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Best Plunge Routers 2024

Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual...
  • Single button switches from conventional plunge to fixed-base router with rack and pinion mode
  • Single wrench bit change through base is achieved with automatic spindle lock
  • Micro winder enables continuous fine depth adjustment through the full plunge mode

If you take one look at this router, you’ll notice that it’s quite large and heavy. The Triton TRA001 weighs around 13 pounds, which is due to its tough build. It’s built of tough, high-grade steel that can withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use. It includes a 3.5 HP motor that can rotate the blades at speeds ranging from 8,000 to 21,000 RPM. There is no woodworking job this router can’t do with this much power.

Precision is required in complex professional jobs. The Triton TRA001 features multi-functional gates that provide customers more control over precise cuts. You can even make minor cuts if you have woodworking expertise. This Triton model includes a mini winder and a single button switch in addition to the automatic spindle lock. You can modify the depth with this feature. Depending on the cut you’re going to make, you can also vary the speed. The side vents on this device are also designed to reduce dust inhalation.

If you’re concerned about the safety of the project you’re working on, you’ll appreciate the safety switch shutter lock on this router. While users are changing modes, the motor is blocked by this design. For professionals, the Triton TRA001 is cost-effective and highly recommended. Triton TRA001 is one of the Best Plunge Routers.

Makita RT0701CX7 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit

Makita RT0701CX7 1-1/4 HP*...
  • Variable speed control dial (10,000 - 30,000 RPM) enables user to match the speed to the application
  • Smooth rack-and-pinion fine depth adjustment system for more precise settings
  • Slim and ergonomically designed body for increased comfort and control

The lightness of this plunge router is the first thing that comes to mind. This router, which weighs less than 4 pounds, is designed for use with hand-on cabinets, door jams, and overhead applications. It’s made to be little and detailed, so it’s ideal for smaller tasks. It is also considered to be more comfortable in your hands than other routers and to be very silent.

Because of its size, the device is prone to overheating, and the grips appear to be smaller than they should be, potentially resulting in burns if handled incorrectly. The plunge base is built to handle any project, however some customers have claimed that it has a habit of jamming and sticking after a few uses. This demonstrates that the device has a problem.

Makita provided a good value in terms of pricing and functionality to its customers. The Makita plunge router is ideal for minor detail work; it gets the job done quickly as long as the user is careful while operating it. It includes a strong motor with a variable speed control dial that can be set anywhere between 10,000 and 30,000 RPM. It also offers a soft start feature that ensures a smooth start-up.

Festool 574692 Router OF 1400 EQ Imperial

Festool 574692 Router OF 1400...
  • Ergonomic handles: Festool routers are designed for increased control and reduced fatigue. Integrated...
  • Dust extraction: Integrated dust extraction ports capture dust and debris at the point of creation,...
  • Swiveling chip deflector: Can be used with edge forming bits, maximizing chip and dust extraction even...

The Festool 574692 plunge router is an excellent choice for users looking for the best plunge router. Festool routers are meant to improve control and reduce fatigue. The Festool 574692 router’s integrated switches allow users to use the device with with one hand. There is a dust extractor mechanism on this device. The integrated dust extraction pods collect debris and dust particles, extending the cutter life of the router and saving users time cleaning up.

The Festool 574692 has a swiveling chip deflector. Edge forming bits, dust extraction even around corners and curves, and chip maximization may all be done with this. The Festool 574692 is compatible with Festool’s MFS multi-routing templates, FS Guide Rail system, and a variety of other specialty accessories. It also includes a depth adjustment that is precise. The micro-adjustability dial allows for depth control to 1/10mm with ball detents, allowing for extremely precise routing.

Hitachi KM12VC 2-1/4 Peak HP Variable Speed Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit

Hitachi KM12VC 11 Amp...
  • 11 Amp motor (2-1/4 Peak Horsepower), for precise, controlled cuts
  • 2-stage motor release clamp, for quick and accurate depth adjustments and base changes
  • Electronic speed control, maintains constant RPMs even as load varies

This router not only performs the functions of a plunge router, but also those of a fixed router, allowing you to do any job swiftly and efficiently. The plunge router includes a motor that runs at 11 amps and allows for more accurate control. This means that everything you do with it will be more excellent. It incorporates a two-stage motor release clamp, which allows you to quickly change the base and make minor depth adjustments.

This model also includes an electronic speed control that allows customers to maintain a consistent RPM level whenever they use it. Unlike other plunging routers, this gadget produces very little noise, allowing you to operate in a quiet atmosphere without disturbing your family or neighbors.

You get up to 24,000 rotations per minute, minimal vibration, and a pleasant handle to grip for long periods of time with the Hitachi KM12VC. Users appreciate and grip on to the device’s ergonomic type handle, making it all they need for their woodworking projects.

Dewalt Fixed and Plunge Base Router Kit

DEWALT Router Fixed/Plunge...
  • Durable 1.25HP motor of DEWALT router delivers the power to meet the toughest applications
  • Variable speed control feature of DEWALT plunge router enables bit speed to be optimized for changing...
  • Soft-starting motor features full-time electronic feedback that maintains motor speed through the cut

This heavy-duty router combo kit is a must-have for all woodworking professionals or even if you are starting with a simple woodworking project. Equipped with a 1.25 HP motor, the router offers impressive power for exerting excessive cutting force behind the bit. It also comes with a variable speed control option, which will allow you to change the speed depending on the project you are working on.

The router also includes a spindle lock feature to secure the motor when you are removing and replacing the router bits. In addition to that, the fixed base router has a depth adjustment knob that enables the user to lock the bit in place at the desired depth.

For superior clarity, the models come with dual LED lights that come in handy in dark indoor space. Its well-thought, yet straightforward design is convenient for every user. Both the fixed base and plunge base are powerful enough to handle any type of routine task.

Dewalt Fixed and Plunge Base Router Kit is the Best Plunge Routers.

Bosch Fixed-Base Electronic Router

BOSCH 1617EVS 2.25 HP...
  • FIXED BASE: threaded holes for mounting to router table positioned in common 3-hole pattern; includes...
  • DURABILITY: aluminum construction makes this one of our most durable wood routers yet with wooden handles...
  • EASE OF USE: rounded hardwood handles maximize user control; microfine bit-depth adjustment

Bring this fixed-base router with a surprising amount of cutting ability in a small package. Made with a 12 Amp motor and precision centering designs on keeping the drill bits on their intended cut lines. Other features include a depth adjustment system with a resettable depth indicator for accurate results.

This router offers more precision and accuracy compared to other fixed-based routers. Using the 6-position dial, you can choose the desired speed for the material you are routing. The wide base opening accepts more significant bits, and it is excellent for quickly replacing the bits without putting much effort.

For the user’s safety, the soft start feature reduces the start-up torque of the machine. This fixed based router is excellent for edge working, where you can smooth out the edges using a round over cutting bit.

Bosch Fixed-Base Electronic Router is the Best Plunge Routers.

TACKLIFE Variable Speed Fixed and Plunge Base Compact Router Kit

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Manufactured with all-rounded, versatile attachments, this is one of the most highly raved routers in the market. Manufactured with an aluminum alloy base, this router shows outstanding performance at small scale routing, edge finishing, constructing, and much more. The bits are made of high-quality steel. Built with a six variable speed feature that lets you choose between various speeds for multiple applications.

Equipped with a tubular handle, which is ideal for improved grip and stabilized operation. You can even use the one-meter flexible wand for one-handed operations.With the help of its scaled compass, you can create rounded shapes for circular tables or even create holes. It comes with a dust collection outlet, which can be connected to a vacuum cleaner or a bag to maintain a clean work environment.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Plunge Routers

In a workshop, you will see different sized plunge routers. Designs may be versatile, but functionality is also crucial at the same time. When it comes to investing in the best plunge router, then often, confusion arises in mind. Here, we are presenting the essential key points that you should check on before selecting the plunge routers.

Professional Plunge Routers

From the new apprentice to the expert professionals of woodcutting, everyone needs the best tool. Therefore, whether you are running your business for a long time or not, you need the correct device, which can provide the desired results.
If you go for the routers that create excess vibrations or breaks down while the operation is not ideal, this also causes the terrible reputation of your company. If you are earning your living through this work, then do not invest in high- end products. Minimum precision and designed items will be the best options for you. You can also go for multi-end tools with the help of which you can do much work at the same time.

Home Plunge Routers

People who want to use the plunge routers for the home purpose will not require extra features as compared to the professionals. However, you can transform your garage into a workplace with the help of the routers instead of cheap sawhorses. You should consider compact size routers where the cabinets can be detached or removed easily. Again investing in the small routers for household purposes is also a good idea.

Classification of the Routers

Based on the various sizes and designs, there are mainly three types of plunge routers that you will get;

Palm Routers – These usually have 0.9-1HP in their construction. The designs are compact and best used for edge forming or trimming. If you are looking for plentiful routing options, then it is not a good idea to invest.

Mid Sized – To get versatile benefits and quick service, these routers are favorable. The Hp ranges from 1-3/4 to 2. It is ideal for large-scale services like panel cutting or template works.

Full-Sized- They are the large routers and are often called workhorses. The router ranges an HP of 3 and above. Any kind of CNC work is dependent on these high-end routers. Again it is used y many professionals as an everyday tool.

Base Design

Like the motor size, the base is equally important. Depending on the work or mode of operation, you have to understand which base is ideal. There are two types of the base;

Fixed Style

There are fixed knobs attached to these regular bases. If you are into guide bushings, for instance, joint box works, then it is apt for you. There is a limit to the routing application if you are working on a fixed base.

Plunging Base

Any motorized operation like grooves, dado cuts, etc. are done by this versatile plunge base. Usually, the device works based on a rapid motor. This motor is connected with springs, which again helps an individual to do any micro-adjustments during fine cutting.

D shaped Base Handle

On a regular base if you can see a D shaped handle instead of any knobs, then it is mainly for firm gripping. Locking the power button and operating it can be done with such a mechanism.

Speed Variation

There are varied speed limits you will see in all types of plunge routers. Usually, mid to small-sized routers come with speed control features. If you want to go for small bits, then you must know that the cutting will vary between averages to high speeds.

On the other hand, the more significant bits cut slow but are safe for long-term usage. A safety tip for the user from our side is to tilt the dial in one way to another while using the router. Generally, this will protect you no matter what bit size you are operating.


The motor circuit should be checked well before purchasing the plunge router. It is mainly seen in the older version of the motor’s stability issues that arise. An EFC system is much comprehensive and keeps balance on the router while you are working on heavy cutting.

Easy Start

If there is no smooth start, then the router may burst into high frequency. Again this results in annoying noise, and it might stop working after some time. Therefore, it is always essential for you to check the soft starting method of the router.

One of the benefits of using a soft touch start is the pause moment when it begins. Hence, the user will notice the speed of the accelerator will rise gradually without causing damage to the machine. Mostly you will find this feature in the electronic circuit systemized routers. They are subtle and runs for a long span.

Spindle Locking Feature

To adjust the bits of the router, there are two wrenches, which are installed there. The motor shaft is controlled by one wrench. Tightening and the loosening of the collets are dependent on the other one. A spindle lock is a smart way to control both of these at the same time. It comes with a precise spring set up that can keep the motor at one place. You should consider the products which come with these spindle lock systems.

Table Compatibility

Some woodworkers purchase the routers and work on them over the table. Hence, before buying the plunge router, check the height adjustment from the table. It surely provides better cutting and precision. If the height is calculated from the knob of the table, then it becomes easy for the user to work on the router conveniently. So, this also prevents unnecessary stooping or bending of the router.


Read the specifications of the plunge routers well on different websites. We always suggest our readers compare the price list before buying one. There are many authentic websites where you may get discounts and offers. Therefore, do not compromise on your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I buy the plunge routers or fixed?

In the case of shallow notches, the user can go for plunge routers as the fixed base are not suitable for this purpose. Again, if anyone wants the précised decorative cuts, then fixed routers are the best options. Any depth cutting is possible with the fixed ones.

Why do you need a plunge router?

If you want to do board cutting works like dados or fluting, then a plunge router is required. You can do any edge cutting beautifully with these routers.

How deep can a plunge router go?

When a user puts the fixed base to 1/4th level, then it results in the same depth of cutting. With the help of the plunge router, the lower bit can be cut deeply. Then it can be fitted well on the material surface.