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Best Permanent Blue Black Hair Dye 2024

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Permanent Hair Color Cream

Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse...
  • BOLD NOURISHING HAIR COLOR: Discover the #1 Nourishing Color Creme. Nutrisse Ultra Color is formulated...
  • PERMANENT HAIR DYE: Garnier Nutrisse hair color crème, with grape seed and avocado oil, comes in a...
  • GARNIER HAIR COLOR: For hair-nourishing, easy-to-use permanent hair dye, temporary hair color, root touch...

Garnier has a reputation as a long-lasting and bright experience for customers of all products. This is the most effective on the market for those of us looking for quick and easy coverage of these anxious grays. This dye contains a nourishing natural oil that keeps your hair silky and straight. Touch is unique with a guaranteed root until the next touch-up. It comes with a separate packaging of grape oil to ensure that your hair is nourished from the first day of treatment. The perfect solution for all women who want to look great but who live on a low budget Hey! At a market cost, it is the best home product for salon-quality that keeps hair healthy.

Here is another blue-black hair dye that gives you a bold and beautiful color right after the application. There are many things you like about this product. First, it comes with conditioners so that avocado oil has success. Avocado oil contains oleic acid, which penetrates the hair follicles and deeply hydrates. Then there is olive oil and shea butter. These two ingredients are very hydrating. They strengthen your hair while reducing irritation, dandruff, etc. on the scalp.

Expect a long, rich, vibrant color. This colored cream brings a bulbous fruit oil that nourishes the scalp. When you mix grape seed bulbs in your tincture, it traps moisture and keeps hair healthy. The color enhancing technology that enhances the intensity that can transform your look even if you have a dark base. It will accumulate blue-black pigments and give you the perfect color without looking linear. The kit includes a cream developer, a nourishing color cream, a vial of fruit oil, a conditioner, and gloves. When applying, you can expect 100% gray coverage with soft, silky hair. The smell is also pleasant. In short, you get the most for your money.

If this is your first time, this is the product for you. It is one of the most user-friendly products with a 3-step application instruction process. This product is highly recommended for those who want to use this product frequently due to its focus on hair health and nutrition. That said, in most cases, it is advisable for people with extremely long or thick hair to buy a second box as the item may run out.


A great option for expensive salon travel
100% gray cover, ideal for an anti-aging look
Easy app for beginners with easy instructions
The use of avocado, olive, and shea oil nourishes the hair from the beginning.
Keeps hair in great condition for future application and maintenance routines


Depending on the shade can fade.
Long hair may require more than one package

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Permanent Hair Color Cream is the Best Permanent Blue Black Hair Dye 2022

L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying + Shine Permanent Hair Color

L'Oreal Paris Superior...
  • Superior Preference Permanent Hair Dye Kit: For gorgeous, fade-defying hair color with dimension, look no...
  • Fade-Defying Hair Color: Superior Preference hair color kits have been our gold standard in hair dyes...
  • L'Oreal Permanent Hair Color: L'Oreal Paris Hair Color comes in multiple formulations and styles to...

L’Oreal has made hair products since 1973. Since they’ve been in the game for so long, it’s time for them to develop a unique tracking shine system, which not only smells good but keeps hair silky and elegant with limited colorlessness! If you want a vibrant color without damaging your strands, this is your best bet. It has an anti-bleaching formula to keep your hair color finish. The kit contains Care Supreme Conditioner, which helps you maintain radioactivity. This dye will do the job if you are trying to cover your grays. Its uneven performance gives you eight weeks of faded color. In addition, it gives uniform coverage, and you can expect “bright” results.

The product has a gel-like texture and is very easy to apply. That’s true! You don’t have to go to a professional to get the perfect blue-black shade. Also, the conditioner you get with the product will make your hair smooth, freeze-free, and shiny. It contains Vitamin E, Camelina Oil, Antioxidants, and UV Filters to keep your locks healthy.

Your hair will look completely natural and elegant. Assure that you will get a multidimensional shade. Better? It is super affordable. Without forgetting, L’Oreal Paris is an established brand. So that’s there. You will love this product. It has a special blend of Camelina oil, Vitamin E, and a UV filter that blends perfectly and is ideal for fighting sun and heat damage. Light Reflective Color Gel uses rare reflection technology that enlivens your hair using the power of natural light. It’s hard to find a bright product that not only turns heads, will have luminescent like the first day of color. This product is also keen for the ongoing battle of gray hair and perfectly blends this constant discomfort with your new blue-black energy color. At this price, your hair can’t be seen without it!


Eight weeks anti-disclosure warranty
Brings a shine system conditioner that becomes a UV filter to fight harmful sun damage
Rich color
Great savings for the uninterrupted maintenance of gray hair


Disruptive applicants can cause problems for first-time users

L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying + Shine Permanent Hair Color is one of the Best Permanent Blue Black Hair Dyes 2022

John Frieda Precision Foam Permanent Hair Colour in 2A Blue Black

John Frieda Precision Foam...
  • LONG-LASTING, INTENSE BLUE BLACK COLOR - Deep blue black color with a shiny finish that nourishes and...
  • ANTI-FADE, 100% GREY COVERAGE - Long-lasting formula gives you confidence in your blue black shades and...
  • THICK FOAMING FORMULA FOR NON-DRIP COLOURING - Our salon-quality, thick foam goes on white to prevent...

It is a dream product for all hair dye addicts who leave permanent scars on clothing and body parts after a previous use of other messy products. John Frieda perfect foam color uses innovative and revolutionary foam technology that makes color easy to control, apply, and wash off. This method of application is also a breeze for inexperienced users, as the foam penetrates deeply for full coverage and prevents the possibility of stains or uneven areas. Foam is white after application, so for those of us who are a little more careless than others, even spills and accidents are an easy cleaning process! Combined with professional quality gloves, this is definitely the best product for those of us who have a limited schedule and who don’t have time to clean 1 to 2 hours after a quick 20 minute rye work.

This product comes with a fade resistance guarantee and is at the top in terms of permanent assets! We all know that convenience is a major component of consumer satisfaction, and yet I find a product that compares to efficiency, comfort, and efficiency!


There is no drip application method
Uses foam instead of liquid to promote full coverage and reduce potential irregularities
Affordable and available to most large retailers
Gloves included
Ideal for light smelling, sensitive noses


Other Frieda products may fade if not properly maintained/combined

Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color 88 Blue Black k

Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color has an ammonia-free formula. This is a suitable choice for those looking to enhance their natural hair. Regardless of your hair color you will get the desired blue-black look. In addition, it effectively covers gray. The product is made specifically for the condition of your hair while avoiding any kind of damage. It has a gentle formula and can be used on sensitive scalp without problems. Also, it won’t stain your scalp, which is pretty amazing.

It does not contain aluminum or parabens. And the smell is not too strong. Unlike a few other colors, it does not damage the hair. You will get strong and shiny with this begin. Also, it doesn’t make them difficult.

Color gives lasting results. Things aren’t messy at all and are fairly easy to apply. It has a base of henna. Please note that some people may be allergic to henna, so it is advisable to have a test patch before using the product. You will be impressed by the results after the first use. Just add water and you are ready to use.

Tips for choosing the best black blue hair dye

We all know that the wrong product can damage hair. Things to keep in mind when looking to buy the best blue-black pigment:

Determine your needs

The first task is to identify your expectations. You should ask yourself some questions. Do you want lasting results? Or do you just want to experiment with a temporary color? You can choose permanent or semi-permanent hair color as per your choice. Permanent hair dye will last you at least two months. However, with permanent color, the alphabet will start after about a month.

Gentle products

You want to experiment with your hair. Good choice! At the same time, you need to make sure that your hair is not damaged too much. One way to do this is to choose softer, more sensitive products. Check the ingredients and avoid harsh products. If possible, choose a formula without ammonia. And if anything contains natural oils, go for this product.

Anti-drip formula

If you are not good at the DIY hair dye section, then it is important if you buy anti-drip color. Else, the application will be very messy. And you will have problems to color your hair. In addition to these, the color will stain your neck, ears, or other parts of your body. So always buy the product with an anti-drip formula.


When you want soft, smooth hair, conditioner is important. Check if the hair color has an included conditioner. Sometimes you get to include a conditioner kit. And there may be times when the hair color itself contains the conditioner ingredient, i.e., the conditioner is built-in. If you don’t see individual conditioners, check the diet for ingredients like jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, etc.

How to properly apply blue black dye?

Well, the right thing to do is to see a professional and do it. But we know, you don’t listen to us, and you don’t do it yourself. So here’s how to get it right.


The first step will be to bleach your hair. It is essential to lighten your hair for the best results. This is especially true if you have dark hair. Please understand that if you have a very dark base, you may need to do multiple bleaching sessions to lighten your hair. If you have light hair, you can avoid this step.

Not often, we find that the color blue does not go well with dark hair. This step is mandatory if you want precise results. Also, note that your hair must be in perfect condition before bleaching. You do not want to apply bleach to damaged hair.


Once you’ve finished the first step, now is the time to color your hair with your favorite blue-black hair dye. Be sure to follow the instructions before you begin. Always wear gloves to avoid stains and wear old clothes. Coat your hair, ears, and neck with petroleum jelly. This will help you to trim the dye easily.

Be sure to cut your hair before you start coloring. You can use your comb to cut these. Now apply the dye to each section. Set aside time for how long you plan to keep it in your head. Then it’s time to wash your hair and get the color you want.

Hairstyles for blue-black hair dye

Elegant lobe
Classic Bob
Wave pixie hair
Needless to say, the blue-black shade is suitable for all hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to wash your hair before dyeing it?

Absolutely not! Washing hair before death removes its natural oil from your scalp, and it becomes susceptible to damage. Therefore, it is advisable not to wash them at least 24 hours before death.

How long does permanent hair dye last?

It depends on the type. Permanent hair color can last from 8 to 10 weeks. However, a semi-permanent and semi-permanent, only 10 to 15 shampoos last. A semi-permanent color in a scene where you wash your hair every day won’t last even a month.

Does leaving hair dye in longer make it darker?

It depends on the formula used, but yes, it is possible. However, you should not do this. The chemicals in the pores damage your hair if it lasts too long. Always read the label instructions.

Can you dye wet hair?

Yes, you can! Experts believe that wet hair can be an effective way to die. This guarantees uniform results, and you need to use fewer pigments. Also, your hair is less likely to be damaged.