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Best 40% Mechanical Keyboards 2024

Vortexgear Core 40% – Dark Grey CNC Case – PBT DSA Keycaps – Cherry MX Red [CNC Aluminium Casing]

The Vortex Core is probably the best 40% mechanical keyboard on the market today. It comes with Cherry MX switches (blue, brown, or red). It is a small keyboard with great quality and performance. The keyboard has a great build quality and has an anodized CNC aluminum housing. It has 47 DSA profile keys that are discreetly designed and have a rounded top, unlike the plane. The caps are made of PBT plastic. PBT does not develop gloss and is very durable.

The VertexGear 40% Keyboard is a small keyboard with only 47 keyboards. The key-caps used here are DSA caps are great, but it will get used to somewhat. In terms of quality, we have already tested the Vertex keyboards to see that they design and manufacture high-quality products. If you are interested in their other products, check out our review Pok 3 RGB and Vertex Race 3.

This vortexgear 40 keyboard can be thought of as a smaller version of the Vertexgar POK3R, which is a favorite among 60% mechanical keyboards and coders or programmers. Like the Pok 3 3R, 4 switchable layers are provided at VertexGar speeds, and 3 of these layers are programmable. It has a split space bar and a multicolor at the bottom that informs you about the level you are at. For the default level, the LED is off, and it turns red for level 2, green for level 3, and blue for level 4. The programming of the keys can only be run on board, and there is no support that software.

The best 40 mechanical keyboard is great and provides a great typing experience. However, using it will take you some time, and there is some learning curve before that, even if you have used a 60% mechanical keyboard before. It weighs 1 kg (2.2 lbs). It measures 11.6 x 1.5 x 3.2 inches and weighs only 14.5 ounces. Since its keys are programmable, you can customize the keys to do whatever you like.

Vortexgear Core 40% is the best 40% mechanical keyboard in 2023

Qisan 40% Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Keyboard GATERON Brown Switch Wired Mechanical Mini 49 Kyes(40%) Keyboard

Qisan Mechanical Keyboard...
  • It's the GATERON brown switch,be similar with cherry brown switch.
  • The keyboard features a floating-key design in profile. Fitted with clear legends, the ABS keycaps allow...
  • The keyboard weight is only 390g,ergonomic step wise key cap, mini and portable design,unique 49 keys...

Qisan 40% Mechanical Keyboard has 49 keys and comes with Gatron mechanical switches (Clear, Brown, or Blue). Brown is tactile, Blue is a tactile plus audible click sound, and the Clear is the stiffer brown switches that are tactile. The keyboard has an ABS cap and an ice blue backlight that looks very nice and stylish. Without the support of programmable layers, it is more than a basic mechanical keyboard at 40%. Left keys can be called using the FN key combination with other keys and shift keys. The keyboard has a dedicated arrow key despite having such a small size factor. The layout of certain keys can be a bit annoying for some users, especially the location of the space bar and the right shift key, as it affects the typing task.

The switches used here are Gatron Brown mechanical switches. Kisan has been able to provide a brilliant 40% mechanical keyboard that you can also use for gaming. The keyboard has a great backlight function that is supported by the keys on the ABS keyboard. The base of the keyboard has four rubber pads as support. The keyboard layout is as standard as the full-size keyboards available in the market. Kisan was not very innovative in design but focused on comfort.

Good quality plastic is used to make the mechanical gaming keyboard, the best 40 keyboard is lightweight, and you can easily carry it in a bag. The best feature of the keyboard is the adjustable light. Overall, Kisan has structured the keyboard around ergonomics, making it a great purchase at a price.

The qisan 40% mechanical gaming keyboard has great build quality. It has a brushed metal plate and a plastic case. The brightness of the light can also be controlled on this keyboard. The USB cable is detachable, which makes this keyboard easier to carry. The keyboard is light and weighs just 390 grams, less than half of the upper mechanical keyboard Vertex core.

Qisan 40% Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Keyboard is the one of best 40% mechanical keyboards in 2023

Types of keyboards

When it comes to compact mechanical keyboards, the most popular options are Tenkeyless (TKL) and 60% mechanical keyboards. Keyless mechanical keyboards are provided with 87 keys, and 60% of mechanical keyboards have an average of 60 to 69 keys. Keyless keyboards are very popular with typewriters and gamers because they don’t lose a lot of keys except for the number of keypads. On the other hand, 60% of keyboards are preferred by coders and programmers mainly because of their smooth and simple layout, and most of them come with programmable layers with key mapping and switchable layouts.

A 60% keyboard is super compact, easy to transport, and very comfortable to use. However, if you want a mechanical keyboard smaller than a 60%mechanical keyboard , there are 40% mechanical keyboards that you buy in the market. These are ultra-compact mechanical keyboards, and they come with 47 to 49 keys. These are sometimes called mini-mechanical keyboards and, like 60% mechanical keyboards, use a combination of levels and FN keys to compensate for the functionality of keys that are not present on the keyboard. These keyboards target a specific niche market, and this is not common.

40% of mechanical keyboards are only suitable for work and not for games. Coders, programmers, and typists mainly use these because all the keys on these keyboards are accessible without extending the hand, which makes their work easier and more comfortable. These ultra-portable keyboards can easily fit in a small laptop bag, a satchel or even a handbag, making it a great travel keyboard for work. Also, they need very little desktop space, and some people find them very beautiful. There are a few 40% mechanical keyboards available in the market right now, and here I am going to list some of the best ones for you.

What is a 40% keyboard?

Simply put, it can be described as a keyboard with only 49 keys as opposed to 101 keys on a standard 49 keyboard. As the name suggests, 40% keyboards should be about 40% the size of ordinary keyboards suitable for higher portability.

What are the advantages of a 40% keyboard?

40% keyboard eliminates the extra space for standard-sized keyboards. These national keyboards are modeled separately and are produced by a long line of different manufacturers, advertised as specialists in making different types of keyboards.

For those who are typing and do not use a numeric keypad (a keyless keyboard), a 40% keyboard is the best solution to reduce this extra space occupied by a normal sized keyboard.

40% of keyboards are available in different models, and these are usually made by companies specialized in such keyboard products.

Factors to consider when buying a 40% keyboard

Due to the barrage of keyboards, there is garbage in the market these days. The decision to buy can be quite complicated. There are several things to consider before deciding on a mechanical keyboard.

For the most part, the best 40% of keyboards available on the market are characterized by great key placement, portability, quality of switches and keycaps, and quality of materials used.


The top 40% of keyboards should be not only perfect for the job for which they were designed but also easy to use in the pocket. The best keyboard products don’t have to be very cheap. But it shouldn’t cost customers too much to buy. Most 40% of keyboards are less than $100.


This is one of the best 40% keyboard strengths. It should be portable in shape and easy to carry or transport from place to place. Lack of size lends itself to better portability, compactness, space for the necessary keys, and lightweight. If a daily typist wants to add extra space or an overview of your gaming setup, a 40% mechanical keyboard might be right for you.

Switch and button quality

While portability is a huge outlet, sticky stitches that are too stiff can prove frustrating. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the quality and key location for any 40% keyboard. The standard high-quality ingredients used in the original caps are Double Injection ABS and Double Injection PBT – these are the long-lasting keycaps and something you should look for