Best Jigging Rods 2020

Shimano Trevala 6’6 MH 2-Piece Saltwater Jigging Casting Rod

SHIMANO Trevala 6'6 MH 2-Piece Saltwater Jigging...
  • The highly innovative Trevala Jigging rod series is designed to be used with the deadly Shimano Butterfly...
  • Engineered with a high carbon butt section fused together with a TC4 tip; this new blank design from...
  • Reinforced with Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides. Diamond polished for an ultra-smooth finish; these guides...

Fishermen consider Shimano Trevala jigging rods as the best jigging rods. These are modern saltwater jigging rods that are extremely light, thin, and completely parabolic but incredibly strong to belong and innovative. They allow powerful jig fishing configurations to turn butterfly jigs and combine with reels equipped with high-speed gears and high drag capabilities. The Travala is made using the TC4 construction, which consists of a high carbon heel and a TC42 section. The result is a lightweight cane that feels balanced and easy on the back and shoulders and sensitive enough to detect and even respond to shy bites. It is inflexible and throws enough jigs of butterflies, can bend completely on its own, but can handle large-sized invasive fish such as redfish, stripes, and groupers with even pulling force from below and heavy coverage. It also has a fast recovery rate, which Pros from a jigging action and makes fish content faster.

Rugged Fuji aluminum oxide line guides reduce line wear and improve durability. The EVA handle provides light and firm and comfortable grip. Diamond polish gives it a smooth and elegant finish. The long length of the Traveler makes it a versatile fishing rod that you can use to throw all kinds of bait and lure. It’s not cheap, but it pays off several times over. You will love jigging!

This rod breaks the mold when the jigging rods arrive. Thank you for building the exclusive C4S graphite/glass, you will get a lighter and smaller rod without losing the required energy. Lightweight and slim diameter also translate into increased sensitivity, a feature that will help you prevent fish from being eaten as the last meal of your meal or as a snack. Fuji Alconite guides provide smooth functionality and reduction of line resistance. The Fuji reel seat locks the reel securely, making it suitable for large fish that can pull deep water. Finally, the custom slotted handle, made by EVA, provides superior comfort, resistance, and balance.

The Shimano Trevala jigging fishing rod is surprisingly tough when you see its shortcomings. It is gentle on both arms and shoulders and strong enough to carry black algae or even tuna out to sea. Most fiberglass and graphite composite rods are manufactured with crisscross graphite packaging. There is a spiral rolling that helps reduce excess weight. The handle is a thicker and heavier, but still good balance. The flexibility provided by moderate quick action is useful for energy savings, but it also gives a perfect presentation to balanced center horizontal templates like Shimano butterflies.

Jigging at the greater depths of the ocean may seem impossible, but this Shimano jigging rod has the ability to line up to carry heavy tests or many medium-weight tests to get jigs deep in the ocean. Some lengths of the Shimano Travala jigging rod, such as the TVC 66H, have an aluminum stock that can wear for a few months, and others have an EVA that should be somewhat durable, but with the right caution, has this is a problem that is easily overcome. It is strong enough to hold the strong reel in place of fighting with strong fish. Line guides are also designed to keep the line longer.


Extra flex
Fuji reel seat and line guide
Tons of power
Well balanced


The end of the rod may be worn out

Shimano Trevala 6’6 MH 2-Piece Saltwater Jigging Casting Rod is the Best Jigging Rod in 2020

Okuma Fishing Tackle Okuma Cedros Jigging Rods CJ-C-661MHa

Okuma Fishing Tackle Okuma Cedros Jigging Rods,...
  • E-glass blank offers incredible pulling power
  • Glass blanks offer shock reduction when using braided line
  • Alps pyramid-shaped 2-tone anodized aluminum reel seat is more ergonomic and offers more control

Okuma is the ideal solution when you need high-quality fishing gear at an affordable price. The Okuma Cedros fishing rod provides a winning combination of durability and resistance to fight against large saline species. Okuma designed this rod for jigging all day, despite the size it is designed to be light and comfortable. Surprisingly, others mostly choose graphite or fiberglass construction for white using graphite or a combination. However, fiberglass has its advantages. In addition to being almost indescribable, it is suitable for absorbing shocks when combined with a broken line. ALPS long stainless steel guideline with zirconium insertion reduces wear and provides smooth operation. The anodized aluminum reel seat in the shape of an ALPS pyramid provides a secure grip of your desired reel and comfort during prolonged use.

The white glass construction gives the rod incredible strength and lifting power, making it ideal for hunting large species. The downside is that the stem is a bit heavy. The ribbed EVA front handle and ergonomically shaped anodized aluminum reel seat compensate for excess weight and improve comfort. With its resistance and minimal stretch, the pigtail is the best line for jig fishing. Glass is very effective in absorbing shocks from blank e-bread, and line guides provide zirconium guide inserts and stainless steel guide frames that reduce line friction.

Jingles are easy to rest in or near rocky bottoms deep in the deep sea where redfish prefer to hang around with the adversity and sensitivity of the Okuma Cidro fishing rod. While this may not give the fisherman enough strength to just set the hook and make the redfish almost helpless to inflate its air bladder and fight, this rod enables fishermen to detect small targets that are a nuisance to other rod users. Wrapping small fries around lazy time and letting go of redfish in the right way can burn precious hours for a trip on the way to fishing.

With the help of this high-speed jigging rod, a real presentation can be given to the targets using a broken line without a leader or top plan. Raised line guides with zirconium ceramic inserts prevent friction in the line along the rod, which is also designed to reduce shock when using a broken line. The EVA handle with a slotted handle allows the fisherman to draw target shots out of the water.

The reel seat is securely locked and always adjusted properly. Overall, given its combination of flexibility and cutting flow, the Cidros E-Glass is probably the best fish jigging rod you can find on the market.


The sensitive rod is empty
Raised ceramic line guide
Safe reel seats
High-speed power
Resistant to impact by design


Could be better

Okuma Fishing Tackle Okuma Cedros Jigging Rods CJ-C-661MHa is the Best Jigging Rods in 2020

Fiblink Saltwater 1-Piece Jigging Jig Spinning Rod

Fiblink Saltwater Graphite Jig Jigging Spinning...
  • Designed specifically for vertical jigging; Versatile enough for various techniques
  • 1-piece graphite-glass fiber composite blank, offers incredible pulling power
  • 5+1 Guides, stainless steel guide frames & ceramic inserts reducing friction from braided lines

Fiblink saltwater spinning and casting jigging rods have many linear lines and the ability to send lore to the right size where you need it. The graphite combination is light enough to make subtle templates realistic underwater but still has enough stopping power to capture the target.

This rod proves that no quality resistant jigging rod needs to be supplied with an equally resistant price tag. But don’t worry, you don’t give up the quality just to stay on a budget. The thing that fishermen look for in a fishing rod is power. It must have the big fish, and the backs needed to handle the equipment they hold. Don’t be afraid. This rod is built using carbon fiber blanks in Japanese Troy. It is capable of handling up to 80 lbs and 7 oz jigs. Each rod is finished with a stainless steel guide with a ceramic insert, a graphite reel seat with a tapered cap, and an aluminum gimbal with a rubber cap. Thanks to a butt joint design, this 2-piece rod is as sensitive and reliable as a single piece but much easier to transport and travel. This rod is not only our choice for the best quality for money but also one of the best 2-piece jigging rods.

Fiblink is light and light, stiff jogging stick designed with quality components and offered at an affordable price, making it the best value for money. It is specifically designed for vertical salt jogging and has the exact specification of the best rod for jigging.

The draft is made using the right mix of graphite and fiberglass rods made light, flexible, and sensitive but rigid and equipped with the tensile strength to transport large fish from their bottom cover. A 5 + 1 guide reinforces the durability with a stainless steel frame and ceramic inserts, which better withstand wear and reduce the line’s friction for fluid flow.

It has a great non-corrosive aluminum alloy reel seat for secure locking at the reel base to ensure that the reel stays in place when gelling and fighting fish. The high-density EVA handle, and front handle provides balanced comfort and enhanced control. A gimbal butt secures the stock to reduce fatigue while fishing for over an hour. It also has a versatile holding hook.

Wally can appear in different places in the water column on your boat. The best jigging rod for walleye is versatile enough to slide, jump into the background, flow, swim, or bind any other element in the air.

Most of the stretched exterior parts of these rods, such as reel seats and stock, are made of aluminum or aluminum alloy to resist corrosion in the saltwater environment. There is also integrated hook support. Find the largest diameter and heaviest weight of this rod. It is better to combine with a heavy reel and greed.

The good news is that this rod can withstand about 120 pounds of testing and is probably a bit heavier, so with the right spinning reel, you can be a real monster-catcher if you prefer surf or offshore fishing. It can also provide fishermen with extra meter broken lines or firelines for fishing in structures such as dense vegetation or sunken boats or submerged logs.


High rating
Integrated hook protector
Central rod
Quick move to touch


Large and dense top

Fiblink Saltwater 1-Piece Jigging Jig Spinning Rod is one of the Best Jigging Rods in 2020

What is jigging?

Jigging is a fishing technique that involves heavy jigs, suspended almost vertically, and works with an action that makes it look like a fleeing baitfish. If you’re practicing slow jigging, the relatively new version of the technique involves light equipment that gives a slightly different action to what looks like an injured fish.

What is a jigging rod?

Jigging rods are usually short rods that combine fast or fast-medium action with a tip of high strength and quick recovery. Although modern jigging rods are rarely seen as thick broom handles as in previous versions, they are still specifically designed for jigging. Although you can try to jigger with a simple, versatile rod, the act of greed will not be as appropriate as the rods were designed for other applications such as casting.

Why do I need a special jigging rod?

Lots of jigging with a vertical presentation near the bottom. This could be for winter ditches, redfish all year round, or the flathead catfish if you are adventurous. Jig lures have soft plastic that obscures the hooks, so the key to fishing is to make them look like baitfish. This means that the best jigging rod should be more parabolic than standard rods; It requires medium-speed action to move fishermen and move them in greed.

The rod can be spun up or down by jigging regularly or irregularly into long or short jigs. It just depends on goals and greed. Although this can be done with standard ingot rods, it is simpler and more precise with the help of rods specially designed for jigging configurations.

How to buy the best Jigging Rods?

Build quality

Like other rods, zigzag rods are usually made of graphite, fiberglass, or a combination of the two. Fiberglass blanks are stiffer and more durable. These may be more sensitive, but they are usually not flexible enough to properly move the jigging movement.

Graphite is lighter and more flexible than fiberglass. The best jigging rod would be a combination of graphite and fiberglass. This gives them invincible durability and enough spine to pull the fish out of the water.


A good rule of thumb is that your platform matches your target. Nervous fish like trout need sensitive and light rods. Boss jigging techniques vary at different times of the season, but generally, they prefer grass-covered lures that pull them out of the shelter or mix them with trees. Fishermen will need a rod that is versatile enough for low-hop and drift or dragon. Most jigging rods will work for different targets, but some are more specialized for convenience.


Popular jigsaws include rap jigsaws, which are the equivalent of a minnow that swims in underwater circles; Blade jigs that act like blade bait; Food jigsaws mimic the small pieces that fish like to eat; And flat templates with several hooks.

These are weighed in the center to make them jump from some realistic point of view. Others are perfectly vertical, and their presentation is based on what sinks down after each template. There is no one who is always better than others. Like any other style of angling, it is wise to bring a variety with you.


A flexible rod can save a lot of energy for the jelly because jigging involves more up and down movement. This helps the fisherman to move forward towards greed by making one jig better. If the fish does not feel instant resistance, it will hold longer, which is why more parabolic rods can help.

It is important to feel the punctures at the end of the line. If you fish for species like redfish, it can save you a lot of time if you don’t drive 100 feet because of some snacks. The best jigging rod will be sensitive enough to distinguish.


There are several different applications that require different tools. It can be different in one place; What works on the Internet does not always work in different environments. That said, small rods are used for jigging, especially just for vertical presentations under the boat.

If you imagine running a fish under the boat, you can imagine how you would need a small rod with enough power to bring the fish to you. Fishing rods are usually 6’0 “to 6’6” and medium to heavy.


Describes the action of the rod where the rod bends and determines how much force it will take to create curvature. Light stalks are usually more parabolic, which means they are slower. Quick-action rods are more commonly used with spinning reels when hook adjustment takes more power.

You can determine the action of the template fishing rod by planting one edge in the flat ground and lifting it. The quick action is only in the third-place near the tip. The middle one returns to the middle and slowly returns to the third closest to the grip.


Getting jigging rods at good prices is relatively easy. There are some advantages to buying a more expensive type, but there are many models that will work just fine if you have a limited budget.


Many of these rods come with a warranty that will help replace or repair the rod if it breaks due to a factory defect within the specified time from purchase. The deadline can vary greatly, so make sure you know what it is and how to register it before you buy your fishing rod.

Other additional and extra features of Jigging Rods

Some other things to keep an eye on the fishing rod are the reel seat, guide, and handle. The reel holder should be screwed in place to hold the reel in place and pull a lot on top of the fish without moving the reel.

Guides are important to reduce friction in the line and to keep it hollow. Guides may contain inserts that may pop out after prolonged use. The handle should be comfortable for a long time, but it should also give the angler enough room to adjust the hand’s position for extra lifting.

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