plus storage. Purchase a chair and you are good!

Studio Designs Folding Modern Glass Top Adjustable Drafting Table

Studio Designs Folding Modern Glass Top Adjustable Drafting Table Craft Table Drawing Desk Hobby...
  • Futura Craft Station - Main Work Surface 35.25"W x 23.75"D, Overall Dimensions: 40.75"W x 23.75"D x 30.5"H, glass desk large enough for all your art & craft needs
  • Tempered Glass Top - Tempered Blue Safety Glass Top, strong and durable. Heavy Gauge Steel Construction for Durability, (4) Floor Levelers for Stability
  • Multi-Purpose - Can be used as a Light Table or work desk
  • Adjustable Desk - 6 Angle Adjustment from Flat Up to 35 Degrees, can be used as a drafting table, computer table, writing table, home hobby table or art & craft desk
  • Modern Desk - Four Removable Side Trays for Supplies, handy desk storage

Studio Designs Drafting Table are a multi-purpose desk for artists into drawing, crafting, sketching and drafting. Studio Designs is made of heavy-gauge steel for durability and might. There are four-floor levellers on each leg to enhance support and stability. This Studio Designs folding drafting table has a 24 inches pencil ledge that can lock if it slides upwards. The silver or blue tempered glass top surface can be used with lightboxes and light pads. You can adjust the Studio Designs tabletop from zero to thirty-five inches in six different angles. Studio Designs drafting tables have a large glass surface top for all your artworks. It has four detachable side trays for storing items. Studio Designs can fold flat for convenient storage.

Studio Designs Drafting Table is one of the top drafting tables in 2020.

Vivohome Adjustable Height Art Table Craft Drafting Table

VIVOHOME Adjustable Height Art Table Craft Drafting Table Desk Artist Drawing Table Tilted Tabletop...
  • DURABLE MATERIAL - Constructed of powder-coated steel tubes and premium wood, which boasts excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance and a high weight-bearing capacity. The desk surface is large enough for drafting, drawing, painting, writing, and other activities
  • ANGLE & HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE - Designed with adjustable 28—35.8 inches to suit your drafting needs. The angle of the desktop can be adjusted from 0—45º along 8 different adjustment points. Can be used as a drawing table, computer table, or writing table. A basket at the bottom holds any loose papers while the desk is tilted
  • COMPLETE KIT - Equipped with a free cushioned stool, tool trays, and a retractable side panel. The honeycomb pen holes and slots in the trays help you organize your pens and paint; the side panel can hold your laptop or tablet to display pictures for drawing and reference
  • SUFFICIENT STORAGE AREA - The built-in art tray, shelf, and 2 non-woven drawers provide a spacious place to hold your pens and other drawing tools and offer ultimate handy access to all your art and craft needs
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Comes with all the necessary tools and parts to build and install the table. Includes 4 smooth padded casters to protect you floors

Vivohome Drafting Table is a complete kit with adjustable height and angles. It is made of durable materials like powder-coated steel tubes and high-quality wood. The wooden desktop is made of glass top. These better features would make sure the table resistant to wear and tear and corrosion. This drafting desk has storage spaces available for your supplies, pencil, pens and other art materials. You can see and use it to keep your computers and as a writing desk in a professional home office. It can also be used as an easel for holding your paintings and other works of art. VIVOHOME Drafting Table is suitable for professionals, adults, and even children. You can turn using the knobs on each side of the table for adjusting the angles and heights. The height adjustment could be from like 28 inches to 35.8 inches. Adjustment for the angles could be made from 0 inches to 45 inches. There are eight adjustable desk angles. With these board steps, you can earn a suitable drawing angle for the ultimate fit from january to december. Non-woven drawers to take your art materials – there are two non-woven drawers for keeping your drawing tools and pens handy. The drawers can be pulled out silently without friction. The kit has installation tools – this combo drafting table comes with installation tools. This helps you to install the desk easily. Another device is the tool tray with honeycomb slots and pen holes for your paint and pens. There is a retractable panel where you can place your tablet or laptop on the side panel to display pictures while drawing. Four smooth padded casters are included in the kit for protecting the floors. The table also has a stool for kids.

How to buy the best drafting table?

If you are looking for a nice and comfortable drafting table for your craftsmanship, follow our guidelines in this article. Here are some features to consider:


The quality and style of a drafting table make it a top pick in the market. Some brands are made with powder-coated steels and finest wood. Other designs come with glass for durability.


Most persons choose to draft tables today based on aesthetic values and functional values. Some brands provide multi-functional benefits to the user. That is why considering the brand is important to avoid regrets.

Ease of Use

Check to choose a drafting table that can enhance your vision, comfort and convenience in a working surface. Some of the features that promote ease include adjustable height and like large enough size. Determine whether the size of the table can accommodate your drafting materials and other artworks.
If the package contains installation tools, you will know that assembling the table will be easy. High-quality designs come with rolling casters for stability and mobility. The producer may also add a padded stool for comfort.


Drafting tables with adjustable heights should be considered for buying. This makes it easier for children and adults alike to use the product.


You should purchase the draft table with your above requirements field according to your goal. The area above the drawing tables may be the same as the area of ​​the foot field but differs greatly. If you buy it for writing, the area may not be large because it is not practical to write in a large area. But if you buy it for drawing or painting, you need a large area. As we said earlier, drafting tables with large sizes are preferred. This feature makes it possible for you to draw, draft, and craft your artworks without hassles. They will also contain storage space for pens, pencils, and paints.


Pick a drafting table according to your budget. After considering all the various brands, designs, and multi-functional styles, carefully select an affordable product that is durable, beautiful, and functional.


Buying a large drawing space is not a good choice at all. It can be difficult to manage and you get bored while using it. Also, if your fully open draft table lacks storage space, you should choose a portable or foldable draft table. But you have to remember one thing: if you buy a full device, your legs will have more durability and the table will be stiffer than folded legs.

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