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How to Clean Makeup Brushes

The majority of people never clean their makeup brushes and sponges, while some people almost ever do. But filthy cosmetic brushes can lead to a variety of hygienic and medical problems, such as E. coli infections and acne. You should clean your makeup brushes at least once a week, according to experts we spoke with, including a dermatologist, a creator of cosmetic brushes, and makeup artists.

Brushes used for liquid makeup and the eye area should be cleansed after each usage because germs like damp conditions to grow. The appropriate cleaning of your tools usually takes less than a minute per instrument and provides advantages beyond strictly hygienic ones, whether you have brushes with natural hair bristles, a set of synthetic brushes, or a collection of “beauty blender”-style sponges. Cleaning your brushes increases their longevity, and using clean equipment makes applying makeup easier.

How long will it take to Clean Makeup Brushes?

It only takes a few seconds to thoroughly clean each brush you use for liquid makeup or around your eyes with makeup-removing wipes. And using soap and water, you can thoroughly clean each of your instruments in under a minute. However, air drying can take a while.

Lather up

Start by moistening the soap bar or by squirting a little amount of liquid soap onto your hand, the brush-washing mat, or both. The bristles of a filthy brush should then be moistened with lukewarm to warm water. Rub the brush head into the soap for about 15 seconds in a gentle circular motion to remove any product accumulation.

Rinse and squeeze

The bristles should be thoroughly cleaned by rinsing them in warm water. Avoid letting water soak into the brush handle or ferrule. Squeezing the water off the bristles carefully will hasten the drying process. Make cautious not to pull on the bristles as you squeeze them in order to reduce shedding and fraying.

Sheath and dry

Wrap newly cleaned brush heads in mesh covers to maintain their shape. T To ensure that your brushes dry equally on both sides, you can also use a drying rack. Dry brushes never upright (bristles pointing skyward).

Drying by air can take a few hours or a few days. To expedite the procedure, you can use a blow dryer set to cool, but do so at your own risk for damaged bristles.

Store properly

Brushes can be kept dry and clean in a beauty bag or on your drying rack with the bristles facing up. Just make sure the bag is kept just as clean and dry as your brushes.