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Best Mouse Bungees for Gaming 2024

Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V3 for Esports-Level Performance

Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V3:...
  • Wireless-Like Experience: An adjustable spring allows for the mouse cord to be threaded in the best angle...
  • Weighted Base: Additional drag-free cord control stability provided by an integrated weight - 240g...
  • Zero-Movement Anti-Slip Grip: The solid, weighted base is reinforced with non-slip feet to always keep...

When a company’s product sells enough units to support three modifications, you know they’re doing something well. Razer’s Bungee V2 was well-received, and Razer smartly elected to keep the same fundamental design for the revised model.The differences between V2 and V3 are mostly cosmetic. The previous versions’ angular design is no longer present. Instead, the Bungee V3 has a rounder base and spring arm supports that are slightly softer in appearance.

Aside from that, the V3 appears to use the same high-quality coated springs as the V2. Coated springs may not appear to be a huge deal, but they keep the spring from rusting. Rust has no effect on performance, but it is unsightly, so congratulations to Razer for retaining the covering.

The design is simple but elegant. It is available in full black with a classic Razer logo on the front of the elastic base. Weighted basis is the main reason people go for this. Stays in place even during the toughest gaming sessions. Therefore, for perfect cable management and a smoother gaming experience, this is the ideal rubber band for your mouse. The dust resistant spring means you don’t have to worry about buying a new one for at least a few years. The sleek design and its ability to keep the cable in the air means it looks sleek while doing what it does best, which is smoother mouse movement and less drag.

Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2 is the budget best mouse bungee in 2023 that you can get.

Enhance Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee Cable Holder with 4 Port USB Hub

ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse...
  • ALL IN ONE GAMING DESKTOP UPGRADE: Offers mouse cable organization, 4 USB Ports, and dynamic rgb lighting...
  • IMPROVED MOUSE ACCURACY & RESPONSE via the spring loaded cable support arm that creates a fixed point of...
  • 4 PORT USB HUB with active 2.0 ports makes it easy to swap out keyboards, headsets, mice, and flashdrives...

The ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee is one of the most eye-catching components you can get for your mouse. It has seven different modes for LED lights that can improve aesthetics more than any other rubber mouse band. The compact design allows you to integrate without taking up your entire office space and provides a smoother experience like any other. The LED lights come with seven different modes, including Rainbow mode. This unique mode illuminates four different, slowly changing lighting zones of different colors. You can also turn the lights off completely whenever you want with a long press of the light button.

Enhance Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee is the best gaming mouse bungee and the one we liked the most overall. The Enhance gaming mouse bungee has mouse cord management, 4 USB Ports, and dynamic lighting in one space saving competitive looking package that offers the ultimate gaming experience. The USB Hub with 4 usb 2 0 ports helps makes it easy to move around and connect keyboards, headsets, mice, and flashdrives all in one convenient location. 7 RGB LED lights modes including Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Light Green, Purple and Rainbow. The sturdy non-slip base is weighted design. This will help keeps it in the right place and prevents slip or slide issues when using your gaming mice.

Enhance Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee is the best mouse bungees for gamers in 2023.

BenQ Zowie CAMADE II Gaming Mouse Bungee

BenQ Zowie CAMADE II Mouse...
  • Designed for Competitive Performance: Prevents Cable Drag and Entanglement Without the Added Latency of a...
  • Fits Most Cables: Flexible Rubber Clip accommodates Rubber, Paracorded, and Braided Cables while Keeping...
  • Accommodates your Setup: Two Adjustable Heights allow you to Choose Your Preferred Cable Slack,...

Zowie is a brand known for producing high-performance, professional-grade mice. So it’s no surprise that they have a mouse bungee in their product line, and a fantastic one at that.The CAMADE II is made to stand out on your desk and seem formidable when it’s there, from the huge triangular base to the red cable collar. Aside from its aesthetics, the changeable spring length is the CAMADE II’s main feature. There are three length choices, allowing you to position the cable collar 4.1, 5.0, or 6.2 inches away from your desk.

This is the type of feature that indicates Zowie sought to consider as many consumers as possible when building it. In our opinion, this is a positive thing. The adjustable arm length has the advantage of making moving the CAMADE II a little safer. Simply shorten the arm and toss it into your backpack to reduce the risk of breaking or bending the springs.

The CAMADE II from Zowie weights 13.4 oz. The weighted base incorporates anti-slip rubber feet to keep it in place even while performing large mousepad-crossing flicks.

BenQ Zowie Camade II is one of the best mouse bungees in 2023.

Cougar Bunker Gaming Mouse Bungee

Cougar gaming CGR-XXNB-MB1...
  • Keeps the mouse cord under total control
  • A powerful Vacuum (patented design) will keep it steady at all times
  • An ultra-compact base that won't take up much space

Cougar Gaming took the typical mouse bungee and gave it their own distinct spin. This particular model is a heavy unit with a compact, space-saving base. The arm that holds the mouse cable is made of rubber, which provides a good mix of flexibility and durability.

Having saying that, Cougar’s patent-pending vacuum technology is the genuine magic of this mouse bungee (functional suction lever). This vacuum seal keeps the bungee from moving during combat, firmly anchoring the circular base to your desk surface. If you play FPS games and flick your mouse left and right, or otherwise abuse it, this one should be at the top of your list.

CASETHRONE RGB Pro Gaming Mouse Cable Management

CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Cable...
  • 4 different RGB light mode PC gaming mouse bungee
  • Mouse Bungee will make your cord off the desk, away from your clutter.
  • Anti-Slip function because of the Heavy-Duty Stability design.

Casethrone isn’t as well-known as the other brands, and the quality isn’t as high, but it delivers a lot for a low price. The RGB lights, which may complete the configuration in a very fashionable fashion, is, of course, the main selling feature of this mouse bungee.

While Casethrone is not as well-known, they do provide a good alternative to the premium manufacturers who produce similar-looking mouse bungees. This spring arm mouse bungee is similar to the Camade, but it has RGB lights and four distinct lighting modes for best mouse bungee for gaming.

Thermaltake Tt Gaming Mouse Bungee

Thermaltake Tt e SPORTS Galeru...
  • Strong magnetic detachable head
  • Transportable for easy offline enjoyment
  • Superb flexibility with outstanding stability

The magnetic qualities of the Thermaltake Tt Gaming Mouse are its main selling point. It is one of the most user-friendly mouse bungees available on the market today. It employs a magnetic head that fits to the bungee’s base and holds the cables in place. The detachable head also makes cleaning easier, which is necessary to ensure that the product lasts as long as possible.

The rubber coating on the base keeps it solid and steady. If you are a serious gamer who does not want to be bothered while playing, the strong and solid foundation of this mouse bungee will provide you with the greatest experience.The device weighs only one pound, and the magnetic qualities make disassembly a breeze. As a result, transporting this mouse bungee is not an issue at all. The sturdy three-legged base, in conjunction with the rubberized arm, gives the flexibility and balance required for maximum enjoyment and concentration.

How to choose the best mouse bungees for gaming?


Best mouse bungees are far from a simple gadget that will help you control your mouse better and easier than ever before. Design is among the first factors most users consider while buying a mouse bungee.


There is no need to mention that a mouse bungee must be stable at all times. The last thing you want is to have a mouse bungee that moves with the mouse cables. It is annoying and honestly, it defeats the purpose. Stability depends on two sub-factors. The first one is the weight. A super lightweight mouse bungee won’t be very stable, regardless of the feed, suction or the base it uses. The second sub-factor is actually more critical and will be explained a separate section.

Non-slip base

Yes, this is the second factor we have mentioned earlier. A base must have suction or feet to stick to the desk. Add weight to have extra-stable mouse bungee that can stay in place even during the most demanding gaming and computer use in general.


Not all mouse bungees can be used with any mouse. The critical element here is the thickness of the mouse cables. The first mouse bungees were made for ordinary mice, meaning they had poor compatibility. New mouse bungees have a silicone or rubber clip at the top, which can be used to hold any cable in place regardless of the thickness. Just in case, check the compatibility of the desired mouse bungee with your mouse cord.

USB ports

One of the most important additions and one of the main features we like a lot. In a nutshell, a mouse bungee that comes with USB ports is more practical and more advanced. The number of ports will vary, with many countless options out there. However, 3-4 ports are usually sufficient for most users. We must add that users should consider 3.0 USB ports as the primary alternative, for they can be used for other gaming peripherals. The main difference between the 3.0 USB ports and older is the speed supported. For example, while copying content from a thumb drive, 3.0 USB port will complete the task in less time, a significant advantage.


RGB lights have been reserved for many high-end mouse bungees and probably transform all of them into a real gaming beast. We have been testing RGB models. If you have the same impression, pick a model that comes with versatile lights. Usually, we are looking at 7 colors, which is sufficient.
Many have multiple LEDs all around the unit. They are very bright, which might be an issue for some. In that case, avoid them. Mouse bungee that hs no LEDs are also available.


All users have to consider the quality of top mouse bungees they are getting. The main factor here is the choice of plastics or the material used in the manufacturing process. Take a look at the attention to little details as well, and you will be getting a complete idea of how well or poor a unit is. Focus to detail means that finishing touches and build quality. Although you may think that a mouse bungee is a simple device, it will be used every single time you use a mouse, basically every time you use a computer. Quality will make a difference between a wise investment and a one-time mistake.


An extended warranty makes a mouse bungee purchase safer and tells you that the model is tested and built to meet the highest expectations. This primarily is for mouse bungees that are expensive. You don’t need a model that is expensive but comes with a one-month warranty. It usually tells you something is wrong. Pick a model that comes with an extended warranty.


All potential owners need to consider springs into the overall design of a mouse bungee. You will find it is the most critical part of the unit itself. The best springs have two features. They are immune to rust, and they can be adjusted. A mouse bungee with a spring of this kind doesn’t have to be expensive.


There are three materials you need to consider as the top priority. The first one is stainless steel. It will be used for the springs and the inner parts of the base or the frame. The second is ABS plastics. The third can be either rubber or silicone.

Let’s imagine the best mouse bungee made only form the materials we have listed. The springs are stainless steel, so it simply withstands all level of added force you give. The base is made from durable ABS plastics. The feet and the clip are both made from silicone. This makes them anti-slip on any surface. A mouse bungee of this kind is an excellent choice and probably the one we all like and need.


Size is important if you have a small desk or limited space. If you have a massive office desk and space isn’t essential for you, then move to the next factor. You need a mouse bungee that can blend in nicely to your peripherals setup and won’t even occupy a lot of space.


It is used to explain or define the drag coefficient of the cable against the bungees handle. New models have zero drag making them an excellent choice for gamers and all users who spend a lot of time at the desk. Earlier models had a high drag coefficient. Just remember, zero drag is what you need for a drag-free.


Around 70% of users who purchase best mouse bungee need to carry it with them while traveling, especially professional gamers. A mouse bungee that can be disassembled and transported easily is the best deal. These peripherals are not very portable in general, so you will need a feature that enables you to remove the handle or disassembly the unit entirely to fir smaller backpacks and bags.

Customer support

Excellent addition to the mouse bungees of high-class. Users can get additional help and support at any given moment. Usually, online chat or email is the best way to contact support. The best mouse bungee needs proper customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mouse bungees any good?

Mouse bungees go a long way in providing a more fluid experience. They prevent the mouse cable from getting tangled or interrupted when you are working or playing games on your computer. Plus, it keeps the desk cable-free, so it looks much cleaner and tidier.

What is the difference between a gaming mouse bungee and a normal mouse bungee?

In general, the two rubber bands in mice have more in common than differences. A gaming mouse rubber band has more stability and a more flexible arm compared to normal arms. Other differences can include LED lights and fancy features like USB hubs.

Where do you place the mouse bungee?

Typically, you set the mouse bungee a few inches away from the mouse so that it does not come into touch with it while you move the mouse. However, it is still mostly a question of personal preference, as some people prefer to place it elsewhere for their own convenience.

How long do mouse bungees last?

Mouse bungees typically endure for two to three years, if not more. However, it is primarily dependent on how you use it and whether or not you maintain it effectively. If properly cared for, they can endure for up to five years. If they are used roughly, they may not survive more than a year.