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5 Best Power Scrubbers 2022

Drillbrush Power Brush Cleaning Scrub Kit 4 Piece

Drillbrush 4 Piece Nylon Power...
  • This power scrubber drill brush kit contains medium stiffness nylon power brushes that will attach to...
  • 4 different power scrub brush sizes and shapes of power brushes for cleaning around your bathroom...
  • Each Drillbrush brand power scrubber drill brush is well built and durable construction for use both...

The kit of the power scrubber comprises medium stiffness nylon power brushes, which generally will get attached to the cordless drill. There are four varieties of brushes accessible in the kit, which will help you to clean your bathroom surface neatly. There are four different sizes and shapes of the brushes which are made available. The durable and well-built construction helps in cleaning indoors as well as outdoors. This Power Scrub is an ideal product for saving your time while doing other household work as it helps to minimize the efforts in cleaning all types of surfaces. There are nylon bristles used in the brushes which will not make a scratch and help you to neatly clean sinks, tubs, porcelain, fiberglass shower, and many more.

A cordless drill does not come in the kit. There are two brushes which help in cleaning the flat surfaces such as the bottom of the tub, glass shower doors, etc. and also for the small fixtures like overflow plates and faucets. They also help to remove the tiny drops of soap or toothpaste from the sink, and it’s perfect for saving time and effortless cleaning.

Drillbrush Power Brush Cleaning Scrub Kit 4 Piece is one the of Best Power Scrubbers

MECO Electric Spin Scrubber

MECO Electric Spin Scrubber,...
  • Newest Cordless Design: Handheld electric cleaner is cordless so it can be used anywhere, anywhere to get...
  • Make Cleaning Easier: The advantage of power scrubber rechargeable is that you can save your strength and...
  • Efficient Cleaning, Powerful Battery: The MECO floor scrubber, which can be rotated 360 degrees, quickly...

MECO created a high-performance electric spin scrubber that spins at 350 RPM. There aren’t many units on the market with a higher number of revolutions per minute than this one. It takes five hours to charge, and it takes up to 60 minutes to operate. That should cover all you need to clean around the house.

The handle is described as ergonomic by the manufacturer, but it is not intended for long-term use. You may have hand strain and exhaustion after a while, which is why you should take frequent rests. The brush heads are removable and come in three distinct forms. This boosts the unit’s adaptability and compatibility with a variety of surfaces. You can clean bathrooms, kitchens, and any other surfaces that might get splashed with water thanks to the high water-resistance rating.

A rounded brush for sink and bathtub corners, a flat brush for ceramic tile, and a pointed corner brush for edge work are all supplied as replacement brush heads. The brushes have a maximum rotational speed of 350 RPM. It has an IPX6 water resistance certification, which means it can take a splash but not a full submersion in water.

Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber

Tilswall Electric Spin...
  • 🌀 [Great Product and Cleaning Aid] New 2.0 updated Tilswall spin scrubber changed traditional manual...
  • 🌀[Powerful & Efficiency] Metal instead of plastic structure, Sharing similar appearance but different...
  • 🌀[Cordless & Waterproof] The electric shower scrubber gets rid of the long wires, and you can use it...

In its electric spin scrubber, Tilswall integrated a long-lasting 4,000mAh battery. On a full charge, it ensures that the device can run for up to three hours. The LED indication shows when the battery is 30 percent, 80 percent, and 100 percent charged, so you can keep track of how long it lasts.

The product’s lightness is the first thing you notice. This makes it simple to use and move around. You can reach varied areas without bending thanks to the extendable brush head. You may vary the angle from zero to up to 80 degrees, and the maximum extendable length is 43.3 inches.

The device is rather quiet, although it isn’t particularly powerful. It can, however, remove the majority of hard water stains, mold, mineral deposits, and other stains. The unit’s versatility is further enhanced by the four multi-purpose brush heads.

The Tilswall’s battery life allows users to clean numerous rooms on a single charge, with a maximum operating time of three hours. A round brush, an extra-wide flat brush, a small flat brush, and a pointed corner brush are among the four brush heads included. Long bristles avoid shedding and won’t harm surfaces on any of the brushes. To clean hard-to-reach areas, the handle expands from 27 to 43 inches.

Holikme 15 Piece Drill Brush Attachment Set

Holikme 22Piece Drill Brush...
  • * ✔ 22 Piece Drill Cleaning Attachment Set(Brush&Scouring Pads&Scrub Sponge), Includes: 6 shape of...
  • * ✔ 6 shape of brushes clean your bathtub, grout, upholstery, bathroom surface, floor, tile, shower,...
  • * ✔9 Piece DIFFERENT STIFFNESSES Scouring Pads and 3 Piece Scrub Sponge and 2 Piece White Wool Pads:...

The set includes 15 pieces of brushes, which consists of 9 types. The material used for the brushes is of nylon bristles stiffness. There are five shapes of medium drill power scrubber brushes, six different piece stiffness scouring pads, two-piece scrub sponge, and 4-inch backer. These brushes get fit to any cordless drill for better cleaning experience and considered ideal for saving time along with excellent performance. There are five shapes of brushes that are best for cleaning bathroom surfaces, upholstery, bathtub, etc. 6 different piece stiffness scouring pads and two-piece scrub sponge are considered best for kitchen cleaning. Red pads are less thick and stiffer than the green pads.
The product is of high quality and has an excellent performance with a more in-depth cleaning facility along with the faster, stubborn cleaning.

Holikme 15 Piece Drill Brush Attachment Set is the Best Power Scrubber

Dremel PC10-01 Versa Cleaning Tool

Dremel PC10-01 Versa Cleaning...
  • Power scrubber: save time, Make surfaces shine and enjoy the results of your daily cleaning with the...
  • Spin brush and pads: best for scrubbing through stubborn grime and scum. Versa’s spin brush and pads...
  • Versatile: this power cleaner is best for small hard to clean surfaces like: sinks, glass top and stove...

Dremel Versa high power scrubber is best for cleaning the surfaces like the sink, stovetops, glass windows, grills, etc. There are spin brushes and pads that are considered best for removing the scum, rust, mold, mildew, and many more. Versa is the high power cleanser made to save time and clean the surface with less effort. The tool will fit perfectly to your hand with outstanding control. Four pads are made available in the kit, which includes an eraser pad for hard surfaces, bristle pad for a heavy-duty, non-scratch pad for scrubbing without scratching, and heavy-duty pad for aggressively removing the stubborn materials. It is fully charged within 2 hours, and a blue light illuminates while charging. Dremel versa can be used with or without water as well as you can switch it from tiles to glasses and upholstery to metal. It is a compact design with a lightweight, and it has a hook and loop interface for accessory changing.

Dremel PC10-01 Versa Cleaning Tool is the Best Power Scrubber for sinks

Drill Brush Attachment Power Scrubber Brush Set

Drill Brush Attachment Power...
  • Soft Scrub Brush, Medium Scrub Brush in Yellow and Green, Stiff Scrub Brush
  • Save time and effort with our drill attachment power scrubber brush set
  • Our 4 inch diameter drill brush attachment set features a quarter inch quick change shaft

The kit contains four pieces that fit in all the drills and impact drivers. The power scrubber set reduced the efforts and saved the maximum of your time. There are nylon bristles used for the brushes, which are incredibly durable and perfect. There are four types of brushes that perform different roles. The white drill attachment contains very soft bristles that are used for cleaning upholstery, leather, or glass. Very stiff bristles are made available for the red brush, which is extremely stiff for heavy-duty scrubbing for brick, concrete, and flooring. Medium stiffness bristles are for green and yellow brushes for all-purpose cleaning of stairs, grout, bathroom surfaces as well as tiles.

Drill Brush Attachment Power Scrubber Brush Set is the Best Power Scrubber Brush Set

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Power Brush Floor Scrubber

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The set comes with four brushes heads, one extension arm, one spin scrubber, and 1 AC adapter. There is a rechargeable battery that gets fully charged in 3.5 hours and lasts for about 1 hour. To wipe the surface and meticulous cleaning without any interruption, it contains 360 degrees of high rotate speed. Three replaceable brushes help in effective-cleaning, which contains a big flat brush head for cleaning flat surfaces and a round brush head as a concave cleaner for sink or bathtub cleaning. The brushes included in the set are multi-purpose brushes, which are incredibly flexible and durable.

The bristle in the brushes gets in the cracks and the cervices for effective cleaning. The scrubber comes with an 18.5-inch extendable handle, which helps in scrubbing and cleaning the hard places like corners. This is very useful for people with extreme back pain and arthritis. The power scrubber brush has a highly sealed design that prevents the splashing of water and used for long-lasting performance. Note: soak into before cleaning stubborn stains and use detergent for good results.

Buying the Best Power Scrubbers

There are varieties of the power brushes available in the market, and you will be confused to choose the best product which will meet your requirement. So, we have recommended these top 5 products which are the best-selling and highly recommended by the previous customers. Feel free to go through the list and choose the bests for you. There are various brands available with various reviews on it to help you. The price factor also matters a lot, so here are the power scrubbers available of all ranges for you.

Different Types Of Power Brushes

Nylon brush
This brush is high- resistant to abrasive substances and extremely durable. These brushes are perfect for rough materials, concrete floor as well as parking lots.

Poly brush
Poly brushes are suitable for general scrubbing as it is best for cleaning bathroom tiles and floors.

Strip grit brush
These are best for removing greasy from the hard floor. For removing stains, you need to carry out aggressive scrubbing.

Scrub grit brush
These are highly durable for rough surfaces and best for cleaning non-slip epoxy finishes, tiles and terrazzo.

How to Select the Best Power Scrubber


While reading the reviews, you might find some familiar brands and other brands that are unfamiliar with this list of our suggestions. You might have made a priority to the familiar list, but not all the product companies are having a good reputation guarantee the product is worth investing in.


We know the value of the money for our consumers, so we have brought up the best products at affordable prices. Prices may vary for the product, but they are worthy, and in some cases, they are more than the price.


You don’t have to worry about the reviews as the products suggested are always recommended by previous customers. But, still, to know more about the product, you can even go with the reviews and make a wise decision.

Essential Features You Should Consider While Buying A Power Scrubber


The brushes are an essential part of the power scrubber. To choose the best and effective scrubber, check the quality of the brushes. There are various different sizes and shapes for easy cleaning. Check the length of the bristles as well for cleaning the corners as well. Before purchasing any brush, always look for the materials used for it. The materials which are used in making brushes play a significant role in cleaning and durability.
Four types are commonly used, which are Poly brush, Nylon brush, Strip Grip Brush, and Scrub Grip Brush. The scrub grip brushes are highly durable for the rough surfaces like tiles, terrazzo, or non-slip epoxy finishes. The nylon brushes are considered as extremely durable and suitable for the rough and concrete floors. Strip grip brushes are handy, and they are used for removing the greasy materials. Poly brushes are commonly used for general scrubbing, and they are perfect for cleaning tiles and floors, which have grout lines on it.


It is imperative to check the battery time as the problem which lies with the cordless scrubbers is that their battery can be drained off. It’s frustrating when the battery dies in the middle of the cleaning process, so before investing your money over any scrubber, check the battery life.

Power source

Check the power source before buying the power scrubbers. There are two types of scrubbers when it comes to the power supply- one which comes with the cords and the other one, which is cordless. The scrubbers which are cordless can be charged and then used for the cleaning while the one with the cord works with the electric supply. Before buying the cordless scrubbers, check the battery life. Battery life is significant in the cordless scrubbers. Look for the one which meets your preference and needs before buying any product.

Rotating speed

Any item with 300 RPM (Rotation per Minute) goes good. If the speed of the scrubber is good enough, it will remove the dirt more effortlessly and more quickly. So look for the excellent rotation speed for your scrubber.
Before purchasing any scrubber, look for these basic factors and choose the best power scrubber for your cleaning. Invest some time and energy for reading the factors for getting the good power scrubber for effective cleaning, or you could be in trouble for buying the one with no enough features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean the drill brush?

Cleaning the drill brush can be difficult sometimes but, here’s a solution for that problem. Take a shallow dish filled with water and add some bleach, dish soap. After making this solution, drill on it. This will help to remove the leftover dust as well as materials from the brush and clean it well. You can even scrub the brush with another brush in that water, so clean the brush thoroughly.

How can I clean cordless power tools?

For performing maximum functions, ratchets and gears are very important. To clean this area, use a paintbrush along with this you can even spray some cleaning solution or simply water on it and clean it with a clean cotton cloth.

What types of brushes should I prefer for cleaning corners?

There are many brushes available in the market, which is best for cleaning the corners. There is one certain thing which you should consider while buying the brush, and that is the length of the bristles. Always prefer the brushes which have longer bristles as the shorter bristles are unable to reach the corners.

How often should I replace the brushes?

It depends on the conditions the brushes are going through. If the brushes are regularly cleaning the dirt, then you should replace it with the other. The replaced brush should be washed well for the next use. It also depends on the durability of the brushes, as sustainability is the main factor for the brush. Some brushes are replaced after one use, and some brushes can be used for a longer time.