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Best Walleye Rods 2024

KastKing WideEye Walleye Fishing Rods

KastKing WideEye Walleye...
  • EXTREME POWER AND SENSITIVITY - KastKing WideEye Walleye Rods are designed from the ground up to be the...
  • FUJI TANGLE FREE K FRAME GUIDES – FUJI REEL SEATS - A KastKing WideEye Walleye fishing rod gives...
  • AMAZING GAME CHANGING WEIGHT REDUCTION - WideEye Walleye rods are one of the lightest rod you'll ever own...

KastKing has only a few years of activity but they have already gained a great reputation as a best walleye fishing rods manufacturer. Wide is a specific Wally fishing rod. There are 13 different rods in the wide range.The series starts with a 6’2” to 8’6” medium. Each rod in the Walleye series can be used for both spinning and jigging. Wide rods are highly sensitive due to the 48-ton IM9T’s carbon blank stamping method. Wide rods will be one of the lightest corners owned. The lightest casting starts at 3.42 ounces. Although the casting name may not be very well known, they are believed to be the perfect fishing rod for the Walleye they have created. The Walleye Walleye Rod is a great rod if you want to jig for Walleye and it is sure that any rod will give you all the opportunities that can land you a lot!

Length is 6 feet 2 inches, it has the shortest side we see, but it makes it more portable and easier to handle. Combining a short length with a strong average power and an extra quick action, this rod is incredible. It gives the ability to land even the largest walleyes and the smell of even the smallest snacks. A weight of 1/8 to 1/2 ounce lure is a great area for jiggling Walleye. The ranges are slightly shorter than the other rods but you will find that most lures and lines will fall within this range so it is not a huge negative.

Here, too, the first-rate of production quality. The carbon layers involved in the graphite void form a rigid structure when extremely light. Fuji guide and reel seats are also available, providing you with the highest quality material you should look for.All in all, you won’t find a better rod for catching Wally than casting. It simply goes beyond the competition. Don’t be fooled by the name: Dive as much as you want to catch Wally.

KastKing WideEye Walleye Fishing Rods is the Best Walleye Rod 2022

St. Croix Eyecon Spinning Rods

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When most people think of walleye fishing and St. Croix rods, they probably think of the St. Croix Eyecon series of rods. This reed series does not have all the amazing bells and whistles of the Legend series, but it is more affordable and still designed to work! St. Croix is ​​known for making high-end fishing rods that have all the amenities. The Eyecon spinning rod is no different. It has great attributes that you will really appreciate on your next walleye fishing trip.

This line of rods has a variety of specifications, with rods ranging from 6 ‘3 “long to 8’ long. There is a light output option to choose from, otherwise they will all be medium or medium. There are around Five 2-piece rod models to choose from, but the vast majority of rods will be 1-piece. Most action ratings for these rods will range from Fast to Extra Fast, which is great for walleye fishing in my opinion. The Eyecon is designed for lines between four and eight pounds, which is definitely not the best range on this list. This is good enough though, considering the rod can only handle lures up to 3/8 ounce safely. Neither has a wide enough reach to blow our minds, which is why this rod didn’t take first place.

The upper features a split EVA and cork grip that feels great in the hand. They used Kigan 3D guides with strong aluminum oxide rings and ceramic inserts. The Fuji IPS reel seat is also a strong addition to this rod. As always, St. Croix made a fantastic cane from the highest quality materials.

Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Spinning Fishing Rod

Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye...
  • Hidden Handle Design reel seat allows function and comfort to co-exist. Extreme comfort; not seen on the...
  • Titanium frame guides are extremely lightweight and are virtually bulletproof!
  • TAC and cork handle design provides a solid grip even when the handle becomes wet

The name Fenwick is a legend. The company has been producing quality fishing gear for more than 50 years. The Fenwick Elite Series is available in 5’9 “medium to 7’6” medium-light sizes. The hidden handle design is configured for ergonomic comfort. When the situation is wet, the TAC or EVA handle absorbs moisture every bit. Elite Tech Rods are designed for sensitivity with fast and extra quick action. If you are a beginner, it is best to stay with the fast-acting rod. Fishermen know that if you smell the fish, the fish already smells like a fisherman. The Fenwick Elite Rod is suitable for light or heavy bait and heavy cable configurations. Twenty-four customers reviewed with a five-star rating of 3.9%. Lifetime warranty.

The fishing rods are already extremely well made, but somehow Fenwick has found a way to further improve their Elite Tech Wall fishing rods. The rod has an innovative TAC and a cork handle so that the common mill holder lacks wires which is so uncomfortable. Instead, you will only feel comfortable materials no matter where you hold the handle. The trunk is extremely short, five feet nine inches long. This can be a great choice if you are looking for a shorter and more portable rod. The energy is average, which is great, and the extra quick action is good.

The wide range of line weights and weights of greed is a great addition. You will be able to use lines of four to twelve pounds and iron from 1/8 to 3/4 of an ounce. This means you can use virtually any line or temptation when preparing for your fishing trip.
These rods are available in different models so you can guide your rod towards your favorite walleye fishing techniques. Medium to medium strength to length 6’6 to 7’2. We like the sensitivity of the stem from the tip to the butt and think it helps to detect these catches in the light valleys. Fast to extra-fast action is ideal for fast hook games, but Wally can sometimes cause some failure by not taking the bait with great enthusiasm. The grips of these rods are somewhat different from the others in our article. Fenwick uses a cork / EVA blend with a hidden handle design.

The backbone of these rods is a bit fragile, but for 99% of the 99 walleyes you are going to work with, you can produce more than enough lift and power to lift them quickly on the boat. We like the way these rods will flow. Although the distance and accuracy to be achieved will vary depending on the length of the rod you are carrying, they are smooth and the handling is great when the lure comes into the water. With this incredible handle, Fenwick uses high quality carbon blanks and titanium guides. No expense is spared here about the quality of the construction, and it really shows. This cane is a great masterpiece of design. If you’re looking to cut edge technology, the Fenwick Elite Tech spinning rod is on the front of the pack.

Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Spinning Fishing Rod is the Best Walleye Rod 2022

St. Croix Legend Tournament Walleye Spinning Rod

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As the best premium rod on our list, the St. Croix Legend Tournament Walleye Fishing Rod features Advanced Reinforcement Technology (ART) and is made from carbon fiber, for light weight, yet extremely strong and durable, capable of handle a battle with virtually any fish.

In addition to this, the St. Croix Legend also features Integrated Poly-Curve (IPC) technology. This eliminates all transition points along the axis, while providing extremely smooth action and increased sensitivity. Perfect for jigging, this 5’9 ” one-piece gold fishing rod is designed for ultra-fast action and medium power. Finally, this rod is also backed by a 15-year transferable warranty, making it an ideal purchase if you plan to fish for walleye for many years. Pair it with a nice spinning reel and you’re ready to feast!

It all starts with the manufacturing and testing of the cane in Park Falls, WI. This means that Holy Cross will use the best materials, such as Fuji guides, when building the bar. It will be constructed of the finest graphite materials and coated with the best finish to ensure this fishing rod does not wear out in the elements.

The build quality is exquisite. High modulus graphite, Fuji guides with alconite rings, and machined aluminum trim and trim pieces are just a few of the materials used to create the Legend Tournament Walleye fishing rod. The feel and action of this rod are excellent, and it features the best finish and materials of all the rods on this list. If you’re looking for a high-end walleye fishing experience, this rod wins hands down. There are a few issues preventing it from being the best walleye rod, but it is definitely the best made.

Cadence Spinning Rod

Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning...
  • What You Get From Cadence: Cadence fishing poles offer high-performance premium features at an unbeatable...
  • Ultra-High Quality 30-TON Carbon Fiber Blank: All CR5 1-piece and 2-piece fishing rods are constructed...
  • Ultra-High Quality 30-TON Carbon Fiber Blank: All CR5 1-piece and 2-piece fishing rods are constructed...

The Cadence Fishing CR5 fishing rod is a great purpose fishing rod. With this particular model, you can use it for both jigging and trolling. If you are looking for a cane that you can use in case of use, this may be it. Cadence Fishing, A small group of fishermen aiming to give back to a recent generation of sports fishermen, is the Cadence provides premium features for good quality and many useful organizations to assist any angler.

CR5 is manufactured with advanced materials and components. Stainless steel guides and SIC inserts provide great rotating behavior and lineless tangle. The state-of-the-art design with Fuji reel seats is a fundamental part of the cadence rod. The range of Cadence CR5 rods is available in a wide range of lengths and varied activities, ranging from medium action 4’8 “to medium speed action 7’ .0”. A 4’8 “CR5 is suitable for coastal fishing and river bottom applications.

Coming within six and a half feet, the CR5 combines this with great length for trolling and easy reach with average power and quick steps for jigging, it’s not too soft or too hard. This combination makes it an interesting addition if you plan to use rods in different fishing styles. With a pretty wide range of six to twelve pounds in line for Lores and 1/8 to 3/4 of an ounce, you can use any tool you want with this rod. This is another element that makes it a great versatile rod for holding wallies. Build quality on the surface is great: stainless steel guide with carbon handles, high quality EVA and cork and CC inserts. But in reality, it doesn’t seem as strong as the other items on this list. Cadence CR5 is a good rod. It handles a variety of fishing techniques, which makes it extremely versatile.

Cadence Spinning Rod is the Best Walleye Rod 2022

Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rod CR5-30

Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning...
  • What You Get From Cadence: Cadence fishing poles offer high-performance premium features at an unbeatable...
  • Ultra-High Quality 30-TON Carbon Fiber Blank: All CR5 1-piece and 2-piece fishing rods are constructed...
  • Ultra-High Quality 30-TON Carbon Fiber Blank: All CR5 1-piece and 2-piece fishing rods are constructed...

Cadence Fishing’s CR5 Spinning Rod is an excellent all-around fishing rod. You will be able to utilize this model for both jigging and trolling. If you’re searching for a rod that can be used in a variety of situations, this could be the one.

The CR5 is a terrific length for trolling and jigging, measuring in at six and a half feet. When combined with the medium power and quick movement, it is neither too soft nor too rigid. That combination makes it an excellent choice if you intend to use the rod for a variety of fishing styles. With a line weight range of six to twelve pounds and a lure weight range of 1/8 to 3/4 ounce, you’ll be able to utilize practically any gear with this rod. This is also another reason why it is an excellent all-around rod for capturing walleye.

On the surface, the construction quality appears to be excellent, with high-grade carbon, EVA, and cork grips and stainless steel guides with SiC inserts. However, it does not feel as powerful as the other rods on this list. In use, it’s adequate, but I’m not sure I’d trust it as my primary rod for many years.

The Cadence CR5 is an excellent rod. It can handle a wide range of fishing approaches, making it incredibly adaptable. While the build quality appears to be excellent on paper, it falls short in practice.

Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

Ugly Stik 7’ Tiger Elite...
  • UGLY STIK 7’ TIGER ELITE NEARSHORE/OFFSHORE ROD: Extra graphite in the rod blank and upgraded...
  • 14-40LB LINE RATING, HEAVY POWER: Built tough to stand up to what's next. Lure rating of 1-5 oz. One...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Constructed from graphite and fiberglass for a lighter weight rod, while...

In addition, the Tiger Elite spinning rod has a fighting-length EVA handle with a contoured grip for increased comfort while walleye fishing.While the Shakespeare Elite from Ugly Stik is excellent for trolling and heavier operations, the Tiger Elite is specially built for jigging and bottom fishing. In other words, though this rod has a very light action, it also has a lot of power to ensure that you can hook, set, and land the big one.

Choose the best Walleye Rod

When picking a walleye rod, you must make sure that it is strong enough to stand up to your large size fish when it is short and allows you to feel the tiny bite. The rock should be firm enough to attach the hook to the small bite, pushing the hook deeply to make sure the fish is not exposed. The only exception to this rule is when you are trolling. If you plan on trolling for Walllay, the sensitivity will be less of a problem and you will need more powerful rods, as trolling puts a lot of pressure and strain on your equipment.

Most rods do not meet all the criteria, but properly compromised fish can make the difference between landing and watching it swim. Follow the instructions below and although we can’t guarantee that you’ll never lose a fish, you’ll be better equipped to make sure it doesn’t happen too often.

Fishermen want to present the bait to their target fish in the best way possible. Experience knows the importance of having the best tools available. Walleye provides a great fishing experience even for the most seasoned fishermen. A popular fishing fish, Wally is located primarily in northern lakes and rivers, which offers fights for claims. When targeting this great fish, focus on rod selections in these three separate sections.

If you want to find the best wall rod for jigging, spinning or trolling, you have come to the right place. Click on any of the strategies below to go to the stem section.

Different rods are used for efficient configuration. In every form of fishing, there is always an opportunity for crossover use. Sensitivity is a necessary element when selecting Wally stem. Use the following notifications to start your search. Notifications can be a series of specific rods for jigging, trolling or spinning. Each series will have rod lengths and verbs for specific target positions and configurations.


The length of the wally stem is not the most important issue, but it should be taken into consideration. Typically, we are looking for a six to six and a half foot rod. A great length to give you that great quick tip, while still setting the hook and providing enough power to land a decently sized wall. Long rods can be used if you are trolling to give the rod some more power, but it is not necessary to jiggle or rotate.


When fishing for Walleye, if you’re jigging, you’ll want to look for a rod with a medium to medium light output. This will allow the rod to be light enough to move quickly, while giving it enough spine to fish. For trolling rods, you want to look for a more powerful option. Take a look with medium-heavy notes, which will give you enough strength to handle the rigors of trolling.


Given the light bite featuring gold, you’ll want a very soft stem to feel better. If you’re jigging, you’ll probably buy a fast-acting or very fast-moving rod. If you plan on trolling, pick a slightly tougher fast rod as fewer steps are required. It comes down to your specific use, so keep your phishing style in mind.

Line weight

The weight of the line is directly related to the power of the rod, so the more power you need, the more the weight of the line you want to use. For normal gold jigging, the range can range from four pounds to twelve pounds. Combined with the proper power, this range will give you the best fishing experience when you try to get off the wall.

Jigging, spinning or trolling

There are three main ways to fish Walleye: jigging, spinning and trolling. The first two will use almost identical rods, while trolling will require a bit more construction. So, if you plan on jigging or spinning, your rod choice may be the same. However, if you are looking for trolling, you need to think about getting a more powerful rod. We have given you choices for each of the rods below, so that you can make the right purchase decision.


There are many rods on the market that are made from less than the finest materials. You want to make sure you avoid them. You want to look for high quality carbon or graphite, as well as a hard metal guide material. The components of the handle come down to your personal preferences but you should consider a high quality EVA or cork construction. These materials are proven and will help keep your rod year after year.