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Best Keyboard Tray for Gaming 2024

If you play PC games, you know how vital it is to keep your desk organised. There are varied requirements for your desk setup depending on the types of games you play the most. It’s great to have a clear desk, or as clear as you can keep it, even if it’s merely for aesthetic reasons. A gaming keyboard tray, for example, might help solve the problem of space by providing an additional surface on which your keyboard, and occasionally even your mouse, can sit during gameplay to improve your ergonomics. What is ergonomics, and why is it important in video games?

Computer keyboards are the most basic input devices, and without them, no computer activity can be done. Even if you utilise a laptop or a personal computer, you’ll need an extra keyboard to boost your productivity. Furthermore, a keyboard cannot be accommodated on a small table without the use of a gaming keyboard tray.

You’ll need an ergonomic keyboard tray that you can store while you’re not using it. While storing and maintaining your keyboard, it will also free up extra space for other important accessories. As a result, in this post, we’ve assembled a list of the best under-desk keyboard trays currently available on the market. Every one of our suggestions will include important information that will allow you to make an informed decision without having to look elsewhere.

Fellowes Office Suites Underdesk Keyboard Drawer

Fellowes Office Suites...
  • Height adjustable unit features 3 height adjustments to suit preferred work position and moves keyboard...
  • Mouse tray mounts to right or left side of keyboard tray or stows underneath
  • Sturdy, impact-resistant tray fits standard keyboards

Fellowes Office is the best option. This tray may be the solution if you cross a desk with a crossbar that prevents you from installing a keyboard tray under a standard desk with a rail. In some cases, rails are installed “over” (needless to say) with crossbars from some offices. The drawer with slides comes with ball-carrying slides, which ensure the drawers slide easily. Also, a keyboard stop that holds the keyboard right while you work. Adjustable height that allows you to easily place your keyboard in your ideal position with a choice of 3 height settings. It is made from environmentally friendly and recycled materials. It comes with a retractable mouse platform that can be used to the left or right of the track. This gaming keyboard tray is very durable. If you have a crossbar at the bottom of your desk that prevents ordinary keyboard trays from being installed, the Office Suites under desk is the option you’re looking for. The rails in their trays are easily installed on almost any desk with the help of crossbar design.Some keyboard trays are made with finely crafted machine tools that have been made to last forever. But if you don’t use an office that seems to belong to the White House, you may not need something so unreasonable. The Fellow Office Suite Tray provides an easy solution to a common problem for an inexpensive cost.

The tray itself is made from a durable impact-resistant polymer and made entirely of recyclable material. Impact resistance is an essential quality for small trays like this because it ensures that mechanical tracking will not be broken if anything falls into the tray. As for the track, it is made with a ball bearing design that provides smooth and continuous movement when you pull the pan back and forth. Behind the tray, you’ll find a well-placed keyboard stop that will hold your keyboard firmly in place as you work. The only major criticism that can be made with this device is that the hard plastic tray does not provide much comfort or padding and does not provide a favorable ergonomic position for the tray to stand on.

Fellowes Office Suites Underdesk Keyboard Drawer is the Best Keyboard Tray for Gaming in 2023

Kensington Under-desk Comfort Keyboard Drawer with SmartFit System

Kensington Keyboard Tray Under...
  • Keyboard tray allows you to set your optimal keyboarding height quickly and easily by adjusting to match...
  • Keyboard drawer fits all sizes of keyboards including oversize and ergonomically shaped models
  • Extra-wide 24.5" tray can also hold a wrist rest, mouse and mouse pad alongside the keyboard

The Kensington sub-desk is very popular and fairly easy to install. This special keyboard drawer provides plenty of space for your keyboard and mouse, including your extra-large tray in multiple parts. It will provide you with a comfortable and bio-egoistic work environment with three settings and height-adjustable with its simple glide drawer that can be mounted at one of three customizable heights.

Extra-large tray, with 26-inch space to attach a standard size keyboard and mouse next to it. General configuration and installation. This sliding keyboard/mouse tray can be easily mounted under your desk for personalized comfort. The SmartFit system lets you adjust your optimal viewing height quickly and easily. Management system only to keep the cords away from your mouse and keyboard. Mouse pad and wrist rest tray are included so that it is ready for use after installation. Most users agree that it was a cheap keyboard drawer for basic needs while sitting at a desk. It is made of fairly strong plastic. When you put your hand on the keyboard, it is slightly bent in the middle. It slides easily with a positive lock when pushed fully under the desk.

Kensington Under-desk Comfort Keyboard Drawer with SmartFit System is the Best Keyboard Tray in 2023

3M Keyboard Tray with Gel Wrist Rest and Precise Mouse Pad

3M Under Desk Keyboard Tray,...
  • Simply turn knob to adjust height +1.25"/-4.5" from mounting surface and tilt +15°/-15° to get to...
  • Sturdy all-in-one engineered wood platform minimizes bounce while typing and mousing
  • Includes easy to clean leatherette covered gel wrist rest with and Precise Mouse Pad with battery saving...

3M Keyboard Tray with 17 inch rail is designed for small workstations. The tray itself is wide enough to hold both the mouse and the keyboard. Additionally, you will see that this tray can support almost the full range of settings. The result is a combination of comfort and fits that is unbeatable for its price.The 3M tray uses a wooden construction standard to eliminate the kind of bounce you get when you hit a thin tray. And the gel imitation leather is combined with a wrist rest to combine this wood construction quality and comfort. For Aeronomics, you’ll find height adjustments at 1 “above your desk and 4.5” below. The tray itself uses a wide 25 x 16.4 x 2.4 inch design, which makes it deep but compact. In other words, it fits any size keyboard as well as your mouse.

For consistency, this plate provides a fairly strong range of motion. You can adjust the tilt of the tray to the front and back by 15 degrees, allowing you to find a neutral position for your wrists. It should be noted that the whole tray is tilted into a single unit, and there is no separate platform for your mouse. Whether or not this is practical depends entirely on your goals. At the back of the tray, you will find several integrated circular spaces that can be used to handle the cable. This can help keep your office space cohesive and prevent cords from getting involved with keyboard tracks. The construction of the track benefits itself from a smooth glide front and back thanks to steel ball bearings. The 3M includes a mouse pad, a lifetime warranty on the arm, a five-year warranty on the platform, and a one-year warranty on the wrist.

Its adjustable keyboard is designed for small workstations with minimal space for management. Finally, a comfortable and spacious adjustable desk keyboard drawer that can accommodate both keyboard and mouse. It comes with 3M’s own antimicrobial faux leather gel wrist rest that gives you support and comfort. For the price, it would be considered a good quality tray because many users have expressed their combined satisfaction. Suitable for many standard keyboards. Extra-large platform for mouse and keyboard. The mouse surface can be used on the left or right side of the keyboard. Integrated cable management to prevent cords from getting stuck in track water and limited height adjustment. Set the track in 3 separate positions. Smooth sliding action thanks to the steel ball bearings in its trajectory. this is one of the best keyboard trays in 2023.

Defy Desk Clamp On Keyboard Tray

This Defy Desk ergonomic keyboard tray allows you to operate your mouse and keyboard at a lower level than your computer, minimising back strain and total body tension.

This clamp-on tray is 26″ x 11″ (clamp not included), allowing you to comfortably rest your hands on the hardwood tray. Unlike other under-desk keyboard trays that require a minimum thickness of 1.5 inches, this Defy Desk product has no minimum thickness requirement, meaning it may be extended up to 2.4 inches to fit all types of desks.

Furthermore, the tray will not shake and will always glide in and out easily thanks to the stainless-steel side rails. A keyboard stopper is also included on the far edge of the tray to ensure that the keyboard does not unintentionally slip off and fall to the ground. Most consumers said the tray was strong and simple to put together, but keep in mind that neither the height nor the tilt angle can be modified.

Bush Business Furniture Articulating Keyboard Tray

Bush Business Furniture...
  • Accommodates both keyboard and mouse
  • Two non-slip strips hold keyboard securely in place
  • 5.3" height adjustable range and 15" of forward-backward travel to retract under desk surface when not in...

Bush Business Furniture Articulating Keyboard Tray is a good choice if you want an adjustable keyboard tray that is entirely programmable. The durable track is large enough to accommodate gel mats as well as a normal keyboard and mouse. You’ll also get two non-slip grips to hold your keyboard firmly in place while you work. The tray swivels 180 degrees to the left and right for maximum flexibility, allowing you to type in the position that is most comfortable for you. The slip-resistant soft-touch surface complements any desktop and can be installed in a matter of minutes. This ergonomic keyboard tray will wow you with its high-quality design and obvious sturdiness.

This is a very sturdy keyboard tray that will provide you with years of dependable service. Customers noticed a dramatic change after switching to this ergonomically sound keyboard and praised its adaptability. The tilt characteristics made this a wonderful keyboard tray for numerous users because they were simple to modify. Furthermore, the provided non-slip backing guaranteed that keyboards remained firmly in place while use. Bush Furniture offers a fantastic ergonomic keyboard tray at a very reasonable price for all of the value you will receive from your purchase.

StarTech Under Desk-Mount Keyboard Tray Under Desk-Mount...
  • SPACIOUS AND STABLE This under desk keyboard tray measures 26 4” (670 mm) by 10” (255 mm) providing...
  • PREVENT INJURY Installing an under-desk mount keyboard stand helps keep your shoulders arms and wrists in...
  • MAXIMIZE DESK SPACE This slide-out keyboard shelf frees up valuable desk space by moving your keyboard...

This Startech gaming keyboard tray is 26.4” in width and weighs 4.4 lbs. Depending on the size of your system, there should be more than enough to hold any game keyboard as well as a mouse. The Startech is unique in that it not only hooks into your desk from beneath the surface, but it also moves in the manner of a TV mount. When not gaming, you can fold it into itself for optimal space savings, and its ability to glide beneath the surface of your desk makes it undetectable to the eye when folded away.

The Startech keyboard tray’s wrist rest is also a lifesaver. You’ll be able to comfortably rest your wrist at all times in games where you stay roughly in the WASD area of the board, avoiding early arthritis and other undesirable effects that arise when you arch your wrist for lengthy periods of time. Startech is also an excellent brand, and other keyboard trays that are otherwise amazing cannot compete with this board’s capacity to endure pressure and endure years. Furthermore, in terms of durability and comfort, it’s a deal for the price. You may be prepared to compromise comfort for speed or ability, but with the Startech board, you can have it all. This gaming keyboard tray is highly suggested for MMO players and less-intense games.

VIVO Adjustable Computer Keyboard & Mouse Platform Tray

VIVO Adjustable Computer...
  • Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Tray - Installs underneath a standard desk for comfortable typing angles....
  • Enhance Posture - Reduce wrist soreness with supportive rubber padding, full side to side rotations, and...
  • Deluxe Universal 25" x 10" Tray - Fits most keyboards and mice. The keyboard slides forward and back on a...

The VIVO adjustable keyboard tray is one of our more budget-friendly solutions, with an unbeatable pricing for an ergonomic under-desk computer keyboard and mouse tray. This product was created to improve posture while typing for lengthy periods of time, and its supporting rubber cushioning decreases wrist fatigue at the end of the day.

You’ll be able to select the most comfortable posture for you regardless of the height of the desk thanks to the 5 inch height adjustment and full side to side rotations. The 25′′ x 10′′ tray is designed to accommodate most desk types as long as they are at least 5/8′′ thick, and it comes with all of the tools needed to put it together.

Finally, the VIVO tray comes with a limited 3-year manufacturer guarantee and tech assistance in the event that it is damaged. On the downside, several customers have complained that the tray is difficult to push in and remove out.

Benefits of Keyboard Trays

There are many health benefits to the body when using the keyboard tray. For many workers, it revolves around the effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Carpal tunnel syndrome is also known as recurrent stress injury. It is a defect in the transmission of nerve signals from the wrist to the brain that is performed by repetitive actions in a disgustingly wrong manner, such as typing for a few hours a day or using the mouse. It swells the tissues around the middle nerve of the hand and causes them to contract.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome usually progress over time, worsening over months or years of the same movement. Fortunately, in the early stages, the process is reversed by changing the way the habit is acquired. For office workers, this usually means switching to an ergonomic mouse and keyboard and positioning them better using the keyboard tray.

The same is true of cubital tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is well known, but Ulner tunnel syndrome unknowingly affects many of the same workers. The ulnar tunnel is the ulnar nerve tube, which runs from the shoulder to the wrist but is most delicate near the elbow. Ulna tunnels are often caused by prolonged bending at the elbows or repeated bending of the elbows backwards. It is often performed in two sitting at the computer. Reaching the mouse or keyboard more than once can affect ulnar tunnel syndrome. Symptoms can often be reduced by switching to a keyboard tray to keep the elbows and shoulders in a neutral position while typing, and the damage can be reversed.

A properly placed keyboard tray can help the user to correct their posture. Constantly leaning forward or looking for regularly used items on the desk can promote a backlash. This forward fall starts in high school students and if it is not corrected there is back pain and sometimes even nerve damage. Over time, this position stimulates the muscles of the lazy back, which means it is difficult and even painful for the body to position properly. Using a keyboard tray can be considered as a small step towards proper seating posture and spinal wellness.

How to choose the best keyboard tray

Height adjustment

Hinge drawers and keyboard styles can be adjusted to height, especially when identifying the specific configuration for your work needs. Note that the rails have limited height adjustment limits compared to other models on drawer-style platforms.


If you are worried about having enough space at the bottom to adjust your knees, look for a low profile design that maximizes knee flexibility and keeps you comfortable in the right position while tapping the mouse and in a comfortable position. You can measure the distance between your knees and the bottom of your desk and compare it to the depth of space needed for your computer’s keyboard tray.


You will have several track length options for different offices, depending on whether you have a spacious office or a narrow office. Be sure to measure the length of the track so that it is a good distance below the depth measurement of your desk. Otherwise, it may be too long and stretch from the front, leading to a very uncomfortable situation.


If you plan to use your keyboard as you type, you may want to consider the ergonomic features of different settings that make you more comfortable and help your muscles and tendons wear and tear. Having a wider range of motion and using negative tilt can be beneficial, for example.


It mounts to the bottom of your desk, and whatever you use to attach the process to the desk is to drill it (adjustable railing or arm) and probably require a little work involving track screws in your office. * Note: In the case of a sliding keyboard tray, the rails and support are several times all in one piece that is attached to the bottom of the desk.


If you choose a keyboard drawer with slides, you will be able to slide it from the outside, but it may be limited to adjusting the height relative to a shelf with an individual keyboard in the shape of an arm. These will provide you with adjustments for the best possible posture for your height and seating position. In most cases, you can look for trays that can be viewed side by side. Typically, this will come in 2 parts: half the process will be connected to your tracking, which is connected to your desk. At the other end will be the keyboard platform you choose.


According to your personal preference as the space you need. Choose a platform that can hold your keyboard and mouse at the same level. Or keep a compact keyboard space with a sliding drawer or removable mouse tray.

Wrist rest

Typically, absorbent and helpful foam gel. Covered with synthetic leather, nylon, or synthetic knit for a smooth and cool surface for your wrist rest.


Some keyboard trays are arranged in a combined system, a dimension that matches your general configuration for your keyboard and mouse. Others focus on individual mouse trays that can clip over railings or slide inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Keyboard tray?

The use of keyboard trays is intended for office workers and typists. These people often use keyboards that studies have been designed to accurately determine their personality traits depending on the use of keyboards and mice. They will be the main target of keyboard trays. Tray typing keeps a typist’s elbow from stretching unreasonably throughout the day. They also support a steep, comfortable posture that is necessary to prevent stress from being heavy on the body from work in any office.

Trays designed for keyboards create a small, chaotic free workspace for all types of users. For those who like to write with pen and paper, a great platform is provided to do this, which helps to avoid leaning on the desk. It’s great for writing memos, adding notes to the calendar, or supporting a book for free reading time. It’s also a great place for artists who feel inspired to enjoy the doodle on their desk while supporting healthy postures.The keyboard tray extra page is suitable for anyone who has a small office space and needs to free up their space to work properly. Removing the keyboard and mouse on a tray largely frees up otherwise unused space.

What are the different types of keyboard trays available in the market?

There are two sorts of keyboard trays: clamp-on trays and trays with an arm, depending on the manner of installation. Clamp-on trays may be simply fitted under the desk, whereas a tray with an arm can be installed either on or under the desk, depending on your preference and height adjustability.

Which type of keyboard tray should I select – a tray with an arm or clamp-on?

The ease of installation and use is the most important thing to consider. Clamp-on types are often simple to install without the use of tools or screws, but the tilt angle and height cannot be adjusted in these trays.

While trays with an arm are a little more difficult to install, attaching them to the desk takes a lot of time, effort, and tools. They do, however, let you to adjust the tilt angle and height for a more comfortable working position. These trays are not suitable for use on marble or glass desktops.