Top 5 Best Military & Tactical Watches for Men 2018

Whatever activity you do, having the proper watch is important. A good military watch does more than tell time. It can be the difference between life and death. Here the best tactical & military watches for men in 2018.

How to choose the best tactical & military watch in 2018?

Durability of your tactical & military watch?

Durability is an important factor when buying a military watch. You will be facing the elements. Your watch must be made with toughest materials.
This will allow it to face the harshest of conditions. Titanium is the most durable material you can get. Nylon and leather are also very durable and long-lasting.

Battery Life of your tactical & military watch?

Battery life is one of the most important things to look at. Features like GPS require a lot of battery power. So a powerful battery is a must.You need a battery that lasts long.. Solar powered watches are the best at this. As they never run out of power.

Water Resistance of your tactical & military watch?

You will use your military watch in all kinds of outdoor activities. Being water resistant is very vital.

What are the top 5 best military & tactical watches for men in 2018?

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster

One of the most legendary watches ever made, Casio’s G-Shock series is one of the best men’s military and tactical watches. The pedigree of Casio is undoubted. Made in Japan by Casio, Gshock Mudmaster is a high quality men’s watch. Designed to battle the elements, this watch work’s in land, water and air. Casio Gshock Mudmaster is Shock-resistant, 200-meter water resistance and even resistant to low-temperature resistance (-10°C / 14°F). Even though it comes with so many features, it is very easy to setup and use. Casio Gshock Mudmaster comes with a very solid and sturdy matte black carbon fiber strap. Using a solar powered battery, this watch will always make sure you are fully charged. Casio Gshock Mudmaster uses a sapphire crystal which is clear and very durable. The luminescence on this military watch is unbelievable! If you are a fan of Casio Gshocks or well made tactical watches, this is for you. This is one of the best men’s military watches in 2018 and beyond.



Suunto Traverse Alpha

Suunto Traverse Alpha is a tactical watch that is great for military or everyday use. Made in Finland, these watches are very durable and offers a wide range of tactical and military feature. Suunto Traverse Alpha comes with GPS, GLONASS support and even MGRS (Military Grid Reference System). Making this watch give highly accurate position data. Being a military watch, it even has automatic shot detection technology that tracks(via GPS) when and where you shoot. The strap is very durable and comfortable, made of composite materials and a stainless steel bezel. The sapphire crystal makes the watch scratch resistant and has better clarity. Even though Suunto Traverse Alpha comes with so many features, it has long lasting battery life. Suunto Movescount App (available for iOS and Android) gives you even more options and in-depth data of your activities. Suunto Traverse Alpha has additional features including moon phase calendar, compass, altimeter, barometer and many more. Suunto Traverse Alpha is one of the best military watches and has been tested against military standards (mil Std 810G).


Garmin Tactix Bravo

Garmin Tactix Bravo is a sophisticated tactical watch which is perfect for everyday and outdoor use. Made by world renowned Garmin, this watch is of great quality. This tactical watch has a very durable case with a stainless steel bezel. The sapphire crystal lens is scratch resistant and gives great viewing clarity. Garmin Tactix Bravo features GPS/GLONASS positioning with MGRS format support. Water rated up to 10ATM (100 meters), you can wear this watch while swimming. Everything in the Garmin Tactix Bravo is there for a purpose. For example, the watch is colored black and is non reflective as per requirements of field used tactical gear.  You can sync this watch with the Garmin Connect app and view in-depth information about your activities. Garmin Tactix Bravo is one of the best tactical watches, having features such as compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, etc. Garmin Tactix Bravo offers great features and functionality.


Casio PRW-6000Y-1ACR

Casio PRW-6000Y is a top military watch for men and comes in with a very sporty design. Made in Japan, Casio needs no introduction. Casio PRW-6000Y features a display that has digital and analogue features, offering the best of both worlds.  This military watch comes with a resin band with buckle closure, making it very durable. Synchronized by receiving radio signals up to 6 times per day, making sure that you always get the accurate time. Being water resistant to 100 meters, you can go swimming and snorkeling with this. Casio PRW-6000Y also comes with features like bearing, altitude, temperature and many more great features. A unique feature called storm alarm alerts you about storms by detecting sudden pressure changes. Solar powered, this watch has a long lasting battery life that will keep your watch working for up to 6 months without any access to sunlight. Casio PRW6000Y is one of the best military watches money can buy.



ISOBrite Super Bright Watch

ISOBrite Super Bright Watch is quite simply put one of the best tactical watches for men that money can buy. Living up to its name, ISOBrite Super Bright Watch is bright enough for every and any situation. The watches are 4 times brighter than any Luminox or Traser. The illumination lasts up to 50 years(double of a T25 tritium watch). ISOBrite Super Bright Watch is made with an ultra lightweight carbon-fiber reinforced case. The face glass is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The battery life is about 10 years, meaning you will pretty much never have battery problems. ISOBrite Super Bright Watch is water resistant with a rating of 200M. If you are looking for the brightest men’s tactical watch in 2018, this is it.




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